Futa’s Naughty Scented Candles 2: Mommy Joins the Futa-Party


Futa’s Naughty Scented Candles

Chapter Two: Mommy Joins the Futa-Party

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to my wonderful beta readers!

Britney Meyers

My friend and I squealed as we rushed my mother.

She stood shocked in her blue robe at what she had found, the four of us naked, our nineteen-year-old bodies dripping with cum and pussy juices, big futa-dicks thrusting from our pussy lips. Thanks to this awesome scented candle I’d bought, we had been changed.

I loved it.

“B-Britney!” my mother gasped. She took a step back. “What are you—?”

I reached my mom, threw my arms around her neck, and kissed her hard on the mouth. I cut off her question with an incestuous lust that throbbed through me. I just felt so energized and confident. Like I could do anything.

It was amazing.

My tongue thrust into her mouth. I played around with her. I caressed her hungrily. My cock throbbed against her stomach, my hands grabbing her ass through her robe. My three futa-friends were all around us as I kissed my blonde mother.

“Ooh, ooh, Mrs. Meyers, we’re going to fuck you so hard,” moaned Shannon. My redheaded friend was the last of us to become a futa. She had cum while riding Mary’s cock and sprayed her round tits with jizz. “It’s going to be so hot.”

“So hot,” Mary moaned, pushing u her glasses. The brunette was so cute. I had taken her virginity with my futa-dick.

My own virgin pussy clenched as I kissed my mother.

“We’re futanari now,” moaned Sarah. She was half-Japanese. “That means hermaphrodite in Japanese. Isn’t that hot? Futanari.”

“Mmm, dickgirls,” Shannon moaned. “Let’s get her naked. Britney, your mother is a hot-ass MILF.”

Mom managed to pull her lips away from me. “Britney. What has gotten into you? Are you girls high?” She lowered her voice. “Is it… ecstasy? Bath salts? Are you on spice?”

“God, no,” I moaned. “We’re just excited and horny. And Shannon’s right, you’re a hot-ass MILF. God, I want to fuck you, Mom. Do you feel how hard my cock is?”

My new futa-dick, thrusting out of the blonde folds of my pussy, pushed against the terry cloth of my mother’s house robe. My nipples rasped against the material. I felt her large breasts swelling the front of them.

“You can’t have sex with me!” she moaned. “I’m your mother! This is wrong! Girls! I want you all out of my house! Britney, upstairs, you’re—”

I kissed my mom again.

“Ooh, she’s being disobedient! You should discipline her,” Shannon said as I thrust my tongue into my mother’s mouth.

She struggled, pushing on me. But I knew she would relax. That wonderful scent of the candle would calm her down. My dick throbbed and ached. It pulsed with my heartbeat. This wonderful heat rushed through me.

I would have such a wild orgasm. It would be amazing.

Then Shannon grabbed me and dragged me back. I gasped as she pulled me towards the couch. We were in the basement, furnished to be a second living room. A perfect place for slumber parties. She bent me over the couch’s armrest. I gasped, my cock rubbing into the side.

“Shannon!” I squealed. “What are you doing?”

“Look, Mrs. Meyers,” said Shannon. “Your daughter’s been naughty. Don’t you just want to spank this ass?”

She gave me a light slap.

“What?” I gasped.

“Shannon!” my mother gasped. “I’m not going to spank her.”

“But this cute and adorable tushy is just begging for it,” Shannon said, squeezing my butt-cheek.

“Oh, yes, yes, you have to spank her naughty ass for buying that wicked candle,” Mary said, her hands unfastening my mother’s house robe.

“Yep,” Sarah agreed.

“Wait, girls!” Mom gasped as they pulled off her robe before she could stop them.

Beneath, Mom wore a purple nightgown. It hung over her breasts. It looked to be made of Egyptian cotton. Something light and breathable. Her nipples poked against the fabric. I smiled at that. Lavender Relax—the scent—was doing its work.

“Just spank that naughty ass, Mrs. Meyers,” Sarah said, pulling up my mother’s nightgown.

Mary helped while Mom struggled. She pushed down on the fabric as they dragged it up her thighs. My mom squirmed there while my two friends were undeterred. Their futa-cocks throbbed before them, Mary’s fresh from Shannon’s cunt and Sarah’s from the redhead’s asshole.

“You just have to spank her for being such a naughty girl,” moaned Sarah. She smacked my ass again. “You can’t let her get away with being such a wicked, wicked girl. You have to teach her a lesson, Mrs. Meyers.”

“Yep, teach me a lesson,” I moaned, wiggling my hips back and forth. I didn’t know why, but I was just so excited to be spanked. I couldn’t explain it at all, but pussy cream ran down my futa-cock. “I need it. I’ve been bad, Mommy.”

“Britney,” Mom groaned. “And you girls—”

“We’re futas now, Mrs. Meyers,” said Mary.

