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Enjoy… ***** As he rode the subway down the West Side, Seb’s left knee was jiggling. He couldn’t help it; it always happened when he was nervous, or keyed-up. He wasn’t sure which he was feeling more right now � a combination of the two, in shifting ratio, pretty much since he’d gotten in the car to head to the airport this morning, hours back. A whole lifetime ago, it almost seemed like. His knee had started jiggling a couple hours into the flight, the crummy economy breakfast sitting heavy in his stomach, a boring movie on the little screen in front of him. His mind had wandered, thinking about his next destination. The promise he’d kind of made. In truth, it had been on his mind nearly constantly the past couple of weeks, alternately making him wish the chilly Christmas days would hurry up and go by, and then thinking about it again, and wishing he could slow down time. Either way, he’d usually wind up jerking off, unable to stop thinking about everything that had happened. Everything that might still happen, too. He’d looked out the window, staring mindlessly at the clouds going by below, and his knee had started jiggling as he thought about it all. About him. Eric. The way his abs had clutched beneath their dusting of dark brown fur, as the man’s breath hitched right before he came. The press of his lips and the ghosting flick of his tongue against the back of Seb’s neck. How big and strong his hands had felt, clutching the meat of Seb’s ass. The husky, lusty growl that had accompanied it, sending a twitch through Seb’s cock and his hole at the same time. Seb had felt that twitch again, cooped up in the plane seat, his knee jiggling, his cock thickening along with it, starting to push down the thigh of his jeans. He was grateful he’d managed to score an empty row, way in the back of the plane, as he reached down to grope himself, telling himself he was trying to make it go down, when he knew full well that wasn’t what he was doing at all. Smiling to himself, as he thought about the way the muscles under Eric’s warm skin had felt as the man plugged him, and groped the rapidly growing length of his cock, his knee jiggling all the while. *Please don’t get hard,* he thought to himself now in the subway car, resettling his backpack in his lap to cover himself anyway. *Not here. Not now.* His knee kept on jiggling, his jeans leg scratching against his duffel bag now. Across the way, an older woman in the seats facing his looked up from her book, over her glasses, fixing first his jiggling knee, then his face with a long look. Seb found himself blushing, and clenched the muscles of his thighs and calves tight in an effort to stop himself, or at least tone it down. Well, there went the risk of a subway boner, at least. Probably. He looked at the Maps app on his phone screen again. One more stop, and then a two-block walk. No time at all, really. All those hours on the plane over the Atlantic. All those days leading up to today, almost two week’s worth, since Eric had caught his eye in the TSA line at the airport that first time, and he’d caught Eric’s too. Not much time left at all for him to reconsider, if he wanted to. Seemingly as soon as he started to think that, he felt the train slowing, lights appearing in the darkness of the tunnel outside. Then the brightly lit tile of the station, the Christopher St sign on the wall. He gathered up his duffel and shouldered his backpack, shooting a polite smile at the woman across the way, who’d already gone back to ignoring him. Seb wasn’t sure he’d ever really get New Yorkers, but it didn’t matter � he wouldn’t be here all that long. On the platform, he looked around for a minute as he hoisted his duffel over his shoulder. The Uptown trains were on the other side. It’d be easy enough to hop one back up towards Penn Station, see if he could get a train back to Pennsylvania tonight. Easier than fulfilling the kind-of promise he’d made at the start of this journey, maybe. Pussing out was always the easier option, in the short run, at least. Seb hadn’t pussed out on the other side of this trip, though. He’d stepped up, in ways that had surprised him more than a little. And shit, had it ever been worth it. Hadn’t he spent the past couple weeks thinking about what else could happen if he stepped up like that again? As he climbed the stairs up to the street two at a time, Seb could feel himself smiling, even letting out a soft half-chuckle as he went, up towards the chilly night of New York City above, and all the things it held. All the things he’d been waiting for. * * * * * “Good to see you,” Eric said with a smile, standing in the open door to his apartment. “You too,” Seb replied, feeling a sudden warmth in his cheeks. But he meant it; Eric looked damn good, tan from his Vietnam vacation, a henley skimming the solid muscles of his chest and shoulders and arms. Seb tried not to check the guy out too obviously, but he didn’t miss the way Eric’s eyes did a quick sweep down his frame and then back up again, meeting his gaze with that smile. *Dude, his tongue’s been up your ass,* Seb thought, the heat in his cheeks intensifying. *I think you can look.* So he did, down Eric’s athletic frame and back up again, Eric letting out a low chuckle when Seb looked back up to his face, nodding slightly like he approved. “Come on in, bud,” Eric said, stepping to one side so Seb could haul himself and his bag inside. It was a nice apartment, an older building, exposed brick on one wall, modern, masculine-looking leather furniture set in front of a wall of well-stocked bookshelves and a big TV. Seb heard the door close and the click of the lock behind him, and all his nerves came back again as he stood there in the middle of the living room, unsure what to do next. “You can put your stuff down over there,” Eric said, coming around his side, nodding at the floor in front of the bookshelves. “Take a load off. I’ll get us a beer.” Seb unshouldered his bags and took off his coat, looking around at the art prints on the wall as Eric retrieved a couple of beers from the kitchen. It wasn’t a big place, but that was New York, Seb figured. Definitely bigger than the room in the ramshackle old house he shared with a couple of dudes near the Drake campus, though, and classier for sure. The kind of place he could see himself living in, neat and masculine, but comfortable too. He could smell traces of cologne in the air, a scent he remembered all of a sudden from Eric’s throat and the deep cleft between his pecs, that night at the hotel, and recalling that made him remember all the other things too, and now he could feel his cock starting to hum in his jeans. Eric came back in, gave him an easy smile, and gestured towards the couch with one of the beers, handing the other to Seb. Seb positioned himself at one end, watching Eric move to the other end of the couch partly for a cue about how comfortable to get, and partly because he just liked watching the guy move. He had a kind of confident ease, and there was something athletic about the way his body moved that Seb really dug. Not like a jock, necessarily, but a fit guy who was real in tune with his body, and used it well. Not showy, but… ‘competent’ wasn’t the word Seb wanted. Maybe ‘proficient.’ Yeah, that sounded better. *He sure was plenty proficient with it back in that hotel…* he thought to himself, feeling his cheeks flush a little warmer and his cock hum a little stronger now. He took a sip of his beer to distract himself, and his knee started to jiggle up and down again. They made a little small talk for a few minutes, talking about the trips they’d each taken after they’d parted ways back at Heathrow. Seb found himself relaxing a little more � not as relaxed as Eric, who had turned his body to face Seb, one knee pulled up onto the seat, his arm resting along the back of the couch, but a little less uptight inside himself, maybe. He tried not to look at Eric’s resting knee, and the length of athletic thigh above it, and especially not at the mound in the fork of Eric’s crotch. But it was an effort, reminding himself not to stare, not to be obvious, not to be too open about who he was and what he wanted and how much he liked what he was trying not to see. He sipped on his beer and listened to Eric talk, the guy’s easy, open, masculine manner easing him a little more. “So… you hungry?” Eric said after a brief lull in the conversation. “I could eat, I guess,” Seb said. It had been awhile since the last meal on the plane, and that hadn’t been anything to write home about. But he had other things on his mind, too. “But we don’t have to eat now,” he added after a moment. Eric fixed him with a smile and an assessing kind of look. “Fine by me,” the man said. “This is a nighttime kinda town. We can go out whenever.” Another long moment passed by, Eric sipping on his beer, his gaze on Seb both cool and warm at once. Interested. “Anything else you wanna do?” Eric asked eventually. It was a deceptively easy kind of question, could’ve been taken any number of ways, but all of a sudden, Seb felt something rising up inside of him. Something he didn’t want to question, or overthink. “Actually, yeah,” he said, and before he could hesitate any further, his ass was shifting sideways across to the middle of the couch, his hand setting his beer bottle down on the coffee table, and he was reaching for Eric. “Good,” Eric murmured, grinning, right before Seb got to him, leaning in to meet him partway, and just like that, easy