Fooled by a black man.


Fooled by a black man.It was a late saturday morning and i was half way through the 20 minute walk from my house to my local town centre. I had enjoyed the first peaceful ten minutes of the journey just taking in the pleasant scenery while strolling along. Suddenly from across the other side of the road i heard a man shouting so i turned to look and saw that he was trying to gain my attention. He shouted ‘come here mate’, slowly i crossed the road to his car window to see what he wanted. Hesitantly I asked ‘can i help?’, he replied asking me if i knew where a local gym was as he said he was late for teaching a class after explaining that he was a fitness instructor. I thought nothing of it thinking that he was a normal guy, his physique was muscular and he was in good shape so i didnt question him being an instructor. I started to give him directions to where he wanted to go when mardin escort he said that he couldnt remember it all and that if i could jump in the car to show him if he paid me. I wasnt too keen on the idea to be honest as i dont make a habit of getting into black mens cars that ive never met before but i thought hey why not im not that busy. I jumped into the passenger seat and he drove off down the road, we got talking and he was keen to know whether or not i had a girlfriend. I told him that i didnt and he replied ‘me neither’. As i read out directions to him he started to make the odd wrong turn and after a short while we were lost and he was completely ignoring my instructions. At this point i didnt have a clue what he was doing and the conversation had come to an end as silence fell in the car. We were heading down a single track country muğla escort lane that appeared to be a dead end at the bottom, i asked him what he was doing and he chuckled ‘just wait’. I was now starting to get a little worried and a little scared as the car came to a stop at the bottom of the lane. I turned to look at his face as he looked at me then he told me to ‘suck on it…’. The second i heard the words come out of his mouth i could not believe what was happening. I knew exactly what he meant and as i looked down to his lap i saw a big black cock the size of a pringles can poking out the end of his small shorts. It must have been 11″ long i had never seen anything like it in my life, i felt as if my penis no longer existed this was it this was what all girls meant when they whispered about black guys. As i lowered my head closer towards the muş escort monster cock further and further until the head filled my entire mouth i choked on the thickness of the cock. I slurped back and forth taking his huge dick deep down my throat as me moaned and tensed. I felt his cock getting harder and harder pulsating in my mouth as he grabbed the back of my head forcing it down on his rod. He held my head down for over 30 seconds as i choked and gagged whilst my eyes watered, he started to fuck my mouth while holding my head banging the tip of his giant black snake off the back of my throat over and over. He did so for a while harder and harder until he came to the point of exploding at which point he held my head down on his cock shooting his big hot load down my throat and into my mouth, I licked and sucked the rest of the cum from his huge rod before licking my lips clean. He turned to me and said ‘I cant believe you fell for the whole gym instructor act haha’, some how i was amused after kind of enjoying my first encounter with a big black cock and also laughed it off. From that day on i will always understand why women choose to serve black cock.

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