Fun with Bob’s toy


Fun with Bob’s toyThis story is in two parts. First, the background. Then the raw sex. Part 1.I have a couple of special friends – sex friends – that share some of the same interests as me. In this story, the friend in question is Bob. He is bisexual, enjoys cock just as much as pussy, and really enjoys cumshots. At first, we just used to trade cumshot video clips and pics from our private collections.He loved to watch me working my thick cock and shooting a huge load. I really enjoyed his videos because he had a great looking thick cock and, like me, produced a lot of cum when he unloaded his fat cock. He also likes to film himself masturbating with a home-made sex toy that was made out of some kind of black foam rubber. It was just the right size so that when it was wrapped around his cock and he was thrust deep into it, just the head of his dick was visible. The pressure of the foam rubber made it bulge even more, making it seem bigger and fatter. I used to love watching him work himself to orgasm with this thing, shooting big wet ropes of semen all over it and himself. I made a video of myself masturbating while watching him with his cum toy. After I sent him this last video he asked if I wanted o try it. I told him I would love to. He said he’d like nothing more than to see his toy make me squirt – but he wanted to be in control. He said he gave good handjobs and wanted to see me perform in person. I love handjobs and enjoyed performing in person…so why not enjoy both simultaneously?Fast forward about a month and after several email exchanges and on-cam chats we agreed to meet at a hotel room just out of town. Part 2.There’s no need to set the scene…I’m in a hotel room – naked – fully aroused, sitting on the bed with my back propped up with a couple of pillows, with my legs stretched out before me. Bob is kneeling on the bed, in front of me…just to my left. I watch as he puts some clear lube on two fingers and then slowly works his fingers in and around the toy…almost like he’s fingering it. I find myself rubbing my cock with my thumb and forefinger as I watch him prepare the toy for me. I notice the toy is fairly tight with just a slit visible. He squirts some lube directly into the slit and rubs some generously around the opening. He smiles as he eyes my rigid cock, “You ARE ready!” he says. “I think you are going to like this. Now show me what that thing can do” he says, nodding towards my dick. I watch him bring the toy towards me. He places the opening gently against the tip of my cock and I let out a small sigh. It feels surprisingly warm after a thorough lubing. He squeezes the toy slightly making some of the lube leak out onto my dick. It feels cold – sending a little Escort spike of pleasure through the length of my dick to my balls. “Here…” he says as he slides the toy firmly and slowly onto my cock. I draw my breath as I feel it wrap around my bulging head. It makes a nice squelching sound as I enter it. Slowly he continues pushing more of my length into it – then stops about two inches in, before reversing it, backing up until I’m almost out. Then I’m in again…more squelching. He adds a bit more lube as he repeats the slow back and forth – making me fuck his toy with the tip of my cock. It feels great – tight, but not too tight. Just enough pressure to give me a good milking but with enough give so that I can feel his hands too.“You like that?” – before I can answer, he forces the toy down the entire length of my cock so I’m deep into it. It makes me gasp unexpectedly. The head of my cock bursts out of the top bringing with it a small lake of lube. He pushes down harder so I’m buried deep into the toy. All I can say is “ahh hahhhh” as I look down at my throbbing cock. “Fuck yeah…look at that head!” he says, staring at my cock head which is now very red and wet. The contrast between the black toy and my dick is striking. It looks very red. The sight is very arousing. I wonder just how hard I’m going to cum…he’s going to get a real sticky reward for this. “Can you imagine how good it would feel to have someone licking the tip?” Oh yes I can. I wrap my hand around his and pump the toy up and down with good firm strokes, really working my cock. “Oh yeah…”“You like that?” he asks, lifting my hand off so he can work on me himself. He uses short fast strokes to pump me, then changes to long, slow, deep strokes. I’m getting really into his rhythm now…pushing my hips up to meet his strokes. I’m breathing real hard, grunting every now and then when he thrusts down hard on me. My cock is tingling and I can feel the familiar pressure building deep in my balls and at the base of my dick. I have a good load building.He stops to admire his handiwork: “man, you are really into this…you would blow your load if I pressed down real hard now…” Letting go of the toy, he runs his finger over the tip of my cock rubbing the lube gently around the edge, stopping to run his finger tip firmly into my cock slit. “I really wanna suck you” he says, as he’s rubbing my dick. I watch him take his camera and take some pictures of my cock deep in his toy.I’ve had handjobs before but this was something else. He knew how to work my cock – when to apply pressure, when to ease off, when to use fast short strokes, and when to go really deep and hard. He could sense when I was close to ejaculation and would Escort Bayan back off…just enough to keep me on the edge. With one hand stroking the