as can be, Seb was kissing him. Seb’s cock flared into full hardness inside his jeans as his lips pressed to Eric’s, the man letting him take the lead, and amongst everything else he was feeling, he was particularly glad for that. As their lips moved together, Eric responding to him, Seb brought his hand up. It hung there in the air for a moment before he cupped the back of Eric’s skull, tentative at first, then settling in more firmly as Eric murmured against him and slid his hand up the outside of Seb’s thigh, squeezing lightly. Seb grunted back at that, let the tip of his tongue graze Eric’s soft, yet strong lips, and they were away. Fuck, Seb had been thinking about this almost more than anything else he and Eric had done together, the past couple weeks. Yeah, everything else had been hot, beyond hot � but especially this, the easy, intimate, masculine connection between their lips, the way Eric met Seb’s tongue with his own enthusiastically. The few times he’d hooked up with somebody back at school, it was more furtive, and this kind of intimacy was never a sure thing. For all the excitement of sex with another guy, this part was the one Seb maybe liked the most. Eric shifted his arm from the back of the couch and slipped his forearm around the back of Seb’s neck, drawing him in tighter as their kiss deepened and intensified. Seb responded with a strong thrust of his tongue, feeling his cock pulsing inside the prison of his jeans, letting out a hungry little growl that Eric replied to with a chuckle deep in the back of his throat. The man’s hand squeezed Seb’s thigh more deeply, digging into the thickness of the muscle, and Seb remembered well how much the dude had liked his big, long, strong legs. How much Eric had apparently liked all of him, and that just made his cock throb even harder, made him kiss the guy even more hungrily, leaning into him more, rising up a little as he pressed Eric back against the side of the couch and feasted on his lips and tongue. Eric’s hand slid up his thigh, over the big, rounded swell of his ass, squeezing it appreciatively before pulling him in even more. Seb felt Eric’s thigh shift beneath them, making room, opening up for him, and now he had room to press his body up against Eric’s more fully. They both moaned into each other when Seb’s cockbulge ground up against Eric’s, and Seb was thrilled to find the guy was just as hard as he was. Fuck, he didn’t think he’d ever been able to kiss another guy this passionately before, not including the last time him and Eric had made out. It was wild, and hot, and deep, and he was totally addicted to it now. There was no way he was going to just leave this kind of thing here in New York. He couldn’t. He wanted this every time, from now on, with every guy. “Guess you’re hungry after all,” Eric said with a grin when they came up for air a few minutes later, and Seb couldn’t help but blush. Eric just squeezed his ass in response, and when Seb’s hips rocked instinctively, driving his cockbulge up and down against Eric’s, the man let out another low grunt and just nodded his approval. “I guess I am,” Seb said. “Missed this.” “Me too, big guy,” Eric said, and Seb took the initiative to lean in and kiss him again, deep and thick with tongue. When Eric’s hand slipped around his waist and found his belt, Seb faltered a little, withdrawing from the kiss reluctantly. “I haven’t showered in… shit, I don’t even know how long it is now,” he said apologetically. “This morning, anyway, but it’s been a long day…” “Don’t worry, bud,” Eric said, tugging his belt undone and reaching down to caress his throbbing bulge, before finding the tab of his zipper. “We’re not going for the whole show just yet. But I bet you’re ready to take some of the edge off…” *Just yet,* Seb thought with a kind of awe, excited and thrilled that he wasn’t the only one who’d been hoping for a whole night full of… whatever they wound up doing together. He had a hunch it was going to be a lot. And no matter what the naysaying part of his brain said, he was ready. Eric pressed his other hand to Seb’s chest and pushed back as he opened his fly, Seb grinning as they changed positions, Eric now the one looming over him. Fuck, the guy was handsome, a hungry gleam in his eye as he winked at Seb, trailing his hand down Seb’s front to join the other one opening his jeans. The way Eric’s eyes lit up when he got Seb’s jeans open and saw what was inside made Seb grin. “So you brought them back to me,” Eric said, looking up at him with a lusty smile, reaching inside the wide open fly, running his hand over the hard length of Seb’s cock, throbbing inside the sexy designer trunks Eric had loaned him a couple weeks back. Seb let out a soft moan as Eric’s hand stroked over his bulge, the other tugging on the waistband of his jeans, cueing him to lift his hips so the guy could peel more of them off of him. “A little worn in,” Seb said, blushing a little. “That’s what they’re for,” Eric replied, something deep and husky and manly in his voice that made Seb’s balls tingle and his nips perk up. Eric worked his jeans down his thighs with surprising quickness, but then Seb guessed he probably had a fair amount of experience at it. He liked that notion. He liked the hungry way Eric ran his hands up his thighs even more, and he was glad he’d taken the stairs up here to the third floor instead of the elevator. Seb remembered the way Eric had handled him in the airport hotel, the parts of him Eric had seemed to like the best � it had been on his mind almost continuously ever since � and he tensed his thighs up some as Eric stroked his hands up them. Not trying to be showy, but proud of himself, and knowing what the guy liked. “Fuck yeah,” Eric growled, running his hands over the long, strong muscles avidly, shooting Seb a quick, hungrily appreciative grin, then turning his attention back to Seb’s frame. He ran his hands over the fabric of the trunks, the expensive soft stretch of the fabric clinging to the tops of Seb’s thighs, up to his hips and then down to the deep indents on the sides of his ass. Already Seb could feel himself starting to leak a little inside Eric’s fancy undies, but he was pretty sure that didn’t matter. Not like he could stop it, anyway, not with the way Eric was handling him and admiring him. Eric dipped his head in close and sniffed along the length of Seb’s cockbulge with a satisfied sound. Seb grunted at that � it was such a masculine kind of thing to do, not something anybody else had ever done to him before. Sure, every guy sniffed himself, he was pretty sure. But to breathe in another guy like that, get the scent of his cock and balls in your nose that way… fuck, he wanted to get on this guy’s level so bad. “Knew you’d wear `em well, stud,” Eric said, winking at him as he reached for the waistband. Seb wondered if he should stop him, slow his roll, but really, why? They were two men, they had a connection already, things were happening � why fuck with the flow? Instead, he lifted his hips and went with it, letting the handsome dude strip his undies � Eric’s undies � down off his hips, baring the hard, wet-tipped stretch of his cock. Eric let out a low rumble of approval that buzzed his balls, and took his length in hand, giving him a slow stroke, getting reacquainted with him, making Seb moan and grab at the couch cushions beneath him. “That’s what I’m talkin’ about,” Eric said, focusing his attention on Seb’s cock in his hand as he tugged the trunks down. They joined Seb’s jeans, pooled around his ankles, and then Eric used his other hand to push Seb’s thigh open wider, making room for him to move in closer. “Oh fuck,” Seb moaned, the leather of the couch cushions groaning as he clutched tighter at them, watching Eric’s full lips stretch around the head of his cock. He knew he was probably pretty musky from his long day of travel, but Eric didn’t seem to mind one bit. The guy grunted to himself as his tongue joined his lips, sliding down the salty flesh of Seb’s hard young piece. He looked back up at Seb, eyes and the corners of his mouth smiling as he worked his way down, Seb biting his lip and trying not to moan too loud as he watched and felt him go. The first time Eric had blown him, back before Christmas, had been like the Year Zero of head for Seb. Before that, his few experiences � both giving and receiving it � had been fumbling, unskilled, mostly other young, nervous dudes like himself. Eric’s skills had been a revelation, and had made him cum just from oral for the first time in his life. Now, sprawled on his couch, watching the handsome dude work his way up and down his length, already feeling like he could cum real soon, it was like another revelation. Eric wasn’t just good at this, he liked doing it, loved the taste and feel of Seb’s cock in his mouth, and knew just kocaeli escort how to make it spark and hum, from tip to root. Seb liked sucking cock, too � and shit, what a thing it was to admit that to himself. He might not be as good as Eric was, yet, but he knew now he was going to work on getting better at it. Much better, and he decided he was going to try and make Eric his practice partner as much as he could, in the time they had together. Take his skills back to school with him, and see if he could put them to good use. Eric did more than just suck his cock � it was a full experience, one of his hands reaching into the humid space between his thighs to cup and caress his balls, the other sliding up past his hip, up under his hoodie and the T-shirt beneath it, pushing