Frisky Growth


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.


“Oh… Wow…”

Kalleis took a step back on the train station platform, eyes wide, though the dragoness was not exactly of a diminutive stature herself. There were few that she felt at all intimidated by, standing tall at six foot two inches, height being something that she measured and kept track of. But her friend, who she had not seen in a few months, despite corresponding by letter (for the history of it) and speaking through small magical portals. In modern times, communication was not an issue for the number of means there were to get in touch with others, magic and, quite often too, magic-infused technology at their disposal.

Yet transport could be more comfortable when magic was not utilised, which was why Dianah had chosen to take the train back to their hometown on the coast, blue water lapping at a white shoreline. Tiny rocks had broken down into fragments of sand that, while not perfectly white with black and grey and shaded chips broken through it, gave the impression that it was an angelic white, something that could not be replicated in any other land. Olive groves were plentiful further inland, the warm air of the Mediterranean climate softening around both Kalleis and Dianah.

Though the grey dragoness was lightly clothed in a long, flowing dress that came down to her ankles, the blue fabric rippling in the breeze. Kalleis’ soft markings came in varying shades of grey, even a touch of brown, though were hidden by the dress fluttering at her legs as they curved around her waist, where they added to the shape of her body. The softer grey running down from under her chin, down the entire front of her body, however, could be seen at the neck of her dress where it came up around her neck, to keep everything in place.

Where Kalleis was comfortable with her size, it could not be more obvious that Dianah was very uncomfortable with her height, shifting her weight from foot to foot in her sandals, the straps of which came up around her ankles. The white-bodied dragoness with a long, flowing mane of blue hair that constantly seemed to ripple and move grumbled as she ducked to squeeze through the train doors. Whereas nothing had changed about the train that had been running for many years on the same track, taking people around the country and beyond, further onto the continent, Dianah had changed. Even the tastefully placed and decorated waste receptacles at the train station looked small next to her, no longer coming up to her waist as they would have before but her thighs. Such a small thing was impossible to miss after such time.

“Dianah…” Kalleis laughed softly, offering her a hand as the taller, bigger dragoness wedged herself out awkwardly, which was not befitting of her and her power at all. “What happened to you? Have you been training? That’s incredible!”

She openly admired her friend, even if the growth in her power had shown through very clearly in bodily growth too. Where the dragoness had been a little taller than her before, she had to be over seven feet tall by that stage, struggling to understand where her body was at any one time. That was one of the many problems with her body growing, even if it reflected a change in her power, the magic inside her, what she trained and practised every single day.

For the magic, of course, had to have somewhere to reside, even if it was inside the body of a dragon who did not yet know how she could hold it…

“Speak for yourself,” Dianah grumbled, wincing as she bumped her shoulder on the side of the train’s door. “You didn’t have to sit in two seats and pay for them too… That was so embarrassing.”

And she genuinely meant it too, even as Kalleis chuckled and took her hands in hers, drawing her to the side of the platform, under the awning that was there more to shelter them from the strong sunshine. Most stayed out of the direct heat in the middle of the day, but she could not help that that had been when the train had been due to come in.

“Aw, come on, Dianah, it couldn’t be that bad. That’s amazing!”

It had been too long since they had been together and Dianah forgot her worries as they embraced strongly, though they did have to consider where Kalleis’ head was, considering the difference in their heights. It was not too bad, but it was enough to give them pause, Kalleis giggling and brushing her fingers back through her hair.

“Yeah… I’ll try to be modest with you, Dianah, don’t worry!”

But perhaps Dianah did have something to worry about, after all, for Kalleis kept her eyes on the taller, stronger dragoness even while they bahis şirketleri were walking along the promenade, some of the beachy shops for tourists a little on the busy side, though it was nearing the end of the season. Once youngsters were back in full schooling at the end of summer, there were fewer families there and more couples, more enjoying the country and the coast quietly, laughter on the air.

