Subject: Before the Big Game Coach had a rule: no sex the week before a big game. It didn’t matter if you were a World Cup superstar or a left midfielder for an under 12s boys soccer team, the rule was the same, and he enforced it with lock and key. I strained against the cage. I didn’t have the biggest dick on the team, but it was bigger than hard plastic sleeve closed around it. We argued, but coach insisted, and personally made sure we were fit into chastity. Four days later and I could still feel his rough hand cupping my balls, slipping a ring under them, and clasping the device onto my shaft. Don’t ask me why he took it so seriously. For fuck’s sake, we were kids! Surging with new hormones! There were worse things than losing a junior soccer game, and forcing a twelve year old to keep his hands to himself was cruel and unusual punishment. “You’ll thank me when we win the cup,” he said, like any victory would make the strain worth it. I’d masturbated a few times, alone and in front of friends, but I hadn’t cum yet. Still, getting hard with a piece of plastic holding you back is hell! Even worse, the pain made me harder! It wasn’t as though I liked it. My dick probably thought it could break free if it only pushed a little bit harder… By day four I was losing my mind. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t focus on my schoolwork. All I wanted was to let my dick loose and strangle it ’til it passed out. Maybe I’d paint the walls with my first orgasm. Anything to take the pressure off! Coach wouldn’t give up the key, so there was only one place left to turn. “Dad,” I whined, “help.” “I don’t know what you expect me to do about it,” he said, and grinned from his recliner. Dad wasn’t a mean guy, but he wasn’t always nice, either. I know he wouldn’t laugh if it was his dick that was locked away, but it wasn’t, and he could grab it any time. My dick fought the plastic. I could barely stand. “Do something! Anything!” “Sorry, kiddo. Not my place.” Who was he kidding? It’s not like I never noticed the looks. Sometimes he’d leave the bathroom door hanging half open while he showered, ‘drop’ his towel on the march to getting changed, or use any excuse to enter while I was washing myself. And I did the same, but we never called attention to it. Maybe it’s weird that a father and son are hot for each other, but I couldn’t care less. I was grinding sofa cushions, desperate to feel something, anything! What kind of monster would invent a chastity device? I don’t even know how anyone could focus on a game like this. Soccer was the last thing on my mind. I clasped my legs together and humped my thighs, but it was no use. God, I almost cried! Dad looked away from the TV and sighed. “Jeez, you’ve got it bad, huh.” He didn’t know the half of it. He leaned forward and opened his mouth to mull the forbidden words. “There’s one thing we could try,” he said. “It’s a little unusual, and you have to promise not to tell your mother.” At that point I’d do anything. I’d run over hot coals. I’d eat broken glass. Hell, I’d even run screaming naked down the street! I nodded dumbly. “Bedroom,” he said. It wasn’t a request, it was an order. Anything that helped probably shouldn’t happen in the open. I did as I was told and headed for the master bedroom. I entered, he followed, and closed the door behind him. “Strip,” he said. Again, an order, but I hesitated. “Come on, son. Do you want help or not?” He couldn’t see how hard I was under the cage, let alone my shorts, but somehow he knew. God, what was wrong şişli travesti with me? Getting my kit off with the old man was weird. More than weird. ‘Weird’ was too small to describe the feeling caught in my chest, and how much small it was next to the aching between my legs. I paused. Was Dad always this hot? Yeah, he worked out, and he worked construction. His skin was tanned by hours in the sun. Funny how I’d never noticed that before, or the light scruff around his smile. Maybe that was why Mom put up with him. Who wouldn’t want to touch? He started toward the bed and closed the gap between us. Dad was a head taller than me, and twice as wide. The smell of sweat wafted off his clothes. I should have hated it, but I didn’t. The salty odor was all consuming. It was driving me insane! I couldn’t even think straight. Dad ran his hands along my hips and probed the bottom of my shirt. He smiled the gentle smile of a father who would always be there. But there was something more. Something hot, something hungry. Hot air blew from his nostrils, and I was lost in his gaze. “I said ‘strip’.” He peeled my shirt away. My lean chest was nothing next to his, with no hair and little definition. I was a boy, and he was a man, and he could deadlift me over his head if