“Shouldn’t that be futa?” asked Sarah. “We don’t use plural suffixes in Japanese.”

“No, no, I like futas. Shannon and Britney?”

“Futas!” I moaned.

“Yes, futas!” Shannon said, squeezing my ass. “And Mrs. Meyers, your daughter’s cute rump awaits. Just get over here and start spanking her.”

“I can’t…” moaned my mother. She still struggled, but my friends had her nightgown over her hips now, her panties on display. A pair of cheap cotton Hanes in a bikini cut. Mom bought those in a big pack of a dozen. This was the red pair. “This is wrong.”

“But she’s been bad,” cooed Mary. Her futa-cock rubbed across my mother’s thigh. “She’s been so bad, Mrs. Meyers. You have to punish her, don’t you?”

“Well…” Mom swallowed. “I mean… I guess… I just… This is… Wow, I never thought I would be in this situation.”

“It’s okay,” I purred. “Mom, I’ve been so bad. We were having sex, Mom. Sex! I fucked Mary and Shannon blew me and I blew Sarah.”

“Oh, god.” Mom shuddered. She stared at me and then… she stopped resisting. Sarah and Mary peeled her nightgown up and over her large breasts. I shuddered at the sight of her big, soft boobs. They looked so perfect, swinging with their heavy perfection. “I… I…”

She thrust her arms up in the air. Her nightgown came off, blonde hair spilling about her face. Then she stumbled towards me. Mom took in a deep breath. She groaned, inhaling that wonderful scent. It was amazing.

“That’s it, Mrs. Meyers,” Shannon said. “Just spank her ass. She’s been bad.”

“So bad,” I whimpered.

Mom stood over me. I swallowed. Mary and Sarah fell to their knees on either side of Mom and yanked down her panties. She didn’t even care. Her thick blonde bush appeared, dewdrops gleaming on her curls.

She was turned on.

I shuddered at that realization.

I swallowed, this wonderful heat rushing through me. I squirmed on the arm rest, my heart pounding in my chest. Mom drew back her hand, my futa-friends watching. Then Mom’s hand swung down hard and fast, the air whistling.


“Mom!” I gasped as this stinging pain rushed over my ass. My butt-cheeks clenched as the heat melted across my rump and then down to my pussy. I squirmed, my futa-cock twitching and throbbing. I blinked. “Oh, my god, Mom. Yes, yes! I’m so bad. I bought this candle and it made us into futas.”

“Britney,” Mom croaked, sounding dazed. “So bad. I told you to behave, but you were getting wild with your friends.


“I was!” I gasped. “I deserve—”


“—to be spanked!” I squealed. My body bucked, my ass blazing. My tits rubbed into the couch cushion. My futa-cock throbbed and ached, pushing against the couch.

“You’ve been so bad, Britney!” Mom moaned.


“Yes, yes, so bad!” I whimpered, the heat melting my cunt. Juices ran down my cock and dripped from the tip. “Punish me!”


“That’s it, Mrs. Meyers!” Shannon cheered. She stroked her cock idly. “Just spank that naughty ass!”


“Yes, yes,” I moaned, my ass on fire. It was a good pain, though. An exciting pain. “Does it make you wet to spank me, Mom?”

“Yes!” she groaned.


“Good!” I panted, my ass clenching. “Ooh, just keep spanking me, Mom. Keep cracking that hand on my ass. Please, please, I need it. I want you to make me feel it. I was so naughty. I made my friends into futas!”


“Such a wicked girl,” Mom moaned.


“Yes, yes, so wicked,” I moaned, the heat growing and growing in my pussy. I squirmed over the armrest, the fabric rubbing into my stomach. “Oh, my god, this is so hot!”


“You’re spanking my ass, Mom! And that makes my pussy so wet.”

“You wicked girl!” Mom hissed.


“You kissed me!”


“Unleashed your futa-friends on me!”


“So naughty. Ooh, yes, yes, you’ve made mommy so wet!”


“Such a dirty girl. Do you know what I have to do to you?”


“Huh? Do you?”

“Eat me!” I moaned, my ass a mass of stinging pain.

“Yes!” she groaned.

Her hands grabbed my burning butt-cheeks. She parted them and buried her face between them. I expected her to eat my pussy, but she kissed my asshole instead. I groaned as she darted her tongue around my sphincter. She licked and lapped at me.

I groaned in shock at how good that felt. Pain burned across my ass where her fingers held me. She massaged my blazing butt-cheeks as she danced her tongue around in my dirty hole. My pussy clenched and my new futa-dick throbbed and ached.

“Holy shit, Mrs. Meyers!” Shannon gasped. “Just going straight for licking her ass.”

“That’s so hot!” moaned Mary.

“Ooh, you got to lick my asshole,” Shannon moaned. She fell on the couch before me, bending over. her shaved pussy dripped with cum that now ran down her dangling futa-cock. More girl-jizz dribbled from my asshole. “Lick Sarah’s cum out of my butt.”

