Born to Suck Ch. 16

Big Tits

With the satisfying taste of ‘Old Charlie’s’ cum in my mouth, I sat and watched the countryside go by as Sven continued driving. In another hour or so, the signs for the Springfield turnoffs appeared and Sven confidently took the one that led to the agricultural exhibition centre; where the horse show and auction was going to take place.

He parked the truck and checked in with one of the guys that registered horses being put up for sale. As he led Rogue out of the trailer and to his assigned stable, I had a chance to look around. The place was huge and just bustling with activity. I saw people leading horses from one place to another, some leading them around the show arena for practice, just stuff going on everywhere. There were a lot of hunky horsemen around, that was for sure. I found my eyes drawn to a number of rugged looking men moving about the facility. There weren’t too many women, just a few scattered here and there. There were men of all ages and sizes. Some were dressed similarly to Sven and I, others were much more “countrified”, with cowboy boots and various types of Stetsons. All in all, I was being treated to an eyeful of good-looking men.

“C’mon, Kid,” Sven said as he surprised me by slapping me on the bum as I stood on the wooden rails of the show arena, “Rogue’s all registered and settled in. They’ve got a little store inside the building there. Let’s check it out, there’s something I’m looking for.”

“What, Sven?” I asked as I skipped along to try and keep up with his long strides.

“Oh, you’ll see. A little surprise for you,” he said as he gave me smirk. I followed him into a store in one of the buildings and walked around looking at all the stuff on display. There were all kinds of riding gear and clothes, cowboy hats, souvenirs and other cheesy stuff like velvet pictures of horses that you wouldn’t even want to use to wipe your ass.

“C’mere, Kid,” Sven said to me as he started towards a table with riding clothes on it. “Just play along with me here,” he whispered to me quietly.

“Can I help you there?” a blustery woman in a red cowboy hat and loud checkered shirt said to Sven.

“Yeah, I need a pair of these beige stretchy riding pants,” Sven said as he fingered a pile of folded pants on the table. The woman looked at where Sven’s hand was and then looked at me standing next to him.

“Well, those are girls’ pants you’ve got your hand on there. They’re made to fit tight. They’d look pretty funny on him,” she chuckled as she nodded towards me. “We have some over on the other table over there that would be more appropriate for boys.”

“No, they’re not for him; they’re for his twin sister.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she said apologetically. “Then these are just what you’re looking for. Is she about the same size as him?”

“Uh, just a touch smaller. She’s had these before and I know she likes them to fit tight.”

“Okay.” The woman picked up a pair of the stretchy folded pants and let them hang down. She came around the table and held them at my side.

“Well, these would be the right size for him,” she said to Sven.

“Okay, then one size smaller should do it.”

“Here they are right here,” she said as she rummaged through the pile on the table and got the next size down.

“Excellent, I’ll take those.” Sven pulled some of the bills out of his pocket and paid the woman as she rang in the purchase. There was nothing amongst all the cheap-looking items that I wanted; besides, I was curious as to what Sven had in mind with those girl’s pants he bought.

“Alright, let’s go find that motel,” Sven said as he tucked the bag the woman gave him under his arm and headed out of the store.

“What are those pants for, Sven?” I asked as I skipped along beside him. “Are they supposed to be for me?”

“You’ll see, you’ll see,” he said as he laughed and gave me a playful shove.

“Ooohhhnn,” I gave off a little squeal of impatience as I hurried to keep up.

“Geez, you’re like a little kid. Just be patient.” His playful smile made me smile too. “Now, let’s go find that motel. I feel like scratching that itch you’ve got way up inside you.” I shuddered with excitement as I realized Sven was talking about feeding that beautiful big cock of his way up into my boy-pussy.

They had a big fenced-in field in the complex where we were able to leave the trailer where it would be safe. We dropped it off then took Sven’s pick-up and headed on the road into town.

“I don’t think it’s too much further,” Sven said after we’d only been on the road a couple of minutes. “Yep, there it is.” As he nodded ahead, I looked over to see a cheap sign with a cartoon-like picture of a miner swinging a pick into a giant gold boulder. So this was going to be our home for the next two nights; the Gold Rush Motel. It looked more like the Flea Bag Motel to me. But knowing Uncle Ben, he’d booked it because it was close to the fair grounds; and most important of all, it was cheap.

