Be careful what you wish for………


Be careful what you wish for………It all started out so well. I had married the girl of my dreams and I loved and worshipped her and always thought that everything would be happy ever after for both of us. Clare was a tall leggy brunette with thick dark shoulder length hair and a body that would stop traffic. Her awesome 36D tits were a joy to behold and it was a tough call to try and tear yourself away from them and her dark round and easily aroused nipples to focus on her pert high –set and wonderfully rounded arse and beautiful yet strong legs which led to the most neat and perfectly trimmed honey tasting cunt any man could wish for. I guess it all started after I bought the digital camera. I was amazed at how versatile and immediate the photos it produced were and how the various effects could be used to enhance and maximise the images. One thing led to another and I was soon attempting to get Clare to pose for me in a series of “glamour” type poses. She was unsure and quite wary at first despite having a fantastic figure and my honest assurances that they were for fun only. The more I pressured the more her resistance weakened and she finally came around to the idea. If I had only known what I was starting. It wasn’t long before she was really getting into it, modelling came naturally to her and after an initially coy start she gradually began to loose her inhibitions. As a result our already pretty adequate sex life took off to new heights. Clare would dress up in a whole range of expensive, high quality and very sexy lingerie that I had bought for her, invariably including my favourite fully fashioned nylon stockings and suspenders and she would gradually strip down to just her stockings and black patent 6” stilettos whilst I snapped away with the camera like a man possessed. All the time that I was snapping away I was sporting a massive hard-on which strained at the front of my jeans and threatened to break out. After a while Clare would start to mouth obscenities at me describing what she wanted me to do with my cock and how she was going to have me and wanted me to pump her with my cock and fuck her to the point of ecstasy and beyond. The more she got into it the hotter she got and she became truly rampant when ever we had one of our little “porn shoots” as she called them. But inevitably there was abit of a down side. Even if I say so myself, I have never been the most well endowed block but Clare didn’t seem to mind, never ever complained and anyway she loved me. However, the effect of these sessions began to have a distinctly different effect on me. Whether I was subconsciously jealous of the effect they were having on Clare I don’t know but slowly and more discernibly I became increasingly aroused by just the sight of her in those outfits and the thought of having really dirty sex with this love goddess than actually indulging in the act itself and found myself getting her to act more & more lewd fantasies whilst I continued to snap away all the while wanking my own cock furiously and invariably exploding in a torrent of cum before I got my dick anywhere near her cunt. I loved it especially if I got to shoot my stuff all over her magnificent tits. Unbeknown to me, because she never said anything, this behaviour was beginning to become an issue for Clare. She was increasingly left at the high point of arousal without the cock she needed to bring her to the orgasm she longed for. I was invariably spent, shagged out by my own masturbating and not even in a fit state to finish her off with my tongue. Bizarrely she complained but I should have seen the how this was particularly selfish on my part – and the alarm bells should have rung loud and clear in my stupid head as to the trouble that I was storing up and even more so when I discovered a hastily concealed but very large vibrating rubber dildo in the draw beside her bed. It was a sign that she wanted and needed more – but I failed to see the signs, and what happened next was to change our lives forever.Enthused by the success of my own digital photography and wishing to take it further, I started scanning the local rag for a camera club to no avail. But a chance meeting with a colleague from work at my local set the whole thing off. He had a mate in his department whose wife, Anne was the “secretary” of a “camera club”. “A pretty good one too, by all accounts” he said – winking at me. I completely missed his point but he gave me his mate’s mobile number and I rang it there and then and asked to speak to Anne. In fact it was Anne who answered the phone. I asked her about the camera club and at first she seemed a bit reticent about giving me details but when I told her who had given me her contact details she said “oh you are that Martin from Steve’s works, the one who’s married to that pretty girl, Clare”. I was somewhat taken aback to find she knew who I was but it seemed to work as she then suggested that that I attend one of their meetings to “meet the gang” and see how I got on. She asked me a few details about what camera equipment I had and then told me that the next club meeting was at her house the following Thursday and that I