Hirsute Hilde


It was nice to be asked to do a piece of plumbing work on my own merit rather than a pretext to get me there for sex, I deluded myself as I dangled, upside down, underneath Hilde’s bath to fix a leak. It was a tight fit inside the small and narrow room, it was little more than a corridor with a small plastic bath along the wall to the right, a toilet at the far end and a small sink slung on the wall opposite, under the frosted window.

I was quite proud of myself that I had managed to wedge myself into confined space under the small tub and to have applied my fairly limited level of skill to strip down, clean and replace a leaky seal around the plug hole. I was at the stage of testing and had filled it half full with hot water.

Hilde, pronounced Hilda, is also known as “Frenchie”. The thing is, is she is not French, she’s Belgian and unlike the other members of the “single mother’s” group she is neither single nor a mother, she is, in fact, an “army bride” — although not actually married. Her “other half” is away for 6-9 months with each posting, he comes back for a few weeks and then disappears merrily off to another. She knows she shares his affections with others like her across Europe but seems content with the arrangement.

Frenchie is not the normal suave and sophisticated European. She is short, barely 5 foot tall, round, dark haired and dark skinned — the result of a mixed, North African, heritage. She has large hips, a broad backside, chunky thighs and, dare I say, not the overall figure of a super model. Sexy she is not.

She speaks with a thick foreign tone but has more than a good grasp of English. All of that aside she was polite, welcoming and grateful for my efforts that day.

“Frenchie, can you pop in and stand in the bath for me. I need to see if the seal is going to hold.” I called down the narrow stair well. I grabbed my torch before resuming my prone position under the bath as Hilde came bounding up the stairs. She was eager to have a bath as this had been a problem for some time.

“My! That’s a sight for sore eyes.” She said with a chuckle in her voice, eyeing the less than alluring site of my belly hanging over the edge of my light grey jogger bottoms as I stretched under the open side of the bath.

She paused at the door and shuffled.

“What should I do?” She asked as I heard the gentle splash of her climbing into the bath.

“Just do what you would normally do.” I called back up as I studied the seal.

“I can’t do that, not with you here!” She said suggestively.

I decided to ignore her innuendo and asked myself, “why are bathrooms always so small?” as I wedged myself further under and turned on my side to get a better angle.

I heard the water splash as she moved around and then a cool drip on my right shoulder. I swung out and looked up to see a wet foot dangling over the side of the bath. As I was pinned I decided to check under the remainder of the bath for any other signs of leakage.

I heard the quiet scraping of something against her skin as I searched and guessed, correctly, that she must be shaving her legs. I took my time checking, carefully drying the seal and shining my torch conscientiously. Frenchie shuffled in the bath as I lay prone.

“OK, that’s it. I think we’ve got it cracked!” I exclaimed as I excitedly pulled myself up.

I sat up I turned to face Frenchie, I wasn’t sure what to expect but what I saw shook me rigid. She was stood directly facing me, butt naked and shaving her under arms. Her muff was right in front of my face and, God, was it hairy! The dense thicket spread into her inner thighs and virtually hid the puffy slit of her cunt.

She continued and calmly waved the blade up and around her under arm before looking me in straight the eye. I expected her to cover up but she just carried on, she coolly transferred the razor to her left hand and scraped it under her other arm. My jaw must have dropped as I looked her up and down.

She had large, pendulous tits that belayed the rest of her diminutive frame. They hung low and were capped with large brown oriole. Her stomach was less than flat but gave way to her excessively bushy mound and chunky, rippled thighs.Her legs were shaven smooth and shimmered in the stark light reflected from the warm water.

“Well! It’s been about a month since I have done all this.” She explained in mitigation. I didn’t know what to say or do, so I just knelt, open mouthed.

“We’ll have to see about that.” She said as she acknowledged the growing bulge in my pants.

It seemed that I was developing a raging hard on. In fact by then I had been virtually conditioned to getting a hard on whenever I did a DIY job, mainly as a result of all the voluntary work I had been doing for the single mother’s club. Also, the previous weekend my wife had given me a great blow job whilst I had been hanging some shelves.

In an instant she had downed her razor, bobbed down and lunged at the elasticated waistband of my pants. With one ısparta escort forcible tug she pulled both them, and my underwear, down to my knees.

