Inner Freak Released!


Inner Freak Released!I hadn’t been back to my brother’s house in 3 days. It was 3 days of nonstop fucking and I had to replenish my “Go” bag. Kels commented that after just herself for pleasure, the last three days had wore her out…a recovery day was in order…We kissed and I headed to my b*o’s.He was surprised when I walked in. “Where the fuck have you been? I hope you got laid!” I laughed and said, “Yeah, I did.” His wife just broke out laughing as I proceded to tell the story of the weekend in detail. We all hung out for the day. I got my shit together and put it in my truck. “Who knows where I’ll be next…”I texted with Kels a few times during the day. “Christ I’m sore!” I told her to take a hot bath and some ibuprofen. Just relax and enjoy the day. The b*o, s*s-in-law and I were back on the town by 7 PM for drinks and dinner. Bar hopping again, we were having a good time. Around 9 we hit a hole-in-the-wall place that was about half full. People were coming and going. I hit the “Head” again.When I came out, the place was full. The guy in the tuxedo t-shirt explained it all, a bachelor party bus had shown up. Shots were going out like there was no tomorrow. These guys basically were buying everyone in the place drinks. One guy introduced himself as the Best-Man and I got the low-down.The wedding was 4 days away. These guys had flown in from all over for the wedding. He was marrying a local girl that had moved away out of state. Since they were from both coasts and down South, They figured to do it just before the wedding. Besides, it left less time for the Groom to back out! Ha ha ha…I pointed out the groom (obvious), the grooms men and the rest of the guys. The best man was smart though. He made sure the Groom always had a full bottle of water to keep him going between drinks. Lasty, he pullled a hottie that was dressed like a sexy school ma’rme over and introduced her as the Maid-of-Honor, the grooms sister, and Bride’s best friend.She was along to make sure nothing wend awry so close to the wedding. No one was to get into trouble where bail was necessary. Bars, strip clubs, etc. were all ok, but no fighting. I saw her in action. She wasn’t drinking, so she had a good handle on who were the trouble makers. If they got a bit rowdy, she’d go up once and tell them to cut it out. The second time, it was a hard crack on the ass, stomach, arm or whatever and a firm grip on the ear. She’d pull it close and whisper something in their ear and they’d immediately start behaving. There must have been at least 25 guys that she kept in line. Oh, they were loud, somewhat obnoxious, but amazingly no fights.IDEA!!! Yeah, I’m sure you guessed what I was thinking. I explained what I had at Kels’ place to the Best Man. He grinned. This would definitely be cheaper than giresunn escort a strip club. I went out to give the directions to the bus driver. I told him that he should drive them around so it wasn’t to easy to find and he could park in one of the lots behind the house. Knowing he was a professional, I gave him $200 as a tip. I gave the thumbs up to the Best Man. He started corralling the party back to the bus. I grabbed my drink and downed it. Smiling to my b*o and s*s-in-law, I said I had to go. They grinned, “You dirty, bastard!” The School Ma’rme of Honor was disciplining the stragglers and getting them out the door. I called Kels, “How are you feeling? Better? Good. Now get down to the booth. I will be there in 45 minutes.” She giggled, “Oh shit. I’m in for it aren’t I?”…”Heh, heh, heh. Yes, yes you are!”I got to her place and saw the lights in the house were all out except for the garage door. “Good” I thought. I parked in front of the house and walked around to the back and waited by the fence where I told the bus driver to park. About 10 minutes later, they showed up. The door opened and I climbed on board. It was a big charter, so there was a lavatory in the back and coolers every 3rd or 4th row with cocktails and beer. I could hear some guys saying “Where the fuck are we?” I hollared, “Are you guys ready to have some fun!” Hoots and hollars were the reply. “OK hang tight, I gotta explain some stuff to your Fearless Leaders.” The Best Man, Maid of honor and bus driver all disembarked with me.I walked them over to the side door and opened it. The light shown through the double glory hole, so I knew Kels was inside. The Best Man and bus driver immediately went in. Miss Ma’rme exclaimed, “Shit, a glory hole?!”…”Yeppers”…She looked me square in the eye and with a smile, “You dirty bastard.” Shit, that was the second time tonight.I grabbed her hand and we went to the single hole side. By now I was getting hard. You could hear the guys getting sucked on the other side. She bent down and looked through the hole and said “Oooh, that’s nice.” She reached through and I heard Kels moan. Not sure what hole she was fingering but it was working. My hands were feeling her up. With her free hand she unzipped me, m..y cock found her lips. While she was sucking me, I told her, ” Here’s the deal. Every one of those guys can come in here and get sucked and fuck her. When they’re done, they go back to the bus and ‘tag’ the next guy. I don’t care if they come and go, but it has to be quiet. Party on the bus, or in the booth but not outside. Blowjobs are in the 2 holer, the cunt and pussy in the single. Explain it to your k**dies on the bus and meet me in the garage.” “Mrphf, mrphf”…which I can only assume mean “Uh huh!”