Cammi, Don and Candi Ch. 12-14

Big Dicks

CDC012: Part 4:

Saturday morning, we awake, much like yesterday. But no classes today, not for 2 days now.

We can just be together. Will I let that happen for you?

Oh my, I am starting to tickle your belly and kiss and lick the back of your neck.


I just nuzzle you for a good while, when you start to sit up, I pull you back down and whisper in your ear, “We have nowhere to go today, it is just us, me and my Candi Girl. I haven’t had her for a while.”

All you can do is snuggle closer to me, enjoying my touch.

After our morning ritual of pee and shower and the rest, I lay out your outfit for today, and begin to dress you. Oh, the panties with the ruffles in the back.

It has been weeks since you got to wear them.

I start to put your pretty pink bra on you, then stop, and go get your black lace one and put that on you instead.

‘What is Cammi planning for her Candi today?’

The silk stocking up to your thighs, and a pretty, short, princess dress in royal purple.

I lead you to the makeup table and you sit. Yes, you feel yourself starting to mesh into Candi.

I put on some face powder all over your face and neck. Eyebrow powder, mascara; I have taught you how to keep your eyes wide as I put this on; darker purple eyeshadow, black eyeliner, blush, making your cheeks a pretty rosy pink, and finally, the lipstick is applied.

Today the lipstick is a deeper red, not the cherry red, but a dark red which makes your lips look so kissable.

I fix your hair and put a small flowered headband on you.

I stand gazing at your lovely transformation to my Candi. You look up longingly at me, and so want to reach and kiss me, but something tells you from deep inside, no not yet.

I have been nude the whole time I have been dressing and fixing you up. Now, I tell you that today you can dress and fix me up.

REALLY?? I so rarely let you do this for me, and you love to do it so much.

“Go ahead Candi, pick out what you want me to wear today.”

You hurry to my closet and dresser, but the choices are so many, things you love to see me in, but you know you must hurry or I might change my mind and be angry.

You bring first a black lace bra and black silk panties for me – no I have none with ruffles like yours, but that wouldn’t be right for your Cammi to wear anyways.

I am sitting on the bed, and you kneel before me, taking one foot then the other and placing them in the panties. Then you oh so slowly raise them up to my knees. When they are there, you lift first my right foot and suck and lick my toes, then do the same to my left foot. It is only then that you inch the panties up my thighs, lightly caress them as you do.

You have me lay back and lifting my legs from my shoulders, after one more licking of my toes, you pull the panties up and over me, making sure you brush up and down my slit as you straighten them.

I know what you are doing and just smile and moan some.

You now help me back up to a sitting position and place the bra up my arms. You lift each breast carefully to situate them in the cups, only then leaning close to me so your breath is on my neck, you reach behind me and hook the bra on.

You stand and just gaze down at me taking in the view.

Now while you would like me in stocking too, you really do enjoy seeing my clean-shaven calves and thighs so readily available to you.

You go to the closet and find a pale-yellow sundress for me to wear, and a short sweater to make sure I am warm enough. You put the dress over my head, and smooth it down over me, and then lead my hands into the little darker yellow sweater.

Oh, I look so delectable to you.

I look at you and ask, “Candi are you going to do my hair and makeup now?”

Ooh, I am letting you do that today too?

You are a little nervous, and even though I have been teaching you how to apply makeup and having you do me for practice, you sometimes do mess up a little.

You are so scared of making me mad today when it is starting so nicely.

You just shyly nod and lead me to the makeup table. You turn the hot iron on, and then pick up the brush and blow dryer and start to dry and brush my hair.

You take your time doing this as you love to brush my hair as I sigh and moan deeply. Once my hair is dry, you pick up the curling iron, and hesitate a little. You do not want to burn me accidentally. You comb up a little hair and roll it over the iron and hold it just far enough from my head. You allow those curls to drop and pick up the next bit of hair.

