In The Elevator with My Boss

Double Penetration

I sat at my work desk chewing on the end of my pencil as I inadvertently stared into my boss’s office. He wasn’t in there, but if he was, I’d have a clear view of his spread open legs. He usually sat that way when he was at his desk alone, which he mostly was. Not only that, but he also grabbed himself multiple times throughout the day ‘readjusting’ and I would bite my lip every time I witnessed the act.

I’d be lucky if I didn’t go home with pre-cum soaked boxers on most days from watching him. “Bad habit.” I heard as my pencil was being pulled away from my lips. “Sorry Sir.” I said blushing as my boss’s hand was fiddling my chewed pencil between his fingers. He didn’t talk to me much and just walked on past as he continued twirling my pencil.

The rest of the day was uneventful except for the ‘readjusting’, but my eye’s just couldn’t pull away from watching him fiddle my chewed pencil. A few hours later when my shift was about to be over he walked out of his office and placed a large stack of papers on my desk.

I feathered my fingers through them before looking up at him. “7th folder second page.” He said bluntly and walked back to his office. I searched through the folders until I found the 7th one and opened it. I looked through the paper and read the second page. “Meet me in the elevator at 8PM if you want to have your pencil back.” The note read.

My penis instantly started to harden in my pants. I had heard rumors of Mr. Johan screwing his assistants, but that was a while ago. Plus they had all came from angry interns, so the likelihood of them being true was slim. 8PM was only 30 minutes from now and I could already feel my dick leaking.

Wait, what in the hell was I thinking. My boss was definitely not going to have sex with me especially not on an elevator. Plus I’m a guy, and he had only ever had girlfriends, he definitely did not think of me as a mating partner.

A little while later I heard the door to his office open and I saw him walk up to the side of my desk “Working late?” he asked smirking, and I nodded. I watched him as he walked to the elevator with both his hands in his pockets getting on. It wasn’t quite 8 yet, so I stayed seated.

When 8PM finally did come I practically leaped out of my chair, I tried not to think too highly of having elevator sex, but my dick just wouldn’t stop throbbing. I don’t know how I didn’t have a wet spot seeping through my pants by now.

When I got to the elevator and pressed the button it instantly opened, and I saw Mr. Johan leaning against the kaçak iddaa wall twirling my pencil. “Going down?” he asked, and I nodded before I even assessed his question. He then leaned in and pulled up my chin meeting my lips with his once the doors closed.

After he efficiently made my knees weak he took a key and locked the elevator doors. “Can I get my pencil?” I asked blushing as I looked up fully taking in the height difference. “You want it now or later?” He asked and I responded with later.

“I was hoping you would stick around. Now my pants need to be undone if you’re going to go down.” He smirked, and I quickly made my way to my knees. Because he was leaning back against the wall, his hips were pushed out perfectly, so I could easily undue his belt. When I had slid it all the way out, he reached for it and held each end in his hands.

I pulled down his pants and kissed his semi through his cotton boxers. I breathed in his scent and basked in its manliness. Not only that, but I could tell just by his bulge that he was big, a lot bigger than I was. When I had gotten a good familiarity of his scent I finally pulled down his boxers and his tucked cock came bouncing out and slapped me on my lips.

“He’s happy to finally see you.” Mr. Johan chuckled as he let out a deep breath. I looked at his cock and felt its weight in my hands. “He’s been waiting to see me?” I asked licking his tip and tasting pre-cum. “Mm Hmm.” He sighed wrapping the belt around the back of my head.

I started off slow and methodically licking over each thick vein on his cock making my boss rock his hips. I licked around his tip and began to suck it looking up into his eyes. Not only that, but I took more of him into my mouth sucking him tasting as his fluids coated my tongue.

“Can you take it deeper?” he smirked pulling the belt and making his dick slide down my throat. I took him almost to his base until I started gagging and searching for air. “Damn.” he moaned as he smacked my face with his spit covered dick. When I caught my breath I tried it again, but not going as deep, so I could keep him in my throat longer.

His moans were so deep and intoxicating that I couldn’t help but hum around him. He then pulled the belt even tighter and started fucking my face. I choked and gagged on him as he pounded my throat with his hot, thick dick.

“Damn you looked so fucking beautiful suffocating on my cock.” He moaned slowly pulling out of my mouth. My shirt and his dick were both covered in my saliva, and the pre-cum spot tented by my boner kaçak bahis couldn’t be more present. He then took me by my throat and stood me up passionately kissing my lips.

