Houston Top Nights


Houston Top NightsThis is a true story about a trip I took to Houston where I met a Mexican transgender woman. So I was in Houston for a trade show and had been messaging back and forth with a Latin trans woman I had met on FB a few weeks earlier. She was gorgeous in her photos and had been straight with me from the beginning about her gender. I let her know right off the bat that I was totally cool with it and respected trans women as just women so no issues with me.I flew in on a Friday afternoon and got a cheap room since the trip was on my own dime for pleasure. I contacted her and said I was in town and would be attending a hunting and camping show at a huge expo hall for the weekend and if she was down, we could go together. She said it was not her thing but was excited to see me. We agreed that I would enjoy my weekend show and then connect with her on Saturday evening. I was trying to impress her and really didn’t want to just invite her to my hotel right away and make her think all I was after was sex. I suggested that we could meet at a mutually agreeable restaurant, eat, maybe catch a movie, and then just go with the flow.We agreed to meet at 8pm at a Mexican small Mexican restaurant and I instinctively arrived early at 7:45. I am well aware that women sometimes use all kinds of filters to make themselves look great when in reality, they look much worse. The plan in my head was to be there well ahead of time and when I saw her arriving, if she was a frog instead of a princess, I had a few minutes to think up something and duck out.She arrived late at around 8:20 and omg, this didn’t seem to be the same girl I had been messaging and exchanging photos with. She was gorgeous and dressed to the 9’s but much larger than what her profile photos suggested. For perspective, she was around 5-5” in height and every bit of 180 pounds. She had her face all made up in the characteristic Mexican ‘Chola’ look with heavy makeup, dark, thick eyebrows, a tight cocktail style dress, and a push-up bra with fairly large silicone boobs pouring out. From outward appearances, there was no doubt about her gender.The first thing I thought was, “Damn, way to be discreet girl” dressed like she was, every dude in the joint was going to be eying her and every mother with her k**s and man’s girlfriend was going to be flashing us dirty looks. I quickly decided that although she was much larger than I realized, she was still gorgeous and I was going to go through with it. If we didn’t click, no pressure, I could just play it off and say I was sick or some other excuse.She ended up having a very outgoing and bubbly personality. She talked in a rather loud voice with that characteristic “B Flat” sound that many trans women have. We ordered two taco plates and a few beers and chatted intensely for the next hour. When I felt it was time to leave, I paid up and suggested that we drive down to a movie theater and see what was playing. We agreed that she would leave her old crappy Honda sedan parked at the restaurant and take my brand new rented Dodge 4×4 pickup.Since the truck sat rather high, I decided to open the door for her and help her up the step and inside. Wow, this was the first time I got an up close and personal glance at her body. She had a very thick but also very firm body with a giant ass and short thick legs. Despite her size, she exuded sexuality and I’m not sure what perfume she was wearing but my sense of smell loved it and was very attracted to it.We took off toward the nearest movie place and a few blocks into the trip, she asked me, “Do you really want to see a movie or are you just trying to practice chivalry”? I said, “Well, I was just trying to throw out options so you didn’t think I was just out for casual stuff.”She smiled and said, ”Its ok and I appreciate it but I really don’t want to do a movie right now because I drank a little too much – if you’re cool with it, we can chill in your room and watch something on the tv if that’s ok. DAMN…was it ever ‘cool’ and I said “Sure, that’s güvenilir bahis sounds chill.” Secretly, I told myself, “Score – I’m going to bag this tonight easily.”We got back to the room and once I closed the door behind us, she laid the big bag she was carrying down on a night table and turned around and gave me a big hug and said, “I want to kiss you.” She said this almost in a way that she was not sure I was cool with kissing someone of her gender. I responded instantly and bent over (I am 6-0”) and kissed her. Wow, within a millisecond, her entire tongue was inside my mouth and darting against my throat. This was hands-down the most passionate and wild kiss I had ever gotten in my life. I was taken aback while hugging her at the firmness of her upper back and wider shoulders. I explored her body as we kissed and lowered my hands down her back to that giant shapely ass of hers. It was absolutely hard as a rock with zero flab.We kissed standing up like this for about 30 seconds after which she suggested that I get comfortable while she took a quick shower. This made me happy as she was sexy as hell and my mind was racing pondering the various possibilities that we might explore. Knowing she was squeaky clean sort of set my mind at ease.She ended up taking forever and about 45 minutes later, she immerged from the bathroom in a white corset with pump heels on. I wanted to grab her right then but quickly