Gloryhole pnp


Gloryhole pnpI had nvr been to a gloryhole but heard about it. I was told that some guys go and get high, watch movies and freak through the gloryhole. I hadn’t been into anything crazy for a long time and had friend who sold crack so I got a really good deal on a 1/2 oz of some really good dope. I had roommates at the time so I had to hide what I was doing. After smoking little pieces and getting horny I decide to go to this gloryhole about a half mile from where I lived. It was sooo exciting I walked to it. It was 1am in the morning on a weds no one walking on the street not much traffic. Im high and when In get high I become a exhibitionist and voyeur. A little bit pass half way there was a small park and it had a porta pottie in it. I went inside of it took a nice fat blast of my pipe which was full and after that hit I was sooo fucking high!!!!! & throw in the fact Im outside in this porta potty knowing I was going to this arcade/cinema (both of which ive nvr done b4 made me more horny and a little daring!!!!! I had on some really baggy cargo shorts on that had a zipper I took my cock out and tucked the front of my ovr szd jersey in my shorts so my cock would show but it be easy to cover up if needed. I walked back to the street which was empty except by a passing car or two it felt so good letting me cock hang out!!!! I make it to the arcade/cinema cover my exposed cock get my nerve up and go inside. It was bright inside with movies on one side the room and toys on the other. all the lubes,pills and movies are behind the counter with this old grumpy looking twink then theres a doorway covered by a curtain. I ask the twink how it works for the arcade, he explains that they have the booths with a chair and tv in them where you can coin feed them and have a variety of movies to choose from which you do pressing a button and you can control.the volume, then theres a few rooms that are bigger that have beds in them with the same movie options all hv doors with locks except one which only has a curtain over it. You can feed the machine coins or by an unlimited card for $25. I got the unlimited. I started looking at the movies then toys, when I smoke crack I love my asshole licked and fingered and my prostate massaged. So when I saw the different prostate massagers I was intrested I picked one that had a blu tooth remote with multiple speeds, 1-10. I went to buy it and the twink.says it needs batteries but not to fret bcuz he had some and then threw me a nice sized tube of lube that can be eaten i looked curious he said you nvr know back there and motioned his head towards the curtain. I thanked him and walked kaçak iddaa through into the arcade area, it was dark and was shaped like 2 sqaures with a gap in the middle with booths all along both sides the hallway and in the gap. There were a coupla fags standing by the wall. I made slight eye contact but i.was nervous,paranoid and wanted to smoke some crack so i see the gloryhole booths are in the front. in the middle and along the very bk wall the rooms with a bed in them were in the back. I found a booth at the end of the hallway in the corner right across from a room with a bed in it that was empty the booth had a chair, garbage can,tissues, tv in the wall covered by plexi glass and a gloryhole. Being the only black cock in there the 2 fags were coming my way but I took my chair put my cargo shorts on it and covered the hole…..for now. I took out my massager connected everything together opened my lube, put a .4 rock on both ends of my pipe and melted them then clicked through the movies found one with a white girl riding a bbc cowgirl style and stood and took a long slow crack.hit it was delish!!!!!!! I was flying to the moon!!!!!!!just knowing where I was and wat I was doing was the ultimate turn on!!!!!!!the knob turned but the door was locked, the door to the booth nxt to mine opened and closed I had the hole covered with my shorts on the chair. High and horny I lubed my ass and the massager real good and stuffed it into my asshole and moved it around til I found my prostate and turned it on low the massager pressing against my prostate felt real good BUT with the vibrations turned on!…….IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!!!! I’ve never felt that sensation before!!!!!, it made my cock twitch and grow,(that the whiskey and the TWO cock hard pills garunteed my cock would get hard and stay hard even through all this cocaine I’ved smoked and getting ready to smoke). I push my brillo out of my pipe stretch it out and flatten it then crush about .5gm of crack almost to powder form, sprinkle it onto the brillo, roll it up “a crack burrito”. Take my full of resin pyrex pipe and heat it and start to melt the resin. Then pushed the filled brillo through several times then re heated the pipe on the end i hv the brillo packed until I can hear a sizzle on both ends of the brillo then put a .2gm of rock on the long end add lheat, it starts to melt fast then blow it into the stuffed brillo i put another one on the the tip and melt it and heat the pipe up a smothered crack burito ‘smcb’. as i heat the pipe up getting ready to blast off I try to turn the volume up but hit the channel it goes on a tranny channel, never seen kaçak bahis one b4 now, it was a thick latin tranny with nice tits, lips, hips