By the time you have curled half my head you are feeling more confident and are enjoying yourself. taksim escort

All my hair curled, you now get to brush it well again and begin to style it the way you like my hair. You really are getting the hang of this very well and do an impressive job of creating a lovely do for me. A little hairspray and you are ready to tackle my makeup,

The mascara is the hardest for you to master and do often get a little under my eye – but I have shown you how to take a q-tip, wet it in your mouth, and then wipe the smudges away. You like to put a couple of coat on me, so my lashes really brighten up.

Then the eyeshadow – a smoky grey for me today – and some eyebrow powder.

Next, some of the blush I like, over both cheeks, and nose, and rub up the sides of my face to my forehead. Taking the same color lipstick as I have used on you, you carefully apply on to my lips, and then lean and kiss me so both our lipsticks mingle together.

Finally, you spray some of my patchouli perfume on me, oh that heady scent does always stir you so. It is what you have always smelt on me from the start and it will start a boner as you sniff.

I look in the mirror and smile my approval at you.

“Oh, Candi I wish I could take you out into the world like this, you are so pretty today.”

I just shake my head a little and say, “Well let’s get the bed made, and spend some time reading.”

As we make the bed, you are excited. You know what I mean by “some reading.” We don’t do it often anymore, but I have gotten a variety of erotica books and on special days like today we will spend hours reading to each other. First, I will read a page, and then you. Or sometimes when there is a lot of dialogs we will each take a part to carry the conversation.

As we read we will always stroke each other, all over as we sit close to each other on the bed.

And that is how we spent our Saturday. Hardly stopping the story to eat. Rather we just have a plate between us of snacks which we feed to each other.

By mid-afternoon, both our breathing is getting ragged, and our groping gets more and more intimate.

Finally, at the end of a chapter, I move the book aside and lower you on your back as I lay atop you kissing and scissoring you. our pelvises thrusting and grinding against each other. Oh, you could feel my wetness through my panties, as you grew and grew.

And before you knew what was happening I take your panties off, have your legs raised over my shoulders and back, and my tongue running up and down your crack – teasing your rosebud as I did.

You were rock hard, and precum is escaping you. But you did not want to cum yet. You are loving the feeling of my tongue starting to press into your anus. You moan in happiness.

If I will not fuck you as Don, this is a good as it gets.

You try to get me to turn some so you can lick and suck me in return by I won’t let you only murmuring, “This is your time baby girl. Let me just make you happy for now. Then you can have your turn at me.”

You just lay back then and let the joy of my touch, my lips, my tongue wash over you.

I play you this way for almost an hour. Not once touching your balls or cock, which is bright red and ready to squirt now.

And it is only then, when I know you are ready to cum, that I cup your glans in my hand, its tip pressing against my palm, and pinch and squeeze it to cause the cum to gush out of you.

You moan and moan as you cum, and after calming yourself, and laying back to get your breath, I hold my cum covered palm to your lips and say, “Now baby eat your own this time – then tell me whose you liked better – your own or Charlie’s.”

How do I do this to you?

And how are you so ready to comply?

You stick your tongue out and lick it all up and swallow. I just smile encouragingly at you.

When you finish, I lean and kiss your lips, and circle your mouth getting a little cum for myself, then look at you waiting for an answer.

And what can you say, truly? There was something about licking Charlie’s cum from me, as it was mingled with my own juices that you enjoyed so much.

Or was it the cum from another male which makes it interesting and exotic?

But you can never tell me that.

What should you say?

“Cammi, the only juices I truly, truly enjoy are those that come from you.”

I smile at you and hold your head to my breast as I roll and lie beside you.

It worked, you did not really lie, but you avoided admitting you did like the taste of Charlie’s cum.

I pull a comforter up over us and tell you, let’s just nap now for a bit, and then you can have your favorite juice for a snack.

