Girl on the Run

Big Tits

(While the world is filled with woman named Donna, this was written for one special Donna, not that she is better then you, just that this is her desire but she will share it with you too.)

Last year I moved to the west coast and left the remnants of my old life behind. No wife (lost the battle with cancer), kids grown and in college, I wanted an escape from the memories and the weather. I had always enjoyed running so I searched the internet and found a local running club. I investigated and learned to my delight that it was a laid back club in that it held no competitions and the members joined as much for the companionship as the exercise. At my age I wanted to enjoy the sport but not be overwhelmed by it.

There was a mix of very young and very old, so while I was in the upper half of the age bracket, I was not the oldest by far. In fact each generation seemed to be represented and like any other club some were friendly, some were unapproachable. On the whole I enjoyed being there and running the different courses they had mapped in the community. Each of the courses was graded by distance, endurance etc., so if it was a long and hilly route the grade was higher then the grade for a short flat. This enabled you to select based on your capability or desire.

As is the case with most clubs and groups, friendships developed and occasionally they transcended the club to coffee or breakfast after a run. I had made a few friends and a lot of acquaintances. Donna was one of the friends I had made and though she was ‘a few years’ my junior, she and I would often run together (though I suspect she held back at those times). I am very tall and thin and Donna is what women call “petite” with smallish breasts, maybe a B cup but more likely an A. I thought she was perfect.

She was one of the friends who I would from sometimes enjoy breakfast or a cup of coffee with. I got to know and like her a bit. She was not married and it seemed that her current boyfriend was one of convenience rather than one of love. I was guessing, but from the things she would say I had the feeling he was on borrowed time with her and when that time ran out I intended to give her a man who appreciated her beauty. Seems he failed to understand that all woman need to know they are beautiful, that they are desired, and that the work they do to stay that way should be recognized. It was evident that the BF was failing her on all those counts.

One day I spoke with out thought, something I try hard not to, since you never know what a spur of the moment comment will do to the listener. What I told Donna was that if I were her boyfriend she would not be sitting there complaining that way about me. No sooner had I said that then I quickly apologized, but she merely smiled as if she’d expected that of me.

I was out running by myself one glorious morning, enjoying the beautiful scenery. I had not seen Donna at the club for a few days and wondered where she had been. As I crested a hill near and took the trail that led to a canyon, I saw Donna sitting next to a small stream. I moved a bit quicker to join her and saw her sitting there with her bare feet dangling in the cool water.

“Hey Donna! Contemplating a swim? Or was your run a bit too much today?”

I said as I neared her.

I saw her look up at me and her green eyes seemed to shine as she saw me before saying,

“I was just sitting here trying to cool my head and my feet. Usually a good run clears my head, but I guess I am in a bad state today.”

She looked back down at her feet and I took her arm and said,

“So what’s the boyfriend done this time?”

She looked up at me and I melted as her green eyes captured mine and I could see the beginning of a tear forming.

“You mean other then the usual? I asked him last night to massage my feet and he laughed and said that’s what the Asian women are for.”

Then she wiggled her toes under the water as her head once again dipped and her eyes focused on the stream. Without a second thought I kicked off my shoes and socks and stepped into the stream and took her two feet into my hands.

“Kevin what are you doing? Put my feet down.”

“No, they’re mine now. If that boyfriend of yours won’t give you a decent foot massage, well then he has no claim on these anymore.”

I began to massage her feet as she looked at me stunned. As I continued I saw a small grin curl her lips up and she said.

“That’s a sweet gesture Kevin, but you really shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Why? I’m merely trying to give you the massage your boyfriend wanted you to pay some Asian women for. Are you afraid you won’t like it, or ashamed to admit you do like it?”

I could see her struggle with my logic and felt her feet relax in my hands. She looked away and said very softly.

“It just feels wrong.”

“Well tell me how to do it right, I’m not a professional but I have massaged former girlfriends before and they didn’t complain. In fact, sometimes they were very grateful.”

“That’s escort bayan gaziantep just it Kevin, I have a boyfriend and I don’t want you to expect me to be grateful like that.”

