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On the way back to camp I was very conscious of my bald pussy, although it was a humiliating experience, in some ways it was quite pleasurable. Now as Darlene drove through the countryside I reflected on my feelings. I had noticed Margaret watching and she obviously enjoyed what she saw, not I began to wonder if she didn’t have something to do with it. Darlene too watched without saying anything or trying to prevent what they did to me. But it was Margaret’s grin that was beginning to make me wonder, and knowing her I could hear her saying something like; oh don’t make such a fuss. The problem was there was so much chatter going on with the others women I couldn’t be sure who said what. Living in a barracks with about 18 other women, how could I explain it if they were to catch a glimpse of my bald pussy? Undressing and dressing in front of just women there was never a need for real privacy, so unless I was real careful there was a good chance the girls in the beds next to mine might get a glimpse of my nakedness. Of course I could keep my knickers on to hide myself, but then I never did as it was not considered healthy. Sleeping with ones day clothes on could cause some repercussions, as living in close quarters like that cleanliness was very important. I certainly did not want to be a candidate for the ‘Boot Polish’ treatment. When I first joined up and came together with other women, we all came from different walks of life. Cleanliness was the one thing bahis şirketleri that was demanded from all of us; however there was the odd woman who for whatever reason didn’t see the need. One girl in basic training in fact never really made her bed; she just took of her tunic and skirt, loosened her tie and crawled under a blanket to sleep. Also except for slapping some water on her face then reapplying her makeup, did not see the need for bathing. After repeated warnings she didn’t change her ways, in fact got quite ignorant telling others to ‘Fuck off.’ Complaining to the authorities was out of the question, so a group of girls decided to do something about it. One evening after supper when we were all in the barracks, they gathered round her and grabbed her and after a struggle managed to get her up onto a table. She started to scream as if she was being murdered and a rag was thrust in her mouth and tied there to quiet her screams. Then, with many hands to hold her they stripped her naked, and someone got a tin of boot polish and a brush, and they blackened her from her tits to her knees. Then unceremoniously she was escorted (marched) to the bath houses. There she was dunked in a cold bath and handed a scrubbing brush and bar laundry soap, and told to clean herself. When she finally came back into the barracks her skin looked red raw from the scrubbing, and she was told to make her bed properly and allowed to get in it. Of course the next day when she bahis firmaları was dressed none of it showed. The next couple of nights she was given the option, and she volunteered to bathe herself. Now that was an extreme case, still it served as a wakeup call for not only that poor girl, but for anyone else who might feel lazy about their personal hygiene. That night in the barracks I was very careful in changing into my pajamas, so managed to slip into bed with no problem. In the morning it was different, normally when after washing and brushing my teeth, I’d return to my bed space to get changed for work. This normally started with struggling into my girdle, then putting on my knickers followed by my stockings. So for one’s pussy to be on display for a few moments was not uncommon, still that morning being aware of this I was one of the first up and out to the washrooms. It was not like me to be the first out of bed; still no one seemed to notice. So after a hurried wash and teeth cleaning hurried back and quickly got dressed. Again I was lucky and wondered how I could keep this up without others realizing the sudden change in my habits; still it happened I would not have to worry about it. That night thanks to that damned girdle, as I rolled it down over my hips and thighs the girl in the next bed space got a glimpse of my crotch. It was after ten o’clock and being a Monday night almost all the girls were in the barracks, so there was quite a bit kaçak bahis siteleri of chatter going on. Still it seemed that the room went quiet when the girl said, “What happened to your hair?” Embarrassed I ignored her and grabbing my pajama bottoms and hurried into them. However the damage was done, another voice said, “What hair, what are you talking about?” “Rosie’s got no pubic hair” she went on, I was aware of some other girls coming around and someone else saying, “You sure?” Now as I said before shaving was not at all common in those days, so I was conscious of them gathering around my bed space. Still I ignored everybody and muttered something like, “Mind your own business” and tried to climb into bed. Now that was a big mistake on my part as now hands were pulling on my bed covers to get me up and the more I struggled to keep myself covered, the more determined they were to have their way. I got up on my knees to fight them off but many hands grabbed me, and I felt myself being dragged out of bed. By now every girl in the room must have been around me, and a voice said, “Get her up on the table and we’ll take a look.” I was still struggling and kicking and crying, but that just seemed to add fuel to the occasion. I felt my pajama bottoms being ripped off me and again many hands grabbed my flailing legs and held them apart.Now I was helpless, in tears held in a spread eagle position for the others to gaze upon my nakedness. My arms were held firmly as well as my legs, and they were in no hurry to let me up. Lots of comments were being passed around, too many to mention here. All I could do was clamp my eyes shut to try to stop the tears of humiliation, and bite my lip to wait it out.

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