cuckold lifestyle 21


cuckold lifestyle 21Well it’s Friday the thirteenth…it’s just now seven o clock here in Atlanta and it’s about to start raining again. I’m at the computer wearing my CB3000 that was installed by my wife just before she left to meet up with one of her boy toys for a night of hard fucking. She did allow me to watch her get dressed only because she put the CB on me before hand. As she dressed she was telling me about a party that she was invited to , I asked her if I was also invited? She said yes you where but I declined for you, being that you where busy tonight. Oh , I am I asked? Yes you had work you brought from the shop to do and I told you I’d stay and help but you insisted that I go and have a good time without you. Well I’m a hell of a guy aint I? ,I told her. Yes I guess you are..we had a laugh. She was pulling up a brand new pair of black stockings and fastening them to her garter belt , I asked if could help. She said no, you’d just try to “cop” a feel and I don’t need to slap your hand tonight. When she had both stockings anchored to the garter belt she stood Escort up and arched her back , sticking her tits out, she said what do you think? Push up bra or bustier? I asked what dress are you wearing? She said I’m wearing a knee length gray skirt and a black cotton button down shirt. I said wear the push up and leave the top three buttons undone. She liked that idea, well with the top three buttons undone she was showing a nice set of round tits with cleavage about three inches long. Sexy but not trashy…the skirt was modest looking also, she put a short pair of hills on . I looked at her and asked , wait where is this party , you almost look like you are going to a PTA meeting, well all but the cleavage . She said her boss had asked her to come to a party he was having for some real close friends that he does business with. I asked what does he expect from you at this party? She said I’m suposed to just have fun and dance with them older gentelmen , let them feel me up if they want to, but their son’s will be there too. They are taking over their Escort Bayan pop’s business and they might want more than just a feel. I said your boss didn’t tell you you have to fuck these guys did he? She said NO, he told me I didn’t have to but if I found them good looking he didn’t care if I used his office for a little hide and seek. Well a kiss on the cheek and she’s out the door. So I read stories all night on the Hamster..and at midnight I get into bed. around one thirty I hear the garage door open as my wife pulls in. Soon she’s in the bed room and I turn on my bedside light. She looks just like she did when she left six hours ago. As she is taking off her shirt I asked her how the party went. She said it went just fine, and as soon as her shirt fell to the floor I could see hickies all over her breast. OH , some one was sucking tits I see. Yeah that damn Mark thought it was funny to try and write his name in hickies on my tits. I didn’t know what he was doing till he was doing it. How did you not see him I asked, well he was laying on the office Bayan Escort floor and I was strattle him riding his hardon , well Dan ( Mark’s little brother ) came in and saw what we where doing and he wanted my ass while his big brother was in my pussy. As I helped him get in my ass that damn Mark was sucking my tits. Oh well , they had fun, I came twice , my boss gave me a three hundred dollar tip for making them happy. OH man your almost a whore .. you got paid for fucking….she said yeah I did, I like that , I might have to start charging for what I’ve been giving away all these years. I asked for an early release of the little man, she said you got any money? My pussy aint free any more. I said no, I gave you all my money , she said well get to eatting, that’s all the action your going to get. I went down on her, I love the way her pussy always smells like a mix of her pussy and a man’s crotch, it’s a cool smell. I can always tell if she been fucking for a long time , her clit is always swollen and puffy and her lips are very red, if she just flipped her skirt up for a “quicky” her pussy will be wet and slick but the clit will be small and the lips are normal size. OK, thats that…she made three hundered bucks, points with the boss, and added two young studs to her address book. Life is good

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