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CDC013: Part 5:

(Disclosure: When using the word biteful here it kept coming up as misspelled – so went looking to see if it was correct or not, and while it is not in any dictionary it is commonly used. BUT what I hadn’t known, which is interesting here, that it is in urban dictionaries, with a much different meaning – which might apply here too – wink wink).

We wake a few hours later, and both are very hungry. We haven’t really eaten that much today. So, after stirring and cuddling a bit, we move to sit up on the bed. The comforter now at the foot, I tell you I will get something for our dinner. Using the microwave and hot plate, before you know it I make a big bowl of spaghetti for us to share.

Your panties are off and your pretty princess dress is up around your waist – so I can readily see your big clit once more starting to rise.

You think, “Why can’t I control myself around Cammi enough so I do not do this?” You see I am not really noticing though, or am I?

Dinner fixed I bring the bowl and some glasses of wine over to you, and with fork and spoon I wind the spaghetti up and feed you a forkful. I lean and kiss the little bit of sauce off your lips, then take my own biteful, and you reciprocate the licking.

We do this for a while, and then I smile at you mischievously and moving the bowl to my side. I pull out a long string of spaghetti. Yes, there is some sauce clinging to it.

As your pretty dress is up, and from all our dining your big clit is raised in full view.

I take the strain of spaghetti and begin at your base to wind it around and around you up to the tip of your glans, your big clit.

It doesn’t really hurt, though I do pull the strand tight against you. The sauce dripping off, down to your balls, and the way it just sorts of entwines you – gets you harder and harder.

And then I lower my lips to you, taking the end at the tip of your ‘clit’ in my mouth and suck in the spaghetti.

Oh, it begins unwinding around you as I slurp it in. The friction against your shaft is incredible.

Then I spin another forkful around and handed it to you and whispered in your ear – “Put it up me now, carefully, with the end sticking out, and suck it twirling out of me.”

‘Oh, what am I offering you?’

As my leg spread for you, you quickly comply, and when it is up in my vag, I say, “go ahead, enjoy a little more pasta.”

Oh, it tastes so nice – the spaghetti strand, the sauce, and my juices over it. You do slurp it all up and then lick the rest of the sauce away. As you come back up beside me, I feed you another forkful, but then wrap one around you again.

And it just goes on, a strand wrapped around you, a biteful. A forkful for you to put up me, another biteful. On and on, until the bowl is empty, you are very hard – and I am moaning.

After we calm ourselves a little, I lead you to the shower, so we can wash the remaining sauce off us.

After, I dress you in one of your nightgowns – but no panties tonight – you are ecstatic – no panties mean Cammi might be playing with your clit all through the night. You readily climb into bed, and me nude, wrap my arm around you, as you do feel my hand lower to your oversized clit.

CDC014: Part 6:

Yesterday had been wonderful – could the rest of the weekend be as good?

After our shower in the morning, I dry you off. I go to the closet and hand you a bulb syringe.

“Sweetie, why don’t you get really clean so we can have some real fun today.”

You have used this before, and I have shown you how the first time. But as I leave you in the bathroom, your hands are shaking some, because of what might happen with me wanting you to really clean yourself this way.

You fill the syringe with warm water, stick it up your rectum and squirt the warm water up you.

Yes, you will douche yourself whenever I request. If it leads to what you hope is coming.

Four times you repeat this, though probably two would have sufficed. You do want everything cleaned out of you for me. Finished, and feeling just a little drained, you wash yourself well again and shyly walk into our room from the bathroom.

I am waiting in the bedroom. I have on a short flower printed poufy dress. My hair is dried and styled, makeup on, but my legs are bare. You can somewhat tell I am not wearing a bra either, but I have fishnet white gloves on.

The clothes for you today are laying on your bed. You take this whole scene in and focusing on the lovely outfit I chose for you.

But first I have you come halkalı escort bayan to the makeup table and begin to blow dry and brush your hair. Once it is in a perfect Candi style, I apply your makeup carefully. I take my gloves off, for now, while I am putting your makeup on.