Some held hands and she wondered, briefly, if she should with Dianah. They weren’t lovers and never had been, but there was something else between them. Something linked to their magical abilities, what they had practised together and trained in for so many years before.

Dianah knew it…but Kalleis had never been so open with it. The taller dragoness had a little rounded touch to her stature, as if she was trying to curl into herself a little more, and her smile was a little more on the shy side, but Kalleis was not worried about that. She’d help Dianah feel a little more herself again, straightening her shoulders, walking tall and proud with the swing of her tail behind her drawing her eye lustfully. The dragoness was so tall, perhaps around six and a half feet? Why was it hard to judge that, she was terrible at sizes, though she was certainly bigger than expected… But she wondered if she would even be able to use the benches at any of their old stomping grounds for fear of cracking the wood with her power.

“How about we go to a café?” Kalleis suggested, if only to distract herself, for it was difficult to walk and talk at the same time when her eyes wandered so much, swallowing a flutter of pleasurable nerves. “We can sit and have a cool drink for the moment?”

Dianah smiled.

“That sounds like a lovely idea.”

And that was all some meetings and “coming togethers” had to be, nothing grand coming to pass while they found somewhere to sit and caught up. The chair that had been pushed in for Dianah, however, was not as large as it could have been, her buttocks pushing out over either side of the chair, firm with muscle. Swearing a khaki shirt that was tied in front of her belly, a strip of skin between it and her long shorts was exposed, the dragoness exposed through her growth while she tried to hide the rest of her body. At her height, it was a failed effort.

“Are you okay there, Dianah?” Kalleis murmured, leaning forward over the table so that she did not have to raise her voice too much, as if she was concerned. “Should I ask them for another chair?”

The dragoness grunted and shook her head, though there was the heat of a blush in her cheeks.

“No… No… No, I’ll make it work, it’s fine…” Dianah squirmed, trying to wriggle into place, as if that would make her size squeeze into place. “Ugh, if only I hadn’t hit seven foot, maybe things would have been…hm… I’ll fit…”

But it was not fine, not as the chair creaked under her greater weight — a weight that Dianah could not help but hold at her greater height. There was more bone density there, more muscle, even more fat, sinew and fascia to hold in mind, though she didn’t want to think about it too much.

Dianah groaned, though it did not cover up the creaking and shaking of the wooden chair under her, the little padding of the seat squashed completely flat under her weight. Why couldn’t she grow in power without growing in size? With so many advancements in technology and magic, she should have been more than well enough able to do both, avoiding bodily growth. The embarrassing thing about growing — or one of many things — was that her chest had grown too, swelling out before her and straining the buttons on the front of her shirt.

Only a little, really. But it was enough for Dianah to know that she would have to, yet again, buy a set of new shirts. Perhaps she should swap to dresses like Kalleis seemed to prefer, for they might last longer with her growth, allowing her to not have to buy new clothes so often. They might not end up very modest, however, if the rise of her breasts altered the fit of it beyond what the dress was meant to cover.

But there was a severe problem with the chair and it was only the dragoness who caught herself just in time by standing that prevented her from tumbling to the floor in an ungainly heap. Their drinks might have been delivered, but Dianah busied herself clumsily with trying to make sure everything was settled, hands fluttering anxiously around them.

“Oh, dear… I’m sorry, Kalleis…”


The chair shuddered as if it had been holding on to only a flutter of life, folding to the ground in a crumpled heap. It was only one leg that had snapped, but it was enough, worked free from the constant shifting of the dragoness trying to get comfortable.

“I’ll get someone!” Kalleis said, trying her best to make her friend feel at ease, despite the flicker of a smile pulling more and more at her lips. “Hang on, don’t worry about it — this is just something we have to deal with, hm?”

And that bahis firmaları was true. Not everyone in the world, whether they were wolves or donkeys or birds or any other kind of anthro that was commonplace or rare, had to deal with the growth of magic flowing through them, only those that practised it. Everyone could use magic to varying degrees, though one thing that Kalleis had never denied to herself was how erotic she found the growth effect of using one’s powers…especially when it came to Dianah.