said, “Wait, I want to be clean for you” and scurried off for a quick shower.Not even 10 minutes later, I returned in a clean T shirt and Calvin Klein men’s bikini style briefs, my manhood all pouched up and looking good for her. The look on her face was total glee and she said, “Baby, you look yummy, let me take a look at you.” She turned me around admiring me and put her hands on my ass and said, “Mmmm, I can think of a lot of things to do with this.”From her mannerisms, It was fairly obvious that she was no submissive bottom but more likely versatile and a bit on the aggressive side. We hugged and began to kiss again and she lightly pushed me back on the bed where I laid back and she collapsed on top of me while kissing. There were so many feelings going through me…she was by far the heaviest trans woman I had ever been with and feeling her sexy bulk on me was something I had never experienced. We rolled around kissing and feeling each other for a few minutes but up this point, I never touched her crotch. I knew it would come at some point but didn’t want to rush it. She stopped and asked me to sit down on the edge of the bed as she wanted to surprise me with something. I complied and she got up, turned the main light off, and walked up next to me. She then said, “I just want to see how open minded you are” and pulled down her G-string and stuck a half hard uncut dark black dick right on my lips. This was definitely not my first time and I accepted it immediately. I reach up with two hands and softly pulled her foreskin back to expose a head that was almost pink and kissed it.My mind was going in overload mode now as she had the exact look that got to me. Really dark almost black foreskin, a light caramel color shaft, and a much lighter almost pinkish head. She was a solid 7” hard and I sucked and throated her as best I could. I knew why she had turned the light off as I am used to Hispanic girls being self-conscious about being really dark in their intimate areas. Still though the bathroom light was on and it gave me just enough light to still make out all of her bodily features.So next, things didn’t go exactly like I assumed but I went along. She laid back on the bed and I crawled up next to her. She pulled down the top of her corset to expose her big fake boobs and giant erect nipples and asked, “How do they look?” I never said a word and instantly began sucking on them and enjoying the sensation of these huge nipples in my mouth. This went on for 1-2 minutes and without saying a word, she pushed me down to her crotch and undid the corset snaps between her legs.I inhaled güvenilir bahis siteleri her fully erect curved cock and did my best make believe porn blowjob. She wasn’t monster size but definitely large enough to make me gag while gripping my head and pushing it up and down on her cock. I honestly didn’t much like her hands on my head but tolerated it as she was fucking hot, hot, hot. I slid a bit lower and nuzzled her two slightly hairy balls against my face and took one of them in my mouth. Over the next minute or so, I alternated sucking one ball at a time and pulling them out with my lip-covered teeth until they ‘popped’ out of my mouth. I stopped to put a pillow under her ass and then gently pulled her legs up toward her body to expose her dark brown love hole. I went right to work rimming her…first painting my tongue all around it and then closing my lips around her hole and gently sucking it. This go me really worked up and my tongue began slowly poking and prodding her sort of like, “Hey doll, let daddy inside.” From the sounds she was making, I sort of knew I was playing with fire here (continued below). It was obvious from her rock hard erection that she was probably not on hormones and she absolutely adored being rimmed. Any minute, I sort of expected her to stop and say she wanted to fuck me as it had happened to me before. What she said instead was, “Baby, lets do 69 so I can please you too.” Within 5 seconds, I moved the pillow, laid down on my back and she instantly crawled up on top of me. Due to her short overall height and short torso, when she began inhaling me, all I could do was stare at that giant shapely ass which was now 8-10” from my face and not back far enough for me to enjoy. Her head game was absolutely on point though and the sight of that ass winking slightly as she went up and down on me told me that I wouldn’t last long in this position.Instinct got the best of me though and I couldn’t hold back. I pulled her bulk back on my face and used my strength to hold her right there in place as I began to probe her and within 5 seconds, I was sliding up inside of her for all I was worth. That unique sensation that every man knows when rimming a trans girl took over and I felt my tongue being gripped and lightly squeezed as she moaned like a dog in heat. Honestly, the sensation of having such a heavy (but sexy) girl sitting back on my face and smothering me was intoxicating beyond belief.The ‘playing with fire’ part finally manifested itself and I had gotten her so worked up that she jumped and said, “I am going to fuck you so good baby.” She didn’t wait for my reaction and went immediately to her bag on the nightstand and produced a small tube of K-Y Jelly.Knowing that I had waited too long for my chance at topping her first, I resigned myself to a situation that had happened to me in Mexico a few years earlier. This