I Call My Sugar Candy Pt 2


I Call My Sugar Candy Pt 2The conclusion! Round ThreeCandy came awake with a start; still only semi-conscious, she is aware that something has changed, but she is not sure what. The room is dark; she seems to remember it being light. Candy certainly remembers seeing bright lights flashing before her eyes as Sir fucked her bound body, and the butt plug stretching her arse while Sir fucked her pussy after burying a vibrator inside her. Then Candy realises what has changed. She is no longer bound; she is no longer full. The ropes and the butt plug are gone. Confused, Candy tries to clear her head as she looks around the dark room. What has happened? Where is her lover? Sir?Slowly, Candy pulls herself to her feet, her tender body complaining and aching as she moves. Never has Candy felt so . . . abused after a fuck. Candy grins as she realises how much she loves the feeling; how lucky she is to have found Sir. Candy knows she was lucky to have finally got up the courage to meet him; she knows Sir already has helped her grow as a person and a lover. Still smiling to herself, Candy finally stands upright. Then it happens.Something slams into Candy, and she falls Escort back down onto the bed. Candy cries out as she falls, waving her arms blindly; her eyes still have not adjusted to the low light. Candy sprawls on the bed, lying on her belly, the wind knocked out of her. Strong hands grab Candy’s head, pushing her face down, as her legs are forced apart. Candy can barely breathe with her face shoved into the mattress; she certainly cannot scream as a hard cock is forced up her arse. With no tenderness and certainly with no thought for her comfort, the cock saws in and out of Candy’s tender shit hole. Candy’s ass is being fucked hard and fast, brutally hard and fast. Even though her arse had been so stretched earlier, this new abuse almost feels as if her anal virginity is being taken, and not taken gently.Candy tries to beg Sir to be more gentle, to fuck her more tenderly. But the pathetic little mewing sounds that come from Candy’s mouth do nothing more than encourage Sir to greater efforts. Now Sir pulls his whole dick from Candy’s bowels, and then forces its full length back into her gaping hole. When the fucking suddenly it stops, Candy thinks Escort Bayan it might be over, but Sir’s hand still holds her face down, so she wonders why Sir has stopped, and what will happen next. She doesn’t have to wonder for long. Candy’s only warning is a whistling sound in the air before a line of fire explodes across her arse cheek – once, twice, three times the blows fall before she realises what is happening: She is being caned!”Please, Sir, stop. I’ll be good! I’m sorry! It hurts! Oh, God, how it hurts! I’ll do anything — anything to make it stop, please!” Candy tries to say, but fails, only inhaling the bedcovers. Candy breathes in barely enough air to hold onto consciousness — not enough to scream. Then, as suddenly as the caning started, it stops. Candy’s back and buttocks are tattooed with lines of pain; never has she felt anything like it; never has she been so wet and excited. Candy welcomes Sir back inside her as once again he thrusts into her arse, with her legs pulled over to the corner of her bed so that her clit rubs the edge of the mattress. As Sir pummels her arse hole, his thrusts stimulate her clit, bringing Candy Bayan Escort close, very close, to orgasm. When Sir roars his pleasure as he cums in Candy’s arse, she rushes over the edge into her own orgasm. Sir’s hot sperm fills Candy’s arse; it seems to her to be pumped to the very core of her being as Candy orgasms like never before. Candy is screaming and thrashing as her cunt and arse spasm, sending shock waves through her. Each wave seems to encourage the next, driving Candy to higher and higher peaks of pleasure; with an ear-splitting shriek, she attains the pinnacle, the perfect orgasm.Afterwards, after switching on the light, Sir holds Candy, sharing the aftershocks that course through her body. Sir gently moves the hair from Candy’s eyes, and then rubs cream into the welts the cane left. Sir looks into Candy’s eyes, and says, “You know I love you, right, Petra? I couldn’t have done this for you if I didn’t. You are so perfect. Such a wonderful friend, lover, slut.””I thought you only loved Candy, Sir,” she says.He kisses her full on the lips with a tenderness that causes her to melt.”Silly girl. I love you both.””Thank you, Sir. I — I – “He stops her with a kiss.”Don’t say it. I know you’re not ready,” he says. “We have plenty of time. There is always tomorrow!”As Petra falls asleep in Sir’s arms, her last thought is, “Tomorrow — that will be fun, too; that will be lovely . . . “

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