“Like what Donna, you don’t want to say thanks for the foot massage?”

“Come on Kevin, I know what you meant by ‘grateful’ and that’s not happening.”

I continued to massage her feet even as she tried to tell me why it was wrong she never pulled her feet away from me and I was not grasping them.

“Well this funk you’re in has more to do then just your feet, very pretty feet by the way. Almost perfect, hell they are perfect. So what else has lover boy done to get you so down? And, no I am not going to stop massaging your feet till I am satisfied. I told you they are mine now, so spill the beans.”

I could see her thinking, trying to decide what to tell me and what not to say. By the look on her face I thought he’d told her he was gay it seemed to weigh so heavily on her. Finally she said.

“We’ve been having a lot of problems lately, so we agreed to have a nice weekend away and maybe rekindle something. Last night he informed me he got tickets to some baseball game that he and his buddies are going to. I was looking forward to the weekend and now, without a care about me, he’s planned to go off with the guys.”

As I continued to enjoy the softness of her feet, rubbing her long perfect toes individually, I saw her shudder and realized this was a sexual thing for her. That was the cause of her mild protest. I decided to act.

“Ok here’s the deal, tonight you are going to put on your nicest dress or skirt, whatever, just no slacks and be ready at 6 PM. I insist you allow me to take you to dinner and I will not take no for an answer. If you are not dressed as instructed and ready to go, I will take you as I find you, but you will come out to dinner with me.”

“Kevin, the foot rub was amazing, thank you. Dinner is too much, I don’t want to lead you on, I have a boyfriend.”

“Yeah, I know! I think maybe you reminded me of that fact at least five or six times today and over the months I’ve known you, maybe a thousand times. Ok maybe a thousand is an exaggeration but I know. I am going to feed you and take your mind off your lost weekend, and you’re going to come with your friend because your feet have been adored and you feel much better, right?”

She smiled up at me, those green eyes, damn. She was so beautiful, so sexy even in her running gear, sitting barefoot in the stream. I could not understand any man who would take this woman for granted. Perhaps they do it because she allows it.

“As long as this is just dinner with a friend and…”

“Yeah! I know you have a boyfriend. Now lace up and let’s see who gets back to the club first.”

We both put our socks and shoes on and she had me at an advantage as I was in the water. She had a small head start on me and I loved that she felt competitive enough to seek that advantage even though she could have given me a long head start and still left me in the dust. But I managed to stay right behind her and enjoyed the view of that cute ass while she led the way.

* * * * *

When she opened her door that night, Donna looked simply edible. I knew then that by the end of the night I would not hear any more about her boyfriend, at least that is what my ego had me think. She wore a modest black skirt that stopped above the knees, coupled with a clingy green top that brought out her eyes and contrasted the reddish hue of her hair. Her hair was up with just a few wild strands hanging out, purposely making the whole look so sexy, especially with the long silver dangling earrings that pulled her lobes with sensuous delight. The top of the blouse hung loosely about her neck and a flash of a tattoo on her left shoulder graced her overall appearance. Her small but tantalizing breasts were evidently enhanced by an under wire push up bra that had her breasts pushed out almost as if they were on display. I said my hello and looked down at her feet which I have to admit had already begun to captivate me. Oh damn, the shoes were all wrong. She had on a pair of black heels but with a closed toe so her perfect feet were more encased then her damn tits.

I took her hand and escorted her to the car and held her door as she slid in, then entered myself. As we drove I decided that a short stop at the mall was in order. When I pulled into the mall Donna looked at me quizzically and said.

“You’re taking me to the food court?” She grinned to let me know she was OK with that but then I stunned her when I responded as I held her door open.

“No, not the food court. I am buying you a pair of shoes so I can admire my feet. Since that’s the part of you your boyfriend has let me have, I want to be able to enjoy them.”

I admit I felt as if I was dragging Donna who seemed completely stunned by what I’d said, but she did come along. When we entered one of the upscale woman’s shoe stores, I immediately went up to a clerk and said.

“My date needs a proper pair of heels to display her perfect feet. As a male I have no ability to judge the color or style, so find her something that will complement her outfit and her perfect feet.”

