His Good Girl


Just a short 3 years ago I was a virgin going to church every sunday. I had never touched a drop of alcohol, never let a boy see me naked. Now here we are today, and I’m so different I don’t know if old me and new me would even recognize each other. But I have to admit I kind of like it. I love Kayden with my whole soul and everything he does to me feels so sinfully good. I don’t think a good girl would like the things he does to me as much as I do. So maybe i’m not a good girl anymore, maybe I never was. Maybe i’ve always been a bad girl on the inside and just never knew it until Kayden put his fingers inside me and tickled her awake.

My boyfriend Kayden has been asking me alot lately about my interest in a threesome. Most markedly since he met Conner and Alice at his new job. They are a sweet couple. Conner is a younger guy who just turned 21, and his girlfriend Alice is 26. You’d never guess their ages by just looking at them though. Conner is tall and thin but strong looking and fit. When he hugs me my head doesn’t even touch his chin and I am 5’5! He’s got sandy blonde hair and playful blue eyes. I am not usually attracted to blonde men but Conner just has that something that makes you bite your lip when he smiles at you. His girlfriend Alice is a tiny human being. She’s not that much shorter than I am, maybe 5’3; but everything about her is tiny. I imagine that if woodland sprites were real they would look very much like her. She’s got long wavy brown hair; and we are talking LONG long, like grown out to tickle the top of her ass cheeks long, not just shoulder length. She works her tiny curves quite effectively though by wearing really short shorts and skirts with cute boots. I’ve seen the boys at our parties watching her hemline like starving dogs when she gets wasted. She doesn’t disappoint them either. I suspect the panty flashing she does is not anywhere near as accidental as she pretends it is once she sobers up.

Now I’ll admit the idea of a threesome with either one of them does not disgust me or turn me off like I originally thought it might. If i’m being totally 100% honest I’ve kind of always had fantasies about playing with Kayden and another boy at the same time. But that’s all they ever were. Fantasies. Ideas that would never be realized.

Anyways, the story I wanted to tell you started when Kayden got me to take my top off in the kitchen last night. When Kayden gets to drinking he inevitably starts to brag or otherwise divulge details of our sex life to whomever is listening. This time it began with Conner. He was saying how the best thing about Alice’s A cup breasts is that she doesn’t have to wear a bra and they will never get saggy; so he can cop a feel whenever he likes. Kayden followed up with, ” Oh dude! You don’t even know! Karli’s boobs barely drop at all when she takes her bra off! They are perfect 36 double D’s of perky goodness!”

At that point the party was winding down, only Jaxon, Conner and Alice and our roommates Josh and Tony were still at our house. We were smoking hookah around the kitchen table and playing King’s Cup. That was when Tony chimed in offhand, “Yeah right Kayden, thats impossible! I’ve seen my fair share of titties that size and they all sag. Its just a sad fact of life.”

Tony is one of those guys who you usually just don’t argue with because it always turns into an hour long debate. However, in this particular case he was wrong…and I never have been able to resist proving somebody wrong. Kayden just glanced over at me with THAT look in his hazel eyes. That look that’s a cross between ‘come hither’ and ‘I double dog dare you’. I swear his eyes have hypnotic powers over me. He smiled his sexy grin with his dimple winking in his cheek and said “Karli my love, if that is the case then I’d like you to show the boys here what impossible looks like.”

My eyes went wide and I blushed. I would normally not even take that sentence seriously coming from him. I don’t know what was different last night, if it was the particularly potent mix of Fresca and Peach vodka I was drinking. Or maybe it was because I was extra horny from all the innuendo that night. Whatever the reason, instead of telling him no like a good girl ought to, I found myself saying, “Well… I guess I could… as long as it wouldn’t bother anybody. I mean I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable.”

Looking back now its comical to me how fast they all rushed to say they didn’t mind and they wouldn’t be uncomfortable. My friend Jaxon added a quiet little quip that he wouldn’t mind getting a little “uncomfortable” in his jeans this evening. Even Alice, the only other female left at that party said, “Yeah come on lets see ’em!” followed by her drunken but adorable giggle.