. I gümüşhane escort zipped up, she licked Kels juices from her fingers.As I walked out the side door I glanced at the Best Man and Bus Driver, Kels was audibly gagging and throating these guys. “If you want to fuck her, go to the hole around the corner!” Before I entered the garage, I heard some hoots and hollars from the bus. “Shut the fuck up! Have fun, but no loud noise outside or if the door is open.” Dead silence. I thought, “Damn she’s good. I’m not gonna have to worry about anything.I entered the garage, startled Kels when I opened her door. “Get back to sucking. I see you have a cock in your pussy now.”…”Yeth, thansh unh (gag)”. A new cock appeared in the empty hole. Miss Ma’rme showed up just in time. “Get undressed” I ordered. She complied, “Brought my brother over, I figured the Groom should be at the front of the pack. He had a nice sized uncut cock, which Kels immediately started slobbering on. Two cocks in front and one in the rear, she was moaning, gagging and dripping saliva.The naked Ma’rme was blowing me and watching the show in the booth. Just then the guy fucking Kels stiffened and nutted in her pussy. I could tell it was the bus driver, cuz the other two (Best Man and Groom) were talking about how good Kels mouth was, like back in college. I pulled the Ma’rme off my cock. “Clean out her pussy and spit it in her mouth. I want her to swallow every drop of seed tonight. (to the bus driver) Dude, go tell the next guy to hit the hole and come in the garage.”…”Yeah, be right there!” A classic bus driver and Harley aficionado, he was in his 50’s and had a barrel chest and belly. I wanted this guy to appreciate what was happening, so I could rely on him in the future…I was fucking the Ma’rme as she cleaned Kels pussy, holding the cum in her mouth. She pulled Kels head back in place and spit the entire wad in her mouth. Kels hands never stopped stroking the Best Man and Groom as she swallowed her first load. Just as she returned to the Best Man’s cock, he nutted in the back of her throat. She took it all.The Driver returned to the garage and said “Thanks, don’t worry, I’m gonna get tipped well tonight.” and gave me my $200 back. “If this works out, it could be mutually beneficial in the future.” GREAT, that was exactly what I wanted…we were on the same page. I pushed Ma’rme’s face into his crotch, my cock in her pussy. She sucked him in.Two new cocks appeared in the two holer. The Groom was fucking Kels with his uncut cock. She was writhing and moaning with every thrust. Ma’rme was too busy blowing and being fucked to pay any attention to the booth. I pulled out a bit and came just inside her pussy. Driver and I hoisted her up. I pulled back hakkari escort on Kels pony tail and set the Ma’rme on her mouth. She sucked out every drop, still stroking cock and being fucked by the Groom.We set the Ma’rme down on all fours, the Driver entered her ass, she yelped then cooed. The Groom stiffened, balls contracting and pumping a huge load in Kels sloppy cunt. His uncut cock slipped from her, Ma’rme watching it all while being ass-fucked. I told her, “You know what to do!” She hesitated and then as i pulled her head under Kels dripping pussy, she sucked every bit out and held it in her mouth. She got up and yanked Kels head from a cock, pulling hard on her hair and spit her brothers load in Kels’ mouth. Kels was becoming a true slut and swallowed the load. Another guy nutted in her mouth, the other moved around to her asshole. Two more new cocks appeared in the empty holes. This was going to be a long night.My cock in the back of Ma’rme’s throat, Driver nutted in her ass. We picked her up again, held her over Kels mouth (Driver pulling Kels head back by her ponytail). Kels tongue reached inside Ma’rme’s hole and it gaped open with Drivers load plopping into Kels mouth. With a gulp, and lick of the lips, Kels immediately got back to sucking what was before her.Another nut in Kels’ ass, Ma’rme sucking it out and spitting it into Kels’ mouth. And you can see how the night progressed. Kels was getting all the cum with Ma’rme’s assistance. Driver and I took turns fucking Ma’rme’s ass and cunt. Both were gaping just like Kels’..Throughout the night cocks appeared infront of Kels. Guys were into their second turn, or maybe third. Most were circumcised, a few uncut. At one point there were 2 uncut, so I knew that Ma’rme’s brother, the Groom, wasn’t the only one. Big and small, black, yellow and white…she took them all.The birds started tweeting, I stepped outside and walked Ma’rme over to the bus. Driver went back into the glory hole for one last nut. Guys were passed out or talking quietly. I got a couple of high fives. Ma’rme immediately went from well fucked and my sub to standing tall. “Who wants to clean my pussy on the ride home?” At least 8 hands went up, including the Best Man and Groom. I smacked her ass. “Good luck!” and walked back to the garage.Driver was leaving the side door. I nodded, he nodded, “I have your number. We have limos too. I’ll let you know the next out of town group I get.” Good.Kels was on her belly, d****d over the pedastal stool in the booth. She looked up all disheveled. “Oh God, that was wonderful. Thank you.”…”You’re welcome. Can you walk?”…She tried, pushing herself up, but her arms and legs were rubber. I picked her up and carried her up to the bathroom. Setting her on the toilet, she pissed for an eternity. I ran the bath and laid her in the tub. Sitting next to her I soaped up a wash cloth and started cleaning and massaging her aching body.”You did good. I’m so proud of my little slut. You can rest today.”…”Please sir, will you sleep with me when I’m clean.” “Of course.”I kissed her deeply, she moaned.

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