Her Husband; Her Toilet. Ch. 02


The plane landed and they recuperated their luggage. They went directly to the hotel and checked in. The bell boy was opening the door as the phone started ringing. Tracy picked up the receiver while John was taking care of the tip.

“Hello,” Tracy said.

“Hi Tracy it is me Joan. Good news I have six days off instead of three and I got the room four doors down from yours.”

“It is excellent news would you like to come over?” Tracy asked.

“I will be right there. Bye.” Joan said.

“Slave Joan is coming over for a drink.” Tracy was telling him as someone was knocking on the door.

Tracy looked through the peephole and opened the door to a smiling Joan. She had changed in a light green summer dress that was enhancing her blond hair.

“You should keep your slave naked at all time when you are together. That way any part of him is easily accessible. Also he should start shaving twice a day” Joan suggested.

“Good idea. Slave get naked.” Tracy ordered him as she was opening the mini bar.

He got undressed unable to hide his erection.

“He is not that big. Was he able to satisfy you with that small thing?” Joan asked looking at his erection.

“Not really with that but with his mouth. He knows how to go down on a woman.” Tracy answered.. “You accepted to marry him because he is good with his mouth?” Joan asked.

“Yes and I found out that he wished to be a toilet slave so I could not let him get away. I always wanted to own a slave. ” Tracy answered looking at him.

“You are right. When you have a good thing going do not change it.” Joan said.

“What would you like to drink?” Tracy asked Joan.

“Beer it will make me pee. You know you drink one and you pee two.” Joan said.

“You are right, beer it is. He needs to practice a lot.” Tracy laughed.

“Talking about practice come with me slave.” Joan ordered walking toward the bathroom.

Once on his knees she told him;

“Since you have not spilled a drop and your Mistress seem to be in a hurry to have you trained. I want you to start swallowing as I pee to keep up with my flow.”

She lifted her dress revealing her juicy cunt and moved forward to straddle his mouth. He glued his lips to her cunt and she started peeing. He let a little bit of pee accumulate in his mouth before starting to drink. Joan had slowed her flow and when he kept up with it she let go.

“Clean me! I knew it! You are a natural you kept up with me. Usually it takes at least a week for a good toilet slave to do that.” Joan said to him clapping her hands.

The door was open and Tracy heard Joan clapping her hands.

“What happened?”Tracy asked.

“I told you so! He is a natural. He kept up with me as I peed in him so we can step up his training. Do you want to face sit him first or should I?” Joan asked smiling.

“Go ahead you are the experienced one. How would you face sit him?” Tracy asked.

“I will face his feet and evaluate how good of an ass licker he is. I know that he is a good kisser.” Joan answered as she was grabbing a bottle of hand lotion.

“Slave lie down on your back.” Tracy ordered him.

When he was on his back Joan straddled his head and showed him her nice legs topped by a beautiful ass that she was lowering toward his face.

He could not see a thing. She was seated on his eyes and his nose was in her asshole making it more difficult for him to breath. It still smelled bad but not as bad as he had imagined it would.

She moved a little toward his feet freeing his nose. He took a deep breath. He could see her ass cheeks underneath his eyes and feel her asshole on his mouth under the tent that her dress made around his head. He felt her weight on his face pinning his head to the floor.

“Kiss me again.” Joan ordered as she was gently caressing his penis with hand lotion.

He pushed his lips on her asshole kissing her the best he could. He was excited by her caresses and she was keeping him on the hedge stopping her manipulation when his penis would start twitching.

She ordered; “Lick my asshole move your tongue all around it then on it.”

Joan kept on masturbating him so that he would associate hatay escort his pleasure with licking an asshole. She felt his tongue doing a good job on her.

When she was satisfied Joan instructed him: “Stick your tongue in it. Once your tongue is in; rotate it as if you were French kissing your wife. Lick the walls inside. ”

He had a talented tongue. She felt it moving inside her and was tempted to have an accident. She had explained to Tracy why she was masturbating him with the hand lotion.

“Time to trade places. If I stay seated here he will triggered a bowel movement. You should be the one using him first.” Joan said to Tracy.

“Really! He is that good as an ass licker?” Tracy asked.

“Oh yes. Try it you will regret not having done this to him before.” Joan said.

Tracy had change in a bright yellow summer dress. She straddled his head and showed him her nice ass coming down. When she was seated on his face she moved to position her asshole on his mouth.

She ordered him to insert his tongue. He noticed that she smelled and tasted a little bit different than Joan. He did his best to please her pushing his tongue as far as it would go in her and he triggered what he dreaded.

“Oh! Oh! I feel the need to take a dump slave.” Tracy said.

