Fucked up because iam hard


Fucked up because iam hardHe kept making fun of me all game , having forgotten my gym cloth , i was in a smaller tight boy pale blueue sky spandex shorts”move that ass faster boy!”tapping my ass each time he was close to me Mike was a strong tall black guy working as ref for our soccer games the game finished and we lost by one goal my team left after and i went to give back the little shorts my cloth in the lockers i was greated by the ref”hey boy ”he act like it was normal and pull on my shortthe tight short pull my boxer with it”oh wow you are so smooth ”he touch my ass and his finger made circle on my hole”hey wait what you ahhhhh””oh wow i love your pink cute hole ”i was bend over the locker bench ass up his face down kissing my ass cheeks ”wow i love that cute pussy right there so cute””oh shit what are you doing omg mmmmm wait wait i cant”his tongue licking up my hole like it was a pussy poking in with hs wet tongue made me go crazy shivering ass up his tongue so warm and feeling good”you getting hard little boy”my small cock pinched by two finger, small hard lil cock and balls in his big hand”omg stop i cant ””shhhh you so cute getting hard that small pussy licked””ohhh shitttt im not gay ahhhhh””oh wow you took my hole finger so easy boy!””you are so hard are you going to cum little boy?””dont cum and i will stop, but you clearly love it”pumping his finger inside my ass, litlle cock in his hand jerking slowly , ass up twitching groaning trying not to react to his precise fingering of my tight ass”so fucking cute, you gonna cum getting fingered little boy? you like your ass open like this””nooo awww shittt noooo noooo””its ok its ok let it go, cum little fagget boy”when another finger join the first i tried my best but i endup moaning and cumming ass up fingered wet him cock out already Escort hard waiting for me to loosei cum on the floor his bbc head pushing inside, only his big black cock head , making me moan and feel broken up by him ”ahhhh ahhhhh fuckkkkkkk awwwww my god your so biggggggg ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhhh shit ahhhh im not gayyy nooo oahhhhh ahhhhh”pulling out and getting me on my knees”come here yes like that get me in your mouth boy, get daddy inside that cute mouth and get me wet it will feel better when im in your cute ass”his bbc sliding in my mouth looking up at him having fun using the small white boy”yes like that mouth open wide let me in , let me teach you ”and god he started to be gentle , rubbing my hair helping me kiss hiss bbc and make me lick all the side then down kissing his big ballsi was feed his bbc and try to do my best , he was big in my little mouth i was afraid at the same time of it going back to try my assbut i coudnt stop sucking on it, like it was just ok for smaller cock boy to be pleasing big nice cocki never had anything else then my small 5 to play with and this bbc was so much better to grab on”okay lets try again”i was help to sit on him, but this time the big head just pop inside and i slide down on it feeling open by his wet cock i just sucked ”omg omg you are so big ””yes boy , you will feel all of it and will love the feeling trust me i am good with boys in secret””open up , let daddy in , its good in that cute hole , feel so good””oh fuck fuck wait i cant”and i was pull away and place down again between his legsmouth pushed down to suck”get it more wet go on , i dont want to hurt you, just tell me and we will wet my cock with your mouth its okay”looking at him instruct me pumping inside my mouth making his cock wet againhis cock all wet again on my own turning around and Escort Bayan lowering my ass on his warm poleagain sliding in easier, wetter and deeper making me feel so much better , the second it started to feel less sloppy and hurtingi was crawling down on my knees sucking the cock because i really love when it just slide inside , feeling good sit on his cocki wanted it to feel better and better drooling around his cock”good boy you should see how cute you are making my cock to all wet to fuck you”getting up again and this time he pull my legs i fell down on his lap ass up legs in both his hand”ahhhh ahhhh omg ahhhh yes yesssss wowwwww ahhhhhh what are you doing to me this is so good””told ya boy, didnt daddy said he was going to make you love his cock””yes ahhhh fuck i love it omg omg ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh fuckkkkk ””good boy already soundinf like a slut dont you ””ahhhh ahhh fuckkkkk ””you wanna go home and get fuck by this cock all night?”my eyes wide open looking back ass fuck sit on him hold like a ragg doll bouncing on his lapi coudnt say it i just nod”say it””tell me you want to follow me home to get this black cock ””i want your black cock yes i do i want it’;””okay boy lets get you home then”i dress feeling so freaking weak, my ass was missing him , the warm big envouting cock in me really let a mark on megod why do i feel so good with him in my mouth like that on the highwayi should be running for my life but yet its all i wanted for nowat that momment i wanted to please him very nice large black cock with my 2 wet fuck holes”you are happy dont you? i could be your daddy i like you, its hard to find good boys who stick around and obey when daddy speaks”slurping on his cock and thinking of it got me so hornyi kinda wanted to do this more than once but was shy people would knowevrything Bayan Escort went very fast we got to his place and i was getting shaved in the shower still trying to suck on his cock when he pass by mebecoming a sexy lil smooth boy lay down on the shower floor watching him shave me and feeling good being his boyrinsed and turn around touched and showed how smooth daddy made methe bottle of soap smell so much of peach i felt ebvelop in soap and massage like a doll looking up his cock never left my mouth for long as he continue playing with his small boy dollall this was feeling too good i really loved how he took care of my body with his strong dark hands walking naked near him hold by the hand fresh out off the shower his bbc contrasting with my small little thing dangling over my lil white shaved ballsI just watch him open the drawer and help my feet lift a bit, sliding it all the way up , rubbing me in the smallest cute pink panty i ever saw looking down at my cock disapearing inside the smooth tissus daddy kissing me telling me he want to make me into his girl getting out a short translucide pink top matching the panty and he made me look in the mirror watching closely how small and cute i was , him so bigger and stronggropping me rubbing my smooth peach smelling skin calling me cindy”wanna go watch netflix baby?”god he doll me up and i was feeling so fucking good it was crazy but i like it and said okwalking to the couch i could feel my tight panty rubbing my shaved boddy and i like it alot”its so cute , look at this panty bulging, you excited little girl?”i was hard my lil panty showing my small cock hard and we watch tv i waited and waited but he didnt made me suck or elsehe sat cuddling with me i count resist and i reach for his pant and lat on my side my head sliding on his chest to his crotch”5min 34 , you coudnt help it more than that””saying no no earlier , but here you are , dress like a slut and sucking my cock ””you feel good cindy? you never gonna say no again to daddy?””mmmm i wont daddy , i like your cock thank you thank you”

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