Then I basically handed Donna to the clerk and stood back while the clerk selected a few different open toed shoes for her to try on. Donna’s face was a mix of confusion and amusement as she looked and tried on several different shoes. At one point she looked at me and laughingly said.

“You know going shoe shopping with a woman is a big mistake on your part Kevin, it could take hours.”

I looked back at her and with a stern voice said.

“Its worth my time to see your properly displayed lady. Those are my feet. I claimed them and I will not be denied them. I can wait, but you’d best not disappoint me again in your final selection.”

I think I stunned her because her mouth gaped and she mumbled a simple.


I chuckled to myself at how easily she submitted to my lecture and stern voice, and not wanting to lose her so early in the night I said.

“You have beautiful feet Donna. You really should be proud of them and show them off.”

She smiled and it was genuine and I think her threat to make this purchase an agony for me melted as she selected a pair of heels that not only displayed her feet, but also enhanced her entire outfit. They were black with straps that encased the lower portion of her foot but did not hide her lovely toes. Those straps, as well as the wide strap around her ankle were studded with rhinestones that glittered in the light. I nodded and said.

“She’ll wear those, you can put her other shoes in the box.”

I quickly paid for the new shoes over Donna’s protests. She said.

“Kevin, really I can’t accept a gift like this…”

As I signed the receipt I said to her.

“Those are my feet, I want them in all their glory and by the way the shoes are mine too. You may wear them tonight but when you go home I keep them. If you want to wear them again you’ll only do so for me.”

I let her walk in front of me for a few steps so I could admire her ass as it moved so invitingly as she walked in the new shoes. I also stared at her feet entranced by how much more beautiful they were in the new heels and how the glittering rhinestones drew my eyes to them. I caught up with her and again took her hand as we returned to the car. Now I would have to deal with her protests when she learned I had cooked for her and we’d be eating at my house. I was prepared to make that work too.

As we drove she asked where we were going. All I said was.

“A really nice place with a great view. I’m sure you’ve never been there but the food is great and you’ll love it.”

She nodded and smiled until I pulled into my driveway. I heard the protest long before it was verbal and said.

“Yes we are at my house and yes you have a boyfriend and yes this is not something a girl with a boyfriend should be doing. However, we are not going to eat in my house we are going to enjoy our meal on my deck outside. We are eating here because I do not want a tablecloth to hide my new feet. I am a reasonable cook so it shouldn’t be all that bad and unless you need to use the bathroom I will not force you into my house. OK?”

“Kevin, I agreed to dinner expecting to be in a public place. I feel like I’m being unfaithful.”

“Donna we’ve been friends for a long time now. We’ve been together alone along many a running route dressed in far less clothing then we are tonight. Unless you feel like you can’t trust yourself then…”

I knew that Donna was not going to admit she could not control herself and sure enough she said.

“Ok, but we will be outside. Just remember…”

“Yeah how can I forget? You have a boyfriend. A boyfriend who’d rather go off to a baseball game with his friends then keep a weekend he’d promised you. Do you know how many baseball games they play? One hundred and sixty two, and half of them are home games. He made a choice Donna! Now please if nothing else, enjoy our dinner and know that I know you are in a relationship.”

“You’re right. You have been a good friend and I do deserve to enjoy myself and have dinner with a friend. He made his choice to leave me. Come on, show me this deck.”

I took her quickly through the house, not wanting to have her dwell on that fact that she was in my home, and straight out to the deck. I’d set the table and had some white wine on ice and some red open and breathing. As I held her chair and she sat I asked.

“Red or white?”

“That depend on what’s for dinner Kevin.”

“Hey I’m a man and will be using the grill, so it’s steak and salad.”

“Then I’d enjoy a red, Kevin.”

I poured two glasses of wine then sat across the table from Donna. My outdoor table is clear glass and so I was able to enjoy Donna’s now properly shod feet as we enjoyed our wine and later our dinner. While we conversed over dinner it was aimless ordinary conversation about running, favorite moves and books. Etc. After finishing and clearing away the dishes and refilling our wine glasses, I moved behind Donna and deftly slid her chair away from the table and faced her towards my back yard. Then I brought my chair and sat in front of her. She smiled but looked confused.

