How I will fuck you and cuckold your husband


How I will fuck you and cuckold your husbandYou and your husband meet me at the door. You are wearing a very revealing teddie that left little to the imagination. It is little more than three small triangles of material covering your pussy and nipples, connected by lace and gauze. It looks outstanding on your body and I can’t help but stare lustily at you.Your husband is the first to say anything/ “Please to meet you. My wife has said a lot about you. I can guess by your look that you want to come in and fuck my wife for me?”I grin. “You caught me red handed. We chatted a lot before and it is hard to believe that this is for real”. I turn to you, the lust burning bright in my eyes. “You look exceptional and I can’t wait to fuck that tight married pussy of yours”.”Thank you and I am so glad to finally meet you. For once, I’m going to have a real man’s cock inside me”. You smile back at me, grabbing my hand and pulling me into your house. As you do, you turn to your hubby. “Let’s go upstairs. I’m aching for a fucking”.The three of us head up to your bedroom and you seem hell bent on not wasting any time. As soon as we reach the bedroom, you turn to your husband. “I am going to fuck my new lover hubby and I want you to sit in that chair and watch. Maybe I’ll actually enjoy sex for once now that a real man is here. And I don’t really care what you do with that pathetic little wimp cock of yours. It never pleased me so beat off, cut it off, do whatever you want with it”.I pulled off my shirt and unzip my jeans, pulling them off and leaving them in a pile on the floor. The bulge in my shorts showed that I like what I saw and I pause for a moment before pulling the underwear over my hard cock. As I look at you, the lust in your eyes becomes plain as day and you quickly motion your husband to assume his position in the chair.As your hubby moves towards his chair, you s beckon me to the bed. Without saying a word, I oblige and crawl onto the bed next to you. I gently wrap my arms around you, holding you so close, forgetting that your husband is sitting right next to us. My hand grasps the hair on the back of your head and I pull your face next to mine as our lips lock. You moan softly into my mouth kissing me ever so gently as I nibbling on your lips. Our hands start roaming each other’s bodies; you rub my chest and my hands work their way down your chest and stomach. Our kissing becomes more urgent. I can feel your breath quicken, see the passion building in your eyes, feel the heat from your skin. “Please baby. I’ve wanted this for so long. I want you to own my married pussy in front of my husband. I want him to watch me submit to another man. I need him to see what a filthy little slut I am and how I crave to have another man fucking me in our marital bed”. I smile at you, speaking loud enough so that your husband can overhear me. “I am going to give your husband exactly what he wants. I am going to slide every inch of my bare cock deep inside you until the head is throbbing against your cervix. I am going to make you moan and cum like the dirty little slut you are. I am going to pound your hot, little married cunt until I blow my load inside you. And as I cum inside of you, you and your husband will know that your pussy is mine and that I will fuck you whenever I want”.You kiss me even more passionately, cutting off my words as your tongue finds my hungry mouth. I move my hands to just above your panty line of your teddie, moving my fingers just under the hem. I slide your panties down just enough to reveal the beginning of your pussy. As my lips press firmly against yours, I feel your body shift and your legs spread ever so much. As my hand traces its way lightly across your pubis, the scent of your wet pussy begins to soak the air. You squirm in anticipation of more. I brush my hands so close to your pussy, you can feel as my fingertips skimming across the space between your thigh Escort Bayan and torso. I decide to take down your panties, now soaked from so close to teasing, pulling them gently down over your feet and off. I reveal your beautiful pussy, the juices dripping and soaking the sheet beneath you. Moving my hands up your thighs once again, so close to your pussy lips, you feel the warmth of my fingers, so close, teasing you as I just brush past your clit, making your quiver.You look at me with a passion in your eyes. I smile at you and start kissing your cheeks, your ears, nibbling, as my hands work lower. My hands work their way over your sensual breasts, massaging all around but not touching your nipples. My lips nibble and suck at your neck, sending waves of pleasure through your body. You tilt your head back, loving every touch, every kiss, every nibble I have to offer. My fingertips gently flick over your erect nipples, making you jump and moan out. I slowly circle my fingertips over your nipples, as my lips suck, kiss, and nibble down your neck, getting closer and closer. I lower my lips to your nipples, blowing cool air over them, making you tingle even more before I take each one in my mouth and suck on them. I hear you moan out as my hands cup and massage your breasts, licking and sucking each of your nipples in turn. Working my hands and lips down lower, you bite your lip and spread your legs, wanting me to pleasure your pussy more than anything right now. “Yes baby. Pleasure my married pussy. Make my husband watch you eat me. Maybe that pathetic little cuck will learn a thing or two about what a woman wants. Please baby. I want him to SEE his wife getting owned!!!”