It sounded so disgusting, but I just breathed in and… relaxed.

I licked at Escort Shannon’s cunt, dragging my tongue through her salty pussy lips. The taste of Mary’s cum melted across my tongue. I slid through Shannon’s folds and licked out the cum dribbling out of her butt-crack. It held a sour flavor. A moment later, I found her asshole.

Mom’s tongue pushed on my sphincter. My anal ring parted to let her in. I groaned at how naughty that felt as my tongue licked and lapped up the cum that leaked out of Shannon’s butthole. The earthy flavor mixed with the spunk was such a dirty delight.

My mom clearly loved the naughty flavor of my ass.

She had her tongue wiggling about in me. She groaned, her tongue thrusting as deep into my bowels as she could reach. It was just so naughty to feel. I shuddered, my butt-cheeks squeezing about her face.

It was exciting. I cleaned up all of the spunk leaking out of Shannon’s asshole. I wanted more.

“Oh, Britney, yes!” Shannon moaned. “Get that tongue into my bowels.”

“Yes, yes,” moaned Mary. I felt heat near my butt. “Breathe deeply, Mrs. Meyers. Rim out your daughter’s butthole and breathe deeply.

They were holding the candle by my ass. My cunt clenched and futa-cock throbbed. What mom did to my asshole was so amazing, but then she grabbed my dangling futa-cock. She fisted up and down my shaft, soaked in Mary’s virgin cream.

I grabbed Shannon’s cock, copying my naughty mommy. Mary’s spunk lubed Shannon’s futa-dick. I fisted her and wiggled my tongue into her bowels. I flicked around in her, tasting all that wonderful and yummy cum.

“Fuck, that’s good!” moaned Shannon.

“I bet,” purred Mary. “Wow, Mrs. Meyers, you just got your tongue jammed into your daughter’s asshole.”

“Naughty,” Sarah said.

Mom squealed.

“Mmm, we’re going to coax that cock out,” purred Sarah.

“Yep, Mrs. Meyers,” Mary said, the heat getting closer to my rump.

Then hot liquid spilled on it.

“Sorry,” gasped Mary.

I groaned as the molten wax ran across my burning rump. I squealed at the pain and pleasure. It hurt, but in a good way. My bowels clenched about my mother’s face while my cock throbbed in her stroking hand.

I came closer and closer to cumming.

“You okay, Britney?” asked Mary.

“Fine,” I groaned. “That feels nice.”

“Mmm, hot wax,” Mom moaned and fisted my cock faster.

I shuddered, stroking Shannon’s cock just as fast as I hurtled towards my orgasm. My mother’s tongue danced around in my bowels. That melted heat down to my virgin cunt. Pleasure rushing up my cock joined that bliss in my twat.

It was amazing to enjoy. This was passion. I shuddered, loving every moment of it. I shuddered, savoring the pleasure of this. It was fantastic. I whimpered, my heart beating so fast. My mom’s tongue felt amazing in my asshole.

Her hand stroked to the bottom of my cock.

“Yes!” I squealed.

I came.

My cum fired out of my dick while my bowels writhed around Mom’s tongue. I shuddered, the pleasure rippling through me. It was amazing. Juices ran down my thighs. They spilled hot to my knees. I groaned, my asshole spasming around Mom’s tongue.

“Oh, yes, yes, such a naughty daughter,” Mom moaned.

“Mrs. Meyers!” gasped Sarah. “Oooh, your mommy-cock sprouted.”

I shuddered, savoring that knowledge while my pussy gushed juices that ran down my cock. She stroked my shaft while my cum splashed the floor of the side of the couch. I whimpered, the ecstasy hitting my mind. I gripped Shannon’s cock, reveling in being a futa.

Mom pulled her face from my asshole and panted, “I have a cock! Oh, I’m a futa now.”

“You have to fuck me, Mom!” I groaned. “Please, please, you have to fuck me hard!”

“Mmm, yes, I do,” she moaned.

“Fuck, I need to cum,” Shannon moaned.

“Cum fuck me!” Sarah groaned. “Come pop my cherry!”

“Ooh, yes!” The redhead crawled her asshole away from me.

“Mmm, you,” Mom purred.


I gasped as she spanked me.

“Lie down on the floor.”

“Yes, Mommy!”

I slid off the couch, my ass blazing. I sank onto the sleeping bags spread out on the floor. Sarah was sliding her cock into Mary while Shannon was kneeling behind them, ready to deflower Sarah’s pussy. Then my mom was over me. She had a big, huge mommy dick thrusting out of her blonde bush.

She also held my scented candle. It had melted to form a caldera of wax, the flame hidden by the sides. Mom smiled down at me. I bit my lip. Why did she have that? I shuddered as she guided her futa-cock towards my pussy. She slid through my bush to find my folds.