time would be different though, she was much sexier than the girl who had taken my anal virginity in Senora and we clicked really well. I sort of half-heartedly got into doggie position and within a few seconds, that tongue of hers was lapping the crack of my butt like it was her last meal. I knew (or thought I knew) from past experience that girls like to hear their man give the sound of approval so I let out a low growl as her tongue flicked all over my hole. She then took both hands and began pulling my cheeks apart and I felt more than an inch of her tongue go right in. To say that I was in heaven would be an understatement. She began slowly tongue fucking me and I couldn’t help but let out fairly loud ‘oohs’ and ‘awws’ as this went on for more than a minute and I felt like I was floating on air.I cant lie, this made me want her inside of me so bad and she didn’t disappoint. She lubed up her index finger and then used that to lube my ass going slowly in and out a few inches. Satisfied that I was lubed properly, she put on a condom, squeezed a huge amount on her hand and lubed up her shaft. She pulled me back as she stood at the iddaa siteleri edge of the bed and touched the tip of her cock to my manhole. She pressed it inside about 1 inch and immediately stopped. She then said, “Just be calm baby, I know what I am doing and you will be fine, I promise.”She pulled her cock out, re-lubed it, painted another generous amount of K-Y on my hole and said, “Lean forward baby and when I tell you to, take a deep breath and hold it while you push out hard.” I was totally into it by this point and complied with every word. 2-3 seconds later, she said, “Now exhale and relax totally.” When I did, she slid inside me, stopped when she was about halfway inside me, and stayed like this for perhaps 10 seconds. After that, she said, “I think you are ready hottie.” The experience was 100% different than the first time. No real pain, no big initial sting, none of that. Just the sensation of being filled by this sexy as hell hottie and I was totally hers.This was the first time I had ever experienced precum from myself during sex. As she she rammed against my prostate each thrust, I felt the momentary sensation of needing to pee for an instant and then it was gone. On each successive thrust, that sensation came back and I felt a slight bit of something leaking out of my cock. I looked back from underneath and saw that slimy liquid oozing from the tip of my cock and leaking on the sheets. I was nervous about it but at the same time, totally into it. She noticed it too and said, “Damn baby, I think you are having a good time as you’re leaking precum all over the bed.” I couldn’t really come up with any substantial response other than a low moan sound and it got her off so much.I then just blurted out, “I want you on top of me gorgeous” and collapsed my legs and laid on my belly. She laid right on top of me and began bearhugging me from behind and kissing my neck. She began whispering in my ears and probing them with her tongue and I was absolutely on fire at this point. The sensation of those huge fake boobs rubbing against my upper back and her weight and strength taming me was total heaven. She was rubbing my hair and face with her hands and began sticking her fingers in my mouth as she thrusted inside me. This went on for about 15 minutes and then she changed her rhythm and got faster. She assumed a more upright stance, placed her strong hands on my back squeezing my upper back muscles and instead of kneeling on the mattress like she had been doing, she moved and placed her knees right on the backs of my leg muscles in a quite dominating position. I now felt her entire weight on me balanced between intense pressure on my hamstring muscles and my upper back.She had begun to sweat a lot and began drilling faster and I could sense her breathing much harder now. Neither of us said a word and all at once, just like a porn movie, she pulled out, ripped off her condom, rolled me over, sat right on my chest, and began jerking like mad. One hand fumbled for my mouth as the other one continued to jerk. She looked down at me with sweat all over her face and quickly said, “You’re ok with this?” I just nodded and about that time, she used the fingers of one hand to separate my lips and the other to stick about 3” of her cock right in my mouth.She exploded instantly and began moaning as she drained herself inside my mouth. I knew from experience not to mess around here and instantly swallowed her fairly large load down in two swallows. Unlike the first time I experienced this, there was no heavy thick ropes or strong aftertaste. I looked up at her and our eyes locked with about half of her cock still in my mouth. She gushed, “How did I taste baby, you drained the hell out of me…I bet you were worried that I may not taste good. I know all about the fruit juice trick.”I pulled her cock out of my mouth and we just smiled and both laughed outloud forever. This had truly been a great encounter for both of us and I was very much into her. I went to the 7-11 next door and grabbed us a 6-pack. We chilled, drank a few beers, smoked a blunt of some really strong weed, and she crashed in my room that night. Oh there is a nice sequel to this and it happened the next morning….that will have to wait but lets just say it was ‘my turn.’

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