Laura Seduces Her Black Stallion


Laura stood naked in front of the mirror in her heels, applying lipstick. She was dreading another boring evening with Greg’s stuffy friends. Greg, her husband was a senior partner at a top New York Law Firm. He had done well for himself, but at 42 he looked 50 with thinning hair and a beer belly.

Tonight’s party was a formal affair celebrating a client win the firm had secured. It will be a predictable evening for her with three hours of cigars and laughter at inside jokes, eventually with Greg passing out and Laura having to ask for help to put him into bed.

Recently the firm had started inviting associates and interns as well, which made the parties’ lot more bearable for her. Loads of eye candy and sometimes a flirtatious teteté. She always liked laughing and flirting with Greg’s male juniors, it thrilled her as they saw her as a conquest, mostly because Greg was an asshole as a boss. The taboo nature of the exchange fueled by her own desire for the forbidden made for a nice background buzz during her session with her toys later in the night in bed.

Sex between Greg and her was more of a script, always a two minute session of kissing with him on top, followed thrusting of his average erection inside her finishing with a whimper from him and a small ejaculate which she hardly felt. It left her high and dry. He would start snoring in within minutes when she would tiptoe out to the living room couch with her laptop. She loved themed porn, cheating and younger guys were her favorite. And she had recently discovered interracial porn. A nasty white wife expressing her lust for young black studs always gave her shattering orgasms.

She would frequently imagine herself as the porn star in an office situation with Greg’s intern, the one who Greg would especially be a dick to. She used to find it deliciously erotic when he would fuck her with all his rage against her husband. Laura had also had a few flings in the past year, mostly with internet strangers and one night stands in out-of-town bars, but her fantasy was to sleep with someone known to both her and Greg, so she could turn Greg into a cuckold talking about him.

With just her heels and makeup, she looked great at 39 years. No blemish on flawless skin, oval face with black medium length hair. Blue eyes with a naughty twinkle, lips with a wide smile and a playful expression conveying a hidden meaning to all that she said, she looked hot. The 36 DD augmented breasts hung without a sag. A body kept in shape with regular workouts. Her legs were her best asset, they had a well defined shape with toned calf muscles, they looked incredible in heels.

She had always dressed conservatively but with style, but tonight she had decided on a bit of dare. Her black dress was snug and low cut. It was below the knee but had a slit all the way up to her upper thighs. She didn’t wear stockings so her smooth pale legs shone in contrast to the black ensemble. Her hair was shiny and lustrous black hanging straight down.

“They’ll be here any moment,” Greg called from downstairs.

As she was stepping down, she smiled with satisfaction at Greg’s confusion, he had been pestering her to” dress sexy” to the parties, but he didn’t realize she would also become the center of attention. Jealousy and false pride fought in his head and the latter quickly won as he smirked.

“Nice dress honey,” he said.

Bruce was a lucky bastard. He had everything going for him. At 26 he had it all going for him, he had an amazing college record, most of the teachers had liked him, he was on the college basketball team. As an african-american in a predominantly white college and community he was looked at with appreciation by the fairer and with jealousy by the rougher one. He had a quality about him that made some women dislike him, he was crude and direct, too direct for some tastes.

His skin color was rich black, a goatee with a dazzling smile and charming demeanor. He was 6′ 2 with a chiseled physique of an athlete. He spent an hour in the gym every day. He was lithe and muscled without losing his masculine stoutness. He was also endowed, with 9 inches of meaty length. His cock was a specimen for women kind to compare against. It had a smooth velvety skin that glinted like steel when it was hard and wet with fluids from any one of the receptive feminine alcoves. It didn’t have very prominent veins so it looked extra erotic when it throbbed smoothly with an angry purplish head.

After finishing college, he had started his internship at the top Legal firm in the Big Apple. He was just seven months old in the firm, but his work was already well appreciated by his peers and managers.

Although he was from a premier the ivy league, he still showed some signs of a rough childhood with his crass and brazen approach towards his opponents in legal cases. It was developing as his unique style in a profession where false overt civility was widespread. At work, He had earned the respect and recognition, but his recent manager, Greg ataşehir escort was a bit of an asshole to him, Bruce detected faint racist overtones in Greg’s behavior. Greg used to ask for rework on case documents on flimsy grounds, roll his eyes whenever Bruce made a point in meetings, always trying to get an opposite approach accepted. Although he was more often than not unsuccessful, but he managed to pull one or two partners always doubt Bruce’s line of approach in his assigned cases.