So I stood up and they all watched me. I sucked in a deep drag from the hookah hose and glanced at Kayden again to make sure he was serious. Then as I exhaled the smoke I grabbed the bottom edge of my shirt and lifted it over my head. I was wearing my purple bra with white polka dots. Once my shirt was off I laughed a bit nervously but managed to jokingly say, “Okay Gentleman Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort and lady friend, this is what they look like in their containment zone… and this is how they hold up without it. ” With that I unhooked the back of my bra and let it fall forward and off. I locked eyes with Kayden as I let it drop and I felt rewarded when I saw his gaze turn hungry. I never thought my breasts were special until that exact moment. As I looked around at my closest friends, and saw the naughty thoughts dancing in their eyes. The power of it jolted straight through me and I felt my pussy getting wet at the naughtiness and undivided attention. Since everyone was watching they could see my nipples get hard and come to little points even though I wasn’t cold.

“Sweet Jesus it is good to be wrong.” Tony exhaled.

Jaxon blushed mumbling, “Oh wow.” Attempting to look away but never actually managing to do so.

Josh seemed kind of torn between appreciation for what he was seeing and condemning himself for seeing his best friend’s girlfriend’s tits. Conner however raised his hands and did a little golf clap for me and (trying to play it cool as if this happened all the time) continued his conversation with Kayden saying, “Yep no sag there you lucky duck you!”

I smiled at that and he grinned back at me, making me feel that bite-­your-­lip flirty feeling. Then Alice nudged his shoulder and said, “Look babe her nipples are so tiny and pink! I think mine are more of a purple.”

She got up and stood by me then pulled her shirt off exposing her petite breasts. “What do you think guys?” She asked, with her hands on her hips and her head cocked to one side. I had never seen another woman’s naked breasts in person before. At least not in a sexual context. I had seen my friend Elisza’s when we changed together at the pool or at girl’s camp. But then it was under the guise that neither of us was REALLY looking. Alice’s boobs were small, but also firm-looking, round and perfectly proportional to the rest of her tiny self.

I could not believe how much it turned me on to be standing in my kitchen, topless and bold as brass being ogled with Alice by our best friends. Conner reached over and caught Alice’s nipple in his fingertips and pinched it, then gently pulled on it before letting go. I heard her let out a breathy little moaning sound, so maybe it was less gentle then it looked. With a laugh in his voice he said, “You know, I just can’t tell if they are more purple. Alice you should touch Karli’s nipple with yours so we can compare them side by side.”

I thought that was a strange request at the time. But I figured what the hell? I’m already topless and I have nothing to lose. So I turned my chest toward Alice and bent my knees a bit. She still had to stand on tip-toe to match up. I cupped my breasts and guided my nipples more accurately till they were touching Alice’s. It kind of tickled. My nipples and breasts have never been very sensitive so I was surprised I felt anything. It suddenly felt weird for me being topless and touching Alice like that. I got really worried that maybe I was making her feel weird too so I said, “Well looks to me that Alice’s are larger and more purple and mine are more pink. SO if all the scientific boob curiosity is sated for tonight, I’m gonna put mine away.”

I bent over to grab my shirt and bra off the floor and I turned my back on the table while I put them back on. Everybody continued their previous conversations and the game of King’s Cup as if nothing strange had just occurred. I couldn’t resist doing a quick visual crotch check though and all the boys had at least half a chub. From what I could see Jaxon had a full on rager in his pants and that look on his face that he gets whenever he is daydreaming about a life outside the friend zone.

Alice left her shirt off and sat down giggling on Conner’s lap. I was envious of her carefree attitude towards nudity as I circled around to sit on the barstool next to Kayden’s chair. Oblivious or perhaps impervious to my gaze, She tossed her long hair over her shoulder and started making out with Connor. I usually glance away to give them some privacy when they have their little kissing sessions, but not this time.

Alice was all in. Sometimes I think of her as being like Tinkerbell; so tiny that her body can only focus on one emotion at a time. I watched her slide her hand over Conner’s bicep, then up his neck into his hair. Her other hand pressed against his chest as she kissed him eagerly and with all she had. I glanced over for a second and saw Kayden watching them out of the corner of his eye as well. I didn’t look at Tony or Jaxon because all of a sudden I didn’t care what my roommates were doing or watching or thinking. All I knew was that I wanted to be doing what Con and Alice were doing. I looked back at them just in time to see Alice lift her leg up and plant her foot on the chair next to Conner’s ass. Her tiny black ruffle skirt inched up and I noticed Alice wasn’t even wearing panties today. I started nibbling on my bottom lip then because I had the most desperate need to have something in my mouth. I wanted to straddle Kayden’s lap. But I thought if I moved they might stop, and as improper and probably indecent as it was, I didn’t want them to stop. I wanted to keep watching them and see what happened and for once I felt no embarrassment about wanting that at all. I just felt a need, like this hungry starving ache inside me that made me want to arch my back and rub against things.

