Catherine Ch. 24


I live for the moment I hear that catch in her throat with our first kiss. Her breathing getting heavier with each tender touch and caress of her sensitive places, I wait for those three words she will not say…, yet.

Catherine – Chapter 24

Confessions – Sally & Ryan – Besties

“Good morning John,” as I’m catching up to him a short distance from the subway exit.

“Hey, Swag, good morning to you too,” he replies.

“How was your date last night John, I hope it went well,” asking him.

John, not replying right away as we continue walking which, of course, gets my sarcasm in gear, suspecting not well for him or his date.

“That bad, huh? Spilled your drink on her, gravy on your tie from the last time you wore one, flat tire and she had show you how to change it…, just asking.”

“No Swaggart, none of the above,” he says. “In fact it went very well and we’re going to see each other again Saturday night,” he tells me.

“Well…, good for you John! So now you can stop pestering me about my girlfriends.” telling him with a elbow jab to his.

“You’re the one, Swaggart, who spills the beans on them,” he’s right back.

“It makes you jealous, that’s why I do it…, just to get a rise out of you John.” telling him. “So how did you meet this new lady…, I assume she’s a lady? You know, your desperate need to get laid and all it could be…?”

“Yes Swaggert, she, is, a lady,” he replies.”

“Great John. I’m glad to hear your taste in women has improved,” nudging him with my elbow again. “So again John, how did you meet this woman,” asking him again.

“Shes a member of a bowling team in our bowling league,” John tells me. “Our team bowled against her team this past Tuesday night — you remember Tuesday night, right Swaggart? “He reminds me. “The night you got your ass kicked by that Korean Marshal Arts instructor!” He bust back on me.

“Yeah, John, I won’t forget that as well as the other times he’s kicked my ass. But like I told you too, Sargent Ree walked away limping, along with a his bloody lip and a very bruised ego to boot! So I know he’s going to have it out for me next month,” telling John.

“Bowling league, you said John?” asking him now.

“Yes,” John replying. We bowl every Tuesday night,” he’s telling me.

“Every Tuesday…, huh?” Thinking out loud.

“What about it,” he ask.

“Oh, just curious, John. I didn’t know you were so athletic.”

“Fuck you Swaggart,” he tells me, this with his jab at my elbow.

“What’s she like, John,” asking him.

“I’m not sure I want to tell you anything about her now,” John telling me.

“John…, I’m not going to bust on your lady friend, I promise!” Telling him.

“Although John, you’re still fair game — just so you know.”

“You’re such a pal Swaggart.” he replies. “Anyway,” he says. “She’s very attractive, an some what younger than me…”

“Some what…, younger…, than, you? How, old, are you, John,” asking him.

“I’m thirty-eight, why,” he ask.

“Just surprised John, that your older than me. And you said, she’s some what younger than you,” confirming what John said.

“Yes!” he replies affirming it.

“John…, ‘some what’ could mean any…, please John…, don’t tell me she’s still in high school?”

“Fuck…, you…, again, Swaggart!” Has both of us laughing and people who heard him looking back at the two of us.

“Anyway, John, I’m glad to hear she finds you sane enough to go out with you again,” telling him.

“Thanks, Swaggart,” John’s telling me.

“Leaving John standing in front of the ground floor elevator doors, as I start my jog up the steps to the eighth floor, my cell phone starts buzzing in my jacket pocket. Taking it out and not missing a step, as I look at the name and number displayed on the screen; it’s Ryan?

“Hello and good morning,” my answer to the phone on speaker.

“Hello to you too!” I hear in her cheery reply.

“You’re up early,” telling her. “I thought you would be sleeping in, maybe recover form some jet lag.” My follow up.

“Oh no…, no jet lag.” she answers. “But I did have a bit of a start, when I looked at my watch…, one of the two I took with me, it was still set to the time it would be in Paris. When I get on a plane I set one watch to the time where I’m going to be. So I thought, my god…, I slept that long?”

Laughing at my phone, where I know she hears me, “Real rested now I bet,” teasing her. “Seven hours of extra sleep-in will have you running late the rest of the day; huh?” Telling her.

“Just you…, don’t be late, Swaggart — seven o’clock, my front door, remember.” She’s reminding me.

“I’ll be there Ryan, but…,”

“But what Swaggart,” she comes right back.

“Ryan…, what we’re doing and where I am, sometimes there are test failures, where we have to stay and fix the reason for the failure. My partner, John, had a date last night, so I stayed late so he could keep his date with his new lady friend, ” telling her.