“It looks like a plucked chicken.” She laughed as my bald cock flopped into view.

“What on earth have you been doing with it?” She joked.

I just looked back up at her, poker faced. She must have known all about it from the other women in the group, I knew how they all gossiped.

“I heard that you are, up for the unusual, shall we say?” She added with raised eyebrows.

“In you get.” She urged as she took a hold of my dick to guide me into the bath.

I almost toppled as I struggled to relieve myself of my pants and socks before she pulled me into the warm water beside her.

“Oooh, spikey!” She remarked as she stroked at my bald ball sack.

“We’ll have to get you smooth as a baby again.” She said as she grabbed for the razor. It was one of those “bikini line” jobs, with a battery trimmer at the handle end — that was to come in very handy later.

I am not all that tall but Frenchie barely came to my chest as we stood together in the bath. She turned me around to face her before soaping my balls generously. The liquid gel was cool against my groin, it made me suck in air sharply and my scrotum wrinkle.

She shaved me with great care, taking delight in tracing long and sweeping strokes up and along the full extent of my fully hard cock.

“Turn around.” she demanded as she spun me away from her.

“Bend down.” She insisted as she placed her hand on my shoulder. I obliged and bowed down low over the taps. Why do I always get the taps?

She soaped the underside of my balls copiously and then ran the gooey ooze up my butt crack before she delicately danced the sharp blade over and around the area. It all made me feel a little nervous.

She paused and stepped back to admire her handy work. Her left hand held my dangling ball sack up and away against my now rigid tool. She slid her hand up, further around my leg and gently clamped it around the base of my stiff cock. She lent in to pucker a kiss on my bald and exposed brown eye. I jumped and clenched my ring as I felt her hot breath against it and her soft tongue probe at the entrance.

“Relax.” She whispered as she whacked my arse cheek with a crack that echoed around the small room.

She pulled at my hanging butt cheek to open my crack wide whilst she pulled at my cock, gently moving her clenched fist up and down.

“Mmm. Now this is something new isn’t it?” she murmured as she licked at my tender ring.

“Now I wouldn’t do anything to you that I wouldn’t want to be done to me.” She said in a soft voice as I felt a soapy finger invade my tight orifice.

She compensated me by pulling harder and longer at my rock hard cock, exposing the end and rubbing her deft fingers across the engorged phallus. I squirmed under her touch but I wasn’t sure what to think or feel. I was enjoying the hand job but felt decidedly uncomfortable as her sharp nails scraped inside my tender anus.

She probed deeper, my muscles clamped tight shut over her digit as it slid in further until it came to rest, all the way in, up to the knuckle. Her finger was mercifully small but quite fat for its lack of length.

“Mmm. That’s it big boy. Doesn’t that feel better?” She said as she withdrew it.

I turned to witness her offer the finger to her mouth and suck it greedily all the way in.

“Mmm, that tastes good. Are you ready for more?” She said drawing another finger into her mouth alongside.

I winced as both digits were pressed forcibly home but felt my cock twitch excitedly as she began to ream my soapy arse in earnest. I wasn’t sure what to feel but my cock seemingly didn’t care, Hilde was jabbing her fingers rapidly in and out of my arse and wanking me off, in a perfectly alternating rhythm and with great dexterity.

I came within a few strokes. I spurted thick jets up and over the edge of the bath and onto the soft green carpet in front of the toilet as I reeled under a surprisingly deep and intense orgasm. My legs were a little wobbly as the intense feelings raced through my entire body.

I turned to watch Hilde suck her fingers dry greedily as I panted myself back to composure.

Hilde looked keenly down to my still hard member. I may not be overly endowed and cum far too quickly but at least I can keep it up for England! My lack of length is, however, compensated by a fairly generous girth.

She sank to her haunches, grabbed my waist to balance herself and wore a huge grin as my thick and twitching cock brushed against her cheek. She ran her thumb up the length of my cock to encourage the last of drop of cum to well out of the eye at the centre of my engorged phallus. Hilde moved her hands around to my buttocks and skilfully flicked her tongue to gather the final thick bead from my twitching end before swirling it around the head to savour the salty tang. Her tender oral assault made istanbul escort my cock jerk and quiver as she sunk her mouth fully over the end. I felt her hot breath tumble down my damp inner thighs and the vibrations of her hums of delight though my tender end.

