Blame It on the Tea


Nancy was curious. Her friend had sent a cryptic message about earning extra money and having fun, then mentioned another message would follow, from a new number. To verify it, the word “orange” would start the message,

“What was that crazy girl up to now?” Nancy wondered.

She sipped her tea and waited and within minutes her telephone buzzed. A message from an unknown number.

“Orange. A friend has parties. Adult parties. Always want new girls. Next one is Saturday. Had a great time at the last one. Thought you might want to come to the next. Anonymous. Everyone wears a mask. Let me know. S”

“Well, well, well, that IS interesting” Nancy read the message again and had so many questions. “Adult? What exactly…?”

She decided to find out more… The reply came quickly

“What do you think I mean? LOL. You only do what you want, with who you want. Anonymous sex, it is great. The organisers need girls for Saturday, let me know ASAP. Do not worry, I will be there. It is safe.”

Nancy had been going through a barren patch, splitting up from her last boyfriend over three months ago, but she wasn’t sure if anonymous sex was the answer. Then again…

She made another cup of tea and thought. Then thought some more. So many questions were in her head, so she sent another message… Sandra was quick to answer, clearly she wanted to know if her friend was up for this.

“Yes, hand and blow jobs are fine. You DO NOT have to do anything but the situation got the better of me last time. You can just watch, but it is better to join in somehow.”

Nancy decided… Another cup of tea was needed.

She sat back and wondered if she would be good enough for such a party. She wasn’t that experienced, much preferring long term relationships. She had never had a one-night stand. Maybe it was time to change. Besides, her weekend plans to meet her parents had changed as her father was going on a last-minute business trip.

She finished her tea and sent a text.

Within seconds Sandra replied… “GREAT. I will come over tomorrow to talk about it”.

So, that was it, Nancy was going to an adult party.

The next evening Sandra arrived, with the promised pizza and a bag of stuff that Nancy needed to see, apparently.

She discussed how the party would operate and the basic rules and then opened the bag to reveal underwear. Rather revealing underwear.

“I know you probably don’t have anything suitable, so I brought some of mine over. This is what you wear in the main areas. Most people keep their underwear on until they ‘get busy’. There are public bedrooms and some private ones. The organisers prefer people stay in the public ones, but some members can get you in a private room if you want. Most people watch the action and then move to another room to have some fun. Some like to perform as they watch.”

Nancy’s head was spinning at these thoughts.

“I was just watching some action when a guy started stroking me. It was SO sexy that I couldn’t help myself. We wanked each other as we watched. I cum, then got on my knees to finish him. It was HOT! Anyway. Later I had sex on a bed with another guy as other watched. Then we got up, put our underwear on and walked off as people clapped. SO HOT!”

Sandra was talking fast now and Nancy couldn’t get a word in edgeways.

“At the end of the evening, you go and get your clothes and there will be an envelope for you with a ‘tip’ for your services. I do not know how much others got, but I had had great sex and some money to buy some decent food and more underwear.”

“What if I recognise someone?” This thought had played on Nancy’s mind from the start.

“Everyone has a mask, covering most of the face. Also, the lighting is low and a bit strange. There is music playing, so voices get hard to hear properly. It is funny, it all seems surreal. Maybe that is why I didn’t mind fucking a stranger!”

Surreal was right, thought Nancy, as she looked at the lacy and revealing underwear. Sandra was spot on, she had nothing like this in her collection. She picked a couple of items to try out later as Sandra talked about more details, what time they would meet, what to wear to the party, what time it would end… and then the answer to another query Nancy had,

“Get another telephone. One just for this. Maybe wait until after the party, to see if you like the party scene. Then we can message about these events and with less chance of messages being seen or sent to the wrong address. It also means if you lose your phone at a party, no one knows who you are as it will be ‘clean’. It makes sense, trust me”.

And trust was what Nancy did. Trust her friend and also that the party would not be too wild. She had already decided that a blow job was as far as she would go.

The next few days would be nervous times, until 7pm on Saturday when her and Sandra would get into the taxi.

Saturday arrived and Nancy relaxed in the bath, checking her body was ok. If Sandra was right about the lighting, she would be fine! She thought her body was good, nothing obviously out of place and usual for a 20 year old.

She dried and then dressed, the lacy knickers and teddy top under a bulky jumper and baggy jeans, bursa escort Comfortable trainers completed the ensemble, perfectly normal, except she would be spending most of the evening without most of it. She felt sick and paced her little flat until Sandra rang the bell.

