Subject: “Master of River’s Bend” Chapter 13 Gay Male Interracial Master of River’s Bend Chapter 13 “Settling In” This is a story of erotic fiction meant to be read by adults over the age of eighteen years Written by Jean-Christophe: October, 2015 My stories are archived at hoo/group/Jean-Christophe_Stories “The characters and ideas contained in this story are products of the writer’s imagination and bear no resemblance to actual persons or events. Please respect the integrity of the story and don’t do any rewrites, make alterations or add another’s artwork or pictures” Please consider donating! Nifty needs your financial support to continue publishing these stories. If you’d like to help, please donate fty/donate.html Chapter 13: Yancy: The two black masters wait impatiently at the bottom of the steps as Horus and Osiris hurriedly retrieve Pegasus and the pony cart from under the oak tree and lead them to where they are standing. There is an established ritual to be played out and while Horus holds Pegasus’ reins, his brother falls on to all fours and offers his back as a mounting stool to Charles. Charles accepts this as his due and seemingly pays no attention to the two slaves. But he has them under close scrutiny keenly watching for any dereliction of duty on their part which would warrant punishment. As Charles steps up on to his back, Osiris stiffens his arms and legs and arches his back to provide a stable footing for his Massa as he mounts Pegasus. Once in the saddle, Horus hands the reins to Charles and then both white slaves hurry to assist Yancy climb into the cart. Osiris helps Yancy into the cart and as he settles into the driver’s seat, Horus retrieves the driver’s whip from its holder and hands it to him. “Are you ready, Yancy?” Charles asks. “Whenever you are Charles! What must I do?” “Simply order your pony to ‘walk on’ and apply your whip to him. Remember, it will be necessary for him to keep pace with my stallion and so you might have to apply your whip to his ass to keep him up to speed.” Charles spurs Pegasus into action and at the same time Yancy orders his pony to. “Walk on, Clem,” as he uncoils his whip and lashes out at the pony’s back. His first effort at using the whip is an ineffectual flick and does little more that sting Clem’s hide. Nevertheless, Clem is well trained and knows what is expected of him. He’d heard Massa’s comments and leans into his harness and steps forward drawing the cart and its driver behind him. He falls into step alongside Pegasus and at this early stage he is able to keep pace with the stallion. However, Clem knows this will change shortly; he is well aware of Massa’s impatience and he knows he’ll soon spur his mount into a fast canter which he’ll have to match testing his strength and endurance to their limits. But for now, he is thankful for this slow start in the sweltering, afternoon’s heat. And from the top of the steps Ptolemy and Zaph smile broadly and wave as their Master and his guest move away. Ptolemy whispers to Ramses that he should do the same. “Ramses, smile and wave after Massa. It customary for the house whiteys to wave farewell to Massa whenever he leaves his house and, if possible, to welcome him on our knees when he returns. Massa expects it of us and he’ll soon notice if you aren’t waving and smiling and woe betide you if he does.” Ramses follows suit and they continue grinning happily and waving for several minutes while Massa and Sir Yancy recede into the distance before retreating indoors. “Yancy, I thought we’d begin out tour of inspection by visiting the river and checking out the irrigation channels.” “Whatever you choose, Charles. I’m looking forward to seeing all aspects of the plantation and its slaves at work. Naturally everything is new to me and I am keen to see how River’s Bend works. Tell me about the irrigation; what does it do?” “Yancy, it’s the river and the plantation’s slaves which give River’s Bend its prosperity. And in the process both have made me a very wealthy man. But the creation of wealth isn’t what motivates me. Here, I have been able to recreate my own version of the perfect world as I see it; a world where whites are subordinate to the black man. To my mind, this is as it should be and here I am able to express the anger and outrage I feel for the injustices inflicted on blacks by the white race.” “Amen to that, Charles!” Yancy, I’m glad you agree with me. From the outset, I felt we had much in common and that is why I would like you to think about becoming my right-hand man in running the plantation. You could very well become the son I never had, but need, to continue with my life’s work here at River’s Bend.” “How can that be Charles? I’m a slave myself and when Ram decides to return home he’ll take me with him.” “Ramses won’t be returning home, Yancy. Earlier, I told you of my plans to permantly enslave Ramses. Now