he wanted. God, why did I want him to deadlift me? I thumbed the band of my shorts, but stopped. “What’s the matter?” he asked. “I, um…” “Are you embarrassed?” he asked. “Come on, kiddo. We’re just a couple of guys. Imagine we’re in a locker room. How many of your soccer buddies have you seen naked?” He was right. I’d seen all of them. Weird how I wished I could see them again. Weird how much I wanted to watch them play with their dicks. I looked up at my Dad – my tall, powerful, ever-loving Dad. I wanted to see his dick too. “So if we’re in a locker room, you’d be able to strip too,” I said. Dad didn’t so much as blink. He just shrugged and slipped off his shirt. Condensation ran down the trail of hair leading from his neck to abdomen. The smell was dizzying and thick with salt. He didn’t take his eyes off me while he slipped off his jeans and jockey shorts, and gauged my reaction to his half-hard monster. “I… I…” “Now it’s your turn,” he said. “Come on, son. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Not with me.” There was no escape. I slid my shorts down with all the courage of a mouse. Next to him I was so, so small. The cage made me even smaller, it didn’t matter how swollen I was. My Dad wasn’t the sort of guy who’d pin me down and rough me up, but he could if he wanted, and I knew it. Even when he held back his excitement filled the room. His eyes lit up like it was Christmas, and already his shaft was stirring. If I ever had doubts my Dad wanted to fuck me they evaporated then. “Lay on your back,” he said, and I did. “Don’t close your legs. I need to see all of you.” I’d never been so exposed, but there he was, standing over me like his naked boy was no big deal. I listened to his heavy steps as he walked to the bedside table and opened a drawer. I jumped when I heard the snap of a glove. “Uh, Dad? What are you doing?” He loomed over me and smirked. “Son, you’re about to learn there’s more than one way for a man to pleasure himself.” What did he mean by that? “I thought you were going to help me get this thing off,” I said. “The chastity device stays on,” he said. “You think I want your coach blasting me for breaking the rules? No son of me is going to be benched before a big game.” He stood at the end beylikdüzü travesti of the bed and dipped two fingers into a jar of Vaseline. Oh no. He wouldn’t… “Hold your legs back and relax,” he said. I shook myself to make sure it was real. “You’re going to stick that in my ass?” “It’s how men have sex, so you may as well get used to it,” he said. “You’ve always struck me as a bottom, kiddo. Trust me. Once you’ve had your ass rammed properly you’ll wonder what the big deal was. Hell, you’ll be begging for it!” I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it. I like dick, and guys who like dick take it in the ass. The guys in porn sure seemed to like it. Still, I was nervous. He pressed a slick digit against my hole. A surge ran through my body, and I tightened. “Relax,” he said. “Breathe.” Yeah, okay. Like it was that easy. It took everything I had to let go of the tension. I wrapped my arms around the back of my legs. His finger pressed past my ring, and massaged my insides. He pressed further until the second knuckle was inside, then pulled back and re-entered with a third. Dad’s finger curled and massaged upward. It felt good. Weird, but good. But not good enough that I could get off. Maybe I was just wired differently. “You’re doing good,” he said. Dad stared with an intensity I’d never seen before. I tilted my head to see his pole. Fuck, he was fully hard! It stood tall and hung just below his navel. In went the second finger, stretching mt width and pushing deeper. It burned, not with pain, but with the satisfying sensation of a muscle during a workout. My back arched to make room for more. God, what if he got his whole hand in there? I was already starting to feel full. Suddenly there was a shockwave. Dad pressed against a hard button I didn’t know was there, and I was in heaven! This was what the big deal was! My cock strained against the cage, but the pressure was nothing to this new thing between my legs, behind my balls, in an invisible corner only a man knew to look for. He leaned in, thrusting harder. “You like that, huh?” I nodded. Fuck, that was good! My eyes rolled back. My blood was on fire. The bedroom was a sauna, and I was ready to explode. I didn’t know anything could feel as good as this! “Dad,” I moaned. “Dad…” I was close to the edge, but there was something else. “Dad… I think I’m going to piss…” His fingers eased back, and suddenly I was empty. I could feel my hole pouting to be filled again. I needed him. “Dad, please!” “Hold your horses. I’ve got something special planned,” he said. What could