They hugged and Sandra could feel her friend trembling slightly. “You look great” she said to try and calm her down. It didn’t really work.

Sandra’s telephone buzzed and they both jumped. “Taxi’s here”.

They sat in silence as the car wended its way to the house. A large two storey building with electric gates and a curved drive. A woman stood on the steps, under a temporary gazebo with a clipboard and smiled at the pair as they slid out the door, feet crunching on the gravel.

Nancy noticed the mask on the woman, it covered her eyes and nose, red with white trim. Her hair was pulled back. Anonymous was right.

The girls were handed their masks and their names ticked off. They were directed into the door and told to turn left. Both held the masks over their faces as they went in and there they found the changing room.

Another masked woman greeted them and handed over a bag and a wristband. They were told to undress and put their clothes in the bag. Hair should be pulled back and the masks kept on at all times. Failure to adhere to that rule would mean expulsion.

Sandra looked pleased “This is the mask I had last time” and soon she was stripped to her lingerie, hair back and mask on. Nancy would not have recognised her if she hadn’t arrived in the same taxi.

The attendant checked both girls were suitable and then given a run-down of the rules. Nancy’s head was spinning, she heard little of what was said, but remembered about keeping the mask on and the preference that any ‘activities’ take place in the public bedrooms. Apparently, one could engage in an ‘activity’ in the public spaces, but it was not encouraged. The bedrooms were the place, Nancy said to herself, as if that would calm her nerves.

She looked at herself in the mirror. The purple mask resembled a cat, with triangular ears. It covered her face as well as extending around her head. She felt like a Ninja. A Ninja swinger, she thought and giggled.

“Right, let’s find the bar!” and Sandra pulled Nancy by the hand down the corridor. Their feet padding on the thick carpet as the background music throbbed, seemingly in time with the changing light as it swirled from red to blue and other colours that were too strange to describe.

The barman was wearing a suit, which immediately made Nancy VERY aware that she was in underwear that was just opaque enough not to show her nipples. An array of drinks were lined in groups along the bar, red wine, white wine, fruit juice, water, beers and spirits. The barman waved his hand along as if to ask what they wanted and Sandra pointed to the white wine and nodded when the barman held up two fingers.

Nancy was still nervous and had to lean on the wall as she sipped her wine. Men and women wandered through the bar, all in their underwear, their bodies a range of shapes. The women tended to be younger, the men, middle aged. Sandra had explained that the men paid to attend, knowing there would be lovely young women to meet their needs. They were told only consensual acts were allowed. Some women did pay, again, with the idea of enjoying a young woman, or a kind man.

Nancy had lost track of time. She had removed her watch, wanting nothing recognisable on her for this night. All she knew was she had had two glasses of wine and was starting to relax.

Sandra was restless and headed for the toilet. Nancy trembled again, alone, wearing just lingerie and with no idea what to do.


Nancy jumped as the voice cut through the music, the words slightly distorted.

She turned and saw a man, not a bad body, a mask that could be white, or yellow, maybe pink, it was hard to tell in the light. He wore boxer shorts. Just boxer shorts. His belly hung over them slightly, but not too much for a man of his age, whatever age it might be.

“Are you new?”

Nancy fumbled for words, aware how the music made hearing harder.

“Yes. Yes, is it obvious?”

The man chuckled. “A bit. Do not worry, it is good here. Just check out the rooms and see how you feel.” He looked her up and down and she felt naked, despite the lace covering her. She realised her nipples were starting to harden.

She nodded and thanked him. He reached up and stroked her shoulder, a kind and tender act and she breathed out and felt the tension start to go.

“I hope I see you later” he said, then leaned in and whispered, to make she heard “Hope I see a lot more of you later.”

She shivered and felt slightly aroused and also had a sense of safety with this masked stranger. In her mind, Nancy had decided that if she did have a cock in her mouth tonight, it would be his.

But then he kissed her cheek and said goodbye, walking off down the corridor to who knows where.

Nancy was nervous again, but decided it was time to investigate this party.

People were wandering in and out of the bar and Nancy decided to follow one girl, her pigtails bouncing as she walked. The next room contained a dinner escort bayan table and chairs. On one of them sat a man, a young woman straddling him, with her back to him. Slowly she lifted herself up and then lowered and Nancy glanced down to see her underwear had been pulled to one side and his cock was glistening as it was revealed, before the girl sank back down again. Nancy almost stumbled into a chair as she walked along, the couple oblivious to the passing strangers, even one clattering the furniture.