“Tracy if you want you can try to push a small bit of shit in his mouth. If you do let him ejaculate at the same time you are feeding him.” Joan told her with brilliant blue eyes.

“Lucky you, savor this treat slave.”

Tracy told him as she slowly pushed a stool in his mouth that she pinched off when it stop going in.

He had tried to block it with his tongue but he could not resist her push and her stool was touching the back of his throat. The taste was awful unlike nothing he had tasted before. She was accelerating the movement of her hand on his stiff penis and his balls were on fire.

“Stay seated on his mouth. He has to swallow it. Further down the road he will learn to chew it for now it is better if he swallow it whole. He will have the aftertaste to help him get use to it.” Joan said to Tracy as she was grabbing a second bottle of beer.

“Slave I am very pleased with your progress. Joan is right you are a natural. Stick your tongue in my asshole again.” Tracy ordered him.

His mouth was still full he was trying to swallow that awful shit. He finally managed to clear his mouth and stick his tongue in her asshole again to be greeted by the rest of her stool that she was pushing out.

“You can do it again.” Tracy was cheering him on.

He had expected his gag reflex to help him refuse the degradation. He guessed that his reflexes were off. With her last stroke on his penis he blew his load all over his belly.

“Lick me clean slave.” Tracy ordered.

When she was cleaned Tracy got up and went to get another bottle of beer.

“What a feeling! Think about it slave we will do that every day!” Tracy told him happily.

He was nauseous when Joan was taking her seat on his face and farted in his open mouth. The taste and the stink made him heave. He was trying to get some air but all he could breathe was her fart. He was gagging, trying to keep it down. It was all coming back up.

Joan got up and he bended over the toilet emptying his stomach. Even his lunch from the plane came out. When he was done throwing up he asked for a drink of water.

“On your knees I will quench your thirst.” Tracy told him.

She straddled his mouth and started to pee. He had difficulties to keep up with the flow but he managed to do it.

“Strike one! I told you to keep everything down. Two more strikes and I will discipline you.” Tracy informed him as he was licking her clean.

Tracy was happy that he had kept up with her flow with a little practice he would be perfect.

They had gone back to the living room.

“How do you intend to punish him?” Joan asked Tracy.

“I would squeeze his balls and I can always tie him down and whip him with his belt. It would be a good exercise.” Tracy answered laughing.

“Tomorrow I will go with you to this small sex shop on the big island. They have a nice selection of whips hurma escort among other useful things.” Joan told her.

“That will be great.” Tracy answered.

“Slave on your back.” Joan ordered him.

She straddled him and sat on his mouth to let him practice his ass licking abilities.

“Slave bend your knees.” Joan ordered him.

She lifted herself from his face and turned around repositioning her asshole on his mouth.

“Why are you changing position?” Tracy asked Joan.

“Because this position will let him push his tongue deeper in my asshole and I can rest my back on his tights. I like this position in bed. You can look in his eyes as you use him and you feel his breath on your cunt.” Joan answered Tracy.

“By the way if you have to take a dump please use him. I promised my twin sister that he would be fully trained when we will be back so that she can use him. The more practice he gets the better he will be.” Tracy told Joan.

He did not have to wait long before Joan fed him two stools. She had remained seated until he had swallowed everything and cleaned her with his tongue. The after taste was not as bad as her fart.

“He his very good at this. Are you sure he has never been trained to do this?” Joan asked Tracy.

“I never did. He wrote that he wished to be a toilet for women but he refuse to go through his training with Lady Sandra he chickened out after drinking her pee. He had paid her for a whole week end of training as a full toilet slave.” Tracy said.

“I will pass the word around that there is a toilet slave in training available to the other stewardess. He might have to serve three or four women in a day. It might be too much to start with but it should help you develop his abilities faster.” Joan said as she was standing up to get another beer.

“Where are you going slave?” Tracy asked him.

“To wash my mouth Mistress.” He answered.

“No you are not. Sit on the floor near the bathroom. I want you to savor the taste of Joan’s shit. You have to ask for my permission before doing anything. Remember your purpose in life now is to please me. You are my slave!” Tracy told him.

He sat down on the floor where she had pointed near the bathroom his back to the wall. He bended his knees and wrapped his arms around them before resting his head on them. He was feeling queasy.

“Hey are you hungry?” Joan asked Tracy.

“Yes I am.” Tracy answered.

“I know this restaurant where we won’t need reservations. They should accept the three of us.” Joan told Tracy.

“I had intended to go to dinner with you only. He will wait for me in the room. I want him to skip this meal and maybe a few others. I want him to hunger for our shit.” Tracy said.

“O.K. Then I will be right back.” Joan said getting out of the room.

Tracy was applying her make up when Joan knock on the door as she was entering the room. She had two pairs of handcuffs in her hand.