I am so gentle and loving, you are melting from the attention. And when I take you to our bed and tell you first to lie on your belly, you feel the sweet lotion being dripped down your back to your crack.

I slowly rub it in starting at the back of your neck down, down over your shoulders, to your back, then the small of your back, and then your cheeks. Taking special attention to your crack and around your rosebud.

When I tell you to turn over, you are a little embarrassed as you are now rather hard, but I just matter-of-factly drip more down your chest and over your legs and work it all in. But ignoring your privates though they are aching for my touch.

I know my Candi/Don is so aching right now but want to take you both to the pinnacle.

Made up as Candi, but still naked as Don, yes, it is that wonderful midpoint place I know you balance yourself on before I have you succumb to being fully Candi.

Your skin now lotioned and soft, I stand you and take you over to your bed to dress my Candi girl.

You are going to be going there fully and completely now. You have managed to calm yourself enough for a few minutes so you are flaccid again. The outfit I picked for you today is one of your favorite. A pretty white tutu type dress. I put you first in a front opening bra, then side the dress over your head.

‘No panties today? Oh, your Cammi must want to start playing fast and hard,’ you think.

I pull up some white fishnet stocking to your thighs. And the finishing touch, white fishnet gloves just like what I had been wearing. After you are dressed, I put my gloves back on, raise my hands to both sides of your face hold you and kiss you profoundly.

The feeling of a little roughness of the fishnet gloves against your cheeks is so nice. As we kiss, you move your similarly gloved hands to my thighs and then up my dress to be rubbing them against my lower cheeks. You hear me moan deeply as we keep kissing.

We stand kissing, for what seems like forever. It is wonderful. Your knees are starting to get weak from the intensity.

I would never let you know but mine are too.

You tentatively move me towards our bed. You do not want to take too much of a lead with me when I am being so sweet to you.

I just kiss you even more and turn and more or less throw you on the bed. I fall on top of you, still kissing you madly, passionately, deeply. Oh, it is the best you could imagine.

We go on this way for what seems like hours and hours. Our tongues and lips exploring each other’s faces. Our hands around each other’s necks, it is such an intense and erotic time.

But I then want to move on, and start to lower my lips, first to the low cut of your dress, licking your cleavage. Moving the top of your dress aside just enough to take one of your nipples in my lips and suck on it.

Ooh. Then the other. You are getting so hard.

I am rubbing down your thigh with my cunt as I have been kissing and moving lower on you. And now I move between your legs. I move lower and lift your legs up to your shoulders.


Your dress flips up and covers your head, so you are really blind to what is about to happen.

You feel me spread your lower cheeks, and my lips, tongue descend on your rosebud.

‘OOH, yes, yes, yes, Cammi, please.’

Yes, I am actually doing this for you.

You are just in heaven as you feel my tongue circling and circling your anus.

Ooh, my tongue goes into your vag. Up and up, as far as I can reach. My hand moves to your big clit and just pinch and rub the tip.

This is all that I usually do when playing with your clit.

You are moaning and moaning now.

I go on like this until you cum hard. So much comes out of you. All over your belly.

I do not let up. Spent though you are, I still am playing your hole with my tongue so thoroughly and lovingly.

Now my fingers are pressing against your taint.

Oh, Oh, Ooh.

You are cumming again so quickly in an unusual new way

Deep within your whole body is exploding with pleasure. It travels down to your toes and up to your neck and down to your fingers. It is almost on the edge of pain what you are feeling, but such a wonderful pain.

When I feel you shudder and throb so hard I ease and slowly lift my head.

I smile at you, and in the state that you are now in you can only barely nod to me.

I climb up next to you and pull you tight and hug and rock you slowly, softly, lovingly.

Your head now on my breast, you are at a point of satisfaction that you cannot even suck them. Which is all fine and good, I just rock you some until you drift off to a wonderful sleep.

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