“Well” thought Nancy, “isn’t that against the rules?”

Up the stairs were the bedrooms and Nancy followed the pigtails into one. A small group were gathered, watching the area where the bed was. On it was a naked girl, on her back, legs wide and raised as a slightly chubby man thrusted up and down. Nancy shifted position and had a clear view of his cock as it sawed in and out of the girl’s pussy, splayed open and wet, the slurping sound just heard above the ever-present background music. The girl was quiet, but this was due to a woman, older looking and with a pale mask, sitting with her legs played over the girl’s face. The woman leant forward slightly and then she made some noise, groaning as the girl had clearly hit a good spot with her tongue.

Nancy watched in fascination before becoming aware of movement in front of her. She looked down and saw the top of a head in front of the man ahead and to her side. She slyly moved right a few inches and saw a young man in a black mask sucking an older gentleman. The older man had his hands on the side of the younger one’s head and started to thrust a bit more, pushing deeper into the willing mouth. The man then turned and looked into Nancy’s eyes and smiled, before looking down and gesturing to Nancy if she would like to take over. Nancy shook her head and smiled, then turned and looked for another room.

Across the hall another group were watching the bed and Nancy weaved in to get a better look. It was strange watching these acts, but is hadn’t really turned her on much. On the bed was a man on his back. A girl was kissing him and stroking his cock before throwing her leg over his body and sliding down. She began to rub against him, grinding down on his stiff cock, her hips making circles as she rubbed herself on him. She raised herself and took his cock in her hand and then pressed her pussy against it. She had a thin landing strip, which Nancy thought looked cute and slightly regretted not keeping when she went overboard with the razor earlier.

The girl rubbed along the shaft and then pressed the swollen cock head to her open labia and moved to grind her clitoris on it. The man responded by reaching up and grabbing her breasts, squeezing them hard and pinching the swollen nipples, which seemed to make the girl grind harder.

He then reached down and held her hips, raising her and moving her so she was over the stiff and, not exactly small, cock. She reached down and positioned it and then moved lower, the engorged head spreading her labia and then popping inside, to a loud gasp from the girl. She then placed both hands on the chest of the man as he pulled her hips down to fully penetrate her. She groaned as she was filled and they both began to move as they kissed.

He was holding her tight to him as he thrust up unto her, each stroke causing a grunt to come from the masked girl.

Nancy moved a bit closer and the girl turned and looked at her.

The eyes, the mask.

Sandra smiled at her voyeur friend as the man rammed up into her.

Then Nancy saw the other man. She thought he was part of the audience on the other side of the bed. He was huge, but not in a good way. His belly hung low and he was at least twice as wide as Sandra. He moved onto the bed, climbing to the fucking couple on his knees until he was behind them. His cock was big, but was almost covered by his belly. It was also very shiny, thought Nancy, who was mystified by this addition to the scene.

The fat guy moved closer, kneeling over the legs of the man and between Sandra’s open ones. The man was holding Sandra tight by the waist and had stopped thrusting up. This was clearly planned.

Then the fat guy moved forward, holding his cock in one hand and his belly up with the other. He rested the flab on Sandra’s back and buttocks as he got closer. The other man was still holding Sandra steady.

The spell Nancy was in was broken by the groaning from her friend. It was a mix of pleasure and something else. The fat guy was pushing and Nancy could see her friend’s eyes were shut, her mouth open as the fat man kept pushing. Then Sandra’s eyes shot open and she let out a half scream, half moan and the fat guy sighed and rammed his hips forward.

Nancy was open mouthed too. Her friend was sandwiched on a bed. The belly of a huge man rested on her friend’s back and bum and there were two cocks inside her. The fat guy sighed again, then moved his hips back, held for a second and thrust forward.

Sandra groaned again.

Both men started moving and Nancy moved to the side, out of the eyeline of her friend. From further down she had a clearer view. Lights had been placed at points around the bed to show the action better and Nancy bursa escort could see her friend’s body between two men, one cock sliding in and out of a very wet pussy while the fat guy had his cock balls deep in Sandra’s anus., his balls hanging down to knock on her perineum with each thrust.

