Mom’s still my first

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Mom’s still my firstMy name is Trish (not real obviously) and I have been reading lots ofstories on various pages of late. Most of them are really exciting and someare quite different. If half of them are true, some of you are leadingextraordinary lives – I guess that mine is a little out of the norm as well.What I have wanted to write about for quite some time now, and am finallylegally old enough to do so (at least from a socially set “norm”perspective) is a true story about the lead up to and the first time that Iever made love.That’s pretty normal you might say. Well it is, but who it was, is the “outof the norm” part of my life. My first, and as yet only sexual partner hasbeen my mother. I have long since rationalised that it is not the normalway of lesbian relationships, but I believe that having mum as my lover, hasno real bearing on any other part of my life. I have been in love with hersince before we made love and I can’t see a way of being in love with anyoneelse. In fact I doubt whether I would have felt comfortable with anyoneelse.I want to tell you how it happened and let you know what an amazingexperience it was. It happened just over five years ago just before Iturned 13. Dad had left 3 years earlier with another woman. I would nothave left with dad for all the money in the world, because he was a reallyharsh man, who treated mom and me (as their only c***d) really badly. Inthe end I am really happy and to this day, don’t maintain contact with him.I’m still living with mom now – only we live as a lesbian couple in adifferent city – where no-one else knows that we are mother and daughter.Anyway I need to get on with how it happened……..Mom, who was 28 at the time dad left, had always been open and answered myquestions honestly, especially about what had happened with him and theirrelationship. Mum told me that, not only did he treat her badly, he hadalso lost interest in her and had found a younger woman and that he wouldprobably be happier with his new partner, than he ever was with mum. Shealso told me to expect that he would not want to make contact with me forsome time, as he hadn’t told his new partner about Mum or I.Mom and I were best friends, we would, and continue to, tell each othereverything. I was never afraid to go to Mom with any question or anyproblem, no matter how silly or embarrassing I thought it was – even ones ofa sexual nature – and I had a few of those. I was pretty curious and Momwas always straight with me.Mum has always been a freelance journalist, preferring to work from home,specialising in social anthropology. She has always done pretty well, so wenever really struggled too much for anything after dad left. I had to waitfor most things, but I got them and I think that mum’s philosophy was goodfor me and taught me how to wait for the good things in life – like my owncomputer. We lived in a good, quiet neighborhood and this only added to thepalatability of mum’s frequent overnight trips away, for research andinterviews. These weren’t a problem when dad was around, but mum alwaysfelt guilty about them after he left. I kept telling her that it was OK, Iwas responsible, our house had good locks and besides – I was ten – oreleven – or twelve – or thirteen. She trusted the area, and me, but shealways rang at once per night and once in the morning, whenever she wasaway. After all, I was mature but I was only a young woman.I was one of those early bloomers, had had my first period by 11 and waspretty much developed by 12 – with just a few inches to go on my chest. Ihad also kissed a couple of boys – at their behest mind – but never reallygot the zing or pang, or whatever a girl is supposed to get from kissing aboy/guy. Yes I was young and yes they and I were inexperienced and clumsy,mum told me. When I asked if I was gay because I didn’t get all hot andsweaty when they kissed me, she said that she thought it was too early totell.So, being of an A type personality, I started to read as much as I could onboth subjects – because, after all, this would shape a large part of mylife. It was about that time that I really became aware of my body andstarted to explore it and might I say, had a lot of fun doing it. I alsomanaged to “obtain” one of those rated ‘R’ magazines that they sell incorner stores and news agencies, when I put inside a paper. The magazinewas one of those typical low grade ones that had some written stories andshowed pictures of both hetro and lesbian sex – I was fascinated. I wroteabout everything, and I mean everything – recording it all in an electronicdiary on my computer.That’s where all of my fantasies went – and you can imagine there were somepretty weird ones and some straight laced ones. Reading back over my diary,I realise now that there was a steady, but gradual, shift first from hetrofantasies, to ones of lesbian sex. I had started by checking out boys. I’dwatch people, mostly of my own age, but also good looking men older than me.I started to realise that my tendencies weren’t towards men but towardswomen and I started to pay particular attention at places like schoolshowers and at the pool and pool showers. Gradually my fantasies turnedcompletely