Maybe she should have been open about it. Or maybe things were as they were meant to be already, her breath hitching a little, coming slightly more quickly in her chest. Kalleis didn’t need to catch her breath, but she still wanted to be a good friend and a good host to Dianah, who needed a bit more help at the moment, considering everything. Her eyes, however, were apt to wander, stroking down the dragoness’ strong shoulders to her wider, fuller bosom, how her breasts rounded out the front of her shirt beautifully. It was not that Dianah was, per se, demure, but it simply was not a look that the dragon would have chosen for herself, not in any way.

“There’s a new clothes shop a little further into town now,” Kalleis said helpfully, though what she was thinking of was getting Dianah out of her clothes. “We could stop by there — I could use some jeans for when the weather gets colder. It won’t be long before the weather will shift and the rain will come in.”

Dianah smiled a bit weakly, though she had to lean down to speak to Kalleis, being so tall. That was one more thing she disliked, being so much taller than others that so much of what others said went under her radar, slipping away without her even realising. She wanted to be engaged with others, but she, quite rightly, felt as if everyone was staring at her, that there were so many eyes on her that she didn’t know where to turn.

Her friend was there though, gently and kindly distracting her while the sweet staff members discreetly brought over a couple of chairs for her. That was embarrassing, to need two normal chairs instead of one, but Dianah supposed that it was something that she would have to get used to. She sat carefully, considering the shopping trip. It was something that she wouldn’t have been all that interested in before, but it was a thing with growing so much that she had to make sure her wardrobe was updated.

Kalleis was so sweet to make sure she had the chance to, even while she was home and between work sessions. Her heart warmed, but the dragoness did not understand what lay in the green eyes of her friend, her own eyes tracing a path along Kalleis’ curved horns.

They drank softly, quietly, laughter easing the tension between them, though there was something more as Kalleis grew bold enough to touch her friend. Just on the arm, the hand, even a shoulder, a bump of her hip when, eventually, they rose and made their way out of the café, ease between them. Her thicker, longer tail swung awkwardly, catching and scraping a chair across the hard floor, though Kalleis only giggled while her friend scuttled ahead, hoping that no one had seen.

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about it so much, Dianah,” she tried to reassure her friend, brushing her tail against Dianah’s without thinking about it. “Everyone knows what happens when power has to grow like yours has — we learned about it in school, remember? No one’s going to think anything strange, it’s just something we have to deal with.”

Dianah smiled, a little of the tension slipping from her shoulders, where they had been rounded and hunched.

“You always know what to say, Kalleis, I really have missed you.”

Kalleis blushed a little, though it was not from embarrassment. Why had that compliment felt so good? Oh, but she had missed Dianah too, even if she let her tail curl closer and closer to Dianah’s, more often in contact with hers than it was not. It was closer than they ever had been and the little shiver Dianah gave had Kalleis purred softly, her throat trembling.

Clothes shopping… Oh, she wished she was in the same cubicle as Dianah to change, but that was not what they did. Close enough, but not so close that they could share a cubicle. As she changed, Dianah’s tail bumped the curtain, half-swishing it open as she muttered a curse and yanked it closed, heart pounding.

Everything was more difficult with even a little more height, but it would be fine, it all would be fine, she told herself. Kalleis wasn’t bothered by it, so it was not something that she had to worry about either.

Something was lingering in the air between them, the crackling tension that she had picked up on in the café. She didn’t know what name she could put to it, but it did not feel like a bad thing at all, just a thing. She could deal with things, which was something at least.

Still, it made her smile and it made her tingle in a weird way, a way that sent twists into the pit of her stomach. It was better, kaçak bahis siteleri anyway, than being out in public and wondering whether everyone was looking at her or not, whether she was doing something she shouldn’t be doing or moving awkwardly with her greater height.

Dianah would get used to it all in time, but that was all she needed: time. Not everything could be done instantly.