My hymen.

“Mommy,” I moaned as she pushed against my cherry. “Take my virginity. Make me into a woman!”

“A futa, you mean?” she asked and winked.

I nodded.

She pushed against my maidenhead. I gasped as it stretched for a moment. Then my cherry popped. My mom’s futa-cock entered my pussy. My clit-dick throbbed and pulsed. It twitched with my heartbeat. I groaned as she slid deeper and deeper into my snatch.

I groaned, my pussy clenching down on her. It was so incredible. Her mommy-cock reached all the way to my cervix. I felt so full while pleasure rippled out of my pussy. My girl-dick dripped precum on my belly.

“Oh, my god, Mom!” I moaned, my eyes flicking to the candle. “Why do you have that?”

“Because it’s made of beeswax,” she purred.

“Ooookaaay,” I said, my pussy clenching down on her invading girth.

“Many candles today are made of synthetic waxes. They have slightly higher melting points than beeswax. It lets them last longer and they’re cheaper to make.”

“Uh-huh?” I frowned, my cunt clenching on her dick.

“But beeswax… It’s just hot enough to feel amazing,” she purred and tilted the candle over. “But it doesn’t get hot enough to cause burns.”

I gasped as the wax landed on my right nipple. Pain seared across my nipple for one moment. I groaned, my pussy clenching on Mommy’s cock. I bucked, my futa-cock smacking my belly. My moans echoed through the room.

“Oh, my fucking god,” I groaned, the wax already hardening about my nub. I shuddered at this bliss that rushed into me.

“You’re like me,” Mommy cooed. “Got that masochist streak in you. Your daddy used to spank me and dribble hot wax on me and do all sorts of naughty things to me!”

“What?” I gasped, shocked. I squirmed, stirring my pussy around her girl-dick. She hadn’t even started fucking me yet, and I already felt amazing.

“Mmm, yes,” she purred, tilting the candle over my other round breast.

I shuddered. The purple wax had already hardened about my first nipple, a small rivulet frozen before it had poured off my breast. I could feel it about my nub, holding it in a prison. I bit my lip as I watched it. A bead of liquid purple brimmed at the edge.

A fall of the silky liquid, creamy like dyed milk.

It landed on my bare nipple.

I gasped at the heat. My pussy clamped down on my mother’s futa-dick. My own cock spasmed. I bucked, tits jiggling. The wax ran over my nipple and spilled in hot runnels in three directions over my breasts before solidifying, forming a lavender glacier topping my quivering peak.

It was incredible to feel. My nipple shot that heat down to my cunt. It was intense and wonderful. I bit my lower lip, groaning and whimpering through the sensation. I quivered, my pussy clenching and relaxing on the mommy-cock buried in me.

“Oh, my god, Mom,” I groaned.

“Mmm, wonderful, isn’t it?” she purred, tipping it over to let a few drops land on my belly.

I groaned at the kiss of the heat. A flare almost like pain and then instantly cooling. I groaned at how incredible it was. I squirmed in place, my pussy stirring around my mother’s cock. Stars momentarily danced across my vision.

She grabbed my cock and held it up.

I gasped, “No!”

“Yes,” she purred, swirling the candle in her hand. “Mmm, just need a little more wax to melt.”

“Oh, my god, Mom,” I moaned. “This is insane. I can’t believe it. My cock?”

“I loved it on my pussy,” she groaned. “When I was shaved, of course. Never do this if you have pubic hair unless you’ve already shaved, or you want to remove the hair.”

I whimpered as she tilted the wax. The drop gathered at the edge, brimming as she turned the candle over farther and farther. The lavender scent filled my nose. I shuddered, relaxing into this. Accepting in it.

She poured the wax.

It splashed hot on the tip of my girl-dick. I gasped, my pussy squeezing so hard on my mother’s clit-dick. The pleasure was intense. My back arched, my wax-coated tits jiggling. Some dripped onto my stomach, adding more hot kisses, while rivulets ran down my shaft, hardening halfway down. A cap of purple coated my tip, my crown throbbing from the intensity of it.

“Mmm, that’s beautiful,” Mom cooed and set the candle on an end table just in reach. She then smiled at me and drew back her cock.

My body still reeling from the kiss of hot wax on my futa-dick, Mom’s cock sliding out of me sent a wave of bliss through me. It was so intense. I squirmed, my tits shaking from side to side. I rubbed my shoulders into the silky-smooth sleeping bags.

My thighs gripped my mother’s hips, holding tight to her as my pussy drank in the friction of her futa-dick. Then she thrust back into me. She buried to the hilt in me. It was incredible to feel. She slammed into me hard.

I gasped, my futa-dick throbbing and aching. Heat rushed through my body. I groaned, my pussy clenching down on that big clit-dick in me. I shuddered as she thrust away at my snatch. I whimpered, my futa-dick throbbing in the grip of the wax.