top of my thigh, he presses firmly down with the other on the toy, pushing my cock deep into it, his hand applying pressure around my shaft forcing the head of my cock to bulge even more. As I look down at the glistening head of my dick, I can feel the warm pressure of my cum welling up at the base of my dick. This was going result in a big cumshot – I could feel it. From the pressure I just know it is going to make for a very wet and messy cumblast. It tingles as it throbs gently with my pulse, coaxing a perfect bead of precum to leak slowly from my cock. He sees this and leans forward and down – and without releasing the pressure – runs the tip of his tongue gently over the tip of my cock in a small circle, spreading the sticky juice over it. He wraps his lips over the tip and sucks it gently. I try to keep quiet but can’t help myself from gasping a hoarse “hhh hhh hhhhhuhh”…and press the soles of my feet firmly together to stop myself from ejaculating right then and there into his mouth. “Oh you’re going to have an orgasm…but not…just…yet…” he whispers as he releases his hand from the toy. I feel myself unintentionally bucking forward as he lets go. “That feels so good”, is all I can manage in a strained voice. He runs his hands slowly up and down the inside of my thighs; preventing me from cumming but making sure I remain just on the edge of orgasm. I stay motionless – eagerly waiting for his hands to resume their expert work on my dick.He slides the toy off – its work now done – and uses just his hands and tongue on me. He pumps my dick with his right hand using deep, rapid, firm strokes while he sucks the tip of my cock with his lips, moving his mouth in the same up-and-down motion as his hand…a mouthjob and handjob. “Suck me…suck me” – Am I ordering or begging him to suck my cock? I cannot tell. I do not care. I just want his mouth on my cock.“I want to taste every last drop of your cum” he says, as I approach orgasm. I’m moving my hips up and forward towards him to meet his down strokes. I can feel the hot pressure of sperm bursting upwards from the base of my cock as I near an explosive orgasm. He can sense this and encourages me: “uh-huh…yesss…that’s right…I want to see you cum…I want to feel and taste your cumshot…give it to me…”I look down at him working on me as the first spurt of my orgasm escapes from my dick. It’s a thick small burst of sperm that gushes just a couple of inches up in the air before landing on the head of my dick. It feels so good I’m grunting involuntarily, “ughh hhuhhh Bayan Escort huhhh”. The next spurt explodes out of my cock shooting a thick juicy jet of cum over his face and clear above his forehead. As I watch it land in his hair and on his cheeks and lips, coating him with my sperm, he quickly licks my cum from the head of my cock before moving his head so his mouth is directly above my gushing dick. I unload another powerful jet into his waiting mouth…the force is so great it rebounds back out of his mouth, soaking his hand and splashing my cock. He seems quite pleased because I hear him grunting…”Mmmmm mm”.He moves his head down quickly and takes my dick into his mouth (which feels colder than his hand) as I continue to pump my load into his mouth. I can feel my balls emptying as I’m releasing spurt after spurt into his mouth. He doesn’t gag and his head is moving up and down in short strokes as he sucks my cock, milking it with his mouth, making faint slurping sounds. My hands are gripping his head and I can feel his tongue pressing against my dick as he sucks me off. Some of my thick cum leaks from his mouth and oozes down the shaft of my dick – his mouth is down quickly to lick it clean. I manage to count ten spurts before he’s done. My dick is out of his mouth and he’s back to working the shaft and tip with his lips using firm up and down strokes. I manage to unload an eleventh and final spurt that catches him by surprise, blasting him in the face again. My dick is still pulsating as my orgasm dies down…I’m pretty much empty now. His face is streaked with semen. Just a couple of spurts and his cheeks are shiny with my cum. I see a stream of it running down his face onto his top lip. I want to taste it. There’s another stream dribbling down his chin, forming a huge drop that drips off onto my thigh.The sheer force of my ejaculation has made me feel week – literally drained. It feels as if all my strength has been concentrated into a small ball about in inch below the root of my cock before suddenly exploding from my dick in a sudden release of pressure. “You taste real good” he said, as he licked my sperm off his hands and fingers, reaching up to get at the cum on his face. “I counted eleven good shots there…that was hot! I guess you liked my toy then…feels good doesn’t it?”“It felt great…you really know how to work that thing…it felt incredible”. I had a some cum in my pubic hair near the base of my cock…there was a single thick drop that had run down my balls – but, except for the two jets he’d taken in his face and hair, he’d taken pretty much every drop of my entire load in his mouth and swallowed.He seemed quite pleased: “I can’t wait to see that video…you were really into it. I could feel you tuned into every movement of my hand”. I agreed, “I can’t wait for the next time…” He went down on my still erect cock and continued sucking me off…getting any remaining juice still left in my shaft.

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