Dad and his Girls


Dad and his GirlsMy first attempt at Erotic Fiction. Hopefully the start of a Series of Stories It all began at the start of my Daughters summer holidays. We were a normal family, Me , My wife Alice and My 2 Girls, Demi and Natalie . When I say normal I mean, we both have steady jobs and the girls both do OK at school. We live a comfortable life and none of us really want for anything. But that’s where it all stopped. I first became suspicious of my wife after she started to work late into the evenings and occasionally weekends. She also began to talk about a college at work more and more called Steve. I thought nothing of it at first, but it became more and more annoying to hear his name, especially around the dinner table with the girls. I got more suspicious when she told me she had to go away for the weekend with Steve to a conference. She never had to do this before and I wasn’t aware of any promotion. So I decided to follow her and see what she was up to for the weekend. I got my sister too look after the girls for the weekend and I headed off to the hotel where my wife was staying.That’s when I found out. My wife of 20 years was cheating on me with another man. Not just any man either, but her best friend’s son who was almost 30 years younger than her. I was devastated, how could she do this too me. So I confronted her, it turned out she had been seeing him for 6 months and they planned to move away together, completely abandoning her life, and her girls too. Fast forward to the Monday after the weekend and I told my wife she had to decide what she wanted, she chose Steve and decided to move out and go live with him in his one bed flat. The girls were torn up, they couldn’t understand why there mum would do that too them, and why she had to move away. Natalie took it especially hard and spent the next week crying her eyes out. So it was decided between me and my sister that she would go stay with her for a week or 2 too take her mind off things. Leaving me and Demi to live at home.Now let me tell you about Demi, she was very mature for her age, and although she didn’t say as much knew about the world and its problems. I was also very aware she was sexually active, she was always asking for boys to stay over (which we always said no too) and she was always out on a Friday or Saturday night round her friends, usually getting drunk. I wasn’t too fussed about this as at her age I was doing the same. Just not the sex part. But short of forbidding her to leave the house there wasn’t much I could do there. Demi had developed into a very attractive young girl too. Blonde hair down to the middle of her back, a hell of a body, just like her mother. Natalie on the other hand was completely the opposite, shy, timid and very quiet. Also incredibly oblivious to her looks and developing body. She was a totally different shape to Demi, who was short and slightly thick set. Natalie was tall and slim. With very long slender legs.These girls were my world now and I had to be there for them any way I could. So with Natalie gone for the week I told Demi we were going to have a night in, just the two of us, and to sweeten the deal I told her she could have a glass or two of wine. I let her choose the movie too, so she was excited to be able to spend time with me. I told her to go get changed into her Pajamas while I popped out to pick up the movie and the wine. By the time I got back she was already downstairs on the sofa in her Pink Pajamas and slippers. This is when I first noticed her body in a way different to how a father looks at his daughter. Her boobs were straining to button up top and her bottoms were tight round her peachy ass. I shook myself out of the stare and thought nothing of it, and went to pour us a glass of wine each. I settled Escort down on the sofa on the opposite end to Demi with my wine to which she sighed “Dad why don’t you want to sit next to me? It’s a scary film so I need you to protect me” So I scooted along and sat next to her, and she laid her head on my chest and put my arm over her back. The film was going along at quite a slow pace for most of the first hour and then suddenly out of no where something happened on screen to make Demi jump. Which spilled my wine down my trousers. I jumped up and tried to dry it off but I was soaked through. “Im going to have to go change Demi, so can you pause the movie” to which she replied in a pleading voice “No Dad, its just getting good I don’t want too. Can you just take your trousers off and sit in your boxers. It’s a warm night anyway” Reluctantly I decided there would be no harm in it, so took them wet trousers off and then sat down again.Demi resumed her position with her head on my chest and we carried on with the movie. At this point the wine was going down very well and I had already had 3 large glasses and Demi 2. So we were both pretty tipsy. The film finished and I asked her what she wanted to do next. After some deliberation she said she wanted to play truth or dare, because apparently that’s what her and her friends so when they