“Mommy!” I squealed.

“Mmm, just enjoy,” she purred, pumping away at me.

“Yes, yes, I am, Mommy!” I groaned, my face contorting in bliss.

This heat rushed through my body. I squirmed as she thrust into me. It was awesome. Just a delight to enjoy. My cunt clenched down on her Escort Bayan cock burying into me. My futa-cock bobbed and my tits heaved, all gripped by the wax.

I whimpered, my face twisting in delight as she pumped away at me. My deflowered pussy welcomed her in me over and over. It was fantastic. Amazing. This heat rushed through my body as she stirred me up. My head tossed from side to side, my twat loving her futa-dick.

Mom’s big boobs heaved over me. Her blonde hair danced around her lush and beautiful face. That would be my face in two decades. I smiled up at her, squeezing my snatch down around her big futa-dick. She pumped away at me, driving me closer and closer to cumming.

“Oh, my god, yes, yes!” I moaned. “Oh, Mommy, that’s incredible.”

“It’s incredible,” she gasped. “Oh, my baby girl’s pussy is wrapped so tight around my cock. I love it.”

“Me, too, Mommy!” I groaned. “I’m so glad that you took my virginity. You’re amazing, Mommy!”

She smiled down at me. “That candle… It’s so naughty. Wicked. Look what it’s done to us.”

I nodded, grinning at her.

She pumped away harder and faster at my snatch. I shuddered at the orgasmic delight of her futa-dick burying to the hilt in me over and over again. I groaned, her pussy squeezing down on me. This was incredible. I squirmed, digging my shoulders into the soft sleeping bags as she plowed me.

My boobs jiggled, some of the wax breaking apart on my tits. I groaned, my dick throbbing. Mom still held the base of my shaft. She began lightly stroking me as she pumped her girl-cock to the hilt in my cunt. My pussy drank in the friction.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped. “Oh, mommy!”

“Mmm, my sexy baby girl!” she purred. “Such a tight pussy around Mommy’s cock. Mmm, yes, yes, you got such a delicious futa-dick. You’re going to make me cum!”

“I want you to spurt all your jizz in me, Mommy!”

She smiled then grabbed the wax on my right nipple. She peeled it away. I gasped as it pulled on my nub for a moment. Sparks burst. It came free. She grinned and tossed it to the side. I shivered at how great that felt.

My pussy drank in more of her friction. That pressure grew deep inside of me. Mom plowed hard into me. She filled my snatch again and again. It was so wonderful to feel. I reveled in every moment of it. This was amazing.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned. “Oh, Mommy, I’m going to cum!”

“Is that what I’m feeling?” she moaned, her fingers grabbing the other cap of wax on my nipple.

“Deep in your pussy?”

“Yes!” She thrust into me hard. “Around my ovaries. Is that my cum? Is that my mommy cum about to burst out of me?”

“Yes!” I howled as she ripped away the wax from my left nipple and areola.

My flesh burst with delight. My futa-cock twitched in her hand. I bucked into her, hurtling towards my climax. The pressure swelled at the tip of my cock. I whimpered, my pussy gripping her big dick pumping in and out of my deflowered snatch.

Her hand moved to my cock. She rubbed over the lavender wax. I shuddered as she stroked me. She caressed over me. I could feel the pressure of her touch on my cock. She deformed the soft wax. I bit my lip.

“Rip it off, Mommy!” I howled.

She grinned at me and wriggled a fingertip under the edge of the wax. “This?”

I nodded, my pussy squeezing down on her dick plunging deep and hard into me.

She gave it a sharp yank. The wax pulled away from the spongy crown. Pleasure burst from that sensitive flesh. It flashed down my cock, zapped through my pussy, and struck my ovaries with an electric jolt of ecstasy. I erupted.

Cum spurted from my futa-cock and splashed onto my heaving breasts. It wasn’t the shuddering hot kiss of the wax, my girl-seed still felt amazing as it splashed over my breasts. My cunt spasmed at the same time, worshiping the mommy-dick pumping in and out of me.

“Cum, Mommy!” I howled, my flesh spasming wildly around her futa-cock. “Unload in your little girl!”

“God, yes!” she moaned and buried to the hilt in my spasming flesh.

She spurted into my pussy.

I gasped, my cock erupting while her dick fired a flood of molten mommy-seed into my twat. My flesh convulsed with more intensity. I bucked, my jizz-splattered tits heaving. I unloaded more and more of my own spunk as she basted my pussy.


“Oh, Britney,” she moaned, my pussy milking her cock.

I surged through my pleasure. I rode it higher and higher as she pumped all of her jizz in my pussy. It felt so incredible. I loved it. I fired the last blast of my naughty seed. It splashed on my stomach. I groaned, my pussy wringing her cock dry.

“Mmm, Britney,” she panted, leaning over me. She lowered herself. “That was incredible.”