should come along at 8pm for an evening of “fun and photography”. I readily agreed and told her I would see her then. Chuffed to bits and keen for some action at home having been keyed up by Anne’s invitation I finished my pint and headed home to tell Clare the news and to try and cajole her into letting me “porn shoot” her again. However, when I got in Clare was already in bed with a migraine and I had to be satisfied with a wank whilst looking at pictures of Clare on our PC.Thursday couldn’t come quick enough and after a hurried farewell to Clare, who couldn’t really fathom my excitement, I hurried over to Anne’s. I was a bit surprised when a slightly older, but particularly well preserved and sexy looking lady in her early forties answered the door. It wasn’t so much her manner or age that surprised me but her overall appearance in that I seem to have caught her in the middle of getting dressed to go out as she was well made up and wearing high heeled shoes and nylons but still appeared to be in her dressing gown. I asked if I was early or worse still had the wrong day. Anne welcomed me in, assured me that it was the right place and right time and ushered me into the living room. Here were another 5 or six guys, none of whom I recognised, but all of whom brandished cameras of varying sizes. Escort They were gathered round what appeared to be a cross between a large beanbag and an armless and backless sofa. This, I was to quickly learn was where our “model for the evening” would be posing. I made small talk with the other guys whilst I was fiddling with my camera and getting it ready when my attention was drawn to the door by the collective “Wow” which went up from three or four of the other guys. There in the doorway stood Anne and what a sight she was. Gone was the dressing gown and in its place was an amazing dark red silk basque which only just managed to constrain her large bursting titties which looked about ready to pop out over the top. It nipped in at her waist to what seemed to be an impossibly narrow point but accentuated her wonderful hour glass figure and she wore a black silk thong which barely covered her obviously shaven but very smooth minge whilst at the same time accentuating he womanly hips and gently sloping thighs . Her legs were encased in the sheerest pair of black fully fashioned nylon stockings I have ever seen and she balanced expertly on 5” matt black stiletto heels. The whole ensemble was topped off by her beautiful strawberry blond hair piled high on her head a la Audrey Hepburn and a two string pearl necklace. “What do you think boys??” She cooed, doing a twirl for us as she spoke. My cock was rock hard in a second and a quick glance around the room confirmed I wasn’t the only one. “Hmmm I see you approve” she murmured lasciviously. “Remember the rules now” she purred – “no touching anything unless I say so and tonight you may well have to wait a while”. This was the last thing I had expected but far more than I could possibly have hoped for and I certainly wasn’t complaining. Anne glided passed me patting my crotch gently as she crossed over to the sofa and started to pose. Flashes began popping everywhere as the guys went to work clicking away, occasionally taking time out to rub their own cocks through their trousers. Anne was a real pro and had obviously done this many times before. She took turns at alternatively pushing out her tits, arse and barely covered cunny at the camera all the while stroking her nylon clad legs and issuing appreciative noises and low moans. Her next move was to unleash her burgeoning tits from the top of her basque and apply her tongue to each nipple in turn. This raised the temperature in the room several degrees and as some of the guys rubbing became more urgent Anne swiftly remarked “Agh Agh agh – no cocks out lads, lets not get carried away too early” as she said it, she grasped the sides of her thong and pulled it off exposing her fragrant pussy and immediately plunged two fingers into it – filling the air with her pungent aroma and making the sexual tension almost too much to bear. As we continued to take pictures she continued to bring herself off mauling furiously at the now all too clearly exposed hood of her clit. But just as she seemed to reach the point of no return she stopped. There was no doubt she was as hot as hell and as she panted out in whispered phrases what she said next as a deep red flush made its tell tale way across the upper part of her fantastic heaving tits. “OK you horny bastards”, she drawled “now I’m going to get you lot really going (as if we needed any more encouragement!) I’ve got a friend next door who is going to help me and should give you some excellent action shots, the kind of thing you are really after. But before we start I want to see all your stiff cocks in your hands right now” This randy bitch was in heat, was absolutely gagging to be fucked and knew exactly what she wanted. But instead of reaching out for any of the now exposed pretty average knobs on show – she simply shouted “get in here Tony”. With that she virtually collapsed back onto the sofa and the air crackled with the sound of her stockings rubbing together as she