Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 04


Chapter 4: Consequences and Rewards

Susan relaxed as the water encased her in a warm embrace. She finally had a chance to soak in the guesthouse’s large bathtub and she desperately needed to soak the drama of this afternoon away. Susan had to rethink that statement. While the afternoon ended really well, it was the journey to the happy-ending that sucked. In addition, she really wanted to soak when she and Rob returned from Jackson’s Table, but they had only time to shower (together) and dress for dinner. Now she had warm water, nice smelling stuff, and bubbles and Susan loved bubble baths.

As she basked in the heavenly water, Susan heard Rob moving around the room. “Rob dear?” she called sweetly, “How long have I been soaking?”

“About hour and a quarter,” he called back.

“Really? That long? I think I’m nearly ‘pruney’ enough. Be a good fellow and call in 15 minutes,” Susan called to Rob in a luxurious voice.

“Yes, Your Sogginess” Rob answered sarcastically and Susan heard him go down the stairs. Fifteen minutes later, Rob called from downstairs, “Time’s up, my darling.”

Reluctantly, Susan exited the bathtub. Grabbing one of the large, fluffy towels from the towel rack, she dried herself then wrapped the towel around her. As she exited the bathroom, she heard Rob call from the first floor “Friday come downstairs, immediately.” With their game back on and interested to see what Rob’s alter-ego, “Mr. Smith,” had in store, Friday headed downstairs dressed only in the towel.

“Yes, Mr. Smith?” Friday asked as she entered the dimly lit living room.

Shirtless and in black silk pajama pants, Mr. Smith stood by a wooden bench. He was holding the riding crop. “Drop the towel!” he commanded crisply.

“Yes, Mr. Smith,” Friday said and the towel fell to the floor.

“Come here!” Smith snapped pointing at the floor in front him with the riding crop. Friday silently moved to him and stood humbly. “Chin up!” he commanded. Smith buckled the collar around her neck and attached the leash she had worn as a belt on their way to Jackson’s Table. “Sit!” Smith directed and pointed to the bench with the riding crop. Friday obeyed.

“Arms up!” Smith instructed. Friday watched as he cuffed first her left, then her right wrist. “Down!” he said and Friday put her arms down. He took hold of the leash and with a strong tug and a slap of the crop to towards the floor, he ordered, “on all fours!” Friday scrambled to her hands and knees.

“Move,” Smith ordered with a quick slap of the riding crop on Friday’s bare ass cheek. Walking as a person would with a pet, Smith and Friday moved across the living room to a coffee table. “Stand on the table and be still!” be commanded. Friday did as directed. Smith then fastened a cuff to each ankle. He also attached nipple clamps that were included in Ricardo’s gift running the connecting chain through the loop on her collar. Grabbing the leash and with a firm downward tug, Smith dictated, “Step down and drop to your hands and knees! Back to the bench, Friday.” Friday did as instructed and crawled across the room to the bench.

When they arrived at the bench, Smith realized he had left the riding crop at the coffee table. “Fetch my crop, Friday and be quick!” Smith ordered. Friday crawled hastily to the table, grabbed the riding crop with her mouth and returned to Smith. She sat back on her heals and submissively offered the riding crop to Smith, who roughly snatched it. “Sit,” he commanded pointing at the bench with the riding crop. Friday sat obediently and he blindfolded her. “Hands behind your back,” her ordered and connected her wrist cuffs together.

Continuing to stand behind Friday, he started to speak in a low, but firm tone. “When you arrived last night, I laid out what I expected and gave you the choice to stay or walk away. When you came into my bedroom last night, you accepted my offer. Frankly, My Girl Friday, you surprised me coming to me dressed as you did. You also surpassed my expectations by offering to wash my back in the shower.”

Smith placed the head of the riding crop on Friday’s shoulder and continued. “However, almanbahisbahis this afternoon was fiasco. If you disappointed me only once, we would not be having this discussion. But, you fell asleep when you should have been serving me. You were caught off guard by harmless birds and had trouble keeping up. Then at Jackson’s Table, you stormed off like a spoiled brat and in the process almost ruined the entire weekend by not watching where you were going. So tonight, you face the consequences.” Smith lightly and slowly rubbed the tip of riding crop up and down her spine. Chills passed over Friday’s skin. “Stand and turn around,” He said sharply. “Now kneel!”

Smith placed a hand on the back of her head and firmly pushed Friday’s body down until her torso lay on the bench. Friday braced herself and Smith brought the riding down hard on her bare ass hard producing a painful sounding smack. Friday grunted. He paused then laid four quick swats on her ass, all equally as hard as the first. “That was for falling asleep!” He spanked her twice more. “Those were for letting a small insignificant insect control you actions.” He laid three more hard stokes on her bare bottom. “Those were for allowing unexpected events divert you from your goal.”