“It’s now time for your foot massage, nothing more. Put your feet on my lap.”

Slowly Donna complied without protest, though she held her skirt down making sure that she didn’t tempt me with any exposed thigh. Now was the time I hoped I was right about her; that her feet were very sensual and arousing, and that if I carefully massaged her feet all doors would soon be unlocked for my pleasure.

I started by rubbing my hands on her (my) new shoes. Taking in the contour of the shoe and how it hugged her foot, I thought I heard a low moan and looked up to see Donna’s eyes staring at my hands on her feet. I ran my fingers over the various straps feeling the small bumps made by the embedded rhinestones. As I unbuckled the strap holding the shoe, I slipped off her right shoe and caressed the instep. Her foot jerked a bit, but as I removed her left shoe and made the same motions she remained still. I went back to her right foot and slowly moved my hand to caress every inch from her toned ankles to her delicate and long pretty toes.

I glanced up to see that Donna’s eyes were transfixed on my hands and that her chest was now visibly rising and falling. Taking each toe between my fingers I began to gently squeeze each toe. I caressed her instep with my other hand as I worked her toes, then moved to her other foot and repeated my actions. By now I could hear Donna breathing so I took both of her feet and placed them on my abdomen.

“Give me your hands Donna.”

No hesitation as both her hands came forward and I grasped them, pulling myself forward and in doing so, stretched her feet back as they pressed into my stomach. I moved back and forth a few times, stretching her feet and then released her hands. Donna was so compliant now that her hands dropped to her lap and relaxed. I began to once again massage one foot, then the other, caressing her entire foot then taking each toe individually and pulling and flexing it, rubbing it, admiring the deep red polish that covered each toenail. I worked that foot for a while varying my time on her toes and on her foot itself, enjoying the feel of her soft skin, the hardness of her bones and the general shape and texture of her foot. I lost myself in my exploration and it was some time before I noticed that not once had Donna complained or asked me to stop.

By the time I reached for her remaining foot Donna was moving her hands slowly over her belly as I tenderly massaged and caressed her second foot. It was remarkable how turned on I was, holding these feet and seeing such a beautiful, smart, witty woman sitting across from me, lust slowly clouding her green eyes, mouth slowly gaping open, chest moving up and down as her respiration increased with my ministrations. I realized as I looked at this sexy minx that I would gladly do this everyday for the rest of my life, just to see the burgeoning pleasure building in her.

I spent a good deal more time on this foot, stretching her toes as I might have stretched her nipple. Gently twisting them and caressing them and getting lost in my own pleasure. Yet I did not ignore the foot itself either, once again massaging the instep, letting my hand grasp her ankle and stroke it, letting my finger trail across the top of her foot and then back to her ankle and the over the bottom of her foot, feeling the tougher skin there, a result of her love for running. Yet her feet were soft too, due perhaps to a penchant for pedicures. I could tell by the perfectly trimmed toenail and the expertly applied nail color that Donna pampered her feet, and I would too.

Gently now, I took her left foot and brought it to my mouth. When I licked her heels and let my tongue drag over her anklebone Donna emitted a soft moan that was very clear. I thought I heard a soft “No,” but she made no effort to remove her foot. I let my tongue drag along the top of her foot then slide between each of her toes before allowing her smallest toe into my mouth. I waited to hear a plea to stop and when none came I gently sucked on her smallest toe.

This time her moan was followed by a gasp and the words, “Oh Kevin.” Her foot remained and I let go of that toe and worked across taking each of her toes and sucking them and gently nibbling on them. Donna was now letting her hands roam more freely across her belly and up on her chest. She was squirming a bit and when I took her largest toe into my mouth and sucked on it her left hand moved to her right breast and she cupped it. I took her right foot and repeated my toe sucking allowing myself to ‘slurp’ a bit. I kept caressing her left foot as my mouth worked the toes of her right foot. When I moved my mouth to kiss and lick the arch of her right foot I allowed my hand to move to her left calf and gently massaged her lower leg. Once again I heard Donna very quietly moan.

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