“Let me show that little cuck of a husband how to eat a pussy.” I say with a smile as my lips moving lower and my fingers massage your sexy thighs. Lower and lower I move as you arch your back, just wanting your hot clit to be touched. I spread your lips with my fingertips, revealing how wet you truly are, and blow several cool breaths over your hot clit, sending you over the edge as you moan out. I gently flick my tongue over your clit, I hear you scream out as my tongue works over your erect clit, sucking, licking, and making you wet. My tongue slides up and down your pussy so slowly, you feel every moment of pleasure as I slide my tongue, a little faster with every lick. You place your legs over my shoulders, not wanting my tongue to go anywhere as my rhythm matches yours. My tongue darts in and out of your hot pussy, coating my lips with your warm pussy juices, diving right in and wanting you to orgasm over and over. I lick faster, up and down your hot pussy, nibbling on your clit, moving my fingers over your pussy as you grind your hips into my face. “Watch him eat me hubby. Does that get your little cuckold cock hard….seeing your wife getting her pussy eaten by a real man. God he eats my pussy so good hubby….so much better than you. You will never be able to please me like this. I hope you don’t regret wanting me to act like a slut!”Your hubby remains silent but it is clear by the bulge in his pants that he is enjoying himself. I place two fingers inside your wet pussy, as my lips suck hard on your clit. My fingers arch up to reach your g-spot, making your scream out as you start to grind harder and harder against my fingers and lips. Faster and faster, my tongue licks up and down, spreading your pussy lips with my tongue, my fingers deep within your wet pussy, reaching your g-spot with every thrust, sending you over the edge over and over. Feeling your legs shake, as your thighs grasp hard against my head, still licking and sucking till you go limp, your orgasm passed and I licked up all your sensual juices.”My God, he’s better at oral sex than you, too. I hoped you would at least be able to make up for your inability to fuck me with your tongue hubby…so much for that theory. You’re Bayan escort just useless in bed…”. Your voice trailed off as the pleasure of my fingering and licking began to escalate again. You husband stripped out of his pants and began to stroke his cock. Before no time, he cam just as you had reach your third climax. After seeing your husband’s cock coated with cum, I smile at you and say “Look, your hubby really liked that. He already cam on himself watching me pleasure you.” You look at the mess on your hubby’s lap and laugh. “if you liked that, you’re going to love seeing him stretch out this sweet little pussy. But first hubby, I think I am going to suck his cock. His cock is just so much better than yours and this is what YOU wanted. To see me acted like a total slut in front of you. Watch you wife put another man’s dick in her mouth.”You grin wide at me and quickly move down my body to my cock. I feel a tingling in my cock as your lips wrapping around my cock and then an unbearable pleasure as you suck the head into your mouth with hunger and lust. I groan and look down, meeting your eyes as you kneel down over my cock on all fours. Your eyes never leave mine as you worship my manhood with your tongue, lips, and mouth. You lick along the shaft of my cock, letting a trickle of spit run down my cock out of your mouth. You move your head and begin to suck on the head of my cock, stroking my cock with your soft hands. I smile and tell you how much I love that you still have your wedding ring on… As you suck and stroke my throbbing cock, your hubby’s eyes are fixed on your ring. All of your wedding vow, the ceremony, the reception, none of it matters. Your pussy belongs to a real man now because he is so worthless with his cock. All he can do is still and watch his wife with another man; watch my pre-cum dripping onto your wedding ring. His cock starts to harden again as he watches you pleasuring me. You begin to slide my cock deep into your mouth. You slurp hungrily at my manhood, sliding up and down my cock. As your hand has less room to stroke my cock, you move one down to rub your clit, and the other you leave up to rub my balls. You keep sucking and licking my cock, taking as much as you can into your mouth. I moan as you begin to swirl your tongue around the head of my cock and before long I begin to buck my hips. You know my orgasm is close and so you begin to suck my cock harder and faster, desperately trying to milk every drop of cum from me. I try to resist the urge but eventually my own body betrays me. My orgasm erupts through me and I begin shooting my cum into your mouth. You swallow quickly several times to be sure not to miss a single drop. You slow your rhythm and stroke me slowly to get me back to full erection. Your husband is stroking himself