Christine 2 – Playing in the kitchen


Christine 2 – Playing in the kitchen“Where’s your aunt?” my mom aks.“She’s just cleaning a little getting coffee and desert ready” I answer. Smiling all the while. A few minutes go by and Christine yells out“Mark, coffee’s ready, can you give me a hand please”Of course I practically run to the kitchen and Christine is still at the cutting board, coffee cups all lined up, cappuccino machine going. “How can I help you aunt Christine?” I ask going behind her and rubbing her ass very gently. “Hmm, don’t please, It’ll show that I’m hot. You know me my skin gets red when I’m turned on”“Oh, so you’re turned on now are you?” and I keep massaging her ass but she just cannot move away. My hard on is starting to show, I get real close to her ass and hold myself so close she can feel it, and starts to rub her ass against me. From behind, I quickly grab her tits and kiss her neck.“Oh no Mark, stop this right now, someone may come in.” So like a good boy, I move away but she’s almost beet red by now and her skirt has risen up to where I can see flesh.“I think you dropped something aunt Christine”, and I bend down, put my hand on the inside of her leg and slowly go up to where I meet skin, at the top of her nylons. She sighs, and I keep going. “Oh Mark, don’t. Don’t touch me like that please you’re making me shiver”, but of course, I’m not ALWAYS a good boy and I keep going up to the point where I feel her cunt hair. It feels like it is closely cropped but not shaved. She seems to have a full, but short, bush. I love it. From behind, my hand goes up to her cunt and I start caressing the inside of her thighs, the bottom of her ass. I cup her cunt in my hand feeling its fullness when she really opens her legs and grabs the counter. “I’m so on right now you could make me come any minute, please stop”Instead I insert my thumb in her cunt and rub her clit with my index finger. She moans and Escort spreads her legs even wider. “What’s taking you so long”, my mom says as she comes in to the kitchen.I get up from behind the counter and say “Christine was making a mess back there, I had to wipe off some coffee, we’ll be right there”“Let me help” mom says. “Are you OK Christine, you look like you’re about to faint”“Oh it’s nothing probably a little too much wine”. “You’re all flushed. Go and sit down, let Mark and I take care of coffee and desert. You’re working yourself too hard, I’ll take it from here. Go, Shoo. Go sit with the rest.”And with that she goes. “What was really going on here Mark?” my mom asks in a tone that she uses when she will not tolerate bullshit. A tone I’ve heard a few times since my teenage years. “Like I said mom, Christine dropped some coffee and I was wiping it off”“Were you looking up her skirt when you were down there? I’ve been watching you watch her legs and her skirt since we got here. Attractive isn’t she?” “Well she is, but she IS my aunt. So nothing weird going on mom”“You’re a big boy and she’s a grown woman. Just don’t do anything stupid OK?”“Mom, nothing’s going on alright!”And I thought my mom is a little more aware that the old gal I thought she was. So the evening progressed, coffee, brandy and dessert were just fine, thanks for asking. We played it cool from the kitchen episode since I thought mom was keeping an eye on me more that usual.Around 10 o’clock, people started leaving and at 11:30 there were just my mom and dad, myself, Christine and her family left. So my mom says: “Well we better go too, it’s been a fantastic evening Christine, thanks for inviting us” and she looks at me with these “come on let’s go” eyes. “Mark, can I ask you one more favor and stay a while just to help us clean up, the kitchen is really a mess. I’ll drive him home tomorrow”, Escort Bayan since I my parents had given me a ride, thinking I would drink too much to drive.“Sure, I don’t mind, it’s true the house really needs some cleaning, even more that the kitchen. We can do the kitchen tonight and I’ll help for the rest tomorrow if you guys want.”“Oh you’re a sweetheart,” Christine said smiling like she’d just won the lottery. So we walk my parents to the door and when mom pulls me aside and whispers: “Don’t you go and do something stupid”. “MOM!” I strongly whisper back, “she’s my aunt for Pete’s sake”. “You don’t know you’re aunt that way, she’s done stupid stuff before, I know”. “Mom, please, she’s my aunt, don’t worry willya?”“OK son, I won’t, have a good night”Before my parents are out of the driveway, I start picking up glasses and empty plates in the living room, take them to the kitchen. “Your uncle is really beat. He asked me if it was OK if he helped you tomorrow instead of tonight and went to bed. I thought you wouldn’t mind.”OK folks, this is where I know she’s set me up. Now we’re alone in the kitchen, uncle is upstairs, probably already asleep, in fact he wasn’t “beat” he was “drunk”.I waste not a minute and grab her in my arms and kiss her, passion is rising, my tongue goes in her mouth, back out, licking her lips, I grab her ass and lift her skirt up. She lifts her leg and lets me run my finger down the crack of her ass, down her thigh, those nylons are driving me fucking crazy. I turn her around and sit her on the counter and just dive. All of this in about 2 minutes.“Oh, you little fuck, you’ve been driving me crazy all night. I’ve been thinking about you eating me and fucking me since you first rubbed my ass. Come on little stud, eat me.”And I thought: “What the fuck is this? My aunt? A sex starved maniac?” while I’m running my tongue up her Bayan Escort slit. As I thought she’s not shaved, she’s got a full bush but trimmed. I love it. She puts her legs on my shoulders, puts her hands on the counter and lets me eat her out like she’s never gonna get fucked again in her whole life. When she starts breathing fast I know she’s on the verge. I bring her forward a little and insert my middle finger in her ass and start rubbing her G spot through that little membrane that separates it from her asshole.“Oh fuck, Oh fuck, Oh fuck, I’ve never had this done to me, Oh shit,” and she comes hard against my mouth, rubbing her cunt up and down my face. Clamps her legs around my head and moans deep. When she comes down from her orgasm she kisses me and licks my lips, tasting herself. “Man she’s a real hot MILF this one” I think, and I hope she’ll let me fuck her. Of course. “So you liked my little slitted skirt didn’t you? Well now you can fuck me from behind like I know you’ve been wanting to do all night”. She turns around and instead of hiking her skirt, she brings it down just letting the crack of her ass to show. “Come Mark, take me from behind”By now, I could cut steel with my dick and I slowly enter her cunt from behind, I grab her tits under her white satin blouse and really pound her. Trusting so hard I think I’m going to lift her up the floor. I fuck her for a about 10 minutes when she says “Fuck my ass dear nephew, go slow and easy but fuck me in the ass”. Now believe it or not, I had never done this before. Wanted to, but never did. She’s so wet by this time that I just get some cunt juice on my dick and I go in verrrry slowly but ball deep. “Oh yes,” she says, “oh fuck yes. Come deep in my ass Mark, make your aunt come from her ass”. Not able to hold back anymore, I pound her ass until I spurt and squeeze her nipples making her cum again. We never in fact finished cleaning up the kitchen. We kissed passionately before she went up to her shower and her room. I used the family room shower, got into bed and, I think I probably passed out instead of just falling asleep.My aunt is one hot bitch.

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