“Well YOU…, better not Travesti have something break and YOU…, be late!” I hear back.

“Ryan…, I have better luck then my friend John. His luck hasn’t been that good when it came to meeting women, few and far between,” saying into the phone.

“What’s been, ‘few and far between,’ Swaggart?” It’s John asking, as he just walked up behind me hearing what I just said on exiting the stair well door.

“You John…, your dates.” telling him.

“Ryan, I promise I won’t be late — I can’t wait to see you,” saying back into my phone now.

“It’s nice to hear you say that, Bob!” I hear back. “An I can’t wait to see you too,” she says.

“Thank you, Ryan and I won’t be late; bye now,” telling her.

“Bye Bobby,” I hear.

“That sounded a little cozy,” John’s telling me as we’re standing at the coat rack.

“Cozy, John?” Replying. “Yeah, you could say that — Ryan and I have a history. You remember how I described her, John…, heart shaped ass.” reminding him.

“Yeah, yeah…, you lucky bastard!” His saying back with some emphasis in it.

“John, lets get some coffee, then get things started and maybe I’ll tell you some history of Ryan and me.”

“Is it like what you were telling me about…, your, girlfriend Cath…,” John suddenly stopping. “Tell me, Swaggart…” as he slowly looks around. “What you told me about your girlfriend, Catherine…, you know,” he says. “Were you making that up just to bust my balls, or were you telling me the truth,” he ask now, where he looks around again. “I mean…,” “he says, looking back at me.

“John, it was all true — now forget about Catherine!” Looking right back at him. “Now lets get some coffee,” telling him as I step around him on my way over to the break area. Along with the thought of what I just said to John about doing.., yeah forget Catherine? Not ever!

Lunch break where I’m telling John, “Take the stairs with me,” as I’m holding the door to the stair well open, expecting John would protest. But surprisingly, he doesn’t as he follows behind me down the back and forth stairs and landings all the way to the lobby exit. An now that we’re outside to another unseasonably warm day, it’s over to the street corner soft pretzel vendor.

“Four pretzels please,” I’m asking the guy standing with his cart.

“Eight dollars please,” the vendor is telling me, at the same time handing me a brown paper bag containing the pretzels. Handing back the guy a ten dollar bill with “Keep the change,” telling him at the same time as I’m taking a half dozen napkins and yellow mustard squeeze packets, yellow mustard on warm soft pretzels; oh yeah!

Then it’s John and I walking away with me handing him the bag of pretzels, “Ten dollars for pretzels,” he’s saying, reaching into the bag, taking one out.

“Yeah, John, it is a lot of dough,” making a stupid joke.

“Come on, Swaggart, he says. “You can do better than that,” handing the bag back to me. “Yeah, John, it was bad wasn’t it,” admitting it, as we’re heading down the street, the Regency Park Side Hotel on the opposite side of the street; I know the neighborhood. The VA complex is further down the street John and I just turned off, along with the Federal Building, almost directly across the street from the VA. That place, the VA, I spent a couples of weeks there, which I told Catherine about — my heart rhythm and pacemaker in my chest.

“Ryan, John.”

“What?” he replies.

“My dinner date tonight — you asked,” telling him. “But first John, a little back ground history about Ryan,” telling him. “I told you that she and Sally were best friends since about elementary school, okay.”

“Yeah,” his simple reply.

“Well, I always thought, John, there was way more to their friendship than just, ‘besties,’ because, where ever you saw one, you saw the other. Hanging all over each other, even seeing them holding hands. But, in my observation, girls and women who are very close, seem to me anyway, show more affection towards each other — was that the way with Sally and Ryan? No, I thought it was more.”

“Sally, John. Comes from a successful family, they own a very successful real Estate Business, also very nice people too John. They’ve always welcomed me, and still invite me to Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, birthdays, especially Erin’s, who they spoil rotten.”

“Sally, always dressed well — shirts, sweaters, dresses…, everything. But never flaunting it though,” telling John. “Even when Sally and I were married, Sally always dressed well; because she could, because she had to; her job. She just looked great in what ever she wore, and she never paid a lot to look that good. The girl could stretch a buck too!” Telling John.

