Man Of The House


Man Of The HouseHis father had died unexpectedly of a heart attack without any warning, he was the apple of his father’s eye. When he left for work in the morning’s he would always jokingly say “Rory; whilst I’m gone you’re the man of the house” but on this occasion he never came home. Rory decided he was going to take this new responsibility very seriously, he just wasn’t sure that his family were going to take him seriously.In the middle of the night Rory was awakened by the sound of his mother crying in her bedroom. He went to her door and listened there for a moment. Then he opened the door and stepped into her completely darkened room. He waited until her sobs subsided before he let her know that he was there.”Are you OK, Mom?” he asked. She made no reply, although she was clearly awake. Rory moved closer to the bed. “I heard you crying. Do you want to talk?” She said nothing.Rory sat on the edge of his mother’s bed for a moment. She lay on her side, facing away from him. He lay what he hoped was a comforting hand on her shoulder. She took his hand in hers and held it so tightly that it actually hurt him, but of course he couldn’t tell her that.”Just stay with me awhile, dear,” she said, relaxing her grip on Rory’s hand somewhat but not releasing it. “I’m still not used to being alone in this bed.””I’ll stay as long as you want me here,” he said.”Then you’d better make yourself comfortable,” she said. “Lie down where your father would be if he was here.” Rory did as she asked; lying on his side facing his mother’s back as he assumed his father would choose to sleep. Her body would have spooned snugly against his if he had been closer to her, but he was sure that snuggling up to her in any sort of sexual way was not what she would want him to do.The two of them lay side by side in silence. Katey kept her son’s hand firmly in her own. Some minutes later her breathing became deeper and slower, and Rory realized that she was dozing off. He planned to let her sleep for a short while, and then he would free his trapped hand and return to his room for the remainder of the night. Katey made things a bit trickier by moving her hand down her front, taking her son’s hand with it, to where they both came to rest just under the swells of her unrestrained breasts.This Karabağlar Escort was becoming more awkward for Rory. His eyes were now fully accustomed to the darkness, and he began to feel uncomfortable in a familiar and pleasant way that was entirely inappropriate to this situation. He could make out the curves of his mother’s hips and buttocks in her full length nightgown. He inhaled her various smells and found them disturbingly arousing. His hand, still held in his mother’s, was now lightly in contact with the undersides of her breasts. He was getting horny. Horny was something he knew that he should definitely not be. Not now.Oh, shit. He was getting a hard on. Soon it would need to be touched somehow. He needed to free himself and get back to his own bed. There he could get his mother out of his perverse mind, replace her with some celebrity slut who was better suited as a fantasy fuckmate for him, and jerk off until a big cum would put his disgusting horniness to bed for the night.But apparently his mother wasn’t about to release his hand. In fact, she had moved her own hand more fully onto her breasts. She seemed to be caressing herself in her sleep, taking his hand along for the ride.To make things worse, his cock was now fully erect. It was pointed right at his mother’s bottom cheeks. Its head now actually touched the warm fullness’s of her generous ass. Rory couldn’t back away from her, because she was now holding his hand firmly against her boobs. He shifted the position of his cock, trying to find a way to make it poke less embarrassingly against the fleshy globes of his mother’s bottom. At that precise moment she shifted her hips and accidentally helped him to achieve what he was trying to do on his own. This meant that the tip of his cock was now lodged comfortably in the crease between her buttocks. He was no longer pressing rudely against her. Now she was u*********sly pressing rudely against him.Rory wasn’t fully in control of what happened in the next few minutes. Katey continued to sleep soundly, her breathing deep and even. But her nipples seemed to have become stiffer because of her self-fondling of her breasts. Her hips remained essentially motionless, but the muscles in her bottom Karaburun Escort cheeks seemed to alternately grip and then release the knob of his cock.He gave up trying to think about his favourite celebrity sluts, or even about the more fuckable females of his acquaintance, and accepted the fact that it was his own mother that he was in intense sexual contact with, however u*********s she might be of that fact. He loved this woman, and he was becoming increasingly aware of how sexually exciting she could be. He just didn’t know how to keep something bad from happening to her here.Fortunately, Katey let go of Rory’s hand and moved away from him for which Rory was thankful. She turned to lie on her side facing her son resting a hand on his chest in an affectionate gesture. “I’ve been putting off doing a lot of things – things that just don’t get done when you aren’t around here to help me with them.”Rory assured her that he was more than happy to help sort out his father’s belongings and to look after other routine but necessary post-funeral chores.”I meant things that your father would be helping me with if he was still here,” said Katey. Now Rory didn’t know what she was referring to. His cock twitched in his boxers, giving him a bit of a clue. Oh, fuck.His wayward cock was beginning to piss him off. Oh, wait. That was one of its jobs. He needed every little bit of silly mental diversion he could find to keep him from thinking unthinkable thoughts.”Always glad to help out …” he said cheerfully, She had moved closer to him without him knowing it, and suddenly his body and hers were very close together, almost touching, and her lovely face was suddenly very close to his.Rory fought off a powerful urge to kiss his mother’s sweet mouth, and he even managed to convince himself that she would like it if he did that. After all, she didn’t pull back from him one bit. Their lips didn’t touch, but they were just a fraction of an inch apart.Katey spoke again, and with each of her words the teasing aspect of their nearly-touching mouths grew stronger. She put a finger on his lips to silence him. Her mouth was so close to his that Rory suspected her finger might be touching both of their mouths at the same time. He had Karşıyaka Escort seized on that spacial relations problem to distract him from the sexual tension he was feeling. It worked too, but only briefly.Her lips pressed his more firmly. “I love you, you know.””I know that, but …” His words were cut off by his mother’s mouth covering his and he found himself being drawn into her embrace. When her lower body contacted his, his cock got the message and began its rise to greatness.”Oh, fuck, Mom, does this mean that …””Yes, darling,” she whispered. “Fuck is exactly what it means.”She threw a leg over his hips, bringing her pussy into contact with his rapidly stiffening cock. Her mouth opened to his, and their tongues played together with the frantic need of thirsty persons suddenly offered drinks of delicious water.”But… but you’re … my mother!” gasped Rory. He was already panting.She pulled her face back from his. She looked directly into her son’s eyes, smiled rather wickedly, and said, “Yes, and that’s what will make it especially good for me!””Oh … wow!” said Rory. “And I thought I was the only one who thought that way!”They kissed more, and their hands moved over one another’s body eagerly. There would be time later for oral fun and other foreplay games, but for now their first i****tuous fuck was all that mattered to either of them. Once their bodies had been joined, and once their most intimate body fluids had been shared, neither of them would ever question the life-altering contract they had just made with each other.”I want us to do this … now … Rory,” Katey said, positioning herself so that her pussy was presented to him and ready to receive his cock. “Come into me, my darling son, and fuck me. Fuck your mother. Now!”Rory mounted her, found her opening with the tip of his cock, and moved slowly into her until his pubic curls touched hers.”Fuck that feels good,” he said, kissing her wetly. “I can’t believe it … I’m fucking my own mother, dammit. And she wants me to fuck her!””Yes, my sweet son, I want you to fuck me.”He drew his hips back and then thrust deep into her again. And again, harder this time. She lifted her ass to meet his thrusts, rotating her hips to add to the thrill both of them felt at this spectacularly exciting moment in their lives. They found a good rhythm for fucking.They kept their lovemaking up until their need for sleep caught up with their need for more and yet more physical pleasure and Katey had exhausted Rory’s cock.Eventually it did end, but only for this night. Rory knew that he’d be sleeping in this bed a lot from now on.

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