There were two buildings kind of set in an L-shape with the check-in office at the end of one building, kind of at the corner of the bahis siteleri ‘L’. I guessed there were probably somewhere around 30-35 rooms in total. Already there were a number of pickups parked in front of some of the units. I figured it was a popular place to stay for people attending the horse show.

Sven pulled up in front of the office and as we entered, a little bell hooked up to the door tinkled. We could hear the sounds of a television coming from an open door in the sidewall into the next unit. I looked around and the place looked pretty crappy. There was a clean-up cart parked just inside the door which I figured was wheeled around to every unit by whoever did that job. There was a shelving rack right there in the office that was loaded up with sheets, towels, and little bars of soap; the usual cheap motel stuff.

As Sven walked up to the counter, a small balding man in his mid-forties came through the door where we’d heard the sound coming from. He looked pretty gruff and unfriendly as he stepped behind the counter.

“What can I do for ya?” he asked in a raspy voice, the tone sounding like it had come through years and years of fighting cigarette smoke to make itself heard.

“Yeah,” Sven said, drumming his fingers on the counter, “there should be a reservation under the name Alfredson; two nights.”

“Let’s see here,” the clerk said as he picked up a box and rifled through something that looked like index cards. He pulled one out and threw on a pair of reading glasses before bringing it up in front of him. “Yeah, here it is, Ben Alfredson, single room, two nights. Oh yeah, he called this morning and told me he screwed up his ankle and couldn’t make the auction. Told me some big guy with a kid would be coming to take his place. I guess that’s you.” He pulled off his reading glasses and looked us over, first Sven, then me.

“Yeah, that’s us,” Sven answered. “Look, I know Ben’s booked a single room on his credit card, but I was wondering if you had anything bigger?”

“All the single rooms are the same,” the man answered flatly.

“Well, yeah, but do you have any rooms that aren’t single rooms; anything that might have a little more space?”

“We’ve got one,” he said as he looked at Sven as if what he was about to say was going to be a waste of time. “It was remodeled and finished up just two weeks ago. It’s at the other end of this building. We call it ‘The Presidential Suite’.” I almost snickered at the idea of the President staying in a shit-hole like this.

“Can I see it?” Sven asked; a spark of interest in his voice.

“It’s quite a bit more,” the guy replied with a dismissive wave of his hand.

“Well, if it’s available, I’d like to check it out,” Sven said a little more firmly. The guy stopped shuffling papers and looked up at Sven, a look of resignation turning down the corners of his mouth.

“Alright then, suit yourself. You want a look, take a look,” he said as he turned to a pigeon-hole thing behind him and grabbed a couple of keys. “Here’s the key to your assigned room,

7. And here’s the key to the Presidential Suite,
0, three doors down. Take a look, and then come back and see me.”

“Thanks,” Sven said as he tossed the keys into the air, speared them with a snappy grab of his hand, and turned towards the door. I hurried after Sven and we walked along the front of the building until we came to unit

7. Sven opened the door and we stepped in. He pulled the drapes open on the only window and let the bright daylight flow into the room. The room certainly wasn’t much to look at; two matching beds, a beat up old dresser and a little stand with pretty old looking TV on it. We walked over to the beds and looked down at the covers. They were both covered in stains that reminded me of the cum stains Sven had deposited on my sheets the other night. I figured those CSI guys would have a field day if they came in here with one of those semen-detecting lights. Sven quickly poked his head in the bathroom and I saw him shake his head in disgust as he turned and stepped out of the unit.

“Well, that looked like shit,” he said as he closed the door and headed towards the end unit. I had to laugh when we got there; there was the
0 on the door, just like the other units. The funny thing was a little presidential seal thing they’d stuck on the door. Sven pointed at it and we both laughed.

“I wonder if there are a couple of Secret Service guys waiting for us inside,” he said, shooting me a wink as he opened the door. We walked in and as Sven threw open the blinds on a couple of good-sized windows; I think both of our jaws almost hit the floor. We both looked at each other as if to say, “What the heck? Is this the same place?” The room was unbelievable compared to the first room we’d looked at. The guy had said it had only been finished a couple of weeks ago, and it looked like nobody had even used it yet.

The room was nicely painted a modern color that gave off a comforting warmth. We walked over and looked down at two king-sized beds sitting a few feet apart from each other. The covers and stacked up pillows canlı bahis siteleri looked like something out of a magazine. The room also had a nice modern-looking sofa and a matching big easy chair with a southwest motif to the fabric. There was a big flat-screen TV and entertainment center opposite the sofa. Behind that, there was a big desk with a nice rolling office chair. On the other side of the room was a kitchenette with a good-sized fridge and stove. There was a little breakfast counter and a small dining table, enough to seat about six comfortably.

