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Karen was wearing a white dress with spaghetti straps, with white garter belt, white lace panties and tan nylons. Her long legs were made shapelier by the high heels, the beautiful figure protruded in all the right places. Her blond hair and tanned skin accented the white dress. Karen was pleased with the way she looked on this beautiful spring evening. Karen was attending a charity fundraising dinner. She was attending alone, her husband was out of town. When Karen arrived at the country club, I greeted her at the door, “You look stunning tonight” I remarked. She smiled.

Karen is perfect, well kept, thirty five year old with a body deservingof attention.Her medium, beautiful breasts lifted neatly out at the front of her sundress and held my longing gaze. After an awkward pause, I produced a covered black box with a silver band on the lid. An introduction gift I said. As she opened it Karen gasped and for a second her heart melted. Inside were two of the most stunning diamond earrings she had ever seen, with a lavish, matching chain. They were absolutely delightful and I grinned, finally seeing the response I wished for on her face. Thank-you she gasped, bewildered by the quality of the gift. Pausing, Karen put them on, fastening the delicate chain around her neck.

After dinner the Waiter took away the plates. He asked if they would like to see the desert tray but the we declined. She began, sitting forwards in her chair and putting her hand out across the table. Tonight I want to give you a surprise. The expression on my face changed and I nodded, my eyes welcoming her wonderful cleavage. Karen let me take her arm as we walked together towards the limo. They approached the car when I suddenly gathered her forcefully in my arms. She let me kiss her, impatient and lust stricken, my hands sliding down onto her ass and pulling her onto his rising cock. Not yet Karen smiled.

Karen got into the car and crossed her legs. The dress was so short the stocking tops reappeared immediately and with no panties beneath it really left little to the imagination. She knew what she wanted. We arrived at my estate, Karen took several steps towards the light. A sudden gust of wind blowing her back making her totter on her high heels. Karen put her hands on her hips, letting me run my gaze up and down her body. Karen leaned forward slightly giving me a generous view of her tits. She posed and smiled, my gaze recording her fantastic body in all it’s glory.

Karen felt her legs go weak, I let out a long whistle. I smiled scratching Escort my chin, Karen pulled at the ridiculously short hem of her dress.Karen breathed deeply, John was dark skinned, I was poised and focused with a silent powerful demeanour. “Why don’t we go inside and have a good look at you baby? I smiled. Alright, Karen replied, her voice husky from the excitement and cold. I stepped forward putting my coat around her arms and together we went into the house. Once in the living room I took back my coat in order to give myself a chance to observe her in the light. I stepped out of the darkness startling her. Her knees trembling, unable to contain herself any longer, she put her arms around my neck, kissing me full on the mouth.

I was horny and surprised, I leaned in, returning the embrace and sliding my big hands under her dress and onto her ass. Mmmmm damn, you are one fucking hot lady Karen. My hard cock was pressing hard into her body. “You have beautiful legs. You must submit to me. Raise your skirt so I may see more of them.” Karen blushed, but slowly slid her skirt up, until she came to her pantyless pussy. “Higher, all the way to your waist.” Karen pushed her dress up, to her waist. I moved my hand higher, towards her pussy. Karen cringed when my hand reached her tight pussy and began to rub it.”Keep your legs open,” and I began to feel her pussy lips. My finger slowly began to seperate them and move between them.

Her pussy became wet from the stimulation. “Get on your hands and knees with your ass towards me. Karen turned around and got on her hands and knees. I kneeled down behind her, the position pushed her ass into my face and she realized that her ass would be fondled.

My hands pushed between her legs, “Spread your legs open, and lift up your skirt onto your back,” I ordered. Karen spread her legs and reached back to lift up her skirt, baring her bare ass to my gaze. My hands reached out and began to fondle her pert ass. “Put your head down and push your ass up in the air higher,” I ordered, Karen complyed even though she was embarassed. My hands fondled her ass from the top, all the way down to her pussy and back up through the crack in her ass. Karen felt my finger run over her anus. On the return trip back down, my finger stopped at her anus and began to push.

“Is your ass virgin and tight,” I asked. “Please, don’t touch me there, it’s dirty: Karen begged.” Relax, I am not here to hurt you. Sit back down on the couch, now slide your dress and bra off and show me your breasts.” Karen cringed Escort Bayan at the thought, but knew she must obey. She slid her dress off, revealing her lace bra covering a set of medium pert tits.” Quickly, pull up your bra and lace your hands behind your neck.” Karen pushed up her bra and her breasts were exposed. She put her hands behind her head, thrusting her breasts out. Karen was humiliated seeing me staring at her naked breasts and nipples. Karen’s breasts were medium size, firm, and perky. Her nipples were protruding because of fear.