towards women – some my age, some mum’s age. This went on untilI was about 12 and a half. That’s when I had my first girl/girl encounter.It happened at school one day after the last class, Physical Education.Another girl and I, Melanie, were misbehaving and were told that we were tostay behind after school to put all of the equipment away and sweep the gymfloor. I didn’t really know Melanie, as she mixed with a different group ofgirls, but she was very good looking and when I realised that we’d be alone,I planned to take every opportunity to check her out. I was aiming to getsome very good material for some girl/girl fantasies. This was Melanie’slast day at the school, as her family was moving interstate a couple of dayslater So I thought that I could look all I liked and it wouldn’t matter ifshe caught me, because she wouldn’t be able to tell anyone at the school,thereby damaging my pristine reputation.When we had almost finished sweeping the floors, Mrs Clayfield (the rathertoo large PE teacher) said that she had to leave and told us to have ashower and lock the door on our way out. We finished sweeping and movedinto the change rooms to get undressed for the shower. I took my timeundressing and took every opportunity to check out Melanie. She had a verygood body, with breasts that were a little bit bigger than mine and she hada slightly curvier figure – I was impressed. So impressed in fact that, Igot a little distracted and she caught me staring. When I looked up, shewas looking directly in my eyes and had a big grin on her face. Regardlessthat she couldn’t tell anyone that I caught her, I still blushed crimsonred. Melanie’s grin widened and she asked me, bold as brass, “See anythingyou like?”I blushed even more and mumbled a response that included a sorry or two anda weekly mumbled yes. All Melanie did was turn and start to walk towardsthe showers. All I could think as I stood, was “nice ass”. After enteringthe shower room, we started showers in adjoining cubicles. I was bothembarrassed, but very excited at the same time. I was just rinsing theshampoo from my hair, when Melanie lightly tapped me on the shoulder. Isquealed and spun around and this caused her to squeal as well. We giggledfor a couple of seconds, when I noticed that Melanie was naked and standingright in front of me. My mouth dropped open a little and I looked at her.She was smiling as my eyes fell to her breasts and then down over her bellyto her pubic hair. It was neatly trimmed and laid flat against her pubicarea, because she was wet. Her hair was also flat against her head and neckand beads of water were dripping down her body. I thought that she lookedstunning and was completely mesmerised. I felt myself become aroused andstart to get wet between my legs. I started to fantasize about Melanie andI doing all sorts of things. All of a sudden, I snapped back to reality andlooked up at her. She smiled again – but I couldn’t say anything, I was tooexcited.Melanie, looked at me, held her soap out and said, “Could you wash my backplease?” With more confidence that I felt I said “sure, as long as you washmine.” Melanie smiled and said “I’d love to.”Melanie turned around and moved back towards me a little to get a bit ofwater on her back. I moved to one side and gently reached up with my lefthand to part her hair at the back and push it over the front of hershoulders. I started to slowly wash Melanie’s back from the shoulders down,enjoying the feeling of her smooth feminine skin under my hands. I movedtowards her to make light contact with the left hand side of her body.Zing, Pang, Bang – the light contact of my body, shoulder, side of my leftbreast, tummy and hip, against her left hand side, was so profoundlyexciting that was like and electric shock. My nipples became fully erectand I could feel myself get even more wet between my legs. It must havetaken me about five minutes to get to the small of her back – now what do Ido, I thought. Melanie removed any doubt about what I should do, as shebent forward, only slightly, making her buttocks much more accessible to me.I started to wash her buttocks with slow, large round circles. I bentslightly in the opposite direction to Melanie, keeping the contact betweenus from the hip on down, and started to use both hands on her soaped upcheeks. As I was doing this, Melanie let out a very soft low moan. I tookthis as a positive signal and moved my hands towards her upper legs. Shestarted to move her left leg slightly and, on instinct, I moved closer andat the same time slightly parted my legs, allowing her left leg to movebetween mine. I bend a little further over and started to move my handsdown, towards her crouch. All the while I was running on pure instinct andfantasies that I had constructed for myself.As I got to the top of her legs, Melanie shuddered and she stood up, turnedaround and we looked into each others eyes. She had a look of surprise and. . something else in there. I couldn’t tell exactly what it was, and allof a sudden I thought ” you idiot, you’ve gone to far, she’s going to screamblue murder and I’m going to get in all sorts of trouble. I blushed andsaid, in a shaky voice, “Sorry . . I’m really sorry.”That’s when Melanie’s face changed. She took a step