He paused for several seconds. Friday knew that more was coming. Actually, she hoped more was coming. “One more thing Friday,” Smith said at last, in a quiet and dominant tone, “KEEP … YOUR … EYES … ON … THE … PATH … AND … YOUR … GOAL!” he chastised her, each word emphasized with a pause and a hard slap from his riding crop, turning her skin bright red.

Tears welled up in Friday’s eyes. The spanking was painful, but it also ignited her smoldering lust to a full-blown carnal bonfire. The environment, being blindfolded, bound, and totally submissive was incredibly erotic and sensuous. Friday desperately wanted more. She wanted to feel the crop on her ass again. She wanted to cum while being spanked. She wanted to feel pain and pleasure like the night before, but, more intense, more explosive.

Smith’s last stroke stayed on her skin for a moment then he slowly ran the crop up between her buttocks and up her spine again. She felt chills following the crop. “I certainly hope you have learned an important lesson this evening, my Girl Friday,” he said in mock instruction as he tickled with the riding crop.

“Yes Mr. Smith. I will not fail you again,” Friday affirmed.

“I would not be so quick to agree Girl Friday,” he said. You see I took the liberty to go through your things while you were in the bath and I found a couple of interesting items. Tell me, why would you bring a dildo, a vibrator, and a dominatrix kit with you? What are your intentions?” Smith interrogated her.

“They are emergency items,” Friday lied weakly.

Smith brought the crop down hard and fast three times. “Do not lie to me, Friday,” he growled. “or if you do, make your lies believable. What were you planning to do with your toys?”

“A girl in my … uh … line of business, needs to be prepared for any situation,” Friday explained. “Many of my clients are women and I need to have options. Some of my men customers like to watch me; others like to use the toys on me. And still others like to switch roles, if you will.” She felt the crop leave her skin. “Please sir, that is the truth. You are a businessman and must know what it takes to please your customers,” she begged.

“Interesting and true enough,” Smith agreed. Friday heard the soft buzz of her vibrator. “Nevertheless, they may still come in handy,” he mused.

Friday felt her legs gently pushed apart, exposing her now soaking wet pussy. She felt the gentle vibrations of her vibrator first on the sensitive skin of her bum. Smith lightly rubbed the toy over against her skin, then slowly down between her cheeks. He let the tip rest on her perineum for several seconds, which sent pulsations throughout her abdomen, ass, and womanhood and intensified her passion.

Friday bit her lip in pleasure and anticipation. Every sense was exploding with desire. She saw in her minds eyes carnally almanbahis giriş sinister and fantastically erotic pictures of her naked, leashed, bound, and blindfolded. She felt the clamps gently squeezing her nipples, sending a quiet and constant stream of blissful pain through her chest. She heard the soft hum of the vibrator and Smith’s calm, quiet, and seductive voice. She smelled an earthy mixture of sweat, aftershave, bath oil, and her own musky juices. And she tasted lust.

She was helpless and totally in Smith’s control. Not that Friday wanted to move because tonight, vulnerability is a powerful aphrodisiac. It drove her desire. The previous night Smith had told her that in right situations, pain and pleasure were related, one causing the other. Tonight was proof. Her spanking made her feel alive and fueled her wanton lust. Friday stood titillating close to the brink of an orgasmic precipice. Pain, pleasure, desire, and lust were driving her toward the edge and Smith’s slow and controlled manipulation restrained her from going over.

Smith rubbed the vibrator between her lips. Friday groaned in pleasure as it sent ripples of pleasure emanating through her. He held the toy against her clit and a breathless “ahhh … yesssss” escaped from her. Smith then inserted the vibrator deep into Friday with a single, slow motion. “Yesssss!” Friday gasped. Smith then slowly withdrew the toy.

He increased the vibrating speed and inserted the toy once again. He paused and held it in her pussy. “Yes … damn that feels good!” Friday cried. Smith chastised her for her colorful language with a hard slap on her ass. He removed the vibrator and shifted position she he could kneel behind her. Smith touched the toy to her clit and kept it there for what seemed to Friday to be forever. “Oh my! … Fuck!” she gasped, resulting from two more smacks on her bottom. Friday began to shake as her orgasm began to rise.

Smith removed the vibrator from her clit and inserted it once again, pushing the toy deep within her quim. He turned the vibrator to its highest setting, keeping it deep in Friday’s pussy. Using a single finger, he began to draw slow circles over her clit. “Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn!” Friday called out. Smith increased the speed of his revolutions. More circles, more cries, and closer to climax. “YES! OH MY … YES!” Friday barked. Smith withdrew the vibrator rapidly then returned it quickly. He made more and faster circles and inserted the toy faster and with more forceful thrusts.

Smith actions were well coordinated and they were too much for Friday. “YES! YES! YES! OH YES! … I’M CUMMING!” Friday wailed. Undeterred, Smith continued his circles and thrusts. Friday screamed as wave after wave of orgasmic energy flooded her senses.

Smith removed the vibrator slowly and turned it off. He disconnected her cuffs and Friday’s arms fall limply to the floor. He moved to nearby chair and waited patiently for her to recover. He stayed silent as her shaking slowly diminished and her breathing became less raspy.