finish a movie. So we started, few questions went by and they were pretty harmless fun ones. Until she asked one that took me back “Why do you think Mum went off with the younger guy?” I knew the reason, it was because mine and my wife’s sex life had dried up due to her never wanting to do anything in bed with me, but I wasn’t about to say this to my daughter, so I took the dare. She asked me “Take your t-shirt off, so your just in your boxers” I think it was the wine taking over in both of us, so I did it thinking no harm could come of it.Next thing I knew I was sat there in tight black boxers in front of my daughter playing truth or dare. Looking at her I couldn’t help my see how sexy my daughter was, which gave me a semi. I panicked a little and adjusted myself so it could not be seen. But by this point all logic was leaving my brain and all I could think about was Demi. So I asked the next question “Have you ever had ex with a guy?” To which she replied surprisingly “No, Ive had sex, but not with a guy” While saying this she had a cheeky smile flash across her face. I was dumbfounded. Did this mean my daughter had sex with other girls? Her turn to ask the question “When was the last time you had sex dad?” I decided to be honest, and say “about 1 year ago honey”. She smiled again. My turn, and at this point I only had one thing on my mind. The thought of Demi with her friends playing around. This gave me a full hard on and made me very uncomfortable while sitting there. I was sure she could see it but I had to play it cool incase it freaked her out. I asked her a question ” Same question to you Demi, when was the last time you had sex” She told me she didn’t want to say, so it was dare time. ” I dare you to get into your underwear too, I can just be sitting here in my pants can I” So she did, she took her Pajama top and bottoms off. There was my daughter sitting there in white cotton panties with little hearts on them and a matching bra. Which barley contained her growing breasts.We both looked at each other and didn’t know what to do next. We knew this was wrong. But we were both too drunk and horny to really care. That’s when she spotted it ” Dad what the hell is going on with your pants……..are you hard?” She looked shocked at what she saw. “Im so sorry darling, I don’t mean to scare you with this. I think it’s the wine doing it too me” She sat there silent. The said “Stand up Dad” I refused, Escort Bayan but she was very insistent, so eventually I had too. I was stood there, in my pants with a hard on curled round to the side in front of my eldest daughter. I didn’t know what to do or where to look. Demi broke the silence. “Wow Dad, that’s the first time Ive ever seen anything like this, its nice” I couldn’t believe what she was saying, or what I was doing. She then stood up and walked in front of me “Dad, can I see it? Can you get it out for me?” I looked at her again and thought “What the hell, we have come this far” So I popped out my erect cock and it stood there to attention just inches from Demi’s stomach. Wow dad, that seems pretty big. “What is it? 7inces” “Yes honey, about that”So there I was, stood naked in front of my sexy daughter with a hard on. My mind was going crazy. Thinking this is wrong, but wanting to do naughty things with her. I was conflicted, but in my head decided that I was going to do this. I want it, and I think she does too. I leaned into to Demi and planted a kiss on her lips. She initially pulled back, but then launched into a full on passionate kiss with me. I couldn’t believe it, she wanted it too. The little minx had this planned all along. She pulled away and said “Dad I want to make you forget about mum and make you happy again” I pulled back and said “Demi, you said you have never had sex. How do you know you want to do this?” “I want you to be my first Dad, I always have. It was just finding the right time”That was all I needed to hear, I picked her up and took her upstairs to my bedroom. I threw her down onto the bed and told her ” I love you and whatever happens will happen because you want it too” I looked down on my eldest daughter and didn’t see her as that any more. I saw her as a woman who wanted me. I got on the bed and laid down next to her. She was breathing heavily, whilst looking into my eyes. “Daddy, I want you. I want you to make me feel like a woman. I want to be filthy with you, I want to be yours. No limits” As she said this I almost came right then and there. Demi was looking a little worse for ware however, and I felt that she might be drunk. All of my urges were telling me to do this thing tonight. But I wouldn’t feel right with myself. After all we had another week to do something if anything was to happen. So I decided to see if she was tired and made my excuses and left the room for 5 minutes. This proved to be the right thing to do, as when I came back in she was sound asleep on the bed. I looked at her for a second and was again taken back by her sheer beauty. I decided that for tonight we will sleep in the same bed. Me naked, and her in her