Grunting from all three filled the room, the audience quiet at the strange sigh of the fat guy, with his belly resting on the back and behind of the girl he was buggering as another man fucked her from beneath.

Then someone else stepped forward. He had been adjusting the lights at the rear and Nancy thought he was part of the staff, but just happened to be naked. Then he walked to the head of the bed and crawled up, knees either side of the head of the man on the bottom. He reached down and grabbed Sandra’s ponytail and she looked up, seeing the third man for the first time. His cock was in front of her face and Sandra opened her mouth wide. Nancy gasped as she watched her friend made “airtight”. The three men held still for a few seconds, looking at each other as they penetrated this young girl. Then they started to fuck her.

Nancy stood to the side, entranced by her full friend, her hand lightly caressing the hard nipples as she watched every hole of Sandra being used, the fat belly of the man in her anus wobbling as he thrust hard.

Nancy’s nipples were now hard as she ran a hand over them, her pussy was wet too and she slyly stroked it. Both nipples responded to the stroking and Nancy stopped and looked down. One hand was tracing the outline of her wet pussy lips. Both nipples were being caressed. She turned to the side and a pale mask with rounded ears smiled at her.

She smiled back and continued to enjoy this scene. The man underneath was close, his groans becoming louder as he thrust into Sandra. The man in her mouth had his head back as his shaft pushed into Sandra’s lips. It was hard to tell with the fat guy as he was shaking so much anyway, but he was still thrusting deep into Sandra’s rectum. Then the man on the bottom slammed up hard and held Sandra tight. he was clearly emptying himself deep in Nancy’s friend’s womb. A few seconds later the oral man thrust deep and held Sandra’s head tight and Nancy could see her friend struggling to swallow the load shot into her throat. He pulled out, a string of spit and semen connecting him to Sandra as he moved back before they parted and he slumped back, Sandra’s head dropping now she was released from the grip and cock in her face. She looked down and kissed the man under her, who was now stroking her back tenderly as the fat guy continued to bugger her.

Then the fat man raised himself up and back, stomach still on Sandra and held her hips tight as he rammed hard several times with enough force to knock Sandra forward, the softening cock falling from her pussy and, like her mouth moments earlier, the line of semen and liquid keeping the two genitals together. He thrust again and another trail of semen ran from the open pussy onto the owner below. The fat guy shuddered and exhaled loudly. Then he patted Sandra’s buttocks and smiled beneath his light-coloured mask. He sat back, cock springing free of the tight anus and looked down to see the mess of Sandra’s lower region, semen dripping from her pussy, the lips still wide and swollen, her sphincter gaping and shining with lube, sweat and cum, the first traces of the semen dumped into her bowels showing around the open ring. Sandra was breathing heavily and enjoying the caresses of the man beneath her and the ripple of applause from the watchers.

Nancy clapped and found that both breasts were then covered by strange hands, the pale masked man had moved behind her and was now pressing his hard cock against her as he held her breasts. Oddly, Nancy didn’t object. Far from it.

Sandra and her three friends then rose from the bed, grabbed their clothing and left the room, to more applause.

Nancy wondered what to do, but then found a hand holding hers and leading her away. Into a bedroom. This was moving a bit too fast, so she turned to see the man, only to find two of them, the one who had been holding her breasts and another. This was definitely too much for her.

The room they went into was busy. On the bed was a girl, on all fours. A man was moving behind her, he looked slightly familiar and Nancy looked up to see the mask of the stranger from the bar. Then she looked down and her pussy twitched. His cock was lovely, a big one in length and girth. Sadly, it was just about to go into the pussy of another girl. She stared at the purple head, shiny with pre-cum as he held the shaft and positioned it at the open labia of another woman. She wanted that to be her about to be impaled on such a delicious cock. The girl grunted and Nancy realised another man was pushing his cock into the girl’s mouth, moving her backwards so that the swollen labia parted around the gorgeous cockhead of her mystery man. He then moved forward and the girl made sounds that only a woman being penetrated by such a fabulous and thick cock could make. He went in until his lower belly pressed on the girl’s bottom, then he held her hips and pushed again, driving the girl forward onto the cock in her mouth. The two men paused and then slowly, at first, began to fuck the girl, her dark mask pressed onto the belly of the man in front, the lovely cock behind, filling her and stretching her vagina open with each thrust, Nancy wanted to cry, or drag the girl off the bed.

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