that we are alone, I can confirm in the strictest confidence that this will happen. When Ptolemy wrote and invited his cousin, Luke to visit River’s Bend, it was my intention to enslave him permanently and that is what I am about to do. Although, neither he nor Ptolemy are aware of my plans. So, I ask that you keep this to yourself and not disclose our conversation to anyone.” “Lordy be, Charles! You mean that Ram is now a slave for life? But what about my pony, Clem? Surely he is listening to our conversation. Is it safe to talk about this in front of him?” “You need have no worries on that score, Yancy. All my slaves KNOW never to REPEAT anything I say. The punishment for such an offence is the loss of their speech and being sold to the itinerant slaver, Saggory Clutterbuck on his next visit. Believe me, that’s enough for all my slaves to keep a still tongue in their heads. And to answer your other question. Yes, Ramses is now a slave for life and shortly he will sign your manumission papers making you a free man whilst he remains a slave. Does that interest you?” “It does, Charles. I never dared to dream of being free. I was born a slave like my pappy, my grand- pappy and his pappy all ankara otele gelen escort the way from Africa before him and I always accepted I’d die a slave just like them.” “Yancy, here you’ll be a free man and if all goes to plan then eventually you could be the next Master of River’s Bend. Will you stay on at River’s Bend as my prot�g� and companion?” “I’ll stay for as long as you want me, Charles.” “Then, that’ll be for life, Yancy. It’s ironic; you could very well become the de facto heir to River’s Bend while the real heir will serve as your slave. It is my intention to gift Ramses to you.” “Ramses will be my slave?” Yancy asks incredulously. “He’ll be my own very own property?” “Indeed he will! Body and soul, Yancy,” and Massa laughs suggestively, “and his ass will be yours too.” Yancy remains silent for a few minutes as he thinks on this and Charles senses something is troubling him. “What troubles you, Yancy? Do my plans for you and the plantation’s future disturb you in any way?” “No Charles. I’m not troubled …. Just a little puzzled.” “What perplexes you, Yancy?” “Well, suppose something happens to Ramses? What will happen to the plantation should he die young?” “Ah! That’s a very good point and one I have given thought to. Naturally, there must be a white heir to inherit River’s Bend after Ramses and it’s my intention to obtain a suitable white wench and to mate her to Ram with the intention of obtaining the next heir in the line of inheritance. Ram’s progeny will be raised as a slave, naturally. He’ll be our slave – perhaps to work as another fan bearer like Zaph who, by the way, is eventually to be sent into the fields to work in a slave gang. However, these are matters we’ll discuss later, Yancy.” Charles spurs Pegasus into a fast trot and urges him forward. And Yancy uses his driver’s whip to encourage Clem to keep pace. The fields on either side of the tree lined driveway are seared by the early afternoon’s heat and the lustrous, sweat-soaked, naked bodies of the laboring slave gangs gleam seductively in the brilliant sunlight. They are bent double to their labors and their overseers, mounted on horseback and shielded from the sun’s intensity by broad-brimmed straw hats, urge them to even greater effort with their cruel whips. Yancy is fascinated by the sight. Of course, the sight is one that is familiar to him. He’d often seen gangs of semi-clothed black slaves toiling in their white masters’ fields. But this is different; these slaves are white and they work naked to enrich a black master. And he wholeheartedly approves and wants so much to be a part of this scene. The need to apply a whip to a straining, white back overwhelms him and Clem serves as a hapless target for his needs. At first his efforts at using the driver’s whip are ineffectual and don’t even raise stripes on Clem’s body. In his growing impatience, Yancy imagines that it is Ramses who is between the shafts pulling the cart and his desire to punish his former master lends purpose to the task. After several more failed attempts, the lash finds its hapless target and wraps itself around Clem’s straining torso. His sudden yelp of distress is evidence of the effectiveness of Yancy’s aim, the strength of his arm and of his ability to cause pain. The pony’s only response is immediate; he lunges forward and quickly matches his pace to that of Pegasus. “Keep up, boy!” Yancy urges the hapless Clem as he applies his whip with new enthusiasm. Mounted in his saddle, Charles smiles down indulgently at Yancey’s efforts to drive his charge forward. He is delighted to see that Yancy is a “quick learner” which bodes ill for the plantation’s slaves. Charles chuckles at the thought. With the passing of each hour, he is warming to