Mom kissed me, pressing her big, soft tits into my jizz-coated tits. My hot spunk smeared between us as our tongues danced. Mom kissed me with such hunger. I held her tight, reveling in the bliss melting across my mind. I loved being fucked by my mother.

It was hotter than deflowering Mary.

My pussy squeezed about her dick. I was so full of her futa-jizz and cock. Our tongues danced together. I squirmed there, loving every moment of this. My friends were fucking in the background. I didn’t care. I was with my mom. I was doing wicked things with her.

It felt so right.

Her boobs rubbed on mine as we kissed. Our tongues danced together. I loved the taste of her. It was fantastic. My tongue caressed hers. I held her tight, stroking her back. She had such soft skin. And boobs. And ass.

I loved every bit of her.

Mom broke the kiss and smiled down at me. “Mmm, you’re just so cute, Britney.”

“And you’re smoking hot, Mom,” I purred.

She smiled at me. She slid down my body, her girl-cock sliding out of my cunt. It felt incredible. My twat squeezed down around her, savoring her sliding out until she popped free. Her boobs smeared cum across my tits and onto my stomach.

She ducked her head down and licked at the cum that still remained on my little titties, along with some of the wax. She stroked her tongue over my boob, gathering up my salty cum. She moaned as she tasted my seed.

“That’s so good,” she purred.

“I know, Mom,” I groaned. “It’s amazing.”

She licked up more of it. Her tongue slid up to my nipple. She sucked the pink nub into her lips. I shuddered and jumped. My cunt clenched, jizz leaking out of me. It felt incredible. I bit my lips, savoring this pleasure she stirred in me.

She sucked on my nipple for a moment longer, then she abandoned it to lap up jizz across my other tit. She dragged her tongue up to my nub, gathering up the salty futa-spunk along the way. My cock twitched. Her boobs rubbed into my stomach, massaging me. She reached my nipple.

Nipped it with her teeth.

“Mom!” I gasped at the flare of pain and pleasure.

“You like that, huh?” she asked and then swirled her tongue around my areola.

“I guess,” I groaned. “Didn’t think people bit nipples.”

“They make little clamps for them, too,” Mom moaned and then sucked on my nub. “I have a pair upstairs in my bedroom.”

My futa-cock jumped. I groaned, my eyes fluttering as I savored this bliss. My pussy clenched, her cum leaking out to mat my bush. I loved every moment of it. The pleasure rippled down to my twat and then up my clit-dick.

Her lips were so soft and warm. She nibbled with them, massaging my nub. It was such a wild thrill. I didn’t know I could feel something like this. I smiled, savoring the delight. I whimpered and squirmed, my heart beating so fast.

Then she popped her mouth off my nipple and sucked spunk off the slope of my breast. She worked down, licking up the smears of cum her dragging tits left behind. They engulfed my cock for a moment, sandwiching them in her warmth as she worked her way lower and lower.

“Mom,” I groaned, my heart pounding.

“Mmm, just enjoy, honey,” she purred and moved down my body.

She licked at my belly. Her tongue darted into my navel. I gasped and squirmed, my cock twitching and brushing her throat. She slid her head around it, kissing towards my bush. Her hair spilled over my clit-dick, my pussy clenching.

She settled between my thighs and stared at my pussy. I felt her gaze on my blonde bush leaking her cum. She pressed her face between my bush and her lips kissed at my pussy. She thrust into my cunt, reaching far deeper than Shannon had.

“Oh, god, Mom!” I groaned as she licked her cum out of my pussy. “Oh, that’s so hot, Mom!”

She purred in delight as she licked my cum out of her pussy. Her hands stroked my thighs as her tongue probed around inside of me. My dick throbbed and pulsed, twitching with the pleasure she stirred in me.

Her hand grabbed my cock, lightly stroking me as she feasted on my pussy. She licked out her futa-cum from my twat. This forbidden thrill ran through me. I groaned, squeezing my thighs around her face. I held her tight, loving every moment of her feasting on me.

She devoured me with such hunger. She licked and lapped at me. I groaned, loving every second of it. My thighs gripped her face. I humped against her. I ground my snatch into her hungry lips, pleasure rippling through me. It spilled up my cock. The ache formed at the tip.

“Oh, my god, Mom!” I panted. “Oh, my fucking god!”

“Your pussy tastes so good full of my cum,” she moaned. “I’ve never eaten pussy before. It’s yummy. And with spunk… I love jizz.”

“God, my mom is a closet slut!” I purred.

“Uh-huh,” she moaned and thrust her tongue back into me.

She scooped out the cum. I trembled as she did. My back arched and small titties quivered. I groaned as she probed into my pussy again and again to find more of her futa-spunk. Each time, the ache at my cock swelled.

That pressure in my ovaries grew.

I squirmed on the sleeping bags as she devoured me. Her tongue fluttered so deep in me. She reached around in me, questing. Was she running out of futa-cum Bayan Escort to drink already? But she had fired so much into me. She had splashed my cervix.