underwear and see how things were in the morning. I did however have to go and blow a load in the bathroom otherwise I would have been hard all night.Chapter 2Morning broke, and I woke to the sight of my daughter laying next to me. I hadn’t really slept a wink during the night as I spent most of it looking at her. Demi woke up and looked at me, and to my absolute joy smiled at me. “Morning Daddy, did you have a good night last night, sorry I fell asleep I was really tired. Don’t think Ive forgotten about when happened” My heart jumped, it wasn’t just a drunken thing. She really did want me. With this she rolled over and got on all 4s and got on top of me. She leaned in for a kiss and our lips met and she kissed me deeply again. “Daddy, do we get to play today?” Demi pouted. “Yes darling, we have all week to play too. Then your sister is back” She let out a little squeal and kissed me again. There we were, my daughter semi naked and me totally naked laying there kissing like lovers. My cock began to grow and I could feel it begin to come Bayan Escort into contact with Demi’s crotch.Daddy, I can feel you getting bigger. “Am I turning you on? Ive never done this with a guy before so Im not sure if im doing it right.” “Yes Demi, your doing very well, my cock is hard again because of you” Demi began to rock backwards and forwards, rubbing my cock between her legs. I couldn’t bare it “Honey, if you don’t stop daddy is going to cum very soon. I don’t want to do it so quick” She stopped and then got up. “Well daddy, if you don’t want to cum quick I guess you will have to help me out. Because I do” This was music to my ears, so I stood up too and pushed her backwards onto the bed. I took a good look at my little sex pot and got down on my knees and put my face near her crotch. “Now baby, you do want this don’t you? Once we start there is no going back?” “Yes yes Daddy. Just do it already im horny!” With that I tore off her cotton panties and looked at her virgin cunt.I dove straight in, licking around the lips of her pussy. Demi flung her head back and started the heavy breathing again. “Ohh daddy, you’re good. Just as good as Na……” I looked up “ What do you mean Na…? Are you talking about your sister?” Demi hesitated for a while…..” Err, yes Daddy. Natalie and me have been playing around….that’s the person I have had sex with. Your not mad are you?” Mad, how could I be mad, if anything I was more aroused “ No baby, im not mad. Just annoyed you didn’t tell me sooner. We will deal with that later” I went back to licking my little girls hairless pussy. Clearly she had shaved it in preparation. My tongue was now licking all over her pussy, and eventually found its way to her clit. “Ohhh daddy……lick me harder…..” I was licking with all my might when she started to scream out…….”Daddy, im going to cum” and did she ever. Her whole body began to shake, and a little cum came out of her pussy. “Wow daddy, Ive never cum like that before, that was intense” Before I even had time to work out what was going on. She got up and pushed me back onto the bed.Daddy, I want to suck my first cock. With that she got on her knees in front of me and put her head next to my rock hard erection. She then kissed it, and slowly started licking the tip, working her way down to the base. Eventually she made it back to the top again and looked me in the eyes as she took the head into her mouth and began to suck. She was an instant pro. Bobbing her head up and down in rhythm while wanking it with her hands. “Are you sure you haven’t done this before Demi?” “No” came the reply. She took my cock out of her mouth and spat a load of saliva onto it to lube it up more. Now, she must be physic as I love a sloppy blowjob. But her mother refused to do it. I also loved it when a girl deep throated me. So without thinking I put my hands on the back of her head and slowly started to help her bob down more and more. Taking most of my cock in her mouth. She gagged a couple of times, but this seemed to spur her on. Eventually she was taking the whole length, and there was spit and saliva everywhere. Her eyes were watering too, but she didn’t seem to mind. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and looked at her. She smiled back and said “I love you daddy” With this I couldn’t hold back much longer and told her I was about to cum. She put my cock back into her mouth and began sucking and playing with my balls to help it out. That’s when I started Cumming. It was the hardest I had cum in a long time. What seemed like loads came out and Demi swallowed it all up. Not losing a drop. Eventually when I stopped, she looked up at me and said “Was that good enough dad?” “Yes baby, that was more than your mother ever did for me” To which she replied “Good, Im your slut now. I want you to use me like one too”I went and got a shower and told her to do the same as we had to go out shopping that morning for food and things. I had planned to go down the pub but things had changed. I think the next week is going to be fun………

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