them up so he was basically naked from his pecs to his calves. Eric’s fingers found the buds of his nips and teased them, something else nobody else had really done for him before, sending sizzling tingles all through him, all the way down to his balls, where Eric’s other caressing hand just amplified the deep-core vibes inside of him. All of it concentrated in the humming shaft of his cock, slick now with Eric’s spit as the man worked his skilled, eager tongue and lips up and down the length. “You’re so fuckin’ good, bro,” Seb half-moaned, awed, and Eric chuckled deep in his throat in response and gave him a wink, locking eyes on his as he got really into it, sucking on him like a porn star might. Seb brought one hand up from the couch to stroke over Eric’s head, a little tentative, not wanting to mess up the dude’s hair, which looked like he put some effort into it. He didn’t want to seem pushy or anything, he was enjoying all this way too much, but his hand found the back of Eric’s head instinctively, cupping it like he had when he’d kissed him earlier, moving with it as it moved up and down on his shaft. The sensation of Eric’s skilled lips and tongue, the combination of sucking and savoring the guy was doing on his flesh, the stimulation on his nips and his balls, the gleam of Eric’s spit on the flesh of his cock every time the dude worked his way back up to the head to twirl his tongue around it, then slide back down hungrily… it was all doing a number on Seb, bigtime. That, and having spent the past several hours � hell, almost the past two weeks � anticipating this, meant his orgasm was upon him quicker than he’d expected, faster than he wanted. He tried to hold back, but it was no good � some combination of Eric’s tongue lapping around the circumference of his cockhead, the electric hum in his right nipple as the dude worked it over, his palm lovingly cupping his balls and the stroke of his fingers along Seb’s taint, all of it conspired to put him on the road of no return. “Shit, gonna cum, dude,” Seb moaned. “You’re gonna make me cum, man, fuckkkkk…” Eric growled lustily, encouragingly at that, fixing his gaze on Seb as he worked faster, deeper, quick up-down suckstrokes, his fingers rubbing Seb’s taint more purposefully, and he was so fuckin’ handsome and so fuckin’ good, there was no way… “Oh fuck!” Seb gasped, his voice half-choked, his hips coming up off the couch as his hand tightened on the back of Eric’s head, and then he was coming, coming hard, pumping thick shots of his pent-up young seed into Eric’s growling, sucking, swallowing mouth. There was something incredibly lewd and insanely hot in the experienced way Eric backed off a little, laving his cockhead with his tongue as Seb painted thick streaks of cum across it, and then the hungry, noisy way he swallowed what Seb was feeding him. The whole time, Eric kept stimulating his nip, his taint and his balls, encouraging every last hot drop of him out, making him buzz with even more orgasmic pleasure as they rode his load out together. “My fuckin’ godddd,” Seb moaned, falling back on the couch, feeling his exposed skin prickling with sweat and the heat of his post-orgasmic flush. Eric knew just how to nurse on his cock as it spurted its last staccato shots, his tongue circling that special spot just on the underside of his head, just this side of too much stimulation. Seb barely had to tighten his fingers in Eric’s hair and the guy was already backing off, swallowing again as he released his cock, letting it bob in the air between them, sticky and wet, still hard. Eric gave it a quick lick along its length, then smiled up at Seb, squeezing his thighs as he sat back. Eric’s lips were red and plump and glossy as he smiled up at him, stroking slowly up and down Seb’s thick thighs, and all of a sudden, Seb couldn’t help but think of that British expression his mother had always used � like the cat that got the cream � and had to stifle a little giggle. “I think you needed that,” Eric said, voice thick with spit and cum, as Seb grinned back at him. “Like you wouldn’t believe, bro,” Seb said, curling up slowly to reach for him. He could see the traces of his cum still glazing his handsome lips, and he hesitated internally for a second, some old remnant programming, before drawing him closer. This kiss was slower, one of appreciation and satiation, salty and tangy and sticky with his seed, even more so when Eric’s tongue slid into his mouth, and Seb loved every fucking bit of it. “Thank you,” Seb murmured to him when they parted. “My pleasure, bro,” Eric said. “Really.” Eric stood slowly, reaching one hand down to help Seb up, and he couldn’t help but notice how big and hard the guy was in his jeans. Seb reached for the man’s bulge, loving the slow, husky rumble from deep in his chest as he palmed it, felt him throbbing behind the designer denim. He was frankly surprised at himself that he had the balls to be so bold, but he was glad. The way Eric’s cock pulsed under his palm, the dude seemed pretty glad too. “Can I…” Seb asked a little tentatively. “You will,” Eric grinned, squeezing Seb’s bare ass with one hand, adding a hungry little noise as he did that made Seb tingle inside all over again. “For now, why don’t you get a shower, and we’ll get something to eat. I don’t know about you, but I’m fuckin’ starving.” “I could tell,” Seb grinned, not even knowing where that came from. Eric’s eyes flared with something like surprise, then gleamed as he grinned, giving Seb’s powerful ass a solid slap. “Go get this sexy ass cleaned up, and you’ll find out more,” he growled, and Seb practically shivered with anticipation. * * * * * “You into trying new things?” Eric said as they walked down the street, and Seb paused, not sure how to read the question. Truthfully, he was still a little bit spacey after the fantastic blowjob Eric had given him, and that plus the long, hot shower and the long day’s traveling had left him feeling a little bit spent. He supposed his body clock was still on English time, too. Still, the cold night air was helping revive him a little, at least. “I mean foodwise,” Eric smirked at him, as Seb hurried to catch up with his athletic stride. New Yorkers tended to walk fast, purposefully, he’d noticed, and even though he had long legs and played a running sport, it was definitely an adjustment. “Oh, uh, sure,” Seb replied, blushing a little, and then a little more at the friendly way Eric studied his face. This guy could get him to try just about anything, he thought, and there was that deep-set tingle in his guts again at just what kinds of things they might be. What Eric meant was Cambodian food, a slightly dingy-looking place in Chinatown with all kinds of glossy roasted birds hanging in the window, plastic chairs and tablecloths, white tile and bright fluorescent lights and groups of Asian people hunched over their bowls, slurping on noodles in a way which would have mortified his mother. “The country duck here is killer,” Eric said, glancing at the menu. “And I think maybe the fish ball soup, some dry noodles…” Seb picked a couple of likely-looking things and let Eric handle the rest. He sat back in his chair and just marveled at everything, the way his day had turned out. Here in a strange foreign restaurant in New York City, about to eat a kind of food he’d never even thought about, the air full of interesting smells, a handsome and thoroughly sexy guy across the table from him with Seb’s load in his stomach. A guy who he was pretty sure was gonna take him to bed tonight and rock his fucking world. Again. For like the fourth or fifth time, by now. All this from a couple of casual glances in the TSA security line at the airport a couple weeks ago. Strange, the way life moved, sometimes. But he liked it, a lot. He felt like a real grown-up, like a man, making his own decisions, taking the opportunities life offered up, if you knew how to look. This morning he’d woken up in the guest bed at his mother and stepfather’s house in Wembley, dreading a long flight and the trudge back to school, the start of classes next week, the dreary hard cold of winter in upstate Pennsylvania… and now here he was, living a completely different experience. A whole other life, one that Eric seemed to be living pretty easily. Seb had a year and a half left of school, and lately had been wondering about what would come next. Maybe it could be something a lot like this. The food was good, really good, spicy and interesting and flavorful. That and the conversation helped revive him a little more from his earlier fogginess, and the way Eric’s knee kept brushing against his under the table helped keep the warm undercurrent between them flowing. It was casual, easy, but intimate too. Seb had never really experienced anything like it, and when he decided to brush his own knee back against Eric’s, even moving it up and down a little, the way Eric smiled at him and rubbed back made Seb’s cock start to thicken all over again. He started getting a little nervous again as they made their way back up to the Canal Street station. Heading back to Eric’s place, and… whatever awaited them both there tonight. Based on experience, he had a pretty good idea, and he was excited for it, sure. But he couldn’t help feel a little bit anxious, still. Even more so because he was starting to get some real clear ideas about what he wanted to try tonight, and he didn’t know how Eric might feel, or even if he’d be any good at what he had in mind. As soon as Eric slid into the seat on the train