As he kissed me he rubbed and squeezed my erection through my pants. I wanted to moan so badly but I kept quiet. He then started to kiss and nip at the ever so sensitive skin around my ears and neck. This really made me want to moan, but I didn’t make any noise.

“Hands on the wall.” He said spinning me around so my back was facing him. I instantly did as told and placed my hands on the wall. “Higher.” he said beginning to pull down my pants, so I placed my hands higher up the wall so that they were above my head.

Then pulled my pants all the way off and tossed them to the side. He proceeded to spread my legs then slap my ass cheek making me bite my lip. “Have you been horny all day?” he asked kissing my ass cheek and rubbing my boner. “Why do you ask?” I said trying not to whimper.

“The front of your jock strap is soaked.” he chuckled as he spread my ass open. I didn’t respond and just stood there blushing as he nipped and sucked on my cheeks. I then felt his warm tongue slide across my entrance and my knees weakened.

He continued to lick and probe my hole with his tongue before he added a finger in. He quickly added another and made a scissoring motion inside me and I let out the faintest whimper. He continued with the pleasure, so I hoped that he didn’t hear anything.

He then stood and teased my hole with his fully hard cock. He leaned over my body letting his dick slide in between my ass cheeks as he humped me slowly. My cock was aching for some attention and just as if he read my mind he pulled me out of my restraining cup and started to pump my shaft in his fist.

I started to thrust into his hand, but he soon let go leaving me without any friction. “No moving.” he stated, and I nodded as he went back to slowly stroking me. It felt amazing to have my dick played with by my boss.

He then stood up, and I heard a bottle pop open as cold liquid was being massaged into my ass. I then heard his pants fall and him kick out of them. “Are you ready?” he asked as he aligned his tip with my awaiting hole. I nodded to keep from moaning, but he insisted on a verbal answer.

I let out a quick yes, and he started to push inside me. Likewise, I relaxed myself as much as possible, but I still felt every centimeter of his dick slowly penetrating me. When he was finally balls deep inside of me, it took everything I had not to let out illegal bahis a sound.

He slowly began to fuck me as he found a steady pace. I could hear his deep pants and the sound of his pelvis slapping against the back of my thighs. “Fuck your tight.” He moaned as he gripped my waist. I balled my fists and bit my lip hard as he started to kiss my back.

He then started to thrust into me deeper with faster strokes and I couldn’t hold it any longer. His tip was rubbing directly over my prostate and I couldn’t stop my loud moans. “So this is what makes you moan. You like deep fast strokes huh.” He said from behind me and I nodded.

“I love your moans and that little whimper from earlier was so beautiful.” He stated and I almost couldn’t believe it. He liked it when I moaned and whimpered. It wasn’t too long after that he started going deeper into me making my thighs and legs start to tremble.

“You’re going to cum for me like a good boy” He stated, and I moaned out a yes placing my hand around my dick, but he slapped my ass hard making me wince. “Not like that, good boys don’t cum for me like that.” he smirked, and I placed my hand back on the wall.

“Good boy.” he praised kissing my shoulder. He then bent his knees a little and instead of humping in and out of me and stayed deep inside and just thrust upward making me whimper loudly. “I’m going to cum.” I stated as his cock pounded my ass deep.

“Me too.” he responded as he thrust harder into me. The waves of my orgasm came crashing over my body as Mr. Johan held me tight and close pumping his own load of cum deep inside my ass. I watched as my dick shot stream after stream of hot white cream onto the elevator wall before I squeezed my eyes shut.

When my body finally stopped convulsing I was glad he was still holding me, or I would have melted to the floor. We sat on the ground for a while as the tension in the air died down. “I bet you’ll still feel me tomorrow as you sit there watching me rub myself at my desk.” he smirked and my face burned red.

“I’m sorry Sir.” I said as he handed back my pencil. “Don’t be,” he smirked “I do it just for you.” I smiled to myself as I laid my head on his chest. I don’t know how long we stayed there, but I was almost asleep when he told me it was time to clean up. I didn’t mind I knew we would have to eventually.

When we were finished he offered to walk me to my car since it was dark out. I unlocked the door, and he opened it for me, so I could get in. “Bye Mr. Johan.” I said waving my fingers at him. He then leaned down and grabbed my wrist beginning to suck on two of my fingers looking dead at me.

“Next time we do this, it will be over my office desk.” He stated before walking away towards his own car.

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