How I Met Your Mother


Today was such a long day. Dealing with those customers was already hard enough, now there was a storm coming. It was pouring outside and I could hear the wind howling. It seems like my plans for the night will have to possibly change. It was now closing time, finally. As the last customer was leaving, all I could think of was getting a bottle of wine on my way home and relax tonight since I was off tomorrow. Little did I know, Mother Nature had other plans.

The store is now closed and I can’t wait to leave. I gather my stuffs and quickly make my way to the parking lot. As I step outside, the wind was deafening and the rain was coming down harder than I previously thought. That was not the issue, however. The parking lot was flooded and there was no way for me to reach my car. My only option now is to go to the other side of the mall and order an Uber. I wanted to get home as quick as possible so I ran across the mall to reach the other entrance as I was ordering the Uber. It did not take long as I am now at the other entrance waiting for it. The app says it’s a female driver named Talia and she drives a black Audi. I must admit: she looks beautiful. With her tan skin, I can tell she’s from the Caribbean. I spent quite a Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort few years traveling to several countries there, mainly Cuba. She also has light blue eyes and dark brown hair. As I was looking at her picture, I couldn’t help but feel a tingling sensation course through my body. Luckily, she pulled up before it got worse. I get in and try to take my mind of her, which I find harder than I thought. I am now on my way home and I keep glancing up at her from time to time. All of a sudden, I felt the car come to an abrupt stop as she got to the red light.

“Take a picture. It’ll last longer.”

As I looked up, I can see she was staring at me. I can’t help but smirk a bit. I haven’t heard that phrase in a while. She turns back around to keep driving as the light turned green. Hearing the sweet voice accompanying her lovely body got me more excited. My dick was getting hard now. I don’t know what’s getting over me but something told me to be bold. As we were getting closer to the house, I had a crazy idea. I unzip my pants quietly to let my dick free and stroke it. Right as I am starting to do so, she arrived. Seeing I was not getting out, she turns around again and catches me with my dick in my hand. Exactly what I intended to happen. Her reaction, however, was not what I had in mind.

“What in the hell are you doing?” she yells.

I couldn’t tell if she was angry or excited. She opens her door and slams it. I was shaking a bit because of how she reacted and I didn’t know what she would do next. She opens the back door of the driver side and pulls me by my shoulders, forcing me to lay down across the back seat. She then slams that door and walks on the passenger side’s back door. I just laid there, confused as to what was happening. All I can feel now is her hand on my chest, holding me down. I got the message and I did not move an inch.

“This is how you tip your female drivers…” she asks, with lust in her eyes.

“Not all. Just the ones named Talia.” I reply.

She knows her name was unique and not a lot of people have that name. By me saying that, it got her excited. She removes my hand from my dick and replaces it with her mouth. She starts by licking the tip the swirls her tongue around it. As she does that, my dick gets slightly harder. And at that very moment, she slides her mouth down my cock and swallows it whole. The more she bobs up and down, the bigger it gets in her mouth until she can’t take anymore of it.

“Yes baby. That’s it. Suck it good.” I said, in between moans.

This goes on for about five more minutes. I have her hair in my hand to keep it from getting in her face. Out of nowhere, I suddenly explode in her mouth. I don’t know exactly what she did down there but that made me cum instantly. Loads after loads go into her mouth as she swallows all of it. Once done, I noticed that I was still hard.

“This was the best blowjob I have ever gotten.” I said as I try to catch my breath.

“That’s only the beginning. There’s plenty more where that came from. For now, I have to leave.” she added as she pulls me up.

I sit up and zip my pants. As I stepped out of the car, I see a streak of cum across her lips. Since it’s a bold kind of night, I pull her close to me to kiss her passionately, get the cum out and taste it. As I did that, she melts into my arm. I break the kiss off and walk towards the house.

“See you soon.” I whispered in her ear before walking off.

She seems glued to the spot and unable to move. The sound of my keys, however, brings her back to reality. I remain at the front door until she leaves. She finally gets in her car and does so. Unbeknownst to her, I left her a nice surprise in the back seat that will have her come back for more.

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