and a fat little soft cock bouncing up and down. She was riding reverse cowgirl on a fat bbc and speaking spanish….I didn’t try and change it bcuz and it was a little hot! I was starting to hit my super full pipe. (cocaine runs from heat but when you hv as much coke on your pipe and it’s pyrex it takes a little more heat but when you hv intense heat really fast it gives me wat I need to take a gigomormous blast!!!!!! I played my torch up and down the sides of my pipe w/o letting the flame touch it! Then allow the flame to to touch the tip of the pipe as I inhaled slow,long and deep the smoke was so thick and intense (due to the amount of crack I hv on the pipe and teasing it with the heat) it filled my lungs full of the pungent almost pure crack smoke!!!!!!!! I was instantly high!!!!!! I BLASTED PAST THE MOON!!!!! MY BODY VIBRATED!!!!!!!, MY SIGHT WENT STATICALLY AND MY EARS RING SO LOUD I COUDLNT HEAR ANYTHING FOR WAT SEEMED LIKE 4EVER!!!!!! I turned my massager up to the halfway point! The feeling was indescribable!!!!!!!I started tugging roughly on my lubed cock while I watched this sexy ass tranny riding reverse cowgirl! I was so turned on!!!! Then add the fact Im in a arcade with others all around me!!!!! Wow I almost came!!! This went on for awhile, me alternating positions in the booth watching the movie and the cd next door service cocks. The booth was small for me and i needed to piss so i put everything in my cargo shorts….except my lighter, pipe and the damp cloth I had it wrapped in. I folded the shorts up and put them under my arm, the jersey i had on was long enough to go right above my knee. I blow the smoke out as I walk outta the room and head to the bathroom which was nxt to the room i was in. Ther were several more pervs here now, all looking, i was the only blk man here lol. I pissed and went to the big room that had the bigger t.v and bed and chair. There were 4 other rooms like this nxt to mine which had a gloryhole and a glass partition that was covered by a curtain so you could hv gloryhole fun, watch and or be watched or lay on the bed with some one (s) or by yourself and freak. I positioned the bed and tv were i could watch it and be able to see (if I chose) wats going on nxt door. I turned the little trashcan over and I set my wrapped pipe, crack, extra brillo, lighters, whiskey and lube down. I find a tranny channel, get a new piece of brillo,strectch and flattened it, moistened it with by licking it with my whiskey laced tongue sprinkle about illegal bahis .5gm of crushed crack on it wrapped it and pushed bk and forward several times collecting resin, put a fat rock at the bk end, melted it and blew it through the already full pipe and another one on the the tip and melt it and suck it through the stuffed brillo. Then heated the brillo area of the pipe till I could hear it start to sizzle, I stand up and take my hit which was slow, deep and hard pull on the pipe, playing the lighter up and down the sides w/o letting the flame touch the pipe just letting the flame touch the tip all while rolling the pipe. To say tht the GIGOMORMOUS blast was UNBELIEVABLE is an understatement!!!!!my vision blurred ,my ears only heard white noise!!!!!! I was flying through the universe!!!!!!!i lay bk and the mttress and shove the massager inside my asshole with it turned up to speed 7 (has 10 speeds) and started pulling roughly on my hardening cock while watching tranny porn!!!!!! I could see through the slightly opened gloryhole that there was someone in the room next to mine. I wanted to be watched, i wanted to be sucked and licked and finger fucked, i wanted all things freaky and nasty! I positioned myself so i could spread one of my legs as i lay on the edge of the bed with my cock hanging over the side so i could play with my cock and ass at the same time I took several more intense blast and was numb and tingling, i moved the curtain over and was able to see in the room next to mine. There was a fag with a goth looking chubby white girl. He was naked with tail sticking out his asshole that she was fucking him furiously with while he was sucking a random cock through the gloryhole. I watched them and the movie! It was such a turn on!!! The girl noticed i had taken the curtain down and was watching and looking to be watched, i was so excited I was slightly trembling. She turned to watch me, i was stil playing with my cock and grinding on my massager she started playing with her fat shaved pussy while we watched eachother. I brazenly took my pipe put a really fat rock on it and hit it infront of her. She watched as i took a deep and untense crack hit!!! The amount of crack on the pipe plus the heat and these powerful lungs = THE MOST AMAZING BLAST OF THE NIGHT SO FAR!!!!!!! BODY VIBRATING EARS RINGING ASS HUNGRY AND COCK TWITCHING!!!!!! I was sooooo turned on !!!!!! I hit the pipe several times, sending me to crack heaven!!!!! I sat the pipe down and layed bk on the bed and spread my legs , I re lubed my cock and ass around the massager and pulled roughly on my cock and fucked my lubed hungry a sshole with the prostate massager as this woman played with her pussy watching me!!! i took one last blast, turned the massager to 10 and l played and jacked off til i came wat seemed like buckets!!!!!!!! Loved it!

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