Lust of a young dirty mind


Lust of a young dirty mindDisclaimer: This is story is fictional. All characters, events and places are fictional too.Let’s start with little backstory, shall we? I’m Mike, nineteen years old white boy, living pretty ordinary life of a young man, though I’m still living at home.There’s one thing that isn’t the most normal thing in my life. When I was just 6 months old, I was adopted by this young black girl and his husband who wanted a baby, but couldn’t get one. I have never seen my biological parents, but from what I’ve heard, they are probably dead. After few years of marriage, my adoptive mom and his husband broke up and me and her ended up living alone. My adoptive mom has pair of the biggest black boobs I’ve ever seen, she has once said they are 38K.It’s nice and sunny day, just like every other summer day this far, but something has been bothering me for a quite a while now. My mom is watching tv, when I sit next to her and turn off the tv.”Mom, we need to talk. I have something I want to tell you.” I say, sweat dripping down my spine, because I’m nervous as shit.She looks at my with concerned face, the same face she always make when she sees I’m not feeling well or when I’m hurting inside.”What is it, honey?” She says and grabs my hand gently rubbing it.”Well… ermm.. it’s pretty hard to explain, but I’ve some sexual problems.” Though our mother-son relationship has been çorum escort pretty open, sex is one subject we never really have covered. “Whenever I see you or feel your touch, I have to… please myself really badly.” I say and blush, noticing how she stops rubbing my hand and gets shocked for a half of second.”It’s normal behaviour of young male mind.” She says as she looks at me. “Nothing to worry about, baby boy.” I swallow and look up at her beautiful brown eyes.”That’s not all, mommy… you are the only one who I get off to. No other female turns me on.” As I say this and quickly look at her amazing bust covered by white sweater.”Really?” She says surprised but quickly notices that I’m worried and hugs me. I feel those soft boobs pressing against my head as she pulls me to her. “I didn’t mean to say that way, I bet it’s totally normal too. Maybe it’s just a phase and you get over it.” Though I wouldn’t want to leave this heavenly softness, I pull myself out of her grip and say. “It’s not… It’s been like this for years now.”She looks at me, and I can clearly see her thinking of solution, when suddenly she says. “Do you think it would help if you could masturbate to me? Clearly you want to do that, maybe that will get you over this problem of yours.”She says and stares at my confused face. “But you are my mommy, don’t you think it would be denizli escort awkward, it might ruin our relationship.” I say, though I secretly want to just pop my cock out of my jeans and start stroking it in front of her. “How about this, baby boy, this conversation never happened and everything we do after this we won’t talk about ever again.” I nod and start opening my jeans and pull them down, revealing my tight underwear which are stretched to a limit, because of my hard cock. My mommy looks at me amazed, but when I lower my underwear too and pull out my thick 9″ cock. “Ohh,baby boy, you are so big.” She says but tries to hide her excitement by quickly shutting her mouth. Her words make huge impact on me and start slowly stroking my cock, while she watches. “How does it feel?” She asks. “So good.” I moan and start speeding up the tempo. “But do you think you could take off your shirt and let me see your boobs, it would probably help even more.” She does what I ask and lets her gigantic black tits out of their prison.I start masturbating even more furiously but it still won’t help. “Mommy, whenever I masturbate and fantasize about you, in my fantasize, you always ride me.” I say and look at her. “Baby boy, you know I love you, but I can’t do that, you are my son.” She says worried look on her face. “YOU WOULD DO IT FOR YOUR OWN REAL SON, diyarbakır escort YOU WON’T DO IT BECAUSE I’M ADOPTED, YOU DON’T LOVE ME!” I yell and start walking towards my room. “Wait, it’s not that… I love you more than anything, come here and we’ll do it.” She picks out a condom package from her purse and gives it to me. “In my fantasy I don’t wear a condom and I’m make you pregnant.” I say and throw package on the ground. She is scared but turned on at the same time as she takes her jeans off and looks at me, opening her mouth, but decides to swallow the words. She climbs on top of me and slowly lowers herself down on my cock. “OOHH FUCK, Baby boy, you are SO BIG!” She moans. “You’ve only taken half of it, mommy.” I grin and push her down on my cock, so that her fat ass hits my legs. She screams hard and start jumping up and down on my cock. I can see lust growing in her eyes as her big boobs bounce up and down, in the rhythm of our lovemaking. She pulls her head back and moans hard. “I’m cumming, Mike, you made your momma cum.” She says and I feel her juices running down my hard cock as I keep thrusting inside her. She places her hands on my chest, lowers herself down and starts moving her ass furiously. I grab one of her giant knockers and start sucking it, when I feel pressure growing inside my big balls. “Momma, I’m cumming soon, are you ready for your baby boy to give you new baby boy?” I whisper in her ear. She moans something and that’s when I feel it. Dozens and dozens loads of hot thick sperm shooting deep inside her unprotected pussy. After all the cum has finally been released, she climbs off me and kiss me on the forehead. “That was fun, baby boy.”

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