his young guest and he’s determined that Yancy will be cast in a similar mold to him. With this in mind, once Yancy has settled in and found his feet, Charles will require him to learn the ropes from the bottom up. Yancy will serve a brief apprenticeship as an overseer over his field-slaves and he’ll ask the overseer, known as Boss Edward to take the young man under his wing and to guide him through the complexities of effectively controlling the plantation’s slave workforce. Charles has always felt a special relationship with Edward; younger than Charles by two years, he regards Edward with affection. Both had been born at River’s Bend to slave parents. As boys they’d worked together after being sent by Pierre St Jean into the fields to toil alongside the adult slaves. There, they’d learned what it is to be a white man’s slave. Forced to work long, back-breaking hours under the white overseer’s lash they’d endured the hard laborious labor, the mind-numbing repetitive work and the extremes of weather. Never-the-less, both had survived and grown strong from the experience. And their common hatred of the St Jean family was forged in the furnace of their suffering. Charles had always felt an “unknown” kinship with Edward that is hard to identify. Sometimes, he wonders if he and Edward could be half-brothers and this is entirely possible. Both had separate mothers – there’s no doubting that – but neither could be sure of their paternity. Few of the original slaves on River’s Bend knew their full parentage and perhaps the same male slave had sired both Charles and Edward. Charles isn’t sure if it is his imagination at work but there are times when he sees something of himself reflected in Edward. They bear a striking physical resemblance to one another and they also share similar mannerisms and traits. When Charles had assumed mastery of River’s Bend, his first action was to make Edward his chief overseer. It was a decision he’d never regretted as Edward’s hatred of his former white masters matched his own and made him the ideal candidate for the role. An exacting taskmaster, Edward is never satisfied with the work output of his charges. He expects much from the slaves under his supervision and the plantation has prospered. He instills a sense of fear into his charges and, out of that öveçler escort fear, they respond in the only way possible. They work industriously, if futilely, to satisfy him and even when they are at the end of their strength and believe they have no more to give, the whips of Edward’s overseers convince them otherwise. A carefully applied cut of the lash to a straining back can always coerce extra effort from the hardest pressed white slave. Edward is a frequent visitor to the main house where he dines with Charles and is served by Ptolemy. He shows great animosity towards the son of his former St Jean master and it’s amusing for Charles to watch as he treats Ptolemy with the utmost contempt. Charles allows him some latitude in his dealings with Ptolemy and to admonish or chastise him. Charles is of the opinion that Ptolemy can only benefit from this. It impresses upon his slave that all black men are his masters and he must always submit to them. Often, after several glasses of wine, the evening culminates in Ptolemy being soundly fucked by Edward. It’s always obvious that Ptolemy hates that he is used in this way by Edward. However, he has no other option but to submit and the slave knows that he is being fucked as an act of retribution done out of a need for revenge and not out of any affection. For his part, Charles likes to watch his slave’s helplessness as he is roughly ravished and believes the humiliation he feels teaches Ptolemy his proper place on the plantation. Even though River’s Bend belongs to him the reality is very different: namely that River’s Bend’s master has become the slave. Charles decides to visit the field where Edward is working and to invite him to dinner this evening. There, he’ll have a chance to get to know Yancy and to become acquainted with his new slave, Ramses. He knows that Edward will approve wholeheartedly of having yet another member of the hated St Jean family working as a naked slave on the plantation. Ramses: As the two masters recede into the distance, Horus and Osiris hurry back to their labors leaving Ptolemy, Ramses and Zapthenath to return indoors. Ramses is feeling apprehensive. He knows that Ptolemy has been ordered to prepare him to serve at tonight’s dinner and he’s unsure of what this entails. However, he is aware that part of the process involves the removal of all his body hair below the neck and he is now having some misgivings. Since puberty, he’s been inordinately proud of the hair sprouting on his limbs, chest and belly and even more so of his luxuriant, golden pubes. These are the things that define him as a virile, young adult and they are the