Blindfolded for a Blind Date


I woke up feeling really horny. After looking outside and seeing how wet the weather was, I realised that there was no point in going out cock hunting today.

I logged on to Gaydar and the guys I fancied were not on line. There were a few possibilities, but I felt the need for a definite. I then remembered an old chat line I had used in the past. I searched through my junk drawer and found it on a scrap of paper.

I dialed and followed the instructions.

The voice on the end of the telphone stated, “Please identify yourself with a name that will attract other users, followed by a brief description about yourself. Then press the hash key.”

After a few seconds thought I said,

“Hi, my name is Swallower and the name says it all.”

I pressed # then I heard,

“To listen to callers press 1, to respond to callers press 2, to skip a caller press 3 and for 1:1 chat with callers press 4.”

I was skipping through the messages trying to hear for a guy who sounded gruff and knew what he wanted when a voice said,

“You have one new message. To listen to this message press 1.”

I did as instructed.

This is what I heard.

“Hi, my name is Pete, I am 34, 6ft tall, I have a nice body and have 81/2 inches of thick cock that needs attention. I like the sound of your voice. If you want it, let me know. I can’t accommodate but can travel. I live in London.”

Hearing his voice and listening to that message got my cock twitching. I pressed 1 and said,

“I want it. I am in London too. Talk 1:1 and let’s sort this out.”

My heart was thumping in my chest as I sent the message.

I was skipping through the ads when the request for 1:1 chat came through. I accepted it.

“Hi” said Pete.

“Hi” I said.

“So, are you up to getting this big cock down your throat?” said Pete

“Fuck güvenilir bahis yes” was my reply.

“Good, you are about a 15 minute drive from me. But this is how I want to play this” said Pete.

In anticipation, I answered “OK” .

“I want you naked, kneeling in the middle of your lounge with a blindfold on. Leave the door unlocked so I can come in and find you and I don’t want you to say a word unless I ask you a direct question. Is that understood?” said Pete.

“Yes” was all I could utter.

“Good. Now give me your address, get undressed and wait for me” said Pete.

I gave him my address.

“See you in 20 minutes” said Pete.

I hung up. My heart was beating hard and fast.

I went to the bathroom, had a piss and made sure I was clean.

I went to my bedroom, found a suitable blindfold, got undressed and then went to the lounge.

I had 10 minutes to wait. I had found a dark large handkerchief (an old Christmas present). I made it into a triangle and rolled it thick enough to cover my eyes. I then tied it on. It was snug enough not to slip but not too tight. I was now in total darkness.

I waited, kneeling on my floor, hands behind my back, my heart beating ten to the dozen with excitement and my cock throbbing so hard. I swear it had not been this solid for ages. It felt that every last piece of its flesh was engorged. Time seemed to go slowly as I listened out for any tell tale sounds of Pete arriving. My mind was reeling with countless images of what was in store for me.

I heard footsteps coming up the path by the side of the house.

The door handle squeaked as it turned open.

Footsteps, slow and deliberate entered my kitchen. They stopped. I heard water running in the sink and then I heard the steps come towards me.

As his feet trod on the carpet in my lounge they became silent.

I güvenilir bahis siteleri could feel my breathing rate increase. I strained to see if I could hear his movement.

Suddenly, I was aware of warmth coming towards my face.

I then heard a zipper and what must have been a button undoing.

I heard the rustle of clothing and assumed that he was taking off whatever he was wearing.

My senses were doing summersaults. I had not felt so sexually turned on for a long while. I swear blood forced itself into my cock and made it grow bigger than it was before.

Silence again.

Then I felt a stronger feeling of warmth in front of my face, plus the pungent smell of man.

I savoured this smell which smelt like perfume to me.

I imagined him standing there with his cock rock hard and ready to be worshiped.

I jolted as I felt what could only be described as a heavy three fingered slap.

First on my left cheek and then the other and then as I felt it rolling around my nose, I realised that it was his cock. I let out a sigh as I felt him rubbing it all over my face and ‘whipping’ me with it again. It felt heavy, thick and was obviously leaking pre cum as it slid over my nose and lips. I licked my lips and was rewarded with a delicious salty taste.

I could not wait to get a proper taste of him.

He stood back. I heard what must have been the tones on a mobile key pad.

Then I heard that gruff deep sexy voice for the first time since he arrived. He was obviously talking to who ever he called.

“Hi, yeah it’s me. Yeah this guy looks pretty hot. He’s got a nice mouth on him, decent body and a nice rock hard swollen cock pointing right up to heaven. Yeah, it’s leaking loads.”

I heard his voice move around me. I knew he was behind me when he said,

“He’s got a nice arse too. iddaa siteleri Yeah, you’d love it, no not completely smoothe. Hang on, I’ll tell you”.

I jolted as his hand cupped my balls and then moved up and squeezed my cock.

“They feel good, shaved I guess, yeah he is quite a stud, hang on, yeah, he smells good to, no he’s cut. Ok… yeah, see you in a bit; the address is on my desk. Ok. Later.”

My heart was pounding.

I felt the warmth in front of my face again. I felt a large strong rough hand stroke the side of my face then a finger and thumb one each side of my face gently pressed my mouth open. I felt the thumb slide towards my mouth and gently push its way passed my lips onto my tongue. He then began to caress my tongue with his thumb. He pulled out and then I felt something sweeter smelling rest on my lips. I just knew it was his cock. I let my tongue gently explore what was resting there.

The first thing I experienced was his precum I lapped it into my mouth so my taste buds could savour it. That clean salty sweetness was so good. I then pursed my lips and took the tip of his cock in; slowly letting them part to envelop a big head with the tip of my tong pressing up against his piss slit which was quite a sizable opening.

My lips and mouth parted further letting me get the whole head of his cock in my mouth. He was uncut as I could feel the skin just behind the head of the glans which made me realise that this huge cock was not fully hard yet!!!

I let more of his cock into my mouth with my tongue exploring as much as it could.

I loved the smells that were going up my nose. My saliva mixed with his smells giving that perfect aroma of lust and muskiness.

His cock head was now nudging at the back of my throat.

I could feel him getting harder, I could feel the veins standing up more, I could feel him edging in and out of my mouth in a very gentle fucking rhythm.

I could tell this was going to be one hell of a session.

Then I remembered the phone call to a friend of his and my mind started reeling.

To be continued.

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