LeanneOne thing I have noticed since I became a libertine is how ridiculously easy it is to get girls to have sex with you. All that is needed is an air of confidence, reasonable grooming, and an interesting proposal. Usually. Sometimes, of course, you get a slap in the face for your trouble. Leanne was next on my list. Absolutely gorgeous, twenty two years old, five foot tall, busty and delightfully rude. Eldest daughter of a close friend, sex with her would have the frisson of forbidden fruit, not to mention injecting a bit of youthful enthusiasm in to the project. But how to approach her? Neither Karen nor Suzanne knew her, so I was on my own with this one. She was at college but worked in the local supermarket to pay her way., and after some thought I decided directness was the best policy. I approached her at her work one day whilst she was packing shelves, and I had a reasonable chance of a private word. Needless to say there had been a number of (literally) fruitless shopping trips undertaken before the opportunity arose. “Hi there, Leanne”, I said,and she stopped what she was doing and turned around to look at who was speaking. She gave a little smile of recognition. “How are you?” “Oh fine”, she shrugged. “And your Dad?” He’s fine too” she replied. Hell, I thought , it’s like drawing teeth.” Still, best to come straight out with it. “Listen, Leanne, I’ve been thinking about you. I wondered if you would be interested in helping out in a little project I’ve started.” She looked at me, a bit blankly, and said “what kind of project?”. “Well”, I replied, it’s basically a club for people to go to have sex. For fun. And stretch their Escort sexual boundaries. That sort of thing. “ Well, she hadn’t been expecting me to say that. She looked stunned. “Anyway, I continued, “If you are interested, we meet at my friend Karen’s house every wednesday from about 10am. Girls must wear skirts or dresses. There are no other rules.” She looked at me, open mouthed. “That shut you up, I thought smugly to myself,”you little madam.” “Well – what do you say?” I was enjoying myself now as she struggled to recover her poise. “What made you think I would be interested in something like that?” she said. Hmm. Interesting choice of words – bit low on outrage, and open to different interpretations. “Because you have an incredibly hot body, you are gorgeous, and I really, really want to fuck you. See you on wednesday?” And with that I turned and left her.I had told the girls the following week that I thought there was a chance she might come – I had picked up just enough of the vibe of the inner slut from her – but I was by no means confident. However, come she did, and to her credit she arrived with an air of brash confidence and a haughty demeanour that seemed to say everything about her self confidence. She eyed up my two concubines in turn, a long, lingering up and down look. “Are these your sluts?” She had poor Karen’s measure straight away. “Here you, take my coat and hang it up.” She was wearing a satin black top and black pencil skirt, bare legs, black kitten heels. My penis, already semi erect after her entrance, strained against the bounds of my trousers. Karen had returned, by now, and I remembered that Escort Bayan I was supposed to be in charge. So take charge I did. “Right, Leanne, I am pleased you could come. I think you will be too, because we are going to give you the fucking of your life.” I had already stretched out a plan in my mind that involved Suzanne using a strap on dildo, but Leanne, the forward hussy, simply stepped towards me, grabbed my head, and began kissing me. As I joined with those sweet lips I felt her shaking, and realised just how aroused she was simply by being here. “Ohoh, I thought. That won’t do. Lets make this as lingering as possible” As we stood and kissed, our tongues joining in a deep, slow dance, I found her tits with my hands. Beautiful and pert, I slid my hand through her blouse, under her bra, and on to that sweet sweet flesh. Fingers plucked at my groin, and I looked down to see Karen, releasing my prick from it’s cloth confines, and into the moist joy of her mouth. Suzanne, meanwhile, had stood behind Leanne and was kissing the back of her neck, her arms circling her waist. Suddenly I had an overwhelming need to taste her pussy. I disentangled my cock from Karen’s mouth and bundled Leanne over to the couch. in a rush of lust. Her pencil skirt proved a challenge as it was too tight to lift, so I simple hauled it down, buttons and zips breaking as I did so. I spread her legs and leaned deeply into her pussy. I ate and licked and muzzled and kissed like a man possessed, and she bucked and ground herself into my face with a wanton abandon. The two other girls were working away as well – Karen and Suzanne had changed Bayan Escort positions, with Suzanne licking away at my dick, her fingers buried deep in her pussy, and Karen kissing Leanne’s open mouth, stifling her cries as she did so. So much for making it last – I had to come inside Leanne, and I wasn’t going to last much longer. I took control again, and now Leanne was my servant, “please fuck me please” she moaned. I stood up and lifted her bodily off the couch – she felt light as anything – and I gestured to Karen to take her place.” I took Suzanne’s hand and knelt her next to Leanne, both girls poised to lick Karen’s crack, and then I forced my swollen cock all the way into Leannes pussy. She cried out, and I held it there, spearing her, until she started to moan and push herself on to me. I gave her slow rhythmic strokesr, my fingers buried in Suzanne’s pussy, playing with her clitoris, while all three girls moaned their arousal. Incredible, and there was no way I could hang on. I managed to enter Suzanne briefly before I felt my orgasm rise, and then it had to be Leanne who received my come. Only manners, after all, to let the new girl have first dibs. The problem with being a guy, and one of the many glories of being a girl, is that I had to rest for a bit before I was ready for action again, whereas they simply carried on in a feast of sucking, and licking, taking each other to orgasm and then doing it again. An incredible show. Being an old fashioned sort of a guy, when I have sex with three women at once I feel it is important to let each one have a load of my semen, which meaned of course three different climaxes and one exhausted bloke. My balls had been drained and I felt as if a gust of wind would be enough to blow me away. Ladies, I announced, “what this club needs is at least one more cock. Or else I won’t last the year.” We were about to take it to another level.

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