It’s a holiday weekend and the weather has been amazing. We’ve spent most of the day laying together in a hammock, sipping wine and enjoying the sun, swaying lazily back and forth in the breeze.

As the sun begins to set, we begin kissing tenderly, licking and tasting each other’s lips, our tongues rubbing together as our hands roam freely. Moaning softly as your hand slides under my shirt, squeezing and massaging my breast, you push my bra up and out of the way so you can roll and pinch my nipples. My hand slides down your chest and stomach, caressing the growing bulge in the front of your pants. Hearing the low groan rumbling in your chest when my cool fingers undo your fly and slip inside wrapping around your warm cock, makes my pussy quiver.

Both of us meet the gaze of the other, seeing the want and need burning in them. Hastily we untangle ourselves from the hammock and head indoors, both knowing while romantic, hammocks are not practical for making love. Once inside we begin peeling off and throwing off clothes as we head to our bed, landing on it naked in each other’s arms, mouths and hands moving in frenzied need.

You roll us, pinning me beneath you, the weight of your body pressing down against me holding isveçbahis yeni giriş me still. Slowly you lick and swirl your tongue around my left nipple, sucking and pulling on it before moving to the right, grazing your teeth over it and biting gently. It feels like sparks shooting through my body, causing me to cry out your name and a pool of warmth to form between my thighs. My back arches under you, pressing my body firmly against you as your touches fill me with need. Your lips and tongue continue moving lower until your mouth is hovering over my slick pussy, your warm breath blowing across it sending chills running up my spine.

Before I can ask what you’re doing, your tongue dives between my swollen lips, lapping eagerly at my clit. Your arms wrapped around my thighs holding me still and open for your taking. I can’t stop moaning louder and louder as your mouth makes love to me, your tongue darting in and out of my wet hole while your fingers rub small circles around my clit. The feeling of myself getting close to the edge begins to grow, my breathing getting faster and my pulse starting to race as your tongue and finger trade places. Your lips and tongue start flicking and sucking my clit isveçbahis giriş hard, while you pump your fingers in and out of me, pressing firmly against the spongy flesh just inside my entrance. I can’t resist any longer and start to scream your name as I fall and shatter, my warm juices gushing over your face, my tight walls locking around your fingers in a death grip.

Somewhat dazed and still feeling the intense waves of my orgasm washing over me, I hardly register you rolling me over onto stomach and raising my ass in the air. Your gaze locked on my pussy lips, swollen and glistening, fluttering and aching to be filled. Positioning your self behind me with your hands on my hips and the tip of your cock resting against my hole, you wait only a moment till we hear the first loud bang of fireworks exploding to thrusting your hips forward driving your cock as deep into me as possible. You slowly pull back till you’re once again resting at my entrance, waiting, ramming your cock in with the next explosion. You continue to fuck me like this, explosion after explosion, fucking me hard, making me scream and my tits bounce.

You stop and are still for a moment. Looking back over my shoulder at you, you lean isveçbahis güvenilirmi down to kiss me and I ask if you came. You start to grin and tighten your grip on my hips before simply saying not yet. Seconds later, explosions start ringing out as the grand finally of the display starts. Your hips become a frenzied blur, slamming into me over and over making me cry out as you fuck me hard and fast, your balls slapping against my pussy and your thighs slapping against my ass. My pussy starts clamping tight around you once more, squeezing as tight walls milk your length while you pummel me.

The urge to cum again overwhelming, I relent and no longer fight it as my pussy starts to spasm around you, your shaft being pulled deeper. I scream your name as I cum, bright while lights exploding in front of my eyes. Groaning, you thrust into me one more time, filling me with the thick white ropes of your cum, mixing with my juices to drip down the back of my leg. Exhausted you collapse on top of my back, wrapping your arms around me, kissing the nape of my neck while your beard lightly scratches my skin. The sensation making me shiver.

You fall to the side, taking me with you, spooning together as we catch our breaths and let our hearts and pulses slow. I feel you bury your face into the crook of my neck, your sigh of contentment warm against my skin. I try to keep my eyes open, wanting to spend the night watching you sleep, but eventually they close and I drift off to sleep, wrapped in your embrace

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