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Mitchell Bellamy smiled that dreamy smile of his. “Do you want to watch me masturbate?”His eyes were honest blue in a tanned and leathery face. At seventy years old, he had little time for game playing. His dinner date with sixty-three-year-old Julie Johnson, farm widow, wasn’t going well; their conversation had difficulty connecting in any meaningful way. It was unlikely they would have sex, but perhaps she might give him an old-fashioned. So Mitch chose a straightforward approach to getting his penis out of his pants as they sat in his top-down blue Cadillac convertible, with white leather seats, in Julie’s farmyard, on a warm August night.The garish pole light lit up the face of her home and three outbuildings. Mitch and Julie and the white leather seats stood in stark relief to the deep black of the night. Grey-haired, frock-wearing, and matronly stout, Julie was genuinely surprised by Mitch’s question. Dinner had been awkward for both of them. Julie’s late husband used to buy his farming needs from Mitch’s Farm Emporium, plus they bahis siteleri all went to the same Scandinavian Lutheran church. So Mitch and Julie knew each other, but they weren’t friends. So far, a date with Mitch had been a bad idea, but here he was, ready to pull out his penis and stroke it in front of her. Maybe he was more interesting than their dinner had proven him to be. “If you show me yours, Mitch, I’ll show you mine.” Julie’s eyes twinkled. Was Mitch all talk, or was there more to him? Her hopes were up.Mitch’s eyes widened, and a smile slowly came over his face. Maybe tonight wasn’t going to be a complete loss.  Unzipping and unhooking his trousers, Mitch pulled his lightly swollen member through the access hole of his white BVDs. He let his member, a short, slender sausage, relax on his leg under the yard light.”I’m a grower, not a shower,” Mitch explained.”I live on a farm, Mitch. I know how those things work.””Do you want to touch it?””No, Mitch, I don’t. I would like to see how big it gets, though. Show me what you canlı bahis siteleri got, and if you want to masturbate, I’ll watch. Been a while since I’ve seen a man’s dick.”Mitch placed his hand on his member to encourage it to lengthen. His penis became chubby and then firm, and finally, it filled out to a comely length. Julie smiled pleasantly; Mitch’s equipment still worked! So many men can get it up but not keep it up at his age. Medication takes the man out of so many men.”That’s a nice dick, Mitch. Nice size and nice shape. Did your wife like it?”Mitch tugged his erection. “Yes, before she took sick, of course. We were intimate until that happened.” “Do you masturbate a lot now?”Mitch paused. With a touch of pride in his voice, Mitch replied.”Two, maybe three, times a week as the moods strike.””That’s good, Mitch. Orgasms are good for you. Well, I guess it’s my turn now.”Julie slid her mid-length country dress up her thighs, lifted her butt, and shimmied her scarlet lace panties until they slipped off over the only pair canlı bahis of decent heels she owned. She stretched her panties across the white dashboard, then she found the electric seat buttons and laid the seat back until there was enough room for her to put her heels on the dash. Opening her legs, Julie knew she was making a special memory for Mitch. Her late husband used to say, “Make me a memory to remember, Honey.” This memory was going to be a good one for Mitch.Seeing Julie’s freshly-shaved cleft under the pole light, Mitch licked his lips and thought, Oh, God! This is happening! Widow Johnson is showing me her pussy, and she shaved it for me!Pressing his seat button, Mitch reclined until his body was elongated, and his cock stood straight up. He lifted his ass and tugged his pants to his knees; Mitch slid his hardened cock and grey-haired balls out of the white BVDs. Julie could see his foreskin retreat and reveal his ‘shroom, full and taut and engorged.”It’s a manly cock, Mitch. It suits you.””It’d be nice if you stroked me,” Mitch smiled that dreamy smile of his.”Ah, but you offered to masturbate for me. I want to keep everything else for another time, assuming there is one,” Julie teased. Mitch chuckled softly. She was interested in him after all.

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