Becky the Babysitter


Becky the BabysitterMy name is Becky, I am still in high school but too old for babysitting. My older sister was begging me to babysit for a friend so they could all go out I had just broken up with the only boyfriend I ever had and had no plans for Friday I had to babysit for her friend Peggy and Craig. Peggy was only 20 and it was the talk of our little town when “Creepy Craig” , 10 years older than Peggy, had knocked her up. At 20 she was married and had a 4 month old. Craig picked me up at 7:30 and 15 mins later we were walking in his front door. Peggy was on the couch with her boobs out feed her son. I couldn’t help look take a quick look as Peggy gave me a few instructions. She was putting the baby to bed, he should sleep until after they come home, their cell phone numbers and wifi passwords were on the table. She put on a tight top that almost pushed her boobs out, she smiled and told me Craig had picked the top. They were out the door by 8:00I opened my laptop and went straight to Netflix. After 1 episode of Stranger Things I was board. I got up to stretch my legs. I had never been in the house so I looked in the guest room and then the master bedroom. It was an normal looking room, queen sized bed, 2 night tables a dresser and a walk in closet. Curiosity got the better of me and I began to look through Peggy’s clothes. Peggy had some very pretty and some very sexy clothes. Some that I might be able to squeeze into. Peggy was pretty, 5’6” and normal a 34a, but now with nursing was a 36c. I am 5’10” and a 35a. 1st I tried on a pretty sundress, I looked good in it even if it was very short on me. Next I tried on a few of her sexy bras, last was lingerie, a white shear teddy top. You could see my boobs through the thin material. I was getting aroused looking at myself in the mirror. Still in the teddy top I opened one of the night side drawers, nothing interesting, off to the other side of the bed and still Escort nothing interesting. Then I noticed a box mostly under the bed, hidden from view. I opened it and found some furry handcuffs, a blindfold, and a usb flash drive. I went to the living room, grabbed my laptop and returned to the master bed. The usb had several folders of pictures. Some looked to be when they were dating, some of the baby. The last folder was pass word protected I got it my 3rd try. It was their wedding date. As the thumbnail photos began to open my heart almost stopped. There were pictures of Peggy in various states of undress. Bikini, lingerie, dressed as a school girl, a maid, nude and tied up. In some Peggy had a vibrator in her pussy, some she was covered in cum. Creepy Craig and Peggy were pervs. By the time I had looked at a dozen pictures I could no longer help myself. I pulled my panties off , lay on their bed, and started rubbing my wet pussy with one hand and playing with my little tits and hard nipples with the other hand. My fingers started probing my trimmed blonde pussy, sliding in and out of my wet hole as the pictures went into my fantasies. Before long I had cum two times and was a sweaty mess. I put the flash drive away got cleaned up and put all Peggy’s clothes away. As I was getting dressed I heard the car in the driveway. I had lost track of time and Peggy and Craig come home. I threw on my skirt and shirt, grabbed my laptop and bra and panties and ran to the couch. As I was shoved my bra and panties into my backpack the door opened. As they walked in Peggy asked if everything was ok, I told them it had been a quite night watching Netflix Craig drove me home and as drove I realized that Creep Craig could see my hard little nipples poking through my shirt. As he paid me for the night he took and extra long stare at my little boobs I just thanked him for the money and ran in the door and to my room.A few Escort Bayan days later Peggy called and asked if I would babysit on Friday. After a short hesitation I agreed, I would there before 8:00. When Friday arrive it was one of the hottest days of the summer and the closer to 8:00 it got the more humid it was. At 6:00 Peggy called to ask me a BIG favor. They were going to be out late and asked if I would mind spending the night and the would get me home in the morning. They would pay me extra. I needed the cash so I agreed. I packed a change of clothes and my pjs in my backpack and waited for Craig to pick me up. The longer I waited the hornier I got thinking of the pictures I had found the week before. To my surprise Peggy picked me up. I could see her checking out my long legs on display in my short sundress. As I was putting on my seatbelts I noticed how short Peggy’s skirt was and how low cut the top was. Peggy saw me looking and explained “Craig picks most of my clothes out, he loves the looks I get when we go out. It makes him so horny he can hardly wait to get home and fuck me. Sometimes I give him a blow job on the way home. Tonight we are going out with some of his friends and he loves to catch them stating at my boobs. I love it too.”When we arrived at the house Peggy showed me the spare room where I would be sleeping. A bottle was warmed up for the baby and off they went. Just my luck the baby was having a very fussy night and was up and down until 12:00 It was late when I was finally free to “explore”.I grabbed my laptop and headed straight for the master bedroom and the box under the bed. I put the USB in my laptop and opened the “locked” folder. There was something new, a video file. The video started with Peggy sitting on the bed her back against the headboard. She was wearing a short silky pink teddy and had a purple vibrator in her hand “Tell me what you want” Peggy giggled Bayan Escort “Tell me”“I want to watch you play with your toy, Baby Girl” It was Craig’s voice but ne was not on camera.Peggy turned on the vibrator and held it against one nipple then the other. I know you want more than that Daddy, so tell me what you want” Peggy’s hard nipples were straining against the silky material.“Baby Girl, you know what Daddy likes” Craig saidWow Craig and Peggy like to play Daddy/Daughter. The video was making me wet and I was rubbing my pussyThe vibrator was having an effect on Peggy’s tits, milk was leaking through the thin material. Peggy moved the vibrator to her pussy, rubbing it through thong. “I know you want her Daddy. You want to play with her little tits, suck her hard nipples”I wondered if they had a person in mind or if this was just part of their kinky playing.Off camera there was a rustling of clothes. Craig could be heard moaning “Yes I want her Baby Girl”.Peggy moved the thong aside and slid the vibrator into her wet waiting pussy. “Daddy, stroke your big cock. I know you want her tight pussy. You want to fuck her with your big cock. You want to make her cum.” The vibrator was covered in Peggy’s juices as was slowly sliding it in and out of her wet cunt. Her other hand was pulling and squeezing her nipples and causing her milk to flow. “Tell me what you want Daddy” Craig suddenly stepped into view. He was stroking his big hard cock as he approached Peggy. “I want to fuck her with my big cock well you watch, Baby, I want to make her scream in pleasure. I want to make her our slut”“Yes Daddy, YES!” Peggy moaned as she started to cum. Craig was now at the edge of the bed, “I want her Baby, I want you to watch me fuck Becky the babysitter, I want to fuck Becky.” With that he pumped her after her of cum all over Peggy. I froze, I wasn’t sure if I heard Craig correctly. He had been talking about me as he jerked his cock. I played the last part over again and had a massive orgasm as I heard my name. As the video was ending Peggy could be seen running her fingers through the mixture of Craig’s cum and her breast milk and licking them off.To be continued…..

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