Then I saw Conner’s hand move. He squeezed her knee and started sliding his hand up and down her bare thigh. I shifted my legs to try and get more comfortable because I was getting all hot and wet down there. Conner must have heard me move because his eyes opened then. He was still kissing Alice when his eyes met mine. I could tell he would have smiled at me if his mouth weren’t so busy. I blushed at being caught staring but for the life of me I couldn’t look away. Then he did something I had never expected.

He slowly slid his hand farther up Alice’s thigh, till there was no where else to go and his middle finger slid inside her. And he kept his eyes on mine, making sure I was watching him do it. He winked at me then and a shiver raced down my spine that made my pussy throb.

“Conner!” Alice gasped as she put her leg down and pushed away from him, giggling.

She playfully slapped his shoulder as she got up. He played dumb exclaiming, “What was that for? I didn’t do anything!”

“You know what you did Con!” She laughed, “I’m gonna get you for it later.”

She bent over to grab her shirt off the floor, giving Kayden and I another good look at her hairless and glistening lady-bits in the process. Then she pulled her shirt back on, tugged her skirt into place and the night went on like any other.

Eventually, Jaxon pulled the last King and had to drink the King’s Cup; an awful smelling mixture of Jack N’ Cokes, Peach Vodka with Fresca, and beer. To nobody’s surprise, he passed out on our couch shortly after that. Tony left to go sleep in his room mumbling about going to work in 4 hours and Josh followed him down the hall to his own room. Leaving Kayden and I and Conner and Alice at the kitchen table. We didn’t want to get any other gaming materials out so we decided to play Drinking Truth or Dare. Right off the bat Kayden dared me to do a shot of Fireball for each guy I’d ever gone down on. I laughed and poured myself 3 shots. Alice laughed when I stopped at 3, and said, “Wait really? You’ve only blown 3 different guys?!”

I shrugged. “I was really shy and self conscious in high school so I didn’t really date till my senior year. Plus I knew that most high school relationships don’t last so I wasn’t that invested in them.” I explained. I quickly drank my 3 shots. I’ve never been able to figure out how to “shoot” shots so its more of a quick sipping process than anything. Either way that cinnamon and whiskey fire coated my mouth and throat, making my lips burn and tingle. I ran my tongue over my lips delighted by the sensation and blew my cinnamon breath at Kayden with a smile. He smiled back and asked Conner a “Truth” question for the game. I wasn’t listening though. I was feeling too good. I was soo horny from Conner and Alice’s little show earlier. I kept crossing my legs and squeezing them together. I could feel my juices dripping out of my pussy and i knew my panties would be soaked when i took them off.

Then it was Conner’s turn. “Karli I dare you to do a striptease for Kayden.” He declared.

“Wait really?” I asked. “I can’t do that!” I protested, thinking about my soaking panties and what everyone would see or possibly smell if I took them off.

“Please baby? I love watching you take your clothes off. Plus you are so damn sexy when you dance.” Kayden looked up at me from under his gorgeous eyelashes. I was helpless to deny him anything. And he damn well knew it.

I sighed, “Well a striptease is no good without music to dance to.”

The three of them cheered and we all stood up and headed into the living room. Jaxon was stil asleep on the long couch so Conner and Kayden sat down on either side of Alice on the love seat.

I pulled up YouTube on the tv and the only song I could think of was “I Get Off” by Halestorm. The song came on and I started nodding my head and swaying my hips. I love dancing when I’m drunk and the beat thumps in my ribcage. I bent over with my ass facing away from them and touched my toes, letting my fingertips tickle back up my legs, outlining my hips as they swayed before lifting up my shirt and tossing it to the side. Then I spun in a circle looking over my shoulder at Kayden and Conner as I unzipped my jeans.

It felt like their eyes were on puppet strings connected to my hands, watching me touch all over my body. I wondered if they were wishing it was their hands on me, or their mouths. I started to relax into it, lulled into the role by the song. I peeled my pants off and kicked them away while rolling my hips some more. I put one finger in my mouth and sucked on it as I slid my other hand in the front of my panties, actually daring to dip the tip of my finger into my pussy. I wanted to feel how slick it was before I slid my hand out again and peeled my panties off too. I tossed back my wavy blonde hair, and strutted over to the loveseat when i was completely naked.