“Jesus Christ,” Sven said under his breath, “this is unbelievable. C’mon, Kid, let’s check out the bathroom.” I followed him in and we both looked enviously at the big double shower with full-height glass panels surrounding it. The whole room was covered in a nice big tile in an inviting sage greeny-gray color. There was a long vanity counter with two sinks side by side and a private cordoned off area containing the toilet. A chrome shelving unit on the wall was stacked high with plush white towels.

“Wow! This room is amazing!” I blurted out eagerly. “Can we stay here, Sven? Can we? Can we?” I grabbed his arm and shook it in my excitement.

“This is unbelievable,” he said as he slowly walked back through the main part of the unit. “Who would’ve thought there’d be a room like this in this dump?” His eyes slowly scanned the room for a second time, almost as if he was making sure it wasn’t a mirage of some form.

“Well, let’s go see how much extra it costs for this,” he said with a worried look on his face as he started back towards the office.

“I hope we can afford it, Sven,” I said as I skipped along beside him. “You can use my $20 if you want.” Sven looked at me as we walked and I could see the affection in his eyes as I offered all I had.

“Thanks, Kid, hopefully that’ll do it.” He gave me another wink and a big smile; but I think we both knew it was gonna be a lot more than an extra twenty bucks.

“That Presidential Suite is quite something,” Sven said to the guy once we were back in the office.

“Yeah, some new owners took over about six months ago. They’re gonna re-do the whole place eventually. They brought in some hot-shot designer from the state capital and started with that one. Nobody’s actually stayed in it yet.”

“So, how much extra is it?” Sven asked with a note of trepidation in his voice.

“Well, here’s your regular room that Mr. Alfredson has already put on his credit card,” the guy said as he slid a piece of paper across the counter in front of Sven, “and here’s what it would be for the Presidential Suite.” He pulled up a second sheet and slid it next to the other one. I saw Sven’s eyes go from one sheet to the other.

“Whoa!” Sven said, his eyebrows arching up in surprise. “That’s a little more than I anticipated.” I could see he was trying to compose himself to appear confident.

“Yeah, that’s what I figured. That’s why I wasn’t too keen on suggesting it in the first place. So, you gonna take

7 then?” Sven looked down at the different figures on the two sheets of paper and I could see the wheels going around inside his head again.

“Joey, why don’t you wait outside for me for a few minutes,” he said as he turned towards me.

“Sure,” I replied as I left the office and went and leaned on the side of the truck, praying that Sven could work something out with the man. After a few minutes, Sven came out and ambled over to where I was standing. I couldn’t figure out from the look on his face whether it was good news or bad news.

“Did we get the room, Sven?” I asked eagerly, a note of longing in my voice.

“Well, we’ve worked out kind of a deal,” he replied slowly, and I wondered if it had been worked out, why he wasn’t all smiles; I know I would have been.

“Wha…..what kind of deal?”

“Well, that’s where you come into play, Kid. If we want to stay in that Presidential Suite, I’m gonna need your help again.” He paused as he looked longingly towards the room at the end of the building.

“You mean like with Kurt and Old Charlie?”

“Yeah, kind of like that. But you don’t have to if you don’t want to. I know, he’s kind of a creepy guy.” He paused as he looked at me with a shrug of his shoulders. “If you don’t want to, Kid, that’s fine, we can just stay in


“No Sven!” I said hurriedly. “I want to do it. If it’ll get us that room, I’ll do anything.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” I said pleadingly.

“Okay. But there’re a couple of things….”

“What things,” I asked curiously.

“You’d have to do it three times; right now, tomorrow, and the next day before we left.”

“That’s okay, I can do it.” I paused as I thought about what Sven had just said. “You said there were a couple of things; what’s the other thing?”

“He wants to cum on your face.” I felt myself turning red at the idea of that creepy guy cumming on my face; not that it would be embarrassing for me; but I felt myself flushing as my heart started racing because I found the idea wickedly exciting!

“Tha…..that’s canlı bahis okay, Sven. I’ll do it.”