obvious hallmarks of his potent sexuality. Now, he is to lose these “badges of manhood” and to be rendered hairless like Ptolemy. And while he’d salivated at the sight of Ptolemy’s naked, glabrous body, he’d quickly understood that the removal of a white slave’s body hair somehow “neutralizes” him as a man, diminishes him in the eyes of his Black Master and renders him sexless. In other words, he ceases to be a man and becomes a vessel for his Master’s lustful pleasure. Ptolemy wastes no time in doing Massa Charles’ bidding. He tells Ramses to follow him to the kitchen where he orders Zapthenath to heat up some water. Then he leads Ramses out into the rear courtyard where he commences the transformation of his young relative from a proud, haughty aristocrat into a submissive, white slave. And the first to fall are Ramses’ golden locks as Ptolemy commands him to. “DOWN ON YOUR KNEES, BOY! DO IT NOW!” Ptolemy’s loud command takes Ramses by surprise. And for the first time, Ptolemy has addressed him as “boy”. Ptolemy’s change of attitude disturbs Ramses but then he remembers that his cousin had told him he has control over the house slaves. Ptolemy of course can’t show him any special favors and must treat him as just another of Massa Charles’ slaves and so he hastens to obey by dropping to his knees and bowing his head. How quickly he is learning to respond to an order. Forlornly, Ramses knows his head is to be shorn. Even though Ramses knows there’ll be little discomfort in having his hair cut, he nevertheless faces it with dread. As Luke Trevannion, he had a head of thick, curly hair of which he was inordinately proud; in fact his pride of it bordered on vanity. He’d always lavished great care on his hair and hadn’t spared any expense in keeping it looking good. Now Luke is to lose it and in doing so he’ll also lose part of his identity and he’ll wear the short crop of a slave and his head will be indistinguishable from those of other house slaves. Ramses is about to join them in the bleak uniformity of their appearances and share in the naked anonymity of their existences. Ptolemy wastes no time in shearing Ramses. He begins to hack the curls off – lock by golden lock – with a pair of sharp shears. He works swiftly as strand by strand, he tugs it away from Ram’s scalp and cuts. Ramses hear the gentle snip of the shears and he feels his hair gently falling down over his bare shoulders to the ground. The hair of which he is so proud lies on the ground around him and soon his crowning glory is no more. If it were possible for Ramses to see his head, he would be dismayed at the ragged, uneven cut wrought by Ptolemy’s scissors. But he isn’t finished with Ramses yet; there is still some tidying up to be done. He pushes Ramses’ head forward and runs a pair of clippers over the scalp from the nape of the neck to the front hairline and leaves just the minimum of hair cover. Despite the day’s heat, the air feels cool on Ramses’ shorn scalp and his head feels strangely denuded. Ptolemy steps back and slowly circles around Ramses as he surveys his handiwork. Not completely satisfied, he again runs the clippers over Ramses’ scalp until he is sure that the remaining stubble is of uniform length. Finally, Ptolemy runs his hands over Ramses’ bristly scalp and gives his approval. “Massa will be pleased! Now let’s clip your body ready for shaving.” pendik escort As a prelude to shaving, Ptolemy uses the shears to clip away the pubes and chest hair as close as possible to Ramses’ skin. That done, he orders Ramses to follow him to a nearby shed and to help him carry out a battered, old, tin hip-bath which is placed in the center of the courtyard. Then, in a loud, demanding voice, Ptolemy calls out to Zapthenath to ‘fetch the hot water’. The young slave appears immediately but is struggling with a heavy pan of steaming hot water. He holds the handle in both clenched fists and his knees are buckling under the weight. His looks furtively towards Ptolemy and Ramses senses his fear of Ptolemy. Ramses is surprised; so far he’d considered Ptolemy as ‘benign’ and not fearsome. Quite the contrary; Ptolemy had treated him well and with affection. But Ptolemy does have oversight of the house-slaves and perhaps he becomes another person in that role. And already, Ramses had experienced something of Ptolemy’s authority when he’d ordered Ramses to his knees and called him ‘boy’. Zapthenath pours the hot water into the old bathtub and then fetches cold water to cool it down before returning to the kitchen to heat up more water ready for Massa’s and Sir Yancy’s baths. Ptolemy tests the water and when he is satisfied that it is the correct temperature, he orders Ramses to clamber into the bath. Ptolemy, armed with a cake of carbolic soap, begins to scrub his young relative’s body clean. Ramses sits passively as Ptolemy washes his scalp and upper body. Obviously, it