trapped her hand between her thighs. As she threw her head back and sighed loudly a large muscular bloke about 6’2” walked in wearing nothing but a broad grin and a white martial arts top. “Hello you wankers “he sneered aggressively “come to watch how a real man fucks a woman?” he teased. Most of us were to far past caring to take any notice of what he said and if truth be told we were all fairly pathetic wankers standing there with a camera in one hand and our cocks in the other, whilst no one had stepped forward to give this sexy fucking MILF just what she so obviously needed. “Show them Tony” Anne hissed and he opened his robe. There in front of us was the biggest cock any of us had ever seen. All 9” of it. The angry looking purple swollen head was already pointing upwards and Tony gave it a couple of encouraging tugs as he walked towards Anne on the sofa. It was fucking huge and Anne was wide eyed in anticipation as she sat up and reached out to it, grasping it in her right hand and giving it a quick appreciative wank for good measure as the long fingernails of her left hand rasped along the underside of Tony’s balls. “Fucking hell you horny bitch” Tony bellowed, his cock springing up and extra inch and his buttocks tightening as his nervous system reacted to the touch of this gorgeous mature woman boiling over with sexual desire. No sooner had he said it than Anne’s long and arching tongue was licking around his bell end just before the whole of his cock-head disappeared inside her mouth. She sucked long and hard a couple of times on his massive member but it was clear that she was not interested in making him cum yet, not before that cock had been inside her and given her the fucking of a lifetime! Without saying a word she let go of his cock and fell back onto the sofa. Lifting her legs high and wide with a hand behind each knee she mouthed “Fuck Me” to the advancing Tony and his massive cock. He lowered himself towards her and with astonishing gentleness for such a brute of a man lowered himself down upon her stockinged form. Grasping his immense manhood he gently began to rub it up and down the already glistening moist opening of her gaping slit. “For fuck’s sake put it in me! Anne suddenly shouted and with one thrust he did as she asked. He was about two thirds of the way up to the hilt, Anne’s expression told us that this cock was filling her to the max but that was just what she wanted and some. Wrapping her beautiful legs around Tony’s waist and digging her Escort Bayan bright red painted nails into the flesh of shoulder muscles she hissed in his ear “poke me hard you fucker” On order Tony began to pump her foaming gash, gently at first and then gradually increasing the pace and depth of his strokes as he gave it to her. His whole length disappeared into Anne’s fully expanded cunny hole and as he built up his rhythm she picked up his movement and answered his thrusts with a reciprocal thrusting of her own pelvis. Her nylons hissed as they slid up and down either side of his back and her high heels waved almost helplessly in the air as he pinned her down to the sofa with his cock, banging away at her now swollen pussy. With her head thrown back revelling in the state of ecstasy that Tony was taking her too she moaned loudly as he feasted on her massive tits which were fully engorged by the excitement, her nipples at maximum attention as Tony sucked at them and flicked his tongue around her raised areolas. As if suddenly re-awakened to our presence she cried out “get wanking you dirty fuckers, I want to see you cum!” Every man in the room was transfixed by the action on the sofa. Some were still clicking away but most had been unable to resist the urge to put their cameras aside and start tossing themselves off for all they were worth. For a voyeuristic wanker like me the temptation was too much to bear. I was beating myself senseless at the amazing spectacle of this gorgeous sexy woman getting fucked rigid in front of my very eyes, her legs high in the air, her massive tits jiggling with every thrusting stroke and her moans growing louder and louder every time Tony’s arse pumped his massive cock deep into her vagina.Withdrawing his cock from her gaping cunt, Tony rolled Anne over on to her hands and knees and positioned himself behind her as he aimed his penis, slick with her cunt juice, at her sopping twat as she waved her arse in the air lasciviously at him. She glowered at him over her shoulder with a look of pure unbridled lust on her face. “Come on baby, do me doggy style” she begged as she pawed at her own clit, holding open her pussy lips as her large pendulous titties swayed below her, her nipples erect and pointing down at the sofa inviting Tony’s hands to maul and massage them. Tony inched forward and gripping her hips for support, slid his cock deep into her vagina from behind making her body tense once more and forcing her to dig her fingers deep into the fabric of the sofa. She moaned deeply as Tony probed the very depths of womb with his bell-end and began to stroke her steadily at first and then building up a strong, jack hammer action as he began to pound hard into her cunt. He was fucking her deep and