“I got these to tie him up to the toilet. That way he will not be able to do anything to get out of his servitude.” Joan told Tracy.

“Good idea. It should help him realize that he is a slave now.” Tracy said looking at him.

“Slave. You can use. No you should use the toilet. Because if you do anything on the floor you will have to lick it up.” Tracy warned him.

He sat down and to his shame he relieved himself in front of them.

“Ew! Slave you stink. Maybe you should change your diet.” Tracy said to the laughter of Joan.

When he had wiped his ass and flushed the toilet he heard.

“On your knees. Face the toilet and extend your arms under the water tank.” Joan ordered.

She cuffed his hands together. Then she cuffed him to the water pipe before putting her panties in his mouth. He was uncomfortable in that position.

“Have a nice evening dear. Keep that underwear in your mouth. I will free you when we come back.” Tracy told him before turning off the lights.

In the dark he reflected on the day. So happy to get married to Tracy and then feeling so bad after his descent in hell. True he had written his wish to be a toilet in a chat room thinking that it would get lost ığdır escort in the net.Now that he knew what it was and he wanted it to stop.

Tracy seemed to like using him but maybe if asked her nicely she would change her mind. Her new friend Joan was not helping his cause offering to tell other stewardess about his training and offering his services.

He was startled when the door was opened and the lights turned on by Tracy. He must have dozed off. She bended down and freed one of his hands.

“Here’s the key free yourself. Remove those panties from your mouth and turn around. I need to pee.” Tracy said.

“Please Mistress I do not like being a toilet. Can we go back to the way it was before our wedding? Please.” He begged her as he turned around on his knees.

“Open up.” She ordered as she was straddling his mouth.

“Give it some time slave. You will get used to it. Learn to enjoy it because I enjoy it tremendously.” She said as she was peeing in him.

“Clean me and stay where you are Joan will use you.” Tracy ordered him.

“That was a great evening. Did you tell him about the girls?” Joan asked Tracy.

“No I forgot about it when he started to beg me to stop using him as my toilet.” Tracy said laughing.

“Well slave, we met a few friends of mine at the restaurant and they are anxious to meet you. Tomorrow Nancy, Colette and Cindy should stop by. Unfortunately they are leaving early in the afternoon. The good news is that they will spread the word about you lucky slave!” Joan told him as she was peeing in his mouth.

“Come with me slave. I have thought to bring back our leftovers for you but decided not to. You need to be hungry for tomorrow. Think about it three stewardess to serve.” Tracy told him.

“Good night honeymooners. I will be back tomorrow.” Joan said leaving them.

“Good night. Thanks for your help.” Tracy said.

Tracy changed into her nightgown that was leaving little to imagination. It was clinging her full breast opening in front to let him see her juicy cunt imprisoned in lacy underwear. He got a hard on just looking at her.

“Turn around and put your hands together.” She ordered handcuffing him.

“Get in bed on your back.” She told him.

She climbed in bed and straddled him. When she was seated on his chest she removed her underwear and moved her dripping cunt to his mouth.

“Eat me like you know so well how to.” She said.

He got to work on her alternating between her labia her clitoris and her vagina in a totally random sequence. Her juices were flowing and once again she climax on his face.

“Here slave let’s consummate our wedding.”

She said in a sultry voice as she was sliding down his body to impale herself on his penis.

He started moving his hips to thrust as deep as he could in her. Matching her rhythm. He was trying to hold back. Thinking about computer programming hoping to make the moment last longer. When he looked at her he exploded. His climax had been the strongest he ever had shooting a large load in her.

She moved her vagina to his mouth again sitting heavily on his face.

“Lick me clean slave.” She ordered.

He was trying to move his head from left to right to refuse. His mouth was open and his semen started to drip in it. He did not like the salty taste of his cum.

She grabbed his balls and started to squeeze them.

“Get your tongue in there and clean me or I will tear your balls off.” She ordered scaring him.

He started to lick her until she was cleaned. When he stopped her juices were flowing and he heard;

“You got me going again. Finish the job or else.” She said.

When she was satisfied she dismounted him and grabbed the other pair of handcuffs.

“Roll on your belly.” She said. She detached his left hand and had him sit up. Then she cuffed his right hand to his left ankle. With the other pair she cuffed the left hand to the right ankle, and then she pushed him on his side. She got in bed and laid on her side her back to him.

“Slave you have been good tonight. Kiss me good night.” She said pushing her ass in his face.

He pushed his face deep in her crack. When she felt his lips kissing her asshole she farted and started laughing. She was still giggling when she pushed him out of the bed. He laid on the floor on his side his eyes full of tears. The taste of her fart lingering in his mouth. He finally cried himself to sleep.

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