“Ryan…, you just never knew. Most of time it was her wearing baggy flannel shirts over blue jeans and high-top sneakers. Short hair, not much make-up — ‘Tom Boyish,’ sometimes called. But, Oh Boy John!” You would be wrong in thinking that; and, she was also very athletic, as well as Sally. Along Ankara Travesti with every thing they were, they were also cheer leaders, co-captains even. It wasn’t till Ryan put on that very short skirt cheer-leading out-fit that you saw, one, knock, your, socks off, female! Telling John more

“Those two girls, Sally and Ryan, plus the rest of that squad, all eye popping wet dreams — high kicks, cart wheels, hoping for a good crotch shot…, you know what they’re like; don’t you John?”

“His typical, “Fuck You.” I get back.

“Both of them John, were involved in every school social activity, student council, student council officers, ‘A’ students…, you name it, they were probably involved with it. Me…, I wasn’t a great student, more a lazy student, worked hard enough to maintain a B plus average. My real interest was athletics, mostly football and baseball, I was very good at both. Football I played free safety on defense and on offense, I played wide receiver — I could run like a deer — I can still out run guys ten years younger than me. John, there’s a fitness course we have to complete within a certain time limit. One, a three mile run carrying a full combat load in under 30 minutes; I can do it with time to spare, passing guys younger than me doing it.”

“Anyway John, Baseball — I played third base and easily hit for average consistently; I got on base a lot.”

“So what I tell you now John, confirmed to me what I felt, thought about Sally and Ryan being more than just, besties.”

“Spring, John, baseball season, our team was going to the district playoffs. Friday, we had a extended after school practice getting in some extra batting practice for Saturdays’ afternoon game. Back in the locker room we were whooping it up, joking, goofing around, but eventually guys began drifting out where I remained hanging around. Something unexpected happened that I won’t go into, except it had my head pretty well distracted.”

“Anyway, with my stuff all together, I left the locker room heading for a exit to a parking lot. Two sets of double doors you went through; the first into a stairwell that went up to the second level — the other set, was the exit out to a parking lot.”

“John, have you ever been in a situation where time or an event seems to be happening in slow motion,” asking John now.

“One time,” he replies. “I just missed being in a bad car accident,” he tells me. “And I still don’t know to this day how I got around, or past this truck that had blown a front tire and was tumbling down the road right at me, doing barrel rolls, over and over.” He says. “I could see pieces and parts coming off that truck like leaves we threw in the air as kids from a leaf pile. How I got on the side of the road and not a scratch on my car — I can’t tell you,” he says.

“That might be it, John. Your mind goes into overdrive and process more information then you remember — at least thats what the shrink told me.” Telling John.

“Shrink!” John surprised I said that.

“Yeah, John. PTSD, they call it — flash backs to events your mind has finally caught up to. In my case, John, details my mind has caught up with in some of the experiences I had on deployments. But I won’t go there. And what I’m going to tell you, I love remembering,” telling him.

“That first set of doors I went through I told you — a stair well, stairs to the second level, then a little more than a door width before you made the turn to go up the stairs. Those stairs, wide enough that a line of people could go easily up and down at the same time. Anyway, the distance from the inner doors into the stair well to the doors to the parking lot was maybe…, twelve…, fifteen feet; okay?”

“Anyway John, as I go through the first set, past the steps when there’s a movement to my right that has me turning my head to look in that direction…, okay? The movement, John was two people, two girls John. Sally Collins and Ryan Sears…, besties.” telling him.

“But it’s what I saw…, John. Sally Collins, her back to me, arms up, hands against the wall…, well above…, Ryan Sears head. Ryan’s arms were around Sally…, with Sally’s short dress bunched up with Ryan’s hands splayed over Sally’s beautiful, round, bare ass cheeks. The white panties of Sally Collins was a tight wedgie in Sally Collins ass crack of which I could see just a pencil thin strip of white panty cloth in that tight ass crack. Sally’s head turned to look back over her right shoulder towards me. Ryan’s face I could see tipped to the side looking past Sally’s head. The two of them, John, freeze framed in that moment for ever in my mind.” Telling John.

“Now then John — I’m still walking, not fast, nor slow just my usual pace until all of a sudden, I walk right smack into the doors that would open to the outside!” telling him. “I mean, John, smacked, right, into them — stunned me where it had me stepping back a step or two — looking stupidly at the doors. At the same time…, I hear the laughter from the two girls. Yeah, John they were laughing, at, me!” istanbul Travesti Telling him.

“Finally, after pushing on the panic bars a few times, the doors opened and I stepped out where I could still hear those two girls laughing behind me.”