towards me and liftedher hands, gently taking my face in them and, looking me straight in theeyes, said “Oh Trish, you have nothing to be sorry about. That was the bestback wash I’ve ever had.” Then she leaned in and lightly kissed me once onthe lips. Zing, Pang, Bang – only bigger this time. Melanie, seeing that Iwasn’t going to back away, moved in towards me again, kissing me more fullythis time. And this time I responded, with equal pressure. WOW, how softanother women’s lips are, compared to those of boys.My nipples got so erect that I could feel them physically hurting me. Itwas like they wanted to burst out the front of my breasts. Again oninstinct, still kissing Melanie, I lifted my hands to her upper arms andslid them over the top of her shoulders and down her back. I stopped when Igot about mid way down her back and, as I moaned with my lips against hers,I gently pulled her towards me. It was at that point that we bothsimultaneously opened our mouths and, tentatively at first, touched tongueto tongue. We both moaned and as we did, the full front of our bodies cameinto contact.I could feel her breasts touch mine and our stomachs touch and I could feelher pubic bone rub against mine. We both moaned again and pulled each otherclose, now kissing as passionately as we knew how. Out tongues were franticagainst each others and we started to move our bodies against each other.Melanie put her arms over my shoulders and hugged me tighter – our breastswere mashed together. I moved my hands down to her hips and pulled hard,and could feel my pubic bone touch hers. I became desperate for thisfeeling to continue and reached around further to grab her ass cheeks andpull her to me. As I did that Melanie broke contact with my lips, let out aloud moan and moved her hands straight to my ass to do the same.I looked down and was just about to reach up and take my feel my firstbreast, when we both heard a banging on the door to the girls change room.We froze. I yelled out the standard response to women present in the room”Girls changing room occupied.” That’s when we both heard the viceprinciples voice, “Girls, Mrs Clayfield told me that she had to go and saidthat you should be finished before I completed my nightly check. MelanieSanderson, your mother is waiting to pick you up in the school parking lot,so I suggest that you both get a move on and get home. You have threeminutes girls!”We both yelled our compliance and not wanting to let go of Melanie, Ireached back around behind me to turn the shower off. As I did it, I felt apair of lips on my right nipple – ZING, PANG, BANG. I stifled a moan andbrought my hands to her head, forcing her further onto me. WOW WOW WOW!!!,it felt so incredibly good. But I didn’t want to miss out, so I reachedaround and gently took one of Melanies breasts in my right hand. Howdifferent is was and how soft. More banging on the door and this broughtMelanie off my nipple in fright.She started to turn and move away to get dry, but I held onto her. Shelooked back at me I said “I want a turn at that.” She smiled and taking oneof her breasts in her hand, she said “Feel free.” This is something that Ihad been thinking about doing and I slowly lowered my head and as Iapproached her breast, slightly opened my mouth. Out through that came mytongue and I lightly touched the very tip of Melanie’s nipple. I ran mytongue around it as I continued to move my face towards her breast. Iopened my mouth and took as much of her breast into it as I could. Thisbrought a moan from Melanie and, as I had done, she moved her hands to theback of my head, forcing me further onto her breast.BANG, BANG, BANG, “Last Warning Girls – Get out of the shower and get home!”We were both shocked into action at that one and quickly moved to getdressed. As we were getting dressed, I said to Melanie, “I just want you toknow that this is the first time I’ve done anything like this before. Ihave been thinking about it for a while and hadn’t intended on doinganything else other than check you out today, and with you leaving I thoughtthat it would be OK, even if you caught me. But now I wish that you weren’tgoing, because there’s so much more that I want us to do.”Melanie just smiled and, not knowing her at all well, I wasn’t reallyprepared for her reply. She said, “I’ve been checking you out for weeks andwhen I saw that you were going to get in trouble during class, I though I’dtry that too, so I could get you alone and get you into the shower. But Iwouldn’t be taking it any further – you are not my type and I wouldn’t eventalk to you outside, so there wouldn’t have been any chance for you to “tryanything else” with me.” With that she walked out and I was never to seeher again.In many ways I wasn’t surprised, because we hadn’t mixed before; but I wasalso heart broken and pretty much cried all the way home. When I got home Iwent straight to my room and Mum came in asking if I was OK. All I could dowas cry. She asked me if I had been hurt and if I was OK, with such aloving tone in her voice, all I could do was to reach up a hug her.After I’d settled down some, I told her that I had kissed another girl andhad liked it. I outlined the situation with Melanie and how, in the end, Ihad been immediately dumped. Mum