again, trying not to cum too fast again. “God you are pathetic. Jerking off as you watch me suck his cock. Too bad you insisted that I do this hubby. Now I’m a true married slut and there is no going back. I’m going to fuck him in front of you. Try not to spurt any of your cum on the bed cuck”.You straddle my hips, teasing my hard cock with your wet pussy. You reach down, stroking my hard cock, rubbing it over your clit. “I’m going to fuck your cock bare in front of my husband. He’s begged me to fuck another man in front of him for so long and now it is going to happen”. Slowly, you slide your wet pussy down my hard shaft, feeling every inch enveloped deep within you. You rock your hips allowing my hard cock to slide in and out of you. Your eyes are filled with fire as you ride my cock. Every lustful desire you’ve had during your married life is finally being consummated and your husband is there watching every moment. I reach up and caress your sensual breasts, looking up into your eyes, as you rock back and forth and I thrust up to meet you. You start your rhythm just a bit faster, coating my Escort hard cock with your pussy juices, taking it almost all the way out and thrusting back down again. I grab your sexy ass, guiding it faster and faster on me, trying to control but losing control every time you thrust down on me hard. As much pleasure as this is giving me, I can see it is also pleasing you. You throw your head back as you really start to ride me faster and faster. My cock thrusting deep and hard, reaching your g-spot and you scream out as you arch back so far. Then you throw yourself down on top of me, our lips lock, kissing, nibbling, passionate feverish kissing. My hands still guiding your sexy pussy down on my hard cock faster and faster, you bite my lip hard ready for yet another orgasm. I can feel your pussy muscles clench over my hard cock and your juices drenches down me. Harder and harder, faster and faster, thrusting down on my hard cock as we passionately kiss. I grab and pull your hair as I feel you explode on top of me. Your juices soak the sheets beneath us and drench my thighs.”Oh my God, your so good. I never knew a cock could feel like that” you moan as you rode your way through the end of your orgasm. “I love your cock. It’s so much better than my husband’s. “. For a moment, you look at your hubby and smile. “Did you enjoy that honey? You like seeing me ride his cock like that? My pussy is his to fuck now. Maybe if you weren’t such a little bitch hubby, I’d fuck you”You slide off of me and get in the doggie position. “Please fuck me with that wonderful cock. I’m so turned on right now baby and I love it! I want to feel you inside me. I want you to fuck me in front of him. Fill my pussy like it’s never been filled before…”I get up behind you, my hard cock at full attention as I slide it slowly up and down your wet slit. I allow the head of my hard cock just to penetrate enough to make you want more, then thrust in making you scream out in pleasure. Slowly we get into a rhythm, thrusting in deep with every stroke. You bury your head in a pillow, moaning deeper and deeper. I grab your sexy ass and guide my cock deeper into your hot pussy, your hot juices dripping down with every thrust. Faster and faster, screaming out, harder and harder, our bodies meshing together as one as you grip the pillows hard, screaming out my name with every thrust. I reach down and move my fingers over your clit, sending you ever the edge once more. Your tight pussy muscles clench my hard cock, trying to send me over the edge. You thrust back on my hard cock, making me penetrate deeper and deeper. Slamming back harder and harder, making my cock throb asyour pussy muscles tighten, I can feel your orgasm coming on and I’m going to release. You look back at me, with passion and fire in your eyes. “Fuck hubby, i love this cock that is fucking me! It is soooo much better than yours! I want him to cum inside me, to fill me up with his cum! You like watching a real man fuck me baby?! Did you hear that hubby? I want his cum shooting inside of me!!! Do you like this? Is this what you wanted?””You hear that cuck bitch. Your wife wants me to cum deep inside her cunt. I’m going to fill her with my cum until it leaks out and soaks your marital bed. You wife is now my fuck slut and I’ll use her pussy whenever I want.”I feel your pussy muscles tighten once again and within seconds, I drive one final time into your hot, willing, married pussy. Suddenly, you feel the throb of my cock as I pump load after load into you. You feel every throb of my hard cock deep within you, feel every drop of my cum fill you up, feel my knees buckle as you bring me to ultimate orgasm. “OH FUCK BABY!! FUCK MEEEEEE!!! I FEEL YOUR CUM INSIDE OF ME. OH MY GOD!” you shout as you orgasm.We fall onto the bed together, as you hubby gets up to clean himself off. “Every time hubby fucks me, if I let him, he will have to remember watching you fuck me”. I hold you in my arms, cum dripping down our legs but not caring. We move our lips to each other, kissing ever so gently. “This is just the beginning” I whisper to you. “Your pussy is mine now and I’m going to cuckold your husband every chance I get”.

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