I am not that big but Frenchie must have a small mouth as I was only in about a third of the way up, before my gland had bumped against the back of her throat. I gasped at the sensation running through my cock and tried to savour the moment.

I could also tell that she was having difficulty opening her jaw wide enough to accommodate me. She puffed out her cheeks and blew through her nostrils as she forced her mouth wider open and my rapidly expanding cock in even deeper. I thought my legs would buckle as the pleasure ripped through me.

She grabbed a buttock with one hand and raked a finger into my flaming arsehole and gently bobbed her head back and forth on my cock by the way of compensation.

Most women who have blown me use their hand at the base of my cock to keep from gagging as I try to thrust my end in deeper but Hilde seemed to be using hers to feed my shaft further into her hot and eager orifice.

She bore down, each time my cock hit the back of her throat she gagged a little, each time she withdrew but kept the rhythm going. It must have been after ten or so ducks of her head that I realised that her teeth were gripping at the base of my ramrod hard and fat dick and her hand was softly cupping my naked, cool and dangling balls. She gagged slightly and bit into the tender base of my cock, blowing harder down her constricted nasal passages.

I looked down as she withdrew, my cock was smothered with her stringy spit. I desperately tried to focus my thoughts on the feeling at my tip as it returned past her tonsils on its way back, half way down her gullet. The guttural clicks and gags served only to vibrate her oral canal over my throbbing end which turned me on even more.

The sensation of her throat clamping tight under my phallic head almost drove me mad with excitement.

She splayed my buttocks with both hands, forced a finger back, deep, into my virgin butt as she slowly and noisily wanked me off with her throat. I came with a loud gasp. She fell back as I tried to jab my spurting cock even deeper down her neck. It sprang out, slapped my belly with a loud crack and sprayed a string of hot cum over Frenchie’s cheek as shell fell away, she continued down and fell flat into the bath with an impressive splash. She immediately sprang back up and coughed and spluttered with a lung full of water and a throat full of my salty cum.

She looked like a drowned rat, her short hair clung like a mop to her petite head and her cheeks were flushed red with the exertion and pleasure.

I helped her to her feet and spun her around before she could gather her composure. I locked my gaze at her immensely hairy mound, instinctively I grabbed for the shaver and said, “my turn,” as I pressed the button to activate the trimmer.

Hilde stood still and obediently pushed her hips forward as I set to with the clippers. It was rather like shearing a sheep, vast clumps of thick and curly black pubic hair fell into the cooling water of the bath.

No sooner than it had been clipped to stubble then I lavishly smothered her with soap suds and started with the sharp end of the shaver. It was like I was fiddling at some kind of a bow, I swept back and forth across her mound, under her swollen pussy lips and into the crack of her inner thighs until the entire areas was as smooth as mine.

I stood back and studied her clean and soft slit. It was hanging open, had dark inner flesh but was virtually devoid of any additional folds — it was straight and clean, her small but perfectly framed clit peeped out from the confined bump of its hood.

She spun around, spread her legs and placed her hands flat on the tiled wall above her head as if waiting to be searched.

“You mustn’t forget that bit now.” She said, encouraging me to continue. As I did, and with great gusto, I soaped her arse crack, pulled one of her large buttocks aside and swept in with the blade. Hilde pushed her hips back to allow me into every crevice and under every fold of her ample flesh.

I sped across her smooth and olive skin with the razor, the soap ran down and formed large bubbles as it mixed with the juice that was flowing freely from her snatch.

Once I was done I took a handful of water, splashed away the soap and carefully placed the razor on the far edge of the bath.

“What are you going to do now?” She asked innocently as she remained, arse out and hands planted flat against the wall.

I climbed out of the bath, bent down, lent forward, puckered up and offered my lips to her arsehole, as she had to mine. I licked and tongued the smooth and soft middle, and took care to swirl around the wrinkly edge as my hands took a hold of each buttock to pull her ring taut. I jabbed my tongue into the izmir escort hot core expecting her ring to clamp down tight but instead it slid easily inside. I pushed further, expecting some resistance but her arse just accepted my smooth and moist muscle in even deeper. Finally it could go no further and the only thing I could do was to curl the end and savour the pungent flavour.

