Hotel: Another Woman


I stand next to Robert as he checks into the hotel. He looks at my swelling breasts as I take a deep breath, shifting between feet. I’m nervous. We’ve been dating a few months and I’ve offered him a threesome for his birthday. He willingly accepted. A little too quickly I have thought. I picked out the woman, a stranger from a net group – my fantasy, my choice. He doesn’t know other than it is a woman.

His trousers bulge in anticipation. My lack of panties excites me. The downtown hotel is cheap which adds to the adventure, the naughtiness. I can feel the pounding in my chest, the tingling between my thighs, the nervousness coursing though my body. I’ve dressed in my sluttish clothes – short skirt with my ass almost visible, a shier blouse with my nipples plainly visible, overly high-heel shoes. As if the blouse weren’t shier enough, I leave several buttons unfastened.

The clerk stares at me as if I’m a prostitute. I smile and wink knowingly, then ask Robert whether he is ready to go to the moon a few times and if he brought the cash. The clerk clears his throat, probably ready to unload in his pants.

As Robert takes the key, I send the text message – ‘412’. He grins, and we walk to the elevator, his hand firmly on my ass pulling my skirt a little higher for the clerk. I can feel his fingers deep in the crack and my pussy floods.

Halfway to the bed, I tease him with a flash of snatch and a large grin. He pulls me close. I feel his erection beg for release from his trousers. I remind him of the guest, that he needs to wait. He frowns, asking how much longer.

There is a knock on the door. I open it, and study her for a moment. She’s wearing a short black dress that plunges down the front to her navel. Her missing leg hidden underneath is mysterious. The other is long, slender, and perfect – bare with a stiletto high-heel.

“Wow.” The word escapes me wantonly, my fantasy.

“Do I get to see?” he begs.

“In time, honey.”

I watch the surprised and shocked looks covering his face.

“She’s…. She’s missing….” He blathers.

“So?” I reply. “This will be different. Perfect.” For me, I know it will be.

I pull her close. Our bodies touch teasingly. I lift her skirt in the back and expose her ass to him while giving it playful slaps.

She steps back and crutches towards him while introducing herself – Monique. I watch, still greatly aroused from the hug, as she takes him in her arms and begins to kiss his mouth deeply. Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort I can see him rub his hand over her ass as they begin to grind together.

I move towards the bed and sit with one leg crossed over the other. A foot swings idly as I unbutton my blouse and leave it dangling open. I watch his hand hold her skirt up and stroke her ass cheeks, but my attention is mostly on the short piece of thigh hanging below her left hip. I tightly squeeze my thighs together. The swinging foot helps vibrate parts that beg for attention. A pleasing tingle flows though me.

They slow waltz towards the bed. Her crutches clang to the floor as she sits next to me. He rubs the bulge in the trousers, seeming to not care about the missing leg anymore. Boy, do I ever care. His hands fumble with the belt.

She holds a hand up. “Just watch, for now.”

I’d never been with a woman, never had a threesome. Since meeting, we’d been working through a list of untried sex – in the ocean, in the ass, in elevators. We’d each cross-dressed in public for the other. I’d walked on crutches for him, once pretending to be missing a leg. I got the feeling that it didn’t do much for him. It did for me, more than he will ever understand.

Still struggling with my feelings, she softly touches my arm. Her cheek brushes mine. The light fragrance of her skin fills my nostrils. She gives me a teasing kiss.

“He thinks this is for him,” she whispers near my ear just loud enough for only me to hear. She quickly sucks the earlobe. “It’s for us.” She sucks again, and I feel the tension in my body ebb away.

The bed gives some as he sits behind her. His hand slips up her stomach and cups a breast roughly as he usually does mine.

“In time,” she says, pushing him back.

He moves to an overstuffed chair near the bed and undresses. He slouches, a hand lightly strokes the erection, and eyes drill angry holes in both of us. “My birthday,” he snarls.

She ignores the complaint, dragging a fingertip around my nipple. I glance at the darkened window with the curtain open. The thought that there might be an audience excites me unexpectedly. She uncovers my left shoulder, letting the blouse slide halfway down my arm. Soft sounds escape her mouth as her warm breath blows across the nipple.

“Am I your first?” she begs, not making it clear if meaning ‘woman’ or ‘amputee’.

I nod nervously.

Her nodding head, mirrors mine. “Relax,” she coos, squeezing the nipple into greater stiffness.

