birthday weekend


birthday weekendshe is turning 35 in a couple of weeks and is still turning heads. she’s been training his ass for the last 15 years and tonight the real thing is coming to the hotel room. both are so excited. she loves the idea of finally seeing a real cock fuck her ass whore. her ass whore is squirming with anticipation of having a big hard cock rammed deep into his otherwise virgin ass. the real thing had an ad on craigslist and has and hour to drive. his pics were hot. tall, good looking, pretty mouth and willing to fuck us both. big 9″ thick cock. she has 3 fingers in the ass whore’s hole to get him ready for the impending pounding. they are talking about sucking on the real thing’s cock at the same time. talking about how the ass whore is nervous to have a real cock, her telling him to not be such a bitch, that she trained him well and would be right there with him, licking, sucking, stroking the real thing’s big cock. they talk about how they hope the pics are real. the phone alerts. the real thing is here, coming to the room. she’s dressed to impress w/ a super short mini skirt with the crotchless body stocking on underneath, heeled boots, tight top, pussy lips threatening to swell up and out from under the skirt. he’s always a rugged handsome guy, full beard, beautiful eyes, nice rock hard ass. the real thing knocks and the ass whore lets him in. nice to meet you’s go around nervously. she and the ass whore are checking him out hard. def like his pics… so far. taller than both of them, much better looking that the pic sent. things are looking better and better. being their first time, they all go to a near by place for a drink and a chance for those pussy lips to slip out. to get to know each other better. 30 mins later, she says its time to go. now. having the real thing there and thinking about his real thing ramming her ass whore was almost to much to stand. the wet spot in the seat was proof of that. she could tell the ass whore is nervous and knows that she will and can take charge. the ride back Escort Bayan is quick. back in the room the ass whore gets the whirlpool tub started and pours some shots of whiskey. she goes to the bathroom. tight top off. bra off. crotchless body stocking and barely there mini skirt on. the ass whore and the real thing shut up the chatter as she walks out. def not bad for 35. ass whore loves that she’s making a move. breaks the silence with a “guess she’s ready!”. shots down. ass whore goes to the bath room. the real things starts undressing. she shows him the impressive collection of toys. her favorite vibrating wand. ass whore comes out undressed. he’s been naked around a guy before, but never with the chance to get fucked. we talk about a couple of do’s and not gonna’s, man kissing included in the not gonna’s. her ass being for the ass whore only. the real thing is game. the real thing and the ass whore get into the tub. plenty of room. she finishes undressing for them. gets towels. more shots of whiskey (she knows how nervous the ass whore is). she sits facing both of them. kisses the nervous ass whore. grabs his cock and pets the real thing. the water is so hot, the bubbles so nice. a cock in each hand! she is a happy wife. she grabs the real things cock with the ass whore. this thing is impressive. the ass whore looks even more nervous now. she is encouraging. strokes it with him. the real thing is liking it. she kisses the real thing’s pretty mouth. she wants to suck that big cock as much as the ass whore. the real thing raises up out of the water a little. it’s the ass whore’s hand pushing him up. she licks the tip of his smooth cock. bigger (not better) than the ass whore’s and a whole new experience. she slides down as far as she can. watching the ass whore wait for his turn. she tries to deep throat this new big cock. chokes. it isn’t going to go back as far as the ass whore’s cock. the real thing is loving this. petting the ass whore. def not afraid of showing affection to Bayan escort my rugged bearded hunk of an ass whore. she loves seeing this and gets turned on even more. she lets the ass whore have a lick. ass whore has only sucked my hard strapon cock. the real thing’s cock is so much better. the ass whore starts sucking on the big thick cock. he doesn’t go far down before choking. this turns her on even more. she notices the real things is moaning and really enjoying himself. the real thing even pushes at the ass whore’s head. making him take more. suck more. choke more. all worked up now, they dry off quick. ass whore is drinking out of the bottle now. the real thing is shivering. she pulls back the covers for the real thing to get under. she kisses the ass whore. whispers about how exciting this is. after all this time, there was a real thing here. willing. hard. def able. she tells the ass whore to drink up. she gets under the covers with the real thing. his front to her back. she likes that he’s taller. something different (not better) than the ass whore. the real thing pets her. the ass whore crawls in bed with them. the ass whore says that she needs to be fucked first. her birthday weekend after all. she loves the ass whore. the real thing throws off the covers. face down in pussy before she even realizes it. the real thing bragged earlier about making women squirt. she starts to believe him. the ass whore loves seeing his wife’s pussy being eaten out. starts talking to the real thing about how he loves those big fleshy lips, all that “real estate” he says. she loves him. she loves the feeling of having the real thing face down and finger deep in her pussy. knowing the ass whore loves watching her squirm. ass whore puts his dick in her mouth. the real thing fills her up with is thick cock. she’s full of dicks and lost in sensations. the real thing is good. real good. she’s being fucked hard thinking about how the ass whore’s chance is coming up. she’s highly orgasmic. she feels Escort it building. she hears the real thing ask the ass whore if she’s ok. ass whore’s dick is shoved in her mouth still as he answers. go ahead. fuck her hard. she’s ok. she is more than ok. she comes hard and wet and twitching on the real thing’s cock balls deep in her pussy. she’s ready to see the ass whore get fucked as good as she just did. she knows he needs to be worked on a little before taking such a big cock. she shakily gets up. puts her dick on. the strapon that the real thing also seemed interested in earlier. the real thing phone won’t shut up. he checks it out. ass whore is on his back, legs spread, waiting for her to loosen him up. she lubes him up. slides her hard fake not as nice as the real thing’s dick into the ass whore. she gets to pumping right away. working him up real good. she been doing it for years and loves it.i wish i could end this real, true life story with how the ass whore got fucked, how the real thing shot his big load on her face for the ass whore to lick up, how she wore both dicks out. but, sadly the story pretty much ends here. the real thing’s phone was blowing up with some kind of family emergency. the real thing got dressed quick, while she was fucking the ass whore. all of a sudden the real thing was saying he had to leave. she and the ass whore were stunned. they were almost there! after years of training and finally having the opportunity to have a real cock in the ass whore. the real thing said he was sorry, that he wanted to try again sometime and left. yup. left. she was pissed. mad that all that anticipation leading up to the ass whore getting fucked went unfulfilled. she wondered if the real thing was ever for real or just there to fuck somebody’s old lady. he seemed so real. she texted him later that night. let him know that if it had been for real, it was awesome. if it hadn’t been for real, then that was a dick move. she didn’t expect to hear from him, but he did text back. they talked about it and she thinks that it was for real and that in a couple weeks they really can meet up again. get the ass whore fucked for real this time. i’ll post how it goes, if it goes. no post, then the real thing never was real at all, and she’s back on the search for a new “real thing”!!!

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