Greg’s attitude had worsened with Bruce’s performance, the better Bruce did, the more spiteful Greg got. All of Bruce’s upbringing told him to take a swing when he was treated like that, but he bade his time.

Today was his first time at an office party at Greg’s house where all senior partners would be present. Bruce had returned from his basket ball practice, had taken a quick shower and was driving to the party. He looked sharp and crisp in a dark blue suit.

As he walked into the party, he saw a couple of familiar faces from work. He started to mingle with his peers. Mostly everyone was checking out Laura as she sashayed to the select group of senior partners with Greg. After the howdies the drinks followed and she separated from the group. She went and sat at the bar as she eyed the younger crowd.

There was a call to attention from the HR VP for a quick speech by the managing partner followed by an R&R. Drinks flowed as awards were handed over, the final “Rising Stallion” award went to Bruce for his aggressive approach in court which had turned the tide of a current case. A slightly slurry Greg interrupted when the managing partner was showing his appreciation.

“Mark, I would have thought Bruce might have killed the plaintiff in court, the guy was a bordering on insanity he way he made those personal attacks,” He laughed.

“You bet Greg, Bruce killed the case alright,” the partner replied.

Bruce looked directly at Greg. “Yes Greg, I would have killed him, nothing like the enemy’s blood on my hands.”

“This isn’t a battlefield, young man, nor is it street fight,” Greg replied in a high pitched defensive tone alluding to Bruce’s background.

Bruce, took a long hard look at Greg, and then turned to the partners. “Gentlemen, I propose a friendly court battle, Bruce Defendant Vs Greg Plaintiff, filing for injunction of hostile takeover of the assets of his ailing company, which is not ailing, but just needs some operating cash.”

“Yeah, that would get so interesting,” thought Laura as she sipped her drink. “You can be as hostile as you want as long as you take me over,” she had been watching the exchange intently, and had developed an instant lust for Bruce.

Everyone started to clap drowning Greg’s protests. Two sides of the bar were created with Bruce arguing from the right. His opening statement was a scathing attack on Greg’s make believe company, with thinly veiled comparison of old machinery to Greg’s age and their slow approach to capturing markets with Greg’s slow rise in the company. With every argument hitting Greg’s ego, he got more and more flustered. After Bruce’s closing, Greg began in a highly agitated state, providing weak counter arguments. A witness was also brought in who was supposed to be working at Greg’s company. She was cross examined by Bruce about Greg’s behavior, with an angle to prove that he was contributing to a sexually charged workplace.

“I object!” shouted Greg.

“I’m just trying to highlight a pattern in the company’s current management,” Bruce replied calmly.

“The pattern has no bearing!” interjected Greg, breathing hard.

“You mean there is a pattern?” Bruce smiled, drawing laughs from everyone.

Greg lunged at Bruce, with a wild swing. Bruce easily pushed his hand away landing a solid on Greg’s abdomen, but quickly holding him before he fell. This drew a laughter from the tipsy part of the crowd, who couldn’t see how hard Greg was hit. Bruce placed an almost passed out Greg on a couch and amid laughter and clapping.

“Game, set match to you young man,” The managing partner held Bruce hand up like he had won a boxing match.

On the side of the Bar, Laura was in a state of high agitation too. What she had witnessed had given her a fantasy that left her highly aroused. She had crossed her legs to press her wet pussy which was buzzing.

Bruce was high-fiving his colleagues as Laura went to Greg and got his cellphone out of his pocket. She wrote down Bruce’s number on her drink napkin. She took a bottle and two glasses from the bar and walked outside into the small garden behind the large house. She sat down on an empty bench.

She dialed his number from her phone.

“Hello.” his voice was deep and rich.

“Hi Mr. Steele..this is Mrs. Bending, Greg’s wife,” she said in a slow and husky voice.

“Oh…hi, Mrs. Bending…,” Bruce was surprised.

“Mr. Steele…I need to talk to you alone, can come out to the garden, you will find me next ataşehir escort to the fountain.”

“Oh sure… Mrs. Bending…if umm..if this is about what happened with Greg..please understand I meant no har…”

“No, don’t worry about that…let’s talk when you come on out.”