She came out with a new shirt that, thankfully, covered her breasts with a little more modesty, a scoop neck that brushed her collarbone only so that the attention was not drawn entirely to her chest. It had short sleeves and no buttons, a T-shirt that looked right at home on her, though the loose, linen trousers on her bottom half could not help but frame the muscle of her backside. She turned and posed, eyeing up her reflection in the mirror, though even that felt claustrophobic, as if the walls there were closing in around her.

“Kalleis?” She called, stepping out with a rattle of curtain hooks on the rail. “Are you ready?”

She stood tall, a little foolish, as Kalleis stepped up, her expression changing. Her clothes hardly looked any different at all (well, it was still a dress, just something lighter and floatier around her thighs, much shorter than the other), but she froze on seeing Dianah.

The taller dragoness swallowed and tried to smile, holding her hands out to either side of her body.

“Does this look okay?” Dianah said with a grimace, her lips twisting. “I don’t know… It seems a bit much to me, really…”

Kalleis couldn’t help herself. Stretching up onto her toes, even with her sandals on, she pressed her body up against Dianah’s, teasing her, though the closeness and the pressure was everything she craved. Dianah’s eyes widened, but her hands only came up to hold Kalleis and to keep her in place, not to push her away.

That told Kalleis everything she needed to know.

“I think it looks amazing…” Kalleis breathed. “You look amazing… Like this. As you were before. Really, really…amazing.”

Some things did not need to be said aloud, as poignant as they were. It was not a turning point in the relationship, but it was something indeed that would linger as Kalleis could not resist running her hands down her friend’s body. It was not something that she ever would have had the boldness to do before, but that did not matter, not then, not after everything they had been through together.

Maybe it was time for some new experiences… Not quite friends with benefits, but following that crackling, leaping spark of sexual tension to see what lay at the end of it.

Just a grope, just a tease… Kalleis did not want to change the fact that she was attracted, in some way, to the bigger dragoness, but she had to press up close, even as Dianah’s chest warmed.

Yet that was in more ways than one as her breasts grew, to a paired gasp, swelling out, filling out the space in her shirt, the front straining all over again. Dianah squawked, ducking back, blue hair floating around her, wild and untamed, though it was such a change from her usually so presentable self that Kalleis could not help but laugh. The dragoness’ head was almost at the height of the cubicle walls, so high that she could very nearly peer over into the next one — if she’d been so inclined, of course.

“Dianah — hang on! I’m sorry, let me — let me help you!”

But it was not a moment where she could even be much help, following Dianah back into her changing room, her tail sticking out from the curtain. The dragoness panted softly, helplessness in her eyes, though she was not averse to her friend following her inside, which only confused her more. She knew that magic could do strange things to a creature’s body, but was it so wrong to want to arch into those touches? Some sly part of Dianah tempted at the thought of seeing how far her powers could be pushed, how big she could become, though that was not something she had ventured into yet.

“You need to relax, Dianah,” Kalleis purred playfully, pressing her back as her chest swelled, the more powerful of the two whimpering as she grew, the seams straining, pulling under her armpits while the clothes tried, desperately, to contain her. “There’s nothing you need to worry about…”

She was bold, oh — she had to be bold. Kalleis had learned nothing else as she adoringly ran her hands down her friend’s body, relishing in the tiny moan Dianah gave, how the dragoness smiled shyly, as fleeting as it was. She loved those smiles, the larger muzzle they were painted over with the delicacy of an artist’s brush, how much stronger she was, her muscles larger, firmer, still holding her goddess-like, feminine shape. Even her hips were wider, the dragoness gasping as she rumbled inside, as if something was churning in the pit of her stomach.

Oh! Oh, it was happening again — but for Kalleis? Kalleis pressed in close, nuzzling at her breasts, which were a lot easier for her to reach as Dianah filled out her clothes even more, her new trousers pulling around her thighs, hips widening. If the cubicle had been small before, it was downright tiny as she pressed her hand up against the mirror — not that it had been any use to her anyway.

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