“Sit up Friday,” Smith called from his perch. Slowly, she sat back on her heals. Moving quickly and silently, Smith grabbed the leash. “Heal!” he instructed. Slowly, Friday did as she was told and fell to her hands and knees. He tugged on the leash and guided her to the couch. “Sit!” he instructed and when she tried to stand, he pushed her to the floor.

Friday felt the leash fall between her breasts and heard Smith remove his pants. “Open your mouth,” he commanded. She did as instructed and felt his cock on her lips. “Suck my cock!” he growled. Raising her hands to help her she did as instructed and sucked, licked, and kissed Smith’s manhood until it was hard.

Smith pushed his staff deep into her throat then withdrew it, allowing Friday to catch her breath. She pulled his stiff shaft to her lips and she accepted it as Smith pushed deep into her throat. Friday relaxed as his cock slip smoothly to the back of her throat. She put her hands on Smith’s ass and pulled him closer, sliding his shaft deeper down her throat. Smith withdrew and Friday swallowed. She guided his cock canlı bahis once again to her mouth and encouraged Smith to push it deeper. Smith withdrew before he exploded.

“Stand up, Friday,” Smith commanded. He then instructed and helped her move to the couch and laid her back. “Put your hand above your head,” Smith ordered and reconnected the cuffs. He then lashed them to the arm of the sofa. Friday heard Smith move around the room but could not figure out what he was doing. She felt the couch move as Smith knelt between her legs. He lifted her hips and slipped a pillow under her. Smith lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulders.

Friday again heard the whirr of the vibrator. Smith inserted it in to her pussy and turned it on high. Then she felt Smith rub something slick and warm over her sphincter. Something, a finger maybe, slowly and gently probed her ass.

Smith worked one finger slowly into Friday ass until she relaxed. He then inserted a second and worked that in and out. Smith removed his fingers and then slowly inserted her dildo. He worked both dildo and vibrator in unison; slowly and smoothly. None of the rough play at the bench; Smith was gentle but determined. Nevertheless, the double penetration sent her over the edge and into another screaming orgasm. Not waiting for her to calm down, Smith removed the dildo and pushed his condom-covered cock slowly into her ass.

The tip gently spread Friday’s hole and the head smoothly slipped in. Smith then gently but firmly pushed one quarter of his cock into Friday’s ass and paused. He then inserted half of his cock and paused again. Finally, Smith pushed his entire cock in.

Slowly at first, Smith fucked Friday’s ass. He quickened his pace as she became accustomed and relaxed. Friday felt the vibrations from the toy and the ribs of the condom as Smith pushed in and out. “Do you like to be fucked in the ass my Girl Friday?” Smith asked. “Tell me how you like to be fucked.”

“Yes, I love being fuck in the ass,” Friday replied. “Please fuck me hard,” she begged. “I want you deep in me.”

Smith increased his speed and depth. “Yes! Yes! AHHHHHHHHH,” Friday cried as she climaxed again. Friday cried out at the top of her lungs as wave after orgasmic wave passed through her body.

Smith continued to fuck her through her orgasm. He fucked her hard and fast as he felt his own orgasm begin to rise. Each hard thrust brought him closer to climax. Finally, he could hold back no more. “FUCK!” he cried as with one final push he erupted deep in Friday’s ass.

Smith removed the vibrator but kept his cock inside Friday until he relaxed. He withdrew and pulled the pillow from underneath Friday.

Friday’s orgasm, or orgasms to be more truthful, was more intense and longer than any she had experienced in a very long time. It took her a long time to recover her composure. Maybe it was the evening’s sex-fest or maybe it was being tied to a couch, naked, and blindfolded. No matter the reason, Friday enjoyed the outcome immensely.

Friday felt the couch move as Smith extricated himself. She heard him move around the room then go up the stairs. “Mr. Smith … er … Please? Where are you going? Mr. Smith?!” she cried out.

No answer.


“Why? This is what you said you wanted on the drive home from the ski lodge last year,” Rob called from a distance.

“Shit! And damn his memory” Susan said to herself. Resigned to her situation, she had no option but revel in the “afterglow” of her several really nice orgasms.


The light of the morning streamed through the curtains as Rob’s eyes fluttered open. He lay in the bed for a few minutes then answered nature’s call.

“What time is it,” Susan asked groggily as Rob returned to the bed.

“9:17,” Rob answered. “How do you feel this morning?”

“MMMMMMMMM,” was Susan’s answer and she relaxed in bed. “What time is checkout?” she asked returning from her turn in the bathroom.

“Noon,” Rob responded.

“Good. That gives us about an hour and a half before we have to get ready to go,” she purred and kissing her husband lustfully. “Well ‘Mr. Smith,’ how do you want to our remaining time?”

“Hmmm,” Rob mused thoughtfully. “Do you remember what I did with my riding crop?” he asked and attacked his wife with lustful purpose.

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