Jasmine Learns The Ropes


Jasmine Learns The Ropes“Good morning daddy,” chirped Jasmine walking down the stairway in her nightie.Caffeine was not required to tune into the fact my daughter’s supple 15 year old frame was filling in nicely these days.“What’s for breakfast?”Wish it were your nipples soaked in maple syrup so I could swirl my tongue around them for a while, I thought. “Pancakes,” I answered.Plumping her petite five foot nothing frame on the sofa and resting her feet up on a table caused my boner to press up hard against my jeans, leaving me a perfect view her flawless legs, bare of socks or anything else, deflecting her creamy smooth skin.Lots of guys must dream of caressing those inner thighs, I thought.“When will mom be back from Europe?” Based on fantasy role-plays and my wife’s obsessive focus on her figure and fashion, it was hard to Escort imagine her not getting seduced and banged by Euro men with pedigree and flashy cars to match their manners.“This Wednesday I think.” Jasmine’s budding breasts and petite 42 kilogram size had me fantasizing about various ways of manhandling her – gripping her hips and bending and twisting her at my will. Slamming my cock against her tight virgin womb until she dripped my goo. “Damn you look good enough to eat bitch,” I blurted accidentally.“Daddy…Christ! Why did you say that? And why are you staring at me like a perv?!”The saucy comeback and slightly askew legs stretched out touched a nerve.“You’re a tasty looking slut and know it. Stop dicking me around. As if I don’t jerk off every morning at the office thinking of you wearing those knee-high socks Escort Bayan and skirt to school every day!”“Oh that’s gross! You’re k**ding right?! What’s wrong with you?! Are you on meds??”“Wrong with me? What’s wrong is that I haven’t already stuffed your mouth with my cock, slut. I whack thinking of you most nights and have shot my load into your dirty panties. Ever heard of comfort women slut?”“Daddy, you’re scaring me…”“Comfort women were mostly Korean prostitutes during World War Two, serving Japanese soldiers. The Japs got it right, recruiting tender sluts for the men. Those sluts knew their place and it’s time for you to learn a little respect.”“I’m gonna phone mom – no the cops.”“Time for a history lesson slut,” I answered, lunging towards her and pinning her to the sofa.“Daddy please…” she said trembling Bayan Escort a little.“You mean please stuff my cock in your mouth?! Of course,” I snorted, unzipping my cock, dangling and stroking it long enough to convince Jasmine this was no idle threat. “Now show daddy some fucken respect dirty slut,” I gruffly said, roughly pulling her head towards my crotch to thrust my engorged cock in her mouth.The sight and sounds of my daughter gagging on my cock brought me to the brink within moments.Giving her time to catch her breath she blurted “Daddy, no….daddy…please…” she begged, until I re-thrust my throbbing cock back into her mouth. The feeling of total dominance over my little girl, coupled with the sensations of her mouth roughly massaging my cock, sent waves after waves of ecstasy through my body. At the moment of truth a look of shock passed over her eyes as she felt several large spurts of my cum fill her mouth, and as I gripped her mouth to my cock, cum oozed from one side of her mouth. I made sure the bitch swallowed before she ate any pancakes.

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