I straddled Kayden’s knees and braced my hands on the back of the couch. I bent so my breasts rubbed against his chest when i rolled my body. Then knowing the song was coming to an end i grabbed his shoulders and tossed my head back. Arching so much that i could see the tv again.

The music stopped and i pulled myself into a sitting upright position, my legs still spread wide over Kayden’s lap. “So… was it any good?” I asked.

Kayden made a growling sound and wrapped his hand around the back of my neck. He pulled my face to his and started kissing me hard. Desperately. My whole body zinged to life when he kissed me! I couldn’t stop myself from moaning and my fingers fluttered around his belt, yanking his shirt up and over his head. Then my skin was touching his and the heat was amazing. He kissed my neck, scraping it with his teeth and I arched my back pushing my body harder against his.

I could feel his cock was fully hard through the denim of his jeans and I wanted to get it out and shove it inside myself. Kayden grabbed my hips and held me down while he rubbed his cock up against me making me whimper for him every time his dick could’ve entered me and didn’t cause of those damn pants. I moaned at the feeling of the rough material pushing through the lips of my pussy, separating them and releasing all the wet heat that had been building up since i first took my shirt off.

“Holy shit babe,” he groaned. And i knew that he could feel it. Knew that he loved it. I smiled and ground my hips against him to tease.

That was when I remembered Conner and Alice were still there.

This was WAY over the line for me. I’ve always enjoyed being a teeny bit of an exhibitionist when we are out of town around people and places where we’ll never have to show our faces again. Where it wouldn’t matter if we were caught. But Conner and Alice were sitting not even a full foot away from us, just watching. I glanced at them with a guilty smile, blushing and remembering how it had made me feel to watch them; hoping I could make them feel the same way. Then Kayden was grinding against my bare clit and I didn’t care that they were there anymore.

Kayden rubbed himself against my clit again, hard, and I almost came right then. I jumped and then shuddered and let my head drop to his shoulder. I was biting and kissing every inch of him I could get my mouth on before my lips made it back to his. I reached down to his fly and tried to undo it but my drunk fingers would not obey. Then Kayden grabbed my hand to stop me and I looked up confused. He wasn’t looking at me so I followed his gaze and became immediately transfixed.

Conner had Alice’s skirt flipped up over her waist and he had pulled her butt to the edge of the couch. He was kneeling on the floor and was bent over licking her from her tiny asshole to where her clit was peeking out. I could have reached over and run my fingers through Conner’s hair while he was eating her out if I wanted. I could see his tongue sink inside of her before reappearing to flick her clit again. I could see the shiny wetness spreading with each pass. Alice was gripping the edge of the couch cushion tight in her little hands. She had her head tossed back, eyes closed and her mouth was open a little and smiling in the corners as she started to moan louder.

I looked back at Kayden with hungry eyes of my own and then, in what I can only assume was a show of manly solidarity, Kayden stood up with me in his arms and turned around, laying me onto my back so I was in the same position as Alice. Then he slid two fingers inside of me and wrapped his lips around my clit. I whimpered and grabbed the couch cushion in my hands planting my feet on Kayden’s thighs with my knees spread as wide as I could without actually touching Alice’s knee. I closed my eyes as he picked up speed focusing on that swirling, tightening feeling in my belly. I heard wet splurchy noises and had to peek again though.

Conner was fingering Alice now too. I could hear her breath puff in and out with each movement his arm made. For a moment I tried to picture Conner’s thick mechanic’s fingers inside of Alice’s tiny little pussy, probably bottoming out inside of her. Stretching her every which way. The image brought me right to the edge of an orgasm and my hips started twitching, wanting to buck against Kayden’s fingers and force them deeper inside me. He moaned when he felt me tighten up and it sent little vibrations through my clit. He pushed his fingers as deep inside my pussy as they would go and stopped moving them at all. Just keeping pressure on me from the inside as he slowly kissed his way back up my body. Until his lips were hovering over mine again. I swiped my tongue out across his lips and I could taste my own creaminess on them. He put his forehead against mine and started slowly stroking his two fingers inside me. Keeping the delicious pressure on and making my body feel like a guitar string being wound up tighter and tighter with each stroke.

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