car beside him, Seb’s knee started to jiggle up and down again. As the train pulled away from the platform, Eric rested his hand on it. Seb felt a jolt of panic, wondering if anyone was looking, what they might think, what they might do. He looked around furtively, but all he saw was Eric, casting him a sidelong look and that smile, his hand squeezing Seb’s knee, giving it a subtle little rub. And just like that, it stopped. Seb felt a little of the tension in his guts unknot, and his cock tingle and hum some more, and he knew how he wanted the rest of tonight to go. They didn’t say much on the walk from the Metro to the apartment. Seb just took in the city, the sights and sounds, the easy, warm vibe between him and the handsome man he was going home with. Inside the lobby, Eric headed for the stairs, treating Seb to the sight of his athletic ass flexing in his jeans as he took them two at a time. He could feel the fire kindling low down in his stomach now, the same way it had on the couch with Eric earlier. As they reached the landing before the last flight to the third floor, he caught up to Eric. “Hey,” he said, and before he could second-guess himself, reached for Eric’s back pocket, slipping his fingertips inside it, pulling back a little. Eric looked over his shoulder at him as he stopped, a little surprised, then grinned as Seb drew in close to him. He opened his mouth like he was going to say something, but Seb took the initiative and covered his handsome lips with his own instead. “Mmmm,” Eric murmured into his mouth as Seb slipped his arms around his waist, pressing up against his body. Seb’s cock flared hard immediately in his jeans, and he was pleased to feel Eric’s doing the same as he eased him back against the wall and kissed him deeper. Eric’s hands came to his flanks and rubbed as he responded, a light tingle of chili on his tongue as it moved with Seb’s, the sound of their softly smacking lips filling the chilly air of the stairwell. One of Eric’s hands found its way down to the thick swell of Seb’s ass and squeezed, the man growling appreciatively into his mouth, and in response, Seb pressed the hard length of his cockbulge up against Eric’s and humped against him. “Just wanted to let you know I’m glad to be here,” Seb said when they eventually pulled back. “I sure am too,” Eric grinned, giving his ass an affectionate squeeze. “I take it you don’t need me to make up the couch for you tonight?” It was a thrilling question, with exciting implications, and Seb found himself grinning. He hesitated for a second � none of this stuff was quite natural to him just yet, but he was learning, and learning fast � then leaned in and grazed his lips up the side of Eric’s neck, smelling the traces of his cologne, and his natural, masculine scent beneath it. Eric arched his back a little, driving his hips forward against Seb’s again, and Seb took note of the response as he drew his lips up to the man’s ear. “I wanna be wherever you are, bro,” he murmured there, feeling the light shiver and grunt from the man, pleasing him even more. Yeah, he could do this, alright. “Come the fuck on, then,” Eric growled huskily, reaching for Seb’s chin, pulling it around so he could kiss him, hard and hungry and urgent. Then he took Seb’s hand in his � and fuck, somehow that was even more exciting � and the two of them sprinted up the last set of stairs, grinning all the way. The door was barely closed, and Seb was on him, hungry, urgent, Eric greeting his hands and lips and tongue just as eagerly. They worked each other’s coats off, letting them fall to the floor so they could focus on the rest, hands working in a furious tangle to push sweaters up, tackling each other’s belts, kicking their boots off, barely breaking away from the ravenous, grunting kissing they were sharing. Seb got Eric’s jeans open first, sliding his hand inside their warm confines, Eric’s lusty chuckle into his mouth turning into a grunt as Seb’s hand clumsily found the hard, throbbing shape of his cock, and then a deep moan that seemed to echo all the way down inside Seb’s throat as he palmed along the length of it. Seb moaned right back, feeling all of it swelling up inside of him, a dam ready to burst. He’d never been like this with anyone before � so unrestrained, so powerfully hungry, so open about who he was and what he wanted and what he was ready for. “God you feel so fuckin’ good,” Seb gasped against Eric’s panting mouth, as the guy got his jeans open, grinding his cockbulge against Seb’s squeezing, rubbing palm. “So do you, big guy,” Eric grunted, his hands slipping into Seb’s jeans, sliding over his hips to clutch both halves of his ass, his fingers digging deep into the thick flesh of it. He kissed Seb with lusty hunger, tongue-forward, and Seb met him with just as much eagerness. Eric’s jeans were slimmer-cut than Seb’s, more tailored to his athletic physique, so they took a little more focused work to get him out of them. But it was work Seb was real happy to do, crouching to tug them down, staying hunkered down there for a moment to just take in the sight of the guy before him. Seb was a big, strong young dude, with plenty of natural, powerful muscle that was well suited to the rugby pitch. He liked his body, even more so lately, since Eric had spent so much time appreciating it in that hotel a couple weeks back. Eric was strongly built too, but more athletic, a leaner frame overlaid with well-defined muscles. He’d mentioned something about CrossFit, and Seb could really see the results in the beautifully carved definition of his legs, strong tight calves and long, lithe, powerful thighs that were kind of making his mouth water. He ran his hands up over them, savoring their surprisingly dense covering of brown fur, all the way up over the sexy designer trunks the guy wore so well to his tight hips, thumbs stroking along the lines of his Adonis belt rising diagonally from the low-cut waistband of his trim little undies. “You look fuckin’… amazing,” Seb breathed, looking up at him, Eric smiling back down at him with a mix of heat and indulgent warmth. He reached down to tug on the neck of Seb’s T-shirt, pulling him up, his hands moving immediately to Seb’s half-mast jeans, pushing them down in one quick, easy, strong sweep. “You too, sexy,” Eric said, eyes trained on the long, thick muscles of Seb’s rugby-player thighs, covered in creamy skin and a light dusting of dark hairs. “Jesus, look at these fucking things,” he said in a low growl as he squeezed them, and sure, maybe Seb was tensing them up a little for effect, but they both seemed to like it, so where was the harm in that? Eric’s hands found their way to the tops of Seb’s thighs, then slid around to grab the meat of his ass again. Seb let out a throaty half-laugh. He’d never met anyone who liked his ass as much as this dude, and for sure he’d never had anybody handle it the way Eric did. Eric met his eyes and let out a rumbling sound a lot like a growl, and Seb couldn’t stop himself from moaning a little, flexing his ass in Eric’s groping hands. He thought for a moment about how nervous he’d been about this, in spite of everything that had gone down between the two of them last time. How surprised he was tonight to find himself confidently moving on this handsome dude. It seemed silly now, the two of them down to their underwear, boned as fuck as they felt each other up, to be scared about all this. Scared of himself, and what he wanted. Seb pressed up closer to Eric, brushing his lips against the guy’s as his own hands found the firm, round muscles of Eric’s ass, encased in his tight little trunks. Eric let out an approving kind of noise, flexing up a little for Seb, encouraging Seb to feel him up more, it seemed like. So Seb went with it, loving the freedom he had with him, the freedom to be himself. Just be a man, with another man, and not have to worry about anything else but what might feel good. “Can I…” he started, lips brushing Eric’s, their breath mingling. “I’d like to… if you…” “What, buddy?” Eric growled, the tip of his tongue flicking Seb’s lips. “You don’t have to be shy. I’m not.” He emphasized that by pulling Seb’s ass in, grinning at Seb’s husky grunt as their bulges connected again, Eric adding a little move of his hips that ground them against each other, slow and delicious. Seb’s fingers tightened on the hardness of Eric’s ass, which didn’t have quite the fleshy give of his own, but felt damn fuckin’ fine all the same. “Yeah, I know,” Seb said with a grin of his own. He fixed Eric with a look, summoning up all the resolve he could. “If it’s something you like to do,” he said, hesitantly at first and then the next words coming in a rush. “I’d really like to fuck you.” Eric’s brow twitched a little along with his grin, but otherwise he gave nothing away for a moment. Then he flexed his very fine ass in Seb’s hands again, and grinned wider. “Yeah, bud?” he said. “Maybe that can be arranged…” “Yeah,” Seb nodded, kocaeli escort bayan feeling his cheeks flush a little as he said the next part. “I’ve never… done that.” This time, Eric didn’t mask his surprised look. “For real? Never?” “Not with a guy, at least,” Seb muttered. “Well… I never fucked a girl in the ass, either, I guess…” “Well shit, dude,” Eric grinned. “In that case… yeah, I think that can definitely be arranged.” Eric leaned in tight and kissed him, a seductive kind of one at first, lots of slow swipes of his tongue as Seb let him inside, then with increasing hunger, hunger that Seb found himself matching. Shit, this