“Well, okay then,” he said with a big smile finally appearing on his face. “I owe you one, Kid.” It warmed me all over to know I’d made Sven this happy. The feeling washed over me like soothing waves of comfort. “Alright, let’s go see our buddy here.” He turned and with his hand on my shoulder, we went back into the office. As the bell tinkled again, the guy looked up from his spot behind the desk. His eyes roamed over me now with a hungry look, like a wolf sizing up a rabbit.

“So…….?” he asked slowly, looking from me back to Sven.

“We’ve got a deal,” Sven replied.

“Excellent!” the guy said with a look of feverish excitement in his eyes now. He was almost licking his chops as he looked me up and down. He turned back to Sven and spoke quickly, “You’re gonna have to stay here in case anybody comes in. The list of reservations is right here. Just get them to fill out the registration form then give them their key. I’ll follow up with anything that needs to be done later.” The man started to move towards the open door where you could still hear the sound of the television and then motioned for me to follow, “In here, boy.”

“Go ahead, Kid,” Sven said to me under his breath as we both stepped behind the counter. As I stepped towards the man waiting for me at the doorway into the adjacent room, I heard Sven speak loudly from behind me, “and Joey, if anything happens, I’m right here.” I looked back to see the Sven staring intently at the man, a foreboding look on his face. I knew that look would’ve scared the shit out of me.

“Don’t worry,” the man said with a dismissive wave of his hand, “I’m not into any rough stuff. The boy’ll be fine.”

“Good, let’s keep it that way,” Sven said with a final warning tone. I breathed a small sigh of relief from listening to the man say he wasn’t into any ‘rough stuff’, and also knowing that Sven would burst through that door at any little sound from me.

The man put his hand on my shoulder and followed me into the room, closing the door behind him. This room didn’t have a bed in it; it was set up for the employees who manned the desk. There was a sitting area with an old couch and a chair opposite an entertainment unit. On the other side of the room was a little kitchen and table. Beyond that, I could see an open door leading into a washroom. There was another closed door; I figured it probably led to a separate bedroom. The whole room smelled like cigarettes and sex; I wondered what went on in there.

“Do you…..do you live here?” I asked the man.

“Hell no,” he replied with a chuckle. “I live on the other side of town.”

“Wha…..what’s your name?”

“Does it matter?” he said with a wry smile.

“I….I guess not.” I felt myself turning red with embarrassment as he looked at me lecherously. He seemed to sense my discomfort.

“Well, boy, if it’ll make you feel better, people call me Stricker. You can call me that, if you like.”

“Yes sir, Mr. Stricker, sir.”

“Not Mister Stricker; just Stricker, got it?” he said, pointing a finger at me.

“Yes sir….Stricker.” I thought that was a little weird; it made me think of ‘Rambo’.

“That’s better. So you like to suck cock, boy?” Stricker asked as he crossed the room and opened the door I thought might have been to a bedroom; once he’d opened it, I could see it was just a closet.

“Yes, sir,” I said as I watched him reach up onto the shelf and pull down a cardboard box.

“Did your friend tell you I want to cum on your face?” he asked blatantly as he tucked the box under his arm and made his way over to the couch opposite the TV.

“Yes sir.”

“And what did you think of that?” he asked as he set the box on the couch and pushed the coffee table in front of it to the side with his foot.

“I…..I kind of like the idea,” I admitted, feeling my face turning crimson once more. My statement made him pause as he started to open the top of the box. He looked at intently after I said that and a pleased smile spread slowly across his face.

“Good, ’cause I’ve got a big load just waiting to come out and it’s been awhile since I’ve had someone’s face to cum on.” He reached in the box and pulled out a video disc. He slipped it into the player and hit “Play” on the remote. He set the box down on the coffee table and I caught a glimpse of the title; it was something like ‘Bukkake Girls
‘, or something like that. I had no idea what that meant, never having seen such a word before. As the movie filled the screen, Stricker quickly started to undo his pants. The movie came on somewhere in the middle from where he must have been watching previously.

“Aaaaahhh!” I said with a sharp intake of breath as my eyes focused in on what was happening on the TV screen. There was a girl down on her knees with her face turned up to a bunch of guys standing in a circle around her. The guys were all stroking their cocks towards her. Once guy had stepped forward and was jerking his cock vigorously, wads of cum shooting all over her face. The thing was though, her face and upper body was already covered with a shimmering coating of the milky-white goo. It was obvious that earlier in the movie, a bunch of these guys had already cum all over her.

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