“Okay, be there in five.”

Laura took a sip of her drink as she crossed her legs, ensuring most of it is exposed. She also freshened her lipstick. She shortly heard his footsteps as she put her drink down. He stood before her as she looked up to him.

“Would you like a drink Mr. Steele?” she asked.

“Please call me Bruce, and yes.” Bruce looked down to her legs as she bent back, putting her breasts on display too.

“I like the sound of Steele though.” Laura smirked.

Bruce was a bit surprised but quickly recovered, “So I should continue to call you Mrs. Bending with that logic.”

Laura shot a smiling glance up to him as she picked up the bottle.

“Allow me,” Bruce said as he took it from her, uncorking it he smoothly poured out two glasses.

“So..what I can I do for you, if this isn’t about Greg,” Bruce asked.

Laura smiled an enigmatic smile. “What do you think about Greg” she asked. “And please, be honest…it’s not just off the record, its off any conversation I will have with him in the future.”

Bruce Paused and looked at her, he saw her deliberate state of careless undress, their solitude, their drinks.

“He is an asshole. I’m sorry, but that what he is, a racist slimy little bag of jizz.” He said calmly. “I apologize…but that’s what you wanted.”

He half expected her to slap him, but he took the chance. Laura ran her hand on the top of her neck line, making sure he follows its path to her cleavage.

“An apology is the last thing I want from you Mr Steele.” She grinned. “You beat him in a very comprehensive way today, did you like doing that?” She looked into his eyes.

“Can’t say I regret it,” Bruce was getting comfortable. He moved and stood with his back on the wall, his groin close to her face, he crossed his hands.

Laura grinned at him as he sipped his drink. She continued to sit, so he could look down deep into her cleavage. She bent her head as if she was going to say something amusing.

“Do you want to beat him further, do some real damage?” Her face was a bright and she smiled wickedly at him.

“Look lady, I may look like it, but I don’t physically harm people, not beyond a harmless punch like today,” Bruce replied.

“Oh no…I’m thinking more of a territorial conquest, with a lot of icing and a delicious cake,” she now winked.

“But why would you, his wife, want me to damage him.” Bruce stared at her.

“For now, lets just say that I know he deserves it.” Laura smiled.

“I can do that in the office, take over his position in some near future.”

“Yes, but what about taking it at home too.”

Bruce grinned crookedly, he had become aware of the direction of the conversation sometime back. But he wanted his share of fun.

“Sounds good, but where is the icing Mrs. Bending?” Bruce exaggerated his stance, making his cock bulge out. This white bitch was making it hard.

Laura looked at his bulge and licked her lips.

“To the victor goes the spoils Mr. Steele, and you are looking at a spoil shop trust me,” Laura smirked. An animal glint appeared in her eyes as she saw that Bruce was coming around. Laura stood up “I’m waiting in the room on top left upstairs. Greg will not miss anyone until another three hours, that is enough time for you to take over his assets.” With that she stood and walked away, looking back at him once before she went through the doorway.

Bruce took some time processing what had just happened, although he wasn’t a stranger to being accosted for sex, but a married white woman, and his boss’s wife at that! But he was going to take his chances.

Laura was sitting in her marital bed, she pulled out her Marlborough for a quick smoke as she waited. She heard footsteps after ten minutes. Bruce knocked on the door.

“It’s open,”She purred.

Bruce walked in with a smirk and a slight swagger. The room had a garish decor, the carpets curtains, bed sheets were in a themed black and red color. It had a plush feel. There were full length mirrors on two walls. He walked to one ignoring Laura. Laura got up and stubbed her cigarette. She pulled out a deep red lipstick and walked to Bruce’s side.

“Do you like our bedroom Bruce”? She asked, while freshening up the lipstick. “I chose the color combination.”

“Nice,” He smiled.

Laura moved in front of him, facing the mirror, her back towards him. She turned her face up and side, as she moved back into him, reaching for his mouth with hers. She opened her mouth and her tongue rubbed his lips, parting them. She moved her tongue deep inside his mouth and clamped onto his with her lips. Licking the upper side of his mouth, then rubbing his tongue with anadolu yakası escort hers. She pulled away shortly and pushed it back, this time with some saliva, mixing it with his.