was really gonna happen. He’d been thinking about this for a long time, not sure how to make it happen with the limited set of dudes he’d fooled around with before Eric. But he didn’t have to think about that, now. Not tonight. Not with this incredibly sexy guy, who’d already showed him so much about himself. Now, it was Seb’s turn to do some of the showing, and that just made it even more exciting. Seb barely registered the details of Eric’s bedroom, but he’d have time to take all that in later. All he needed to know was that there was a bed in there, and Eric, and that was pretty much all that mattered. He had much more important things to look at right now, specifically the athletic flex of Eric’s beautifully honed torso as Seb peeled his henley up and off. He remembered the stripe of brown hair that ran up the guy’s centerline, broadening out into a masculine fan across the square plates of his pecs, and just like that night a couple weeks back, his hand found its way to the man’s fur almost of its own accord. Seb stroked over it, feeling its warmth tickling his palm, and his cock throbbed inside his boxer briefs for the millionth time tonight. For his part, Eric just stood there, shoulders pulled back a little, presenting himself to Seb in an unshowy way, an indulgent grin on his face. He was a good-looking guy, with a hell of a body, and he knew it, but it wasn’t an obnoxious kind of thing. Just the attitude of a guy who worked hard to look good, and liked being looked at. A guy with some practice at being admired by another man with his clothes off, and Seb could feel that rising tide inside of him again, something he couldn’t put a name too, a mix of need and want, admiration and inspiration. Eric took a long swallow from the bottle of beer he’d retrieved from the fridge along the way, then handed it to Seb. “Think I’m OK, man,” Seb said, barely able to pull his eyes away from his hands as they roamed over Eric’s firm, warm muscles. “We just ate a bunch of chili, dude,” Eric grinned, pressing the bottle into his hand more firmly. “I’m about to get my mouth all over you, and you’re about to do the same to me. Trust me, you’re gonna want this. Nothing kills a party like chili burns on your cock…” Seb couldn’t help but grin at the confident, sexy presumption, the sheer lustiness behind what Eric was saying, and felt himself throb even harder. *Fuck yeah, I wanna get my mouth all over you, bro,* he thought as he took the beer and drank. He set the bottle down on the nightstand and Eric was on him again, pulling at his T-shirt, as eager and urgent as Seb had been with him, but with more finesse, too. “Fuck yeah, look at you,” the man murmured as he took in first the sight, then the feel of Seb’s creamy, winter-pale flesh. Seb had felt a little bit self-conscious at first, because he was in nice shape right now, but nowhere near as trim and cut and powerful-looking as Eric was. He was built to be a pretty big guy, just like his Dad, always had been, and especially in the winter it got real easy to get a little thick. But Eric didn’t seem to mind � if anything, he seemed even lustier, clutching Seb’s bare flanks and leaning in to nuzzle at one of his big, stiff pinkish nipples. Seb gasped softly and bit his lip. Like a lot of things Eric did to him, nobody else had done this to him before, and he savored the intense hum building inside his body as Eric helped him find yet another of his own pleasure spots. While Eric worked first one, nip, then the other over with his lips and tongue and, gently, his teeth, his hands were just as busy, stroking Seb’s strong, tapered flanks, down over his hips, then back to squeeze the twin mounds of his ass again, before steering one back around his hip to stroke along the thick length of Seb’s bulge in his underwear. “God, you’re fuckin’ killing me, dude,” Seb grunted, and then moaned as Eric pushed his arm up and burrowed his face into Seb’s pit. This made Seb feel a little self-conscious again, more unfamiliar ground to cover, and he’d neglected to put deodorant on after using Eric’s shower earlier. But he was clean, at least, and fuck, he’d never expected having a dude lick his armpit could be so goddamn sexy… “Likewise, bro, likewise,” Eric growled when he came up for air, pulling Seb’s head in to kiss him again. Seb could taste his own faint musk on Eric’s lips and tongue, and somehow it just made him hungrier for all of this. His grabbed hold of Eric’s trim waist and pulled the man into him with a strength that kind of surprised him. Eric grunted and chuckled into his mouth, and slowly ground the bulge of his big hardon against Seb’s. “Big guy,” he muttered against Seb’s lips, giving him another slow grind, and Seb couldn’t help his ingrained modesty when he replied. “Not as big as you, bro,” he said, feeling the thick throb of Eric’s piece against his, remembering how it had tasted the last time, how it had felt in his hand, how it had felt inside of him… “Big enough,” Eric replied, reaching between them to run a slow-handed stroke along the shape of him, making Seb leak some more inside his shorts. “And nice and wet, too. Bet it’s gonna feel real good inside me, bro.” Hearing him say that out loud brought a moan out of Seb’s depths, and he felt himself a little overcome by something real big and powerful inside himself. Eric’s unapologetically lusty grin, the way his eyes gleamed, almost like a challenge, just made it feel even bigger. In all kinds of ways. He clutched Eric’s hips tighter and moved him backwards towards his bed. “Let’s find out, bro,” he said, his mouth reaching for Eric’s again as the man chuckled once more, moving smoothly with him as Seb guided him onto the mattress. * * * * * Seb had never eaten ass before. The kinds of encounters he’d had up until now � up until Eric � hadn’t really offered that kind of opportunity. They were usually quick, furtive, often a lot of alcohol involved. Even kissing wasn’t a given, the times he’d hooked up with another dude before. He’d always known there was more two men could do, thought about it when he jacked off, stared enviously at what the men on his screen did to each other when he watched porn. Now here was his opportunity, the twin globes of Eric’s surprisingly furry ass shifting in his hands, the man himself looking back over his well-muscled shoulder at him with a lazy grin, an eyebrow arched a little to underline the invitation the rest of his body was giving him. Seb just nodded at him and returned his attention to the guy’s ass. Fuck, it was a nice one, really nice, toned and taut, not as big as Seb’s, but just as powerful in its own way. He bet it would look great in uniform, like a singlet or baseball pants or… *Fuck that,* he thought. *It’s here, naked, for you, now. What are you gonna do, dream about how it could look all night?* He clutched the two halves of Eric’s tail a little tighter and spread him open a little, and the soft grunt that the guy let out set off a twinge of hunger deep inside him. Before he could waste any more time overthinking it, he leaned in close, the warmth of the man’s flesh hitting his cheeks and lips, lips he was licking without thinking about it, and went for it. There was the cautious part of his brain that worried about smell and taste and all that kind of stuff, but the horny, hungry part of him was firmly in control now. Seb licked up the inner slope of Eric’s left cheek, grunting to himself as he did, processing the taste and the sensation of it as he turned his attention to the other side, up the inside right. Eric tasted clean, sure, cleaner than Seb had expected, but there was something animal to it too, something locked deep down below the hair. Something elemental and male that tripped some unknown trigger in deep in the lizard part of Seb’s brain, and he found himself growling again, huskier now, digging his fingers into Eric’s handsome flesh as he pushed his face in closer, deeper. “Yeah, that’s it, bro,” Eric said from above, and Seb just grunted in response as he set to work licking him, deep and long and wet. Savory � that’s what the guy was, a little salty and a little musky and a little tangy all at once. He got richer, the deeper Seb’s tongue went, and he found himself wanting more of that taste, wanting to lick his way through the layers to find the guy’s tasty core. Seb had eaten pussy before, had liked it more than he expected to, and he’d thought this might be similar, but really, it wasn’t at all. The smell and the taste were different, stronger in their own way, that animal richness buried below the smell of rosemary and mint from the bodywash he’d found in Eric’s shower earlier. The hair was denser, too, the texture of the flesh more muscular, and… oh fuck, that was his hole, he was licking another man’s asshole now, a tight little knot of muscle puckered at the base of that thicket of hair, and how in the hell did a little hole like that take another man’s cock? But of course it did, he’d seen it in porn plenty of times, and much bigger cocks than his, too. He thought about some of that porn, the ways the guys in it had eaten another dude out, and he tried to carry a little of that with him while he left the rest up to his instincts. He nuzzled and lapped and licked and bathed Eric’s depths with his tongue and increasingly slick lips, hot jets of spit replenishing his mouth as he grunted huskier, clutched the man’s handsome ass even tighter, and licked more intently at that tight little ring, while Eric grunted deeper above him and bucked his ass back at him