I slowly moved my hands toward her naked breasts. I lightly touched her nipples and they became instantly erect from the stimulation. My hands completely encircled both breasts and began to squeeze them. “You have nice firm breasts, your nipples are extremely sensitive to touch. Watch as I grab the nipple,” I said. I grabbed each nipple between two fingers and began to pinch them.”Not so hard, that hurts,” Karen cried.”You can take a little pain, watch as I pinch the nipples,” my fingers grasping each nipple harder and began to twist and pull them.

“OOOOWWWWW,” moaned Karen, pushing her breasts out, trying to relieve some of the pain from my fingers,” that hurts so much.” I took Karen to another room in the house and closed the door. Ginger noticed a strange looking chair. I grabbed Karen pulling her over to the strange, padded chair. It was a reclining chair, with support for her head and back, but once it got to her ass, the bottom was completely open, but it had padded stirrups on the side.

“Lay down on the chair and I will strap you in.” I said. Karen cringed, knowing that once she was strapped down, He could do anything to her naked body and she could not stop him. I strapped her arms tightly to her sides. I placed a belt across her waist holding her tightly to the back. I pulled her legs back and then strapped them into the stirrups. Karen was now spread open, leaving her pussy and asshole open to me. I moved down between her legs and she felt my fingers move over her ass.

“You have a cute ass, and your anus is so small amd pink. You are now going to allow mee to put my fingers into your anus.” I moved my fingers between the crack in her ass and glazed over her anus, sending shivers of fear through Karen. I was pushing my finger on her asshole, and she pushed to stop me from enetering her asshole.

The second time Karen did not try to stop me and my finger pushed and entered he anus. Karen squirmed, uncomfortable with my finger up her ass. Her anus Bayan Escort gripped my finger tightly.” Your ass is hot and tight, I am enjoying this,” I said. I pushed my finger deeper into her, forcing a gasp from Karen. I pulled my finger out and in again, this time with two fingers.”OHHHH, that hurts, my ass is to small, take your fingers out, please” she begged. I pushed them in deeper, Karen groaned and began to spread them, opening her up. I pulled my fingers out, and then pushed back in, spreading as they reached deep in her. I pushed a pillow under her ass, raising her hips from the chair edge. Her pussy was pushed high into the air.

Your sweet pussy is tender and ready. I positioned myself between her legs, my rock hard 14 inch cock stood out boobing. Karen cringed as I leaned forward towards her body, my cock seeking her wet tender pussy. “Please don’t, it’s gonna hurt,” as I rubbed my cock along her pussy lips, ready to plunge into her. I pushed the bulbous head into her pussy, my body pressed hard aganist her. Her ass rose from the chair trying to escape the penetration, forcing more of my large cock into her small tight pussy. I grabbed her ass, forcing her pussy to accept my cock as 14 inchs plunged full length into her pussy, stretching her open. Thrusting into her with long hard deep thrusts, forcing groans from her lips as I penetrated her.

Karen felt so stuffed from my cock thrusting deeper and deeper into her body. Her screams were pleasure to my ears as I enjoyed the sight of this beautiful woman, naked and spread before me as i slid my big cock all the out of her pussy and then plunging back into her. Karen cries and gasps as she bucks to escape my penetrating cock. “Please, no more, it hurts so bad, leave me alone,” she cries. My hands mauling her breasts and nipples, while one finger found her defenseless small virgin tight anus.

Forcing it deep into her anus. Her body’s natural defense pushed away from the invading finger, forcing her pussy to accept a brutal thrust deep into her pussy. “Get ready for my first load of cum” I said as I pushed my big cock deeper into her spread pussy forcing groans from her lips. Two fingers stretched her anus wide, forcing her to raise her hips from the chair to escape the finger in her ass, allowing my cock to penetrate her body deeper. Karen could feel my cock swell as the come traveled from my balls to the tip of my cock and begin to shoot into her pussy. Again, she could feel the hot cum spurt deep into her.

I pulled out of her ass, Karen was lying there sobbing as I untied her. She got up from the chair went to the bathroom. Karen returned dressed I had my limo waiting to take her home. I whispered to her, “Call me sometime.”

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