Chrissie and Julian


Chrissie and JulianOne of my oldest and wealthiest clients is a foreign born gentleman I’ll refer to as Julian. I don’t see Julian as often as some of my other clients but always look forward to a session with him. I think the reason I so enjoy my time with Julian is because I never know what to expect from him. Whenever his assistant contacts me to appraise meof one of his impending visits my mind goes into overdrive. A visit from Julian is always interesting, always exciting and certainlynever dull. Julian usually arranges a session with me after he’s just completed a major business deal. I often feel that our sessionsare governed by his business fortunes. I know he uses his sessions as therapy and to unwind after the stress broughton by the decisions he’s forced to make. I had arranged a late afternoon Thursday session with Julian and he wasn’t pleased that I couldn’t make myself availiableto him early in the day. I told him how sorry I was that I wasn’t free earlier but I don’t think he was the least bit interestedin my apologies. I began to prepare for Julian about an hour before he was expected. I had two earlier sessions that day so I neededto shower, re-style my hair and re-apply my make-up. While showering I took the opportunity to touch up the shavingjob on my legs. I also did a bit of maintenace to the little triangle of moss that adorned the area above my “clitty”.I fashioned my shoulder length brunette hair in a style that I recalled Julian had expressed a liking for on another occasion.I carefully applied my make-up. I gazed at myself in the mirror and smiled noting that my blush, eye shadow, mascaraand lipstick all were perfect. Now it was time to select my outfit. I was determined to make everything perfect for Julian.I decided upon a black Christian Dior garter belt and a pair of black textured stockings. To compliment the gartered stockingsI added a pair of very lacy black Dior panties. The panties were sheer in the back to highlite my ass cheeks that Julianloved so much. the front of the panty featured a triangular shaped Escort lace applique that hid my tiny “clitty”. Finishingoff the ensemble I selected a very thin sheer black bra. It was a front closure type bra that was designed to show offmy perfectly formed breasts accenting my lush cherry colored nipples. I applied a dab of expensive French perfumethat Julian had given me between my breasts. I tried several pair of black heels before finally settling on an open toed pair with 4 inch heels. Finally I sliped intoa tight fitting black cocktail dress that would barely cover my bra on top and snuggly hug my hips and ass below.I checked my look in the full length mirror and was satisfied that I looked gorgeous. I was sure Julian would approve.Julian arrived exactly at four o’clock as expected. He stepped into my office and abruptly tossed his raincoat onto theleather sofa. I walked over toward Julian and prepared to give him a welcoming kiss as was our usual greeting.He placed his hands up and pushed me backward rejecting my show of affection. Stunned and confused, I attempted to turn andwalk away. He reached out and grabbed the back of my dress just behind the right shoulder. he yanked me backtoward him and I heard the fabric of my dress give way. As if he hadn’t done enough damage to the dress he gave an extrayank and the entire top of the dress began to shread. The fabric now barely hung from my left shoulder and my entire back was now exsposed. “Julian, My God what are you doing?” I shouted.With that he spun me around to face him and he just sneered “Strip!””Julian, please!” was all I could say.”I said STRIP BITCH!! ARE YOU DEAF!!”I tried to back away but he held me tightly with one hand and roughly slapped me across the face with the other.I quickly felt three more slaps across my face. Then he shoved me down onto the leather sofa. He stared down atme and shouted “STRIP YOU FUCKING LITTLE TRAMP!”I stood up and slowly began to remove what remained of my dress. He continued to stare at me as I struggled tostep out of the Escort Bayan tattered garment. “Hurry Up Bitch. Please don’t make me have to strip you myself.” he said.I kicked off my left heel and then the right one. I reached between my breasts to unhook my bra. I was now movingas quickly as I could because I didn’t want him to rip my precious Dior lingerie. Once I got the bra unhooked I quickly let it fall from shoulders and down my back. Once I’d shead the bra I reached down to unhook the garter beltclasps from my stockings. “Chrissie, show me how much you love me. Show me how much you want me. Show me that you belong to me.Show me what a good little slut you are. Show me what a cock sucking cunt you are.” he said as I fumbled toroll down my stockings. I reached behind me and unhooked my garter belt. He snatched it from my hand and tossed it across the room andsaid “Chrissie, my fucking little cum slut, tell me how much you want to please me. Tell me what a cheap fuckingwhore you are. Tell me that you’re my little whore.”He had a sly little smile as he said “Take your panties down Chrissie. You know you want me to fuck you.You know I’m going to fuck you, don’t you Chrissie?”I had become enthralled. All i knew was I wanted his cock in my mouth. I quickly tugged my silk panties down to myankles. I kicked them aside and fell to my knees. My fingers hurridly working to open his pants. Once I had his pantsopened I could see the outline of his stiff prick through the fabric of his boxers. i was now desperate to get his pants off.I could think of nothing but getting that big hard cock into my mouth. I wanted it. i needed it. I had to have it.Finally I had. I had him in my mouth. His hands were behind my head pushing me into his groin. I knew he wasobviously using me, filling my mouth and throat with his unrelenting cock. He was smiling all the while. I could hearhis groans during the brief moments when he would slow down to allow me catch my breath.”That’s it. That’s a good girl. Take it. Take it all. Come on Bitch, work Bayan Escort it, work my cock.” He grunted like an a****l as he pushed his cock in and out of my tensed lips, my mouth drawn, sucking, breathrasping.I don’t even know how long this went on. I’d lost track of time. I was no longer sure where I was. Or even who I was.All I knew was that I was totally lost in the sensation. Then overcome with surprise as he quickly pulled his cock from mymouth. He yanked me to my feet and slapped me on the ass. His eyes were filled with an insane passion and I knew Iwas prepared to do anything at all to please him. I wanted it so badly. I wanted to see him come. I wanted to make himcome like he’d never come before. I wanted to be the instrument, his fucktoy, I wanted to be the thing that would takehim to the heights of passion. I wanted to be consumed by him. He whipped me around so that my back was to him. He grabbed his cock. He didn’t slowly guide it into me. He didn’t take his time. He was going to be gentle. He slammed his hard cock into me. Into me hard. Fast. Over nad over. He tookme roughly, but my “pussy” was ready for it. I was ready for him. He began to fuck me single-mindedly, repeating BITCHover and over again. I was moaning and whimpering,totally unable to stop the sounds his pummelling were forcing out of me.His hands gripped my hips as he ham mered away at my “pussy”. I knew my body would wear the bruises that thosehands were inflicting on me. I’d likely be bruised for a week. His fierce grip held me still as his big prick careened intome again, and again and again like a runaway train. This was not “making love”. This was not “having sex”. This washim flat out, full force fucking me. He was merely using me as a place to stick his cock, again and again. I was howling as he hammered away at my tortured ass-pussy. I came in a massive spurt that coated my belly as hehammered my ass. Finally he trembled in spasms of orgasm as his cum flooded my cunt. I couldn’t believe he’d been able to delay his orgasm for so long while delivering so intense an onslaught upon my poor “pussy”.After cumming deep inside me he had me use my tongue to clean up his dripping prick. When I’d finished lickingthe cum from his cock he began to stroke my hair and whispered “That’s my good little bitch.”

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