be more special than the best feeling in the world? I was lost in a haze as he climbed onto the bed, lay beside me, cupped my cheek and one hand and guided me toward his mouth. I lapped up the hot, wet taste of his tongue, and shivered when stubble ran over my lips. It tickled, but it didn’t. It was something else. He pulled away, again leaving me wanting. It was bad enough that coach had me in denial, he had to do it too? But the look in his eyes told me to hush. I’d never seen it before, but I knew it deep down. It was the wide, gentle gaze of a man secure in his strength, with all the love in the world for his boy – me. He wanted me. He loved me. God, I wanted him. ‘Sexy’, didn’t even begin to cover it. My thoughts swirled. “Are you… going to fuck me…?” He didn’t answer. He didn’t have to, at least not with words. His firm hand pried under my hip to roll me onto my stomach. My cage pressed against the mattress, and I was writhing. istanbul travesti Somehow the ache stopped being painful. Now it was begging in a different way. “On your knees,” he said. I did as I was told. I felt the mattress depress as he positioned behind me. Looking down between my legs I could see him massaging his dick, running Vaseline from tip to base. It glistened under the bedroom light, and then it was going into me. God, it was really happening! “Shouldn’t we, um, use a condom or something?” He huffed. “You don’t want to bareback with your old man?” Wiggling my butt was all the answer he needed. A wave of anticipation ran down my body. If his fingers were good, then his cock would be amazing! He stilled me by placing a hand at the small of my back, and guided me to meet his cock halfway. The wide bulb kissed my hole, and with a couple of thrusts explored the length between my cheeks. I ground against him, needy in a way I’d never known. “Relax,” he said again, and pressed the tip to my ring. It burned more this time, and I had to fight to ease around him. I thought I was full before, but that was nothing compared to this. One hand gripped my side. The other ran up and down my back, claiming me as his. “Good boy,” he said. “Such a fucking good boy.” “Your boy,” I said. “Fuck me, Dad! Please!” “Easy, kiddo. We want to take this slow. You’ve got all the time in the world to practice being an A-grade butt slut.” The thought sent shivers running down my spine. Nobody thinks they’ll grow to into an anal fiend, and yet there I was, demanding to be filled. Coach thought a cage could keep me from sex, but where there’s a will there’s a way. Dad thrust back and forth, plunging deeper each time. His swollen head pressed my button, inflating it more and more. He pulled out, the tension eased, then he’d dive back in, ramping up the pressure. I pressed my face into the bed sheets and whined. It was all I could do to keep from crying out. The fullness below my belly grew by the moment, searching for an escape, inching closer to my dangling cage. “Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” Dad hummed. “Let it happen, son. Don’t try to stop it.” Even then, at the height of it, he was in control, more than I ever would be. I wouldn’t have it any other way. My body tensed. My hole gripped Dad’s cock for all its strength. He didn’t stop pushing into me, and helped pump the first spurts of cum from my cock. My head was swimming, my cage was dribbling, and I was still so very full. I never wanted this moment to end! “Good boy,” he grunted. “Good boy.” He gripped my hips and held me in place. I could feel him twitch deep inside, and I tensed, wanting desperately to hold his seed. He’d marked me, and I was his. He slowed to a stop, and I held him between my cheeks until his cock deflated and slipped out. Though I tried, I couldn’t hold the dribble of cum that ran down my balls to mingle with my own. Dad dropped to the mattress and pulled me into his arms. He kissed my naked back, and scratched me with his prickly chin. I held his arm around me and breathed him in. If I had any guilt about incest with my father I should have felt it then, but I was on cloud nine. If all sex was that good then all boys would want to fuck their Dad. He hummed into my ear. “If you ever want to do that again…” “You promise?” His hand wrapped around the cage and my balls, reminding me how small they were next to him. My dick was spent, but felt right at home in his palm. “Your coach had the right idea,” he said. “You’ve got too perfect an ass to waste your time on this thing.” I turned to face him, threw my arms around his neck, intertwined my legs with his, and pulled into a ravenous kiss. Who needed words when I had him? Cage or not, the only cock I needed to hold was his, not mine.

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