I wiggle my shoulders, and the blouse falls lower before I tug at the straps of her dress. She pulls my hand against a naked breast, rubbing, massaging. It is as if we both need the touch.

“Fuck her,” he groans, still jacking his cock.

She pulls my hand lower, and I feel her wetness. I rub and masturbate her for a long moment before letting my fingers fill her. Her gasp excites me. She grins and pulls my fingers up to my lips. I suck them clean. Her taste is different from mine, but delicious.

“Go on, go on,” he demands.

“Hold your horses,” she groans, not taking her eyes off me. “How do you stand him?” she whispers in my ear.

“I don’t know,” I whisper back. I chuckle, pushing my hand under her dress again, fingers inside.

Her lips take mine, softly at first as her fingers find my slit. I gasp, moan, as they explore with no sign of stopping. Our breath mingles as we masturbate the other. Tongues swap mouths. Her chest presses mine, pushing us to the bed.

“My turn,” he roars, pulling at her dress and dropping it on the floor leaving her naked.

I feel his cockhead forcing past my fingers and into her slit from behind. I let him, listening to her sounds as she accepts him, sloshing in her wetness. The bed rocks both of us as she hugs me tight, her mouth locked against mine in passion.

I was just getting into the moment when she began kissing down my neck, up a breast, and sucking a nipple, nibbling and tugging.

He continues pounding from behind her, harder now.

“Backup a bit,” she tells him, forcing her way lower.

“Yeah, eat her cunt.”

I hadn’t been with many men and none had kissed there. I guess I hadn’t been very adventuresome sexually, one of the things I was working on with him. His oral sex had not been very good though.

“She doesn’t like that though,” he adds.

I say nothing, hoping that it is because the right person has not been down there. Her lips are close, fingers already filling me. She spreads my thighs wide, nibbling down one side of my slit and up the other. Round and round she goes, kissing and licking along the way.

I can feel her body moving with his pounding. From his sounds, I know he is close to finishing. Soon, she and I will have each other alone. I can’t resist rubbing against her mouth, humping some as well. One of her hands grips a buttock, fingering between them, fingers from the other toying with my clit as she licks.

Moans, coos, mews, and other sounds that I’d rarely made soon fill the space around my mouth. There is a final loud grunt from him, and he falls onto his back. I want to taste her. I let her finish me first.

“She can’t come like that,” he groans. “Bring your mouth over here rather than waste it on her.”

I am close when she pulls back. I hear a sucking sound, and I know what she is doing. It doesn’t take long.

“Go clean up,” she whispers. “Give us girls some time.”

The bed moves, and I hear him walking into the bathroom. The door closes.

“Asshole,” she says, settling back between my thighs. “Now, relax sweetheart.”

“You seemed so….”


Quickly we both are back in the same aroused place. Her fingers drilling while her lips and teeth devour my cunt the way one sucks a fruit. My orgasms never came easily. At least, that’s what he always complained. Why would she have more luck? She does, like magic.

She rests her head on my thigh, fingers flying. I feel her blow gently though my wetness between nibbles on my thigh inches from where her fingers drill. Soon, all that exists for me are my pussy and what she is doing. I let my hips rock and grind against her, my feet rising and falling over her shoulders.

“Uh-huh,” she blows into my slit as the orgasm begins, this a stronger one than ever before.

“I want your stump,” I whisper.

“I wish you had one.”

“Me too.”

“I can help.”

The words fly back and forth.


“Leave him, be with me.”


“Send me some e-mail.”

The orgasm is still roaring when the toilet flushes, and I know I have but a few moments more as he washes his hands. I twist by body around quickly until my hands are on her hips, pulling my face towards her stomach. She reluctantly lets go of my clit, shifting her own position. A hand slides along the soft skin, roaming over the stump wiggling against my palm.

“Hmmm,” she purrs.

“Yeah, hmmm.” I kiss along the scar, still fondling the stump.

The water stops all too quickly. I kiss a last time, and we sit beside each other. Her lips touch mine. “I should leave,” she whispers before gathering her clothes and dressing.

The doorknob begins to twist.

“Write me, soon.” She grins, shaking the dress the final few inches along her beautiful leg.

He walks from the bathroom. “Not leaving, are you?”

“I must.” She hugs him. “Happy birthday.”

“I probably won’t forget this,” he says.

All I can think is, ‘I know I won’t’.

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