even more. It took Seb a minute to realize it, but the low, rumbling noises surrounding them were mostly coming from him, his chest buzzing a little as he rumbled deep inside of it, a noise of satisfaction and hunger and pleasure as he fastened his lips around Eric’s ring and started to work his tongue into him, licking and pressing, probing, pushing… *Sharp,* he thought as Eric’s true taste hit his tongue, and it was the perfect word for it. There was a kind of sweetness there too, echoes of the bodywash, but the rest of it was sharpness and tang, clean but fundamental at the same time. It was fucking intoxicating, and randomly Seb thought about the first time he’d eaten truffles, some restaurant in France back when he was still in high school � a strange taste, rich and unusual and thrillingly complex. Eric’s ass tasted nothing like truffles, of course, but it was the closest experience Seb could think of, as his tongue found its groove and licked up inside the man, and he knew he’d be doing a lot more of this from now on. “Oh fuck yes, dude,” Eric moaned, reaching back to cup the back of Seb’s head, pulling him closer, his nose full of close, humid air now, drawing in more of Eric’s scent with every musky hothouse breath. He thought again, briefly, about what it was like to lick up inside of a woman, then wiped that from his mind as he lost himself in the thoroughly different tastes and sensations of working his way up inside this man instead, really his first true man, this sexy funny friendly hot dude who’d already showed him so much about himself. The dude who was going to be Seb’s first true fuck, offering up his ass for Seb to take and pleasure. It just made Seb even more focused now, determined to give them both a good time, to live up to the honor this guy had given him. Seb was dimly aware of the intense throbbing down below, in the tangled, constricted, precum-sticky mess of his underwear, his cock pulsating as his hips ground it unthinkingly against the bed beneath him. But he didn’t let that distract him from the more important work he was doing, all the discoveries he was making, as he gripped Eric’s handsome ass tighter, spread it wider, and worked his hole deeper with his tongue, finding his groove now. He closed his eyes and listened to Eric’s moans, felt the movements of his body, and paid attention to the instincts he’d never known he had as they told him what to do, and pressed on. “Holy shit, you sure you’ve never done that before?” Eric panted a little while later, when Seb finally came up for air. His jaw was aching some now, his tongue throbbing, but he grinned as he rubbed one hand over his musky lips. “Uh-uh,” he said, shaking his head a little. “Do you like it?” Eric chuckled, reached down under himself and pushed his hard cock down between his legs, showing it to Seb from behind. Fuck, he’d never seen a guy do that in real life, and it looked amazing, hard and handsomely thick, framed between his strong, hairy thighs, below the spread cleft of his ass, the dark fur there swirled against his skin with Seb’s spit. “That enough of an answer for you, bro?” he said, grinning over his shoulder, and all Seb could do was grope his own achingly hard, wet cockbulge and grunt in reply. His other hand reached up to Eric’s ass, tracing his fingers tenderly over his puffy hole, the hole he’d just devoured, and apparently pretty well. Then the idea hit him, and he leaned forward a little, pursed his lips and let a thick wad of spit fall down onto his stroking fingers, keeping his eyes on Eric’s as he rubbed his spit over the guy’s puffy hole, then pressed slowly inside of him. “Fuck,” Eric grunted, biting his lip and pushing his ass back again as Seb pressed more of his finger inside of him, stroking rubbing, exploring. He’d fingered his own hole often enough to know where to look, where to probe, and when he found the throb of Eric’s prostate, he stroked it slowly as the man let out a low, deep-chested moan and bucked his hips. “That good, man?” Seb asked, his voice coming out thick and husky in a way it hadn’t ever done before, and fuck, he was so into all of this. So into being a man, with another man, showing Eric and himself what he could do. Eric growled in reply, clutching the comforter tighter in his hands, and pushed that handsome, hairy ass back, looking for more of Seb’s stroking touch inside of him. “Lube’s in the bedside drawer there,” Eric said huskily, nodding his head at the table nearest to Seb. “Rubbers too. We’re gonna need both.” “Fuck yeah,” Seb growled, keeping his stroking finger planted inside the man as he reached over for the drawer and found what he needed, within easy reach and ready to go. That made him smile, and he felt a kind of joyful envy at the way Eric’s life was set up � masculine, squared away, ready for pleasure whenever it might happen. If he took nothing else away from these paired encounters with this incredibly hot guy this Christmas � and he was already taking plenty, with more still to come � that might be the defining lesson for him. Life as a man didn’t have to be any one prescribed thing. If you worked for it, set your mind to it and followed through, you could live any way you damn well pleased. Responsibility *and* pleasure. Yeah. That was exactly what Seb knew he wanted from the next stage of his life, the one coming up soon, and sooner all the time. The lube let him add a second finger to Eric’s tight, hot, welcoming hole, and once he’d carefully slipped it inside to settle in alongside its brother, stroking and circling and exploring, Seb leaned up Eric’s muscular back to kiss him. They murmured into each other’s mouths as Eric let him take the lead, leaning up and back a little to reach Seb more, opening up his front and giving Seb room to stroke down it, over the furred definition of his abs, down into the warm thickness of his bush, along the thick sticky throb of his cockshaft. Eric broke the kiss to spit down on his own cock, and Seb immediately set to work stroking it in as Eric’s mouth returned to his, the two of them grunting and kissing even more hungrily now, as Seb worked both sides of him over with his hands. He shifted up alongside Eric’s flank and pressed his own straining cock against the guy’s athletic hip, wishing he’d taken the time to get naked first. Eric slipped one arm around him and squeezed his ass, pulling him in tight, tugging at the fabric stretched over Seb’s big glutes. After a second, Seb’s lust-fogged brain caught on. The guy was practically reading his mind, and while it was a little clumsy contorting his long legs around to do it, the two of them managed to get Seb’s boxer briefs down and most of the way off, Seb barely missing a beat on Eric’s cock and inside his hole. He looked down at his cock, and he was sure it had grown, sure he’d never seen or felt it this big before. He’d never had any complaints about how well he was endowed, but right now he was damn proud of himself, throwing a strong hard cock, painting thick smears of precum over Eric’s furred warm skin as the two of them tangled in another hungry deep kiss. “You ready to lose that cherry, sexy?” Eric panted a couple minutes later when they came up for air, his eyes sparkling, smiling with puffy lips at Seb, who felt the lust thudding even deeper in his loins now. A twinge of nervousness too, sure, but right now, for the most part, he felt ready, ready and manly and good to fucking go. “Yeah,” he panted back. “Fuck yeah, bro.” “Then let’s do it, bud,” Eric said huskily, reaching for his jaw to pull Seb’s mouth to his again. *God, he’s so fucking tight!* Seb thought to himself, moaning as he slid slowly up inside Eric. He discovered he’d been holding his breath, and let it out in a long, slow rolling gasp that had traces of a husky moan in it, matching the one Eric let out as Seb filled him. “Yeah, nice and easy, just like that,” Eric grunted. “It’s been a minute, and you’re bigger than you think you are, dude.” “Fuck,” Seb moaned, struggling to hold his hips back from just fucking pounding his way up inside the guy. Eric’s compliment made him smile, though. It made Seb want to make him smile, too. Seb’s eyes roved over the shifting terrain of Eric’s well-built back, down to the two muscular globes of his furry ass, and his own cock spearing up in between them. He watched his cock sliding in, all shiny with lube and the rubber he wore, the hair of Eric’s ass tickling along the edges of his shaft as his tight hole embraced Seb’s cockhead, then each inch of the flesh he fed it. So fucking tight, so unlike even the tightest of the few girls’ pussies Seb had fucked in his fairly short sexual career up `til now. In some respects, this wasn’t so different from fucking a girl’s pussy. But then again, it was different in every way that mattered. The deep-chested groans Eric was making � not over-the-top ones like in porn, but the sounds of a man experiencing real pleasure, and the effort that went along with that. The way the powerful muscles articulated beneath the skin of his back, drawing Seb’s eye and then one yahya kaptan escort of his hands, the muscle responding to his touch as Eric arched his back a little more to him. The feeling of manly hair under his other hand as it clutched Eric’s athletic hip and the side of his handsome ass. Most of all, the knowledge that he was finally fucking another man, after all these years of daydreaming and fantasizing about it. The two of them found a natural rhythm together. Eric arched his back a little more and pushed his ass up and back, an invitation for Seb to push himself inside him a little deeper, and then a little more, and then the full length of his cock was encased in the deep heat of Eric’s core, the guy’s insides wrapped tight around him, making Seb throb even harder. “Oh my god, dude,” he moaned, his fingers sinking into the taut flesh of Eric’s hip and flank. “I’m fucking inside you…” “Hell yeah you are,” Eric murmured over his shoulder. “You feel good in there, bro. How do I feel to you?” With that, he milked the length of Seb’s cock inside of him. Seb let out a deep-chested moan, bit his lip and clutched his body even tighter in his grasp, feeling his orgasm welling up dangerously inside him already. *Not yet, not yet!