hard now and the effort was beginning to show on Tony’s face as sweat broke out on his forehead. He hardly broke rhythm as her mounted her fully from behind and pummelled down into her gaping pussy holding on to her massive swinging jugs, teasing her nipples between thumb and forefinger, breathing hard into her ear. For her part Anne was rendered almost mute by Tony’s furious fucking. Her mouth wide open she gasped in pleasure rocking back and forth with each of his rhythmic thrusts. She shuddered each time his violent pounding forced his cock head to the neck of her cervix and hollowed her back every time the friction of his outstroke seared the nerve endings in her vagina. She revelled in the sheer a****l pleasure of his penile onslaught and begged him to fuck her harder and faster. But Tony was beginning to feel the toll of his efforts and withdrew from her once more. Almost disappointed Anne’s appealing look was answered by him rolling her on her back once more and mounting her again in the missionary position he hoisted her gorgeous nylon clad legs over his shoulders to ensure maximum penetration. She cried out again as he once more slid his whole length into her pussy, pausing for a few seconds for her to once more get used to his girth and the pleasure of his cock root rubbing against her exposed clit, the seat of her impending orgasm. With a long, slow and deliberate outstroke Tony recommenced his effort to drive Anne over the edge and pump her to the point of oblivion. The whole session was now nearing its inevitable climax, Tony was pumping Anne harder and faster, her urgent cries indicating that she was close to a shattering climax and his grunts indicated likewise, that he too was beginning to feel that answering call that swelled his cock even further and made his balls tighten within his massive scrotum. When he did finally cum Anne was going to be drenched in what would seem like gallons of hot sticky spunk. All around them it was patently clear that their fixated audience were also close to the vinegar stroke and were ready to be tipped over the edge at any moment. That moment arrived when Anne cried out “pump me full of all your creamy spunk, cream me now – I want it now…..spunk meeee!!!!!” Tony thrust hard and convulsed, he roared like a lion as his hot cum surged up his rigid tool and splashed into Anne’s spasming cunt. She threw her head back and shrieked out as the full force of his cream and her orgasm hit together, tightening the grip of her thighs around his neck and digging her nails hard into the drum tight muscles of his arse. Spunk began to fly everywhere as those watching emptied their ball bags into the air and onto Anne’s living room carpet, some crumbling to their knees with the effort of release. Spunk began to land in Anne’s hair and on her bouncing jugs as the three guys nearest to her shot their copious loads. Seeing this took me over the top and I aimed my pumping cock at her stockinged thigh, pouring what seemed like a gallon of cum onto the sheer black nylon, before I too was spent. The atmosphere was still electric but fast turned to muted embarrassment by those watching as the tumult of the moment passed. As Anne and Tony indulged in a series of more gentle post coital petting as their ardour subsided, tenderly kissing neck and breasts as they regained their breath. The other men hurriedly dressed themselves, gathered their kit and left the room before another word was uttered. Whether out of a sense of intrusion, or because they had been there before, they almost scurried away with their precious pictures safe inside their cameras and the images of this most urgent and torrid of sexual encounters burnt firmly Bayan Escort into their own memories.In contrast I just stood there, totally entranced and stunned by what I had seen. It had filled me with a level of excitement and arousal quite simply unique in my experience. “Still here” said Tony as he turned his head and saw me “shouldn’t you be off after your pervy mates” he asked. “Stop it Tony”, said Anne dropping her legs to his sides as she slapped him playfully on the shoulder “anyway you need to be nice to Martin, he might have something you want” she quipped. Well it’s not his tiny knob” Tony retorted as I hurriedly remembered myself and tucked my now wilted, barely adequate cock back into my pants. “leave me now lover”, Anne whispered and Tony did as she asked easing his still semi-hard cock out of her pussy. He caught me staring open mouthed at it “don’t worry mate you’ll never have to worry about satisfying a woman the way I can – you sad little wanker – the best thing you can do is watch a master at work”. “He can’t be all that bad” Anne chipped in “You should see his wife, She’s gorgeous and that sort of woman doesn’t hang around for long if she isn’t getting what she wants I can tell you” It was at that moment that I made a serious and lasting error. “Actually”, I admitted, “Clare is not getting what she wants from me at the moment. I’ve become so obsessed with wanking off at the image of her as a sex object I hardly ever get to fuck her for real now. Even when I do I get the feeling me and my cock didn’t really do it for her anymore. She