“John, I couldn’t get the image of those two girls…, Ryan’s hands splayed out over Sally’s round ass cheeks and that pencil thin strip of white cloth pulled up tight in Sally’s ass crack — out, of, my, mind! My intuition about those two girls…, vindicated! And something else John…, I never told another soul what I had seen! I wanted those two at that moment all to myself, John.” Telling him.

“And the next day…, John! They would be at the playoff game too…, the whole, cheer-leading squad. I thought I was going to have my worst game ever — but I didn’t. I had one of the best games ever.”

“Fast forward now, John,” telling him. “I’ve been home from my second deployment and back to what I was doing, working on something like we’re doing right now — lots of over time too. It’s a Friday, my supervisor comes over to me, “Take off Bob,” he tells me. “I’ll take care of your time, have a nice weekend,” he’s telling me too. “I’m not going to protest, I had been putting in a lot of time — and he did as he said he would, I got paid for the time I took off.”

“I thought about calling Sally, letting her know I would be home early to pick her up then over to pick-up Erin at her school. Then from there, we would go out to dinner — I didn’t call Sally John. I got distracted by something on the radio, a traffic accident close to where Erin went to school. And by the time that was off I was to close to home for it to matter. Pulling into the driveway, stopping to pick up the mail in the mail box I see Ryan’s car parked at the front door. Not thinking much about it, I went on around to park my truck in my usual place, right in front of the first garage bay — you still there John,” asking him. “It gets better.”

“Yeah,” go on he says.

“I went on into the house, John, from the garage, in through the mud and laundry room, down the hallway, past the guest bedroom, second bathroom, Erin’s bedroom, to where everything opens up into our large great room, the kitchens’ to my right. But what I see to my left into the great room are…, the large coffee table that sits in the middle of our horseshoe shaped sectional…, but what stops me dead looking at it all, is a bottle of wine, two glasses, both empty and clothing — jeans, shirts, bras, a pair of panties, some of the stuff on the floor, some on a sofa. That pair of panties…, draped over the neck of the wine bottle.” Telling John.

“Whoa, whoa, Swaggart,” John’s telling me. “You saw what,” he ask now.

“Everything I just told you, John. “I just stood there, looking at it all, getting my head wrapped around everything, until I heard a loud sharp pitched squeal coming from the hallway that leads down past the den which ends at the door to the master bedroom. Hearing that, John, got my head snapping back looking down that hallway — the bedroom door is open, like it usually is, where you can see the bed which butts up against the wall mounted headboard — I can see feet and the back of the head of…, it was Ryan’s head…, John — the auburn hair.” telling him.

“No…, shit…” John says, more a question, than an exclamation.

“Yeah, John, no shit!” Telling him.

“John, I know how to move and be quiet about it too; okay? Telling him, not asking. “Now I drop the mail on the island top before making my way down that hall, I also see and lucky for me, the double bi-fold doors to the linen closet are open. That linen closet, John, is big enough and deep enough I can easily stand inside and that’s what I do. My God, my heart is pounding from what I can see now — my beautiful blond hair wife, her face between the legs of beautiful Ryan Sears, eating her pussy. Ryan doing the same to Sally! Together they’re rolling around, back and forth, giggling, squealing, laughing…, my hard-on was in love with it all. It took all my will power to stay right where I was — but I couldn’t stay, I had to go pick up Erin at school.”

“Watching a few minutes more I, very reluctantly slip out of the linen closet and make my way back up the hall and back out through the garage. All, the time,” John, telling him. “My heart is racing from that scene taking place on that bed…, Sally…, and my bed…, with Ryan now too. Beautiful, naked, Ryan wrestling with, fucking with, my, wife. I couldn’t have walked into a more beautiful, exciting scene!”

“Almost to the school now, John,” telling him. “I called Sally’s phone where I wait and I wait until almost the last ring when Sally answers. She sounds out of breath, also to her shaky, “Hi…, every…, thing…, okay,” she says.”

“Lying, telling her, ‘yes I was okay,’ and why I was calling to let her know I got off work early and was on my way to pick Erin up at school then the three of us would go out to dinner.” I was telling Sally.

“How long do you think it will take you to get back to the house,” Sally asked in her quivering, shaky voice. “I told her I would be a little early getting to the school, about fifteen minutes early,” I was telling Sally. So I would wait for the school to dismiss, then Erin and I would be right home.”

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