* he thought to himself with a rising sense of panic, forcing himself to breathe deeply, every muscle inside him clenched tight to ward off the possibility of shooting too soon. He’d only just gotten here, for the first time, after all. He wanted to savor this incredible feeling just a little bit longer. He wanted to fuck, not just slide on inside and shoot. Seb lowered his chest over Eric’s back and slid his arms around the man’s torso, savoring all the feelings of muscles, flesh and fur against him. “You feel fuckin’ incredible, bro,” he murmured against his ear, and when Eric turned his head to the side, Seb was ready to meet his mouth with a deep, tongue-plunging kiss. And then he set to work. It took real effort not to give in to the feelings coursing through his belly and his loins, not to just pump a few quick, short strokes inside Eric’s tight, velvety insides and blow his load. He made himself move deliberately, raising up off Eric’s back, taking his hips in his hands and slowly drawing his cock back a little, almost experimentally, then pushing it back in. He started to build a rhythm, listening to Eric’s breathing, the sounds he was making, husky and soft and masculine sounds of pleasure, watching and feeling his body respond to Seb’s cock inside of him. Each backstroke got a little longer, each thrust inside a little deeper, and once he was pretty confident he wasn’t going to pop off, Seb started to thread his strokes together a little more, finding that rhythm every man knew instinctually, his hips starting to roll more smoothly. “God, fuck, yes, that’s it,” Eric grunted, arching his back again, giving Seb even more access to his insides, giving him a man’s permission to fuck. “Fuck me, bro.” Seb had no idea he’d been waiting so long just to hear those three words. He heard them and felt them, and let them blaze through him, nodding even though Eric couldn’t see it, and started to really fuck him. Once he hit his stride, Seb felt an amazing level of command over his body. He no longer felt like he was going to shoot at any second; that intense impending-orgasmic pleasure had subsided a whole lot, morphing into something deeper, more durable, the fire powering the machinery of his hips and thighs and glutes and core. He’d felt little flashes of this when he’d fucked girls, but never this strongly or consistently, a continual tide of pleasure deep inside that built and built the deeper he fucked, the further he stroked his cock up inside of this incredible guy. He wasn’t just focused on his own pleasure either; he kept trying to read Eric’s body, the way the man moved beneath and back against him, looking for new ways to make the guy moan and shiver and flex the beautifully rippling muscles of his back, to make him push that furry, handsome ass of his back to engulf Seb’s cock even more. Seb tried different movements of his hips, different angles of attack with his cock, looking for more ways to hit Eric’s insides and inspire even more response. Or maybe his body was doing all that on its own, following some ancient inborn programming, and Seb was just a passenger along for the ride. Didn’t matter � either way, it was one hell of a ride, and he was loving every sweating, thrusting, grunting, panting second of it, as his hips pumped smoothly and his cock sang to his balls, and the two men moaned and grunted and gasped together. Eric’s back was starting to glow with sweat as Seb hit a stretch of fast-striding fuckstrokes, his hips hitting the muscular meat of Eric’s fine furry ass with a series of rhythmic slap-slap-slaps. Seb could feel the sweat on his own forehead too, the prickling of it on his chest, and he wondered how he must look right now, in the full glow of his first fuck, holding fast to Eric’s trim hips and fucking him like he was born to it. He never could have expected his first time doing this to be going so well, at least as far as he could tell. But the way Eric moaned and growled and grunted with him, arching his back and fuckign back agaisnt him, that had to mean it was good. It sure was for Seb. As much physical pleasure as he was getting from thrusting his cock up into Eric’s tight, welcoming depths, there was like a second, separate track of pleasure he was experiencing too � the pleasure of giving another man pleasure. Two complementary things, each amplifying the other, making the whole experience even more intense and satisfying. All of a sudden, Seb felt that onrush inside of him again, that rising tide of his orgasm, here as sudden as a tsunami. He was torn inside � try to keep this amazing ride going, or follow his hips and his cock to the inevitable, explosive end right now? *You’re a man now,* he thought. *Fuck him like one.* So he thrust his full length deep inside Eric, savoring the husky moan that drove from the man, and planted himself there. He leaned over his back, his lips finding a glistening patch of sweat centered almost perfectly in the diamond of skin between the handsomely developed bulges of his traps. God, he tasted good, so good, as Seb slid both arms around the man’s athletic torso and held him warmly, his tongue lazily collecting Eric’s sweat, before nuzzling up to his ear. His cock pulsed deep inside Eric as his hands slid over the guy’s chest and stomach, through warm fur moist with energetic sweat, one hand following the trail down into the rich thickness of his bush, then sliding along the throbbing, precum-leaking length of his cock. Eric moaned again, rocking his ass back against Seb’s pelvis, bearing down on him inside with a delicious, teasing pressure that nearly brought Seb off all on its own. “I wanna see you, bro,” Seb murmured to him. A part of him was vaguely surprised at himself, how he’d been all evening, especially this second part of it. Almost like that other part of himself, the lustier, deeper side of him, had finally come out in full and taken him over bodily. He liked it. He liked it a lot. “You got me so fuckin’ close, dude,” Eric murmured back. “Fuck yeah,” Seb grinned, kissing the sweaty skin of his neck, giving his hips a slow, rocking thrust, in and out, one-two, making Eric moan and squeeze all along the length of him again. “Show me, man.” His cock really hated pulling all the way out of the tight, warm clutches of Eric’s ass, but the sight of the man rolling over onto his back, the way the muscles of his thighs and ass and back and torso all shifted together, was a pretty good consolation. Even better was the grin on his handsome face, the spark in his eyes as they roved over Seb’s big young frame and fixed on his cock, throbbing and gleaming in its latex casing as Seb kneeled above him. Seb couldn’t resist sliding his hands up the hard muscles of Eric’s hairy calves, along the insides of his knees, over the long, strong muscles of his thighs. His own eyes zeroed in on the sight of Eric’s big cock, hard and curved up towards the furred musculature of his stomach, the head glossy with precum. He was licking his lips before he even knew he was doing it, and Eric chuckled at his reaction, giving himself a slow, showy stroke. “This what you wanted to see?” he said. “Like you wouldn’t believe,” Seb murmured, crawling up closer, Eric spreading his thighs obligingly to him, leaning up to meet him in another ready, hungry kiss as Seb lowered himself over him. Seb was ready to slide right back up inside of him, but Eric had other ideas. His hands clasped the flesh of Seb’s ass and steered him up a little so their cocks slid along each other while they kissed, and fuck, that was a whole other awesome feeling. Seb’s hips picked up that instinctual rhythm again, Eric growling his approval into his mouth and thrusting back against him, making Seb pant in response. Their hips rocked together, cocks sliding against each other, their kissing growing deeper, hungrier, lustier, Eric’s grip on his ass tightening, and Seb thought he could happily end this whole amazing ride just like this. But Eric took the lead again. “Love getting off like this with a buddy,” he said as they rocked together. “But I want you inside me again, bro. Gotta end this the right way.” “Fuck,” Seb moaned, unable to think of anything more coherent to say to that. “Next time, though…” “Yeah,” Eric grinned, nodding, curling back up a little to flick the tip of his tongue playfully against Seb’s lips. “Next time, for sure, sexy.” *Next time,* Seb thought with a grin, feeling the rush of those words roll through him as he kissed Eric, hard, and reached down, taking his cock in hand for a slow stroke as their tongues danced. He slid his palm down over Eric’s big balls, then lower, into the denser fur beneath, the skin under it slick with overflowed lube. He could feel Eric moving around a little, then the man’s hand on his wrist, pulling it back up, squirting a fresh load of