Was it out of reach? Maybe I should offer to sit on her face so she could—

Mom sealed her lips around my pussy and sucked.

“Oh, my god, Mom!” I gasped, feeling her drawing the jizz out of the depths of my twat. “Yes!”

It was incredible. She suckled hungrily. More and more of the futa-spunk she fired into my cunt poured into her mouth. I whimpered, squirming, my futa-dick on fire. This was so awesome. It was just amazing.

“God, Mom!” I groaned.

She purred as she kept nursing. Her tongue thrust in and swirled about. She suckled again. My pussy clenched, my walls forcing more cum to pour into her mouth. I hoped. I wanted her to get the salty treat she craved. She sucked hard.

Then stopped. “Mmm, no more cum in there, but…”

Her tongue licked through my folds to the base of my cock. Then she slid up it. I smiled as my futa-mom climbed my dick. She caressed inch after inch of my shaft. She reached the top and flicked her tongue around the crown.

She kissed the tip. Licked the slit. Her lips slid over the crown. My eyes widened as she engulfed me. I spasmed, legs kicking at the forbidden thrill of having my mother suck on my girl-dick. It was wrong in so many ways.

I shouldn’t have a cock.

Mothers and daughters shouldn’t make love to each other.

I didn’t care.

“Mom!” I squealed as she bobbed her head.

She worked her mouth up and down my cock. It was incredible. My face scrunched up now. Her pussy licking and sucking had warmed me up for the main event. I groaned, my dick twitching in her mouth. Her tongue caressed around my cock. She swirled it about me. It was fantastic. I groaned, loving every moment of it.

I squirmed and groaned, her lips sliding up and down my cock. They sealed tight, the suction incredible. My pussy clenched every time she bobbed down. I loved it. My ovaries tightened with a fresh load of cum.

“Oh, god, Mom,” I purred. “You’re going to get a mouthful of spunk.”

She moaned and sucked hungrily.

“My mommy is a jizz-loving whore!” I moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, just love every drop of futa-spunk.”

She groaned and worked her mouth up and down my cock with speed. Her blonde hair danced around her face. My pussy clenched and legs twitched. She swelled the pressure at the tip of my cock. I hurtled towards that explosive release.

My hands kneaded my little breasts. Bits of hardened wax crumbled off as I stroked myself. The delight rushed down to my pussy, mixing with the heat from my Mom blowing my girl-dick. She sucked hard.

“Yes, yes, you’re going to get that cum, Mom!” I moaned.

She swirled her tongue around the tip of my cock. That sensitive bud burst with rapture. I groaned and erupted.

“Mom!” I squealed.

Spurt after spurt of my cum fired jizz into her mouth. I basted her. I unleashed every drop of jizz that I had in my ovaries. It was incredible. I squirmed through the rapture, bucking as I flooded her mouth with my spunk.

My pussy convulsed wildly. I bucked and moaned, my girl-cum pumping into her mouth over and over again. Stars burst across my vision. My round boobs heaved. I squirmed on the sleeping bag, loving every moment of this hot passion.

Mom gulped down my cum.

Her blue eyes stared at me as she gulped down spurt after spurt of my jizz. I shuddered, my legs twitching and throbbing. She suckled hard, drinking down every drop of futa-spunk my ovaries contained. I loved it.

Incestuous delight smothered my thoughts.

“Mommy,” I groaned.

Mom slid her mouth off my cock. She had drool and some of my pearly spunk dripping down her chin. She opened her mouth wide and showed off the cum pooling about her pink and wiggling tongue. Then she closed her mouth.


“Oh, god,” I groaned as she opened her mouth wide and thrust out her tongue, showing me she had swallowed every drop.

“Your dad loved it when I did that, too,” she said.

I smiled. I missed Dad. He’d been gone a few years now, taken from us too soon by a stupid traffic accident “What would you do after that?”

“Well, I always wanted to do this,” she moaned and grabbed my cock. She shifted around and straddled me. “To ride his cock after he dumped his cum in my mouth. But he always needed a bit of a break to recover. He’d lick my pussy or spank me with a paddle in the meantime and that would get him hard again, but now… with you…”

Her mommy-dick thrust out before her as she lowered her bush to my cock. I shuddered as her curls kissed the tip of my shaft. Then her pussy lips. I gasped as her hot labia swallowed my girl-dick. Her silky passion slid over my spongy crown.

“Oh, my god,” I gasped. “Mommy!”

“Mmm, you came from this hole,” she moaned, sinking more and more of her pussy down my futa-cock. “Just a little thing. And now…” She shuddered as she bottomed out on me, her mommy-dick draped over my stomach. “Now you’re back in me. Ooh, you’re so big. I love having you in my pussy.”

“I love it, too,” I groaned, my twat clenching.