is a task that Ptolemy finds pleasing as he sports a massive erection. And hidden by the soap suds, Ramses cock pulses with matching excitement. Ptolemy’s soap-slicked hands move sensually over Ramses’ back and shoulders before he instinctively raises his arms above his head giving the older slave access to his sensitive armpits. And as Ptolemy’s hands slide down over Ramses’ chest, they pause to playfully tweak his generous nipples arousing them to needle-point sharpness. Ramses closes his eyes and lies back in the tub as Ptolemy’s hands move down over his belly and disappear beneath the soap-suds seeking out his cock and balls. Ramses feels Ptolemy’s hands groping in the water for his genitals and he reciprocates by raising his ass to give him easier access to them. Ramses feels Ptolemy’s firm grip sliding along the engorged shaft of his cock as he ostensibly washes it and he begins to moan softly. How he loves the touch of his cousin’s hands upon his body. To the casual observer nothing would appear out order; the scene is simply that of one slave bathing another. And yet the reality is very different. Both slaves are making the most of the opportunity to find forbidden pleasure in each other during their master’s absence. They are breaking trust with Massa Charles and while Ramses might possibly be excused by his newness to slavery the same isn’t true of Ptolemy. Eventually, he’ll be overcome with remorse and confess to Massa the guilty pleasure he found while bathing Massa’s newest slave. Suddenly, Ptolemy calls a halt to their forbidden dalliance and returns to the real task in hand. He retrieves a razor and begins the shaving away of Ramses body hair. Ptolemy is obviously well-practiced at this and wields the razor expertly as he shaves Ramses’ face. Then he moves downwards shaving his arms and chest. For his part, Ramses watches nervously – hardly daring to breathe as the sharp blade whisks away the hair from his chest and arms. But he senses that no harm will come to him. Ptolemy is taking great care of his master’s newest property. He knows that even the smallest nick in Ramses’ skin would displease Massa and see him punished. Ptolemy orders Ramses to stand while he shaves the lower part of his body. Quickly, he whisks away the line of hair bisecting Ram’s belly and, bypassing the genitals, he shaves his legs. The proximity of the razor to his groin worries Ramses and leaves him with a limp dick. But this is to work in his favor as Ptolemy begins to shave away the thick stubble from his pubes. He instructs Ramses to lift his cock or to maneuver it “to the left or the right out of harm’s way” as the razor glides over his skin leaving Ramses’ groin smooth and hairless. Ramses, thinking that the shaving is now completed, is naturally relieved. But in thinking that, he is wrong as Ptolemy tells him. “There almost done! I have only to shave your ass now. Turn with your back to me, move your feet apart and spread your ass-cheeks.” Nervously, Ramses does as he is instructed and bends at the waist with his buttocks spread open waiting for Ptolemy’s razor. With bated breath he feels the blade gently caressing his ass-cheeks and apart from the nervous twitching of his ass-hole he doesn’t move a muscle. The razor moves down the canyon between the twin orbs of his ass removing the few stray hairs growing there and in his imagination he hears the soft whisper of the razor as it does its efficient work. Then, he feels Ptolemy’s hand reach between his thighs to inspect his balls checking there are no overlooked hairs still growing there. Ramses shudders as Ptolemy’s finger traces along the sensitive skin of his perineum and up through his ass-crack to his anus. Is it his imagination or is Ptolemy’s finger lingering longer than it should as it excites the puckering entrance to his body. Certainly, he’s not complaining and enjoys the moment. Ptolemy’s slapping of Ramses’ ass echoes around the courtyard and is the signal for him to step out of the bath. He douses Ramses with several buckets of cold water to wash away the messy residue of soap and hair before giving his body one final inspection. Ptolemy is satisfied with his handiwork and comments to Ramses. “Our Massa will be pleased with his latest acquisition. He’ll be sure to inspect you when he returns with Sir Yancy. And probably, Massa will fit your with a new collar to welcome you into his household as his newest slave. But we have work to do before that happens. We have to unpack Sir Yancy’s clothing and store them away. Then, we have to carry the bathtubs up to their rooms, lay out clean towels and soap for them for when they return. And after that, I’ll instruct you on your other duties in the dining-room and how you are to serve Sir Yancy as his body-slave. You have much to learn, Ramses.” To be continued……..

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