lube onto his fingers, before guiding his hand back down between his thighs. Seb grunted at that and began to stroke it in, painting Eric’s hot, sticky hole with it, then swirling his fingers around the rim before pressing them inside, savoring the way Eric gasped and then moaned as Seb worked them inside of him. Then it was his turn to gasp as Eric reached between them and wrapped his own hand around the rubbered throb of his cock, stroking a fresh coat of lube all along its length with practiced ease. “Come on, bro,” Eric murmured against his lips. “Finish what you started, big guy.” “Yeah bro,” Seb moaned, kissing him again with slow, hungry heat as he moved his hips back between Eric’s thighs and began to slide his cock back inside of him again. Fuck, this was even better, doing it face to face. Sure, the other way had given him that awesome view of the terrain of Eric’s muscled back, of his gleaming cock disappearing up between the cheeks of his ass, inside of him. But this way, Eric could wrap himself around him, bring their bodies even closer, their mouths connected now in near-continuous exploration as their tongues danced and Seb’s cock sank home inside of him. He could feel the throb of Eric’s cock against his belly, even more when Eric wrapped his muscled legs around his trunk and drew him in close and tight, body to body. *Man to man,* Seb thought, and if his lips weren’t so busy entwining with Eric’s, he would have smiled the biggest smile of his life. Once he’d sunk his full length inside him, Seb took a moment to savor all the sensations, his cock and his tongue inside Eric at the same time. Then he let his body take over, propping himself up on his elbows to draw his hips back, then drive his cock home again, as Eric’s hands stroked and clutched at the muscles of his upper arm, athletic thighs tightening around him. Those hands worked up to the bunched muscles of Seb’s shoulders, over his traps and down his flanks, caressing his sweaty skin as his hips worked that ancient rhythm, so new to him and yet programmed deep into him as well. Seb slipped one arm under Eric’s back to lever him up a little more, give himself some more room to work, at the same time faintly marveling to himself at how naturally all this seemed to come to him. Eric stretched a little to reach his hands further down Seb’s back, over the rolling muscle, finding the thrusting grind of his hips and the slopes of his ass. Eric grunted into his mouth when he found it, squeezing the thick, fleshy muscles tighter, feeling them flex, making Seb grunt lustily in response. He remembered very well how much Eric had loved his ass, which Seb had always faintly worried was too big, too prominent. He wasn’t worried about that at all now � he was glad, damn glad, because that’s what had drawn this guy’s eyes his way that first time, back at the airport a couple weeks ago. That’s what had gotten them where they were now, two men connecting in the deepest way, the way Seb had always wanted to be with another man. Every time he did squats from now on, he’d think about that and smile, and try not to throw a huge hardon right there in the gym. Right now, he had more to do with his huge hardon as he brought them both home. He did his best to vary up the speed and tempo of his thrusts, his hips working fast and hard, then slow and deep, as Eric grunted and groped at his flesh and spurred him on. They were both deep into the home stretch now, and his hips worked faster, finding a steady, powerful rhythm, sweat starting to bead in earnest on his skin as he felt that glowing heat building inexorably deep inside him again. Like an old steam train, the fire tended and stoked and fed, the engine powering along to its destination, almost unstoppable, even if either of them wanted to. He pushed up on one hand, really aware now of the power and pump in his muscles as he worked, knowing he was getting that kind of fuck-pump he loved to see in a really good top in porn. But he focused his gaze on Eric’s, using his free hand to stroke over the guy’s beautifully defined pecs, stroking through the sweaty fur, over the solid muscles of his core, finding Eric’s hand stroking his own cock now in time with his thrusts, and joining it there. “You gonna cum for me, bro?” he said, his voice strained and husky. “Damn fuckin’ right I am,” Eric grunted, grinning, his hand falling away from his cock, letting Seb pleasure him there too. “You’re gonna make me cum, bro.” “Oh fuck yeah,” Seb moaned, fucking a little faster. No stopping now. “You and me both.” “Let’s fuckin’ do it, buddy,” Eric said. “Let’s fuckin’ cum, man.” “Yeah, let’s fuckin’ cummmmmm…” Seb gasped, and with that his hips went into overdrive, his cock pistoning in and out of Eric’s tight, slick, hot insides, the bed shaking now, Eric’s cock flowing precum into his grip as Eric reached up to tweak both his nipples, and fuck, fuck, here it came, here he came… “Awwwww fuck!” Eric growled, his cock pulsating in Seb’s slick grasp, and he was shooting, hard, ropes of cum spurting up in the air between them, landing in streaks up the sweaty, furred shapes of his flexing core and chest. His hole clutched around the thrusting circumference of Seb’s cock in time with the pulses of his own, and Seb couldn’t hold out any more. As Eric’s shooting seed started to falter, Seb unloaded his with a deep-chested growl that built into a near-roar, surprising even him, as he thrust up inside Eric once more, planting himself deep in there, and started to shoot and shoot and shoot. The two of them moaned and writhed through their orgasms together, Eric’s hands stroking over Seb’s arms and chest as he shot his last inside of him, Seb letting go of Eric’s cock to steady himself on the bed, hands planted either side of Eric’s shoulders. He felt kind of faint, but powerful too, implanted deep inside this incredibly sexy dude, his cock spurting its last shots, his last cherry taken care of in fine style. Eventually he slipped from Eric’s well-fucked hole, and collapsed beside him on the bed, still breathing heavily, sweat cooling on his skin along with stray spots of Eric’s cum. Eric chuckled beside him, and soon Seb joined in, slipping his arm under the guy’s neck to draw him close as they laughed deep and low together, Eric’s hand moving up to stroke over his sweaty torso as their breathing eased. Seb turned his head to look at him, then leaned in to kiss him, slower this time, more languid, Eric rolling onto his side as they enjoyed the slow, warm, easy exchange of tongues. “Well then,” Eric said a little while later. “For a first-timer, that was a hell of a ride, my friend.” Seb smiled modestly at that, squeezing his arm around Eric in gratitude. “Thanks for, uh, letting me, man,” he said, and Eric just laughed again. “Wasn’t exactly a hardship,” he smiled. “Least I could do to return the favor from the hotel.” “I’m glad we got to do it,” Seb said. “All of it. Thank you, For real, bro.” Eric’s teeth gleamed white in the low light of the room as he smiled at him, one hand stroking Seb’s stomach slowly, up to his chest. “My pleasure, bro, truly,” he said. “Best Christmas present ever.” Seb laughed out loud at that, because he’d been thinking the exact same thing, ever since the Intercontinental. It felt so damn good to lay here with another guy, fuck sweat still cooling, still slightly dazed with good post-sex vibes, and just laugh and be easy, no rush to get dressed and get out. No furtive glances, no looking away, no sense of shame. Something he’d wanted ever since he’d started to understand who he was. Something Eric had already given him once, and was giving him again now, free and easy, no complications. Just two men, connected, the way Seb had always wanted to be. “So… you wanna sleep in here with me tonight, then?” Eric asked, and for the first time, Seb noticed he didn’t sound quite as confident as usual. “I can make up the couch for…” Without even thinking about it, Seb rolled onto his side and pressed his mouth to Eric’s, feeding him a slow, deep, intimate kiss, running his hand up and down the guy’s finely-honed flank. Eric moaned a little into his mouth as their tongues danced a little while, and when Seb finally pulled back, the guy’s eyes were smiling along with his lips. “No disrespect, but fuck your couch,” Seb said. “And anyway, you promised next time, we could…” He surprised himself again by rolling his hips, grinding his soft cock against Eric’s hip, feeling the faint stirrings again deep inside. Eric laughed, reaching over to grab his hip and pull him in tighter. “I did indeed,” he said, lips brushing Seb’s as he spoke. “And I’m a man of my word. Count on it.” “So am I, bro,” Seb murmured back. “I’m looking forward to making you cum again. Looking forward to all of it.” Eric didn’t say anything else, just slid his arm around him kissed him. Seb slipped one thigh over the top of Eric’s and leaned into the kiss, feeling that languid, slow-rising heat inside him, coming through in the easy way his lips and tongue met Eric’s. A man’s heat, and a man’s kiss. It was who he was now. Who he was going to be, from now on. This was just the beginning of something for Seb, and it was one hell of a way to start. For now, though, they still had the night, and each other. Seb stroked his hand up Eric’s arm to cup his jaw, and as he slowly rolled on top of him and kissed him deeper, all he could think, the words imprinted bright and clear in the front of his brain, was *Thank you.* The End

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