Mom slid her pussy up my cock. I gasped as her hot cunt reached the pinnacle of my shaft and then she slammed back down me. Her clit-dick slapped into my stomach. Precum flicked from the tip and splashed across my round tits.

As she slid up me again, I grabbed her futa-cock. Her shaft throbbed in my stroking hand. I loved how she felt in my stroking grip. I pumped my hand up and down her cock. I loved how she felt. I savored fisting her.

“Oh, my god,” I groaned, savoring how hot and wild this was. “Mmm, Mommy, ride me!”

“Yes!” she moaned and slammed down my cock.

Her tits heaved and slapped together, the soft flesh of her boobs rippling. I groaned, loving how her flesh rippled. Her hot pussy clenched about me. She rode me with such hunger. I whimpered, my toes curling.

I gasped and moaned, the heat soaking my futa-cock. I pumped my hand up and down her clit-dick. I fisted her as fast as I could. I wanted to have her spurting all over my round tits and face. My pussy drank in the heat, my own ovaries warming.

I had so much futa-cum to pump into my mother’s twat.

“Oh, Britney, yes!” she moaned, her boobs bouncing again as she hit the peak of her rise up my clit-dick. Then she impaled down my cock.

“Yes!” I squealed, my hand flying up and down her mommy-dick. “Oh, that’s so good. You’re amazing!”

She winked at me.

I loved this. I squirmed and groaned, her bounding tits hypnotic. I could stare at my mommy’s boobs heaving over me for the rest of my life. She was so gorgeous. Just perfect. Forbidden rapture built and built in my pussy.

I squirmed on my back, the ache forming at the tip of my futa-cock. I shuddered, loving every moment of her riding me. It was awesome. I pumped my hand up and down her girl-cock, loving the way her cock pulsed with her heartbeat.

Her blonde hair danced around her gorgeous face. She smiled down at me, her blue eyes smoldering with passion. She squeezed her cunt down around my futa-cock as she slid that juicy pussy back up me.

The pussy that had birthed me.

It was so hot being back in my mother.

“Mommy!” I whimpered, the pressure growing in my ovaries.

“I know, Britney,” she groaned. “I’m going to cum so hard on your futa-cock. You feel like your father but bigger.” She arched her back. “So much bigger.”

“I’m going to fire all my cum in your pussy, Mommy!”


She slammed her juicy cunt down my cock and then slid back up me. I gasped at how incredible this felt. I was so dizzy with the rapture of this moment. I hurtled towards that amazing delight. I squirmed, my heart pounding.

Her pussy swelled and swelled that ache at the tip of my cock. She slid up and down my futa-shaft, her silky embrace amazing. My wrist burned as I fisted her cock. I pumped through the pain, wanting to make my mommy exploded.

I loved her so much.

“Oh, my god, Mommy!” I moaned as she impaled her pussy down my futa-cock. That ache at the tip exploded.

I fired my cum into my mother’s pussy.

I groaned, my snatch convulsing as I unloaded my girl-spunk into my mother’s hot cunt. Pleasure shot through my body. I groaned, stars bursting across my vision. They danced around my mother’s beautiful face, her blonde hair flying.

“Oh, Britney!” she moaned, feeling my spunk basting her pussy.

“Mommy!” I squealed.

Her pussy convulsed around my cock. Her hot sheath spasmed. My hand stroked up her shaft. I felt her cum pulse up it. Then the white fired from her futa-dick. Her mommy-jizz splashed on my lips and throat. I groaned, licking up that salty delight.

“Oh, god, yes, Britney!” she moaned, her pussy sucking at my spurting cock.

Her clit-dick unloaded. The next blasts rained on my jiggling breasts. Ropy lines of her cum splashed my round tits. I groaned, squirming as I pumped more and more of my own seed into her snatch.

“Oh, my god, yes, yes, yes,” I moaned, her pussy milking out the last of my cum.

“Oh, Britney, honey!” she moaned, her jizz falling around my tits. I trembled through the bliss as my orgasm hit the peak of incestuous ecstasy.

I panted, my body shuddering from the rapture. Then applause and wolf-whistles erupted to the side. I glanced over to see Shannon kneeling between Mary and Sarah. The three of them were all clapping with enthusiasm, flushed, their futa-cocks thrusting up hard and gleaming with pussy cream.

They had been having their own fun.

“That was so hot!” Shannon moaned.

“Oh, Mrs. Meyers, I nearly exploded just watching that finale,” Mary said, pushing up her glasses.

“Yeah,” groaned Sarah. “You two were so sexy. Ooh, I wish my mother was a futa. She would be so sexy as one.”

“Now, Mrs. Meyers,” Shannon said, “this is a slumber party. And since you’ve joined the fun, that means you have to play slumber party games.”

“Oh?” Mom asked. “Let me guess, Truth or Dare?”

Shannon grinned. I shuddered. This sounded hot.

To be continued…

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