Bruce realized that his wasn’t a just a kiss, it was very lewd pornographic swap of fluids. Laura pulled away, her tongue bathed in his spit, and she smiled at his slight surprise in the mirror. She turned to him and slide down the straps of her dress looking into Bruce’s eyes, searching for a reaction. She smiled a crooked smile when she saw a glint of lust and expectation appeared in his eyes. She was enjoying how the whole situation was causing him to experience incredulity and arousal at the same time. She slid a hand around his neck, lifted her right leg up his sides, exposing it up to her thighs, then lifted up the dress further to bare all of her leg till her waist. She kept her dress held up with one hand, holding his neck with the other, then she turned to the mirror posing with him.

“We look so hot together Bruce,” she said. Her tongue snaked out and licked his mouth as they both looked into the mirror, her red lips contrasted with his shiny black skin. “This could be a porn movie cover,” she said as she rubbed his pelvis with her upheld knee. “Lets bring up the contrast a bit more” She said as she undid her dress and stepped out of it. She stood in her thong and heels, as she pulled his jacket and started unbuttoning her shirt.

“What do you think of white women, Bruce? Do you find them better fucks than black ones?” She asked as she pulled his shirt off top. Bruce growled as she ran her hands on his chest. She caressed his shiny black skin as his welt built body came into view.

“Mmm?” She repeated her question and expressed her arousal at the same time.

“Yeah, the white ones who come onto me are better fucks,” Bruce replied as he placed his hand on her breast.

“Oh?” Laura turned her back to him facing the mirror again. She pushed back into him, one arm upturned to pull him mouth to hers. She took his hand to her breast with her other hand, and made him squeeze it, and then took his other hand and pushed it inside her thong. She broke away from the kiss and looked at them in the mirror. Her cunt gave a spasm as she saw his black hands on her pale body. “You mean they are better sluts than the black bitches who get fucked by black studs like you?” Bruce’s cock was already throbbing hard with all her actions, those dirty words made it hiss and buzz like an angry snake.

With the profane words, Laura wanted to the set the tone and the direction of the sex talk that would ensue when they got more serious. She also aroused herself further in the process. Bruce pinched her nipple as he pushed two fingers into her wet cunt.

“Oooh yeah, mmmmm deeper.” she molded into him turning her head up onto his shoulders. Bruce pushed in deeper into the wet squishy yielding flesh as his fingers were covered in her juices. Her ass feeling his upturned bulge in his pants.

Shortly they disengaged, with Laura quickly pulling down her now soaked thong. She walked with a deliberate swing towards her bed. She turned her head towards Bruce and dropped the thong on her hubby’s picture on the drawer.

“These are now useless, just like him,” Looking at him she laughed as his muscled body flexed with arousal at her latest wicked move.

He walked to her as she looked into his eyes with a challenge, Bruce was now able to read that expression in eyes, he was able to tell that she was thinking of her next wanton act. Without breaking eye contact, Laura held his soaked left hand and pulled it to her mouth. She sucked one and then the other finger, which had just scooped out juices from her very wet cunt. She then lifted up her husband’s photo and gave it a kiss.

“For my loving husband.” She winked at him. “But I plan to show him some real French affection tonight, after I…” She paused and smiled. She got very close to him, her nipples rubbing his chest as she left the sentence hanging. She made a show of slowly sinking down to her knees without ever leaving his eyes, her lips twitching in smirk-smile. “After I …swallow your salty black load of cum.” She completed her sentence.

She rubbed her face on his bulging pelvis, as she undid the button on his trouser. Pulling the zipper to her mouth, she put it between her teeth and pulled it down.

His cock was covered in a pair of striking red boxers that contrasted with his black torso. It was stretched around his cock which was sticking out as a hard log of meat from curving up. Laura licked her lips as she rubbed it from over the boxers.She instantly felt a gush of juices escape her cunt as she felt the hard and throbbing piece of beef. She quickly pulled the boxers down.

She stared at the ebony monster sprang out from its confines and hissed. It throbbed as an angry snake, shiny and velvety black. It smelled all man as her nostrils were filled with the strong aroma of lust. It was thick and large.

“Ooh it’s so…brutally handsome!” Laura could only describe its effects on her as she held it in her pale feminine hands. She could feel its power surging under her fingers. She couldn’t encircle it completely and a good four inches still showed, she then held it with both hands.

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