never says anything but I found a fuckin’ big dildo the other day next to her side of the bed and I think she needs more, but I can’t give it to her and I’m starting to get worried sick she’ll leave me – and I love her” I sobbed. Why the hell I made such a dramatic and personal confession to two people I hardly knew, despite just having watched them fucking each other, God alone knows. Perhaps it was just a spur of the moment thing and I needed to get these fears off my chest. What ever it was it struck a cord with Anne and Tony and they glanced knowingly at each other as she winked, “Oh, come on love, it can’t be that bad. If she loves you I’m sure there are ways of working it out. Perhaps you could get her interested in this sort of thing?” she added. “What, have somebody else fuck her” I retorted “No, no erm, not necessarily” said Anne “just expose her to more horny situations where she might get off a bit easier – I mean where does she think you are tonight? Camera Club right – hubby hobby stuff – she doesn’t know you’ve been watching us fucking and wanking that cock of yours senseless does she? What would she say if she did?” At that I panicked – fuck I’d been stupid. My own sexual greed had left me wide open and if she now found out my lovely wife had every reason to seek her kicks elsewhere. I was potentially fucked and both Tony and Anne knew it. However, at the same time the thought of Clare at one of these gatherings getting turned on, letting me fuck her and achieving a climax with my cock inside her actually turned me on as well. The thought of her getting spunked on in her sexy kit by other blokes whilst I poked her hard had my knob on the stir once more. With hindsight I was perhaps somewhat naïve to think that it would be me who did the poking. “I think you are right” I blurted out “Can I bring her next time” Anne and Tony laughed out loud in an almost mocking tone this time “Well, don’t you think you had better have a word with her first?” Anne said, raising a somewhat sceptical eyebrow “and see what she thinks….” Pausing momentarily her demeanour changed suddenly and she became suddenly animated as if stirred by a brilliant idea. “I can talk to her if you like” she said “just let me know and I’ll pop round”. I took this offer as my cue to make my excuses and leave. Anne gave me a friendly peck on the cheek, ironic as ten minutes before I had soaked her best nylons with my spunk. Tony grunted a less than friendly goodbye and I swore he muttered a “stupid little wanker” under his breath to Anne as she ushered me to the door. “Anyway can I come again” I said to Anne who had regained her dressing gown from the foot of the stairs, as I turned at the open front door “Of course you can luv”, she purred “– give me another call in a fortnight os so and we’ll take it from there, …..take care now, Martin and speak to Clare she might like the idea …bye now luv” The door shut behind me and I was out in the cold. I wandered home in a blur – not sure of what I had just seen or done or what possibilities it had opened up for the future. I was to find out sooner than I had bargained for.The house was dark when I got home. Clare was asleep in bed. I half thought about waking her up and confessing everything. However, in the end, I just lay there thinking about it, and wondering how I could possibly find a way to explain my bizarre little plan to save our love life. I must have drifted off to sleep and I slept like a log because when I woke at gone eight the next morning Clare had already left the house for work and I was late. I couldn’t concentrate all day and almost got bollocked for screwing up three of the pieces I was working on. I had to work late to make amends. I rang Clare to tell her and when she took so long to answer the phone I became a bit concerned. She finally picked up and when she heard my voice replied “Oh, it’s you. I’ve got a friend of yours here and boy have you got some explaining to do – we can talk when you get home”. With that she hung up. I didn’t even get a chance to say a word let alone speak to her and ask her what she meant. The next two hours dragged by and my mind raced as I tried to think who and what she was talking about. Was it my mate from the pub? A guy from Anne’s Camera Club or was it something completely different? I would have to wait and find out when I got home. The car parked outside our house was vaguely familiar but I couldn’t place it. However, it all became crystal clear when I walked in to our living room. There on the sofa chatting to Clare like a long lost old friend was Anne. My heart raced as I saw them and wondered what had gone on between them in terms of conversation and revelations concerning the events of the evening before. “Ah there you are” said Clare almost too casually “Anne’s been telling me all about her club and what goes on there” I could feel the colour drain out of my face as I stammered for words of explanation. “Don’t look so shocked” Clare retorted “I have seen some of the pictures and now I want to see yours” Anne leant in close “There I told you she would be interested didn’t I?” To be continued……….

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