I kept at her, curling my tongue until it ached, and then withdrew, gently pecking her butt cheeks as I fell away.

“What about your fingers?” She turned her head and asked with a cheeky grin.

I lifted my hand into view, clamped my first two fingers together and made for her groin. I jabbed them hard and fast into her hot and wet pussy. “Mmm, Nice, but not there yet lover.” She cooed as her cunt slurped and squelched under my forceful manipulations.

“Just getting some lubrication my dear.” I retorted as I withdrew.

I pushed the tips of my fingers into her hot and welcoming butt hole. She farted out air as my fat fingers spread her back passage but it didn’t faze either of us. Her butt was tight and hot as I strained to get my fingers in as deep as she had within mine.

Her cunt clenched each time I drove my hand forward and so I decided to straighten my other two fingers and drive them into that welcoming cavern as well. Hilde grunted as both sets hit their mark. I spread the pairs and drove them in deeper with each forward thrust of my wrist. Hilde’s cunt and arse accepted them eagerly.

Hilde gasped as I sped my movements, she released one of her hands to tweak at a button like nipple jutting out from the dampened mound of her huge breast. With each thrust of my hand she caught her breath. Her legs stared to buckle as an orgasm took a hold of her body. Her hips thrust forward, almost breaking the contact with my hand at her groin as she bucked and twisted with each contraction.

I allowed my hand to fall away, Frenchie spun around to face me and propped herself against the cool tiles covering the wall and smiled.

“That was nice. What next? Why do you boys like us to have a shaven fanny?”

“So we can do this.” Was my response, as I dove for her silky smooth cunt lips.

She smelled sweet and tasted even sweeter as I unfurled my tongue within her smooth and linear slit. I pursed my lips over her labia and drew the soft and naked segment into my mouth.

Frenchie gasped and grabbed at my head to guide me to her tender spot, her lip escaped my mouth with a plop as she bumped my mouth with the warm and soft tissue of her clitoral hood. She moaned in delight as I snaked my tongue under the tender fold and swirled it in a circular motion.

I was awe struck at how clean and smooth her inner slit was and how open and unguarded her pussy hole was, as my tongue approached the hot and pulsing void.

I stiffened and circled my tongue around the entrance to her damp tunnel before jabbing into the opening at its centre. Frenchie again gasped as I repeated the oral stabbing at her cunt opening three or four more times before running it back up her slit to the stiff nub of her clit, now protruding proudly from its hidden home.

She held me firmly by the ears and gyrated her hips to make my lips come into contact at just the right angle. I thought she might fall as her thrusts almost lifted her off her feet. I continued my motions, first at her clit, then her hole and then back in a pattern of increasing rapidity.

With each jab of my tongue Frenchie moaned and writhed of my face, with each swish across her clit she gasped and jumped against my aching lips. Finally she clamped my head tight against her groin, I was going nowhere as she huffed and puffed herself to another powerful orgasm. I pushed my tongue in as hard as I could to feel the pulsing and clenching of her cunt walls.

Hilde panted as she climbed out of the bath, knelt down, turned around and grabbed at the edge in front of me.

“Take my arse, won’t you?” She pleaded as she held her deep brown eyes on mine and shuffled her legs even wider open.

I rubbed my fingers up her slit, from clit to arse, making her jump and twitch against them. I felt down to the hard nub of her button, circled it gently with the tip of my finger and moistened it with her freely flowing cunt juice.

I saw her hands grip the edge of the bath tighter as I worked at her clit. I offered her to suck two of my fingers to wet them before I offered them back to her rectum, which hung open in anticipation. She cooed and arched her back as I pushed the wet digits into her hot hole.

Again I offered my other two to her cunt, making sure they received an adequate amount of lubrication before I cupped my hand and drove, four fingered, into her ever expanding and eager arsehole.

“Oh God yes.” She cried. “More.” She demanded as she pushed back against my hand.

“Put it all in.” She pleaded as the penny finally dropped.

I grabbed the bottle of soap from the edge of the bath and bit the lid open. I squeezed the plastic bottle and released the contents over the remainder of my hand, protruding from her hot orifice, and rubbed it back and over my wrist. Frenchie looked at me over her shoulder as I pushed firmly forward, tucking my thumb under my palm.

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