was really good about it and said that shehad also tried it at my age – now that shocked me into consciousness. Mumsaid that I shouldn’t be disappointed and that there were lots of meanhearted people out there. She said that something similar had happened toher a number of times and that it was one of the hardest things to get usedto. She also said that I should learn from it and, in response to myquestions, said again that it might still be too early to tell if I was alesbian or not.I’ll always remember that mum was so gentle and understanding with me thatnight. When she had finally been able to settle me down, she told me howproud she was of me. I looked questioningly at her and she replied that shewas proud because I hadn’t been mean, that I had been brave enough to seekout what I felt I wanted and because I felt confident enough to tell herabout it straight away. We hugged and mum hustled me off to bed and thenleft.I had so many questions swimming about in my head after she left and I foundthat I couldn’t sleep. I had to sort this mess out in my own head first.That night I wrote about ten pages in my diary, describing what Melanie andI got up to and what I was feeling before, during and after. Over the nextweek or so I rationalised that it wasn’t my fault and I confirmed that I hadreally enjoyed the experience with Melanie. I wrote that I felt that I wasindeed a lesbian. It all went into the diary on my computer, including allof the questions that arose from my realisation.For the next couple of weeks, everything was OK, I was back into school andmy friends, none of which I had any sexual feelings for, but took greatenjoyment in stealing fleeting glances at during time of nakedness orsemi-nakedness. I pretty much continued to bumble along – until one ofMum’s trips away.Mum was actually going away for two nights on this one trip – over a weekendthough – up into the hills to conduct some research and interviews inside aparticular group of religious nuts (at least I thought they were). She hadbeen commissioned to complete an article by the group as part of a publicitycampaign, after some bad press. As she was getting ready, she gave me thepassword and access details of her email account and she asked me to checkfor a particular email from the group, providing final details of where shewas to meet them.I was supposed to check every half an hour until it arrived and then callher on her mobile, but definitely before seven in the evening, before shewent out of mobile range. I must have had to promise her a hundred timesthat I wouldn’t misbehave and that I would not go out past dark, and mumtold me that she would call me at about eight each night to make sure andonce during the day. I don’t think that she was really worried, but thiswas the first time that she had left me for two nights. Mum kissed myforehead as she rushed out the door. I checked her email every half hour asI was told and rang her at about six to give her the final meeting placedetails.I was just about to close down mum’s computer, when I thought that I’d havea bit of a snoop around. I was doing a bit of surfing of some of mum’sfavourite sites, when I discovered, way down in a directory path, some linksto some porn sites. That wasn’t to hard to understand because Mom had beenalone for the last three years plus, without going out on more than a coupleof dates – none of which lasted past the first. Perhaps they were just toplacate persistent guys, but they never went past the first date. Whatshocked me, however, was that they were off the beat lesbian sites. I hadfound my way around net-nanny and had surfed a bit, but I’d never seenanything like these before. A couple were harmless teen sex sites, but thenabout another three or four were teen/adult sites. I had been surfingaround these for about an hour, downloading as many images and stories as Icould find. The images were making me REALLY horny and I started to playwith myself.I’d never had any problem achieving an orgasm – for me that has never been aproblem – and I was on about my third, when the Lotus Notes new mail windowcame up. Just as I was about to click to open the mail, the phone rang. Ilooked over at the clock as I was about to answer the phone and with asmile, picked it up and said, “Hello Mum”. Mum laughed and said, “How didyou know that it was me.” Laughing, I said, “Who else would ring right oneight o’clock?” We talked for a couple of minutes and mum asked what I wasdoing. I told her that I was about to head off to bed as I was quite tired.She asked if I’d turned her computer off, because there was some stuffthere that was personal and, lying, I said yes (I was having to much funsurfing all of mum’s sites). She said Ok and we ended the call.It wasn’t until just after I hung up the phone that it occurred to me thatmum might have done what I was going now – down load some stories etc. Iwent back over to the computer and the new mail window was still in thefront. I clicked on the open mail button and up popped a message from a Bevthat was quite difficult to understand. She had obviously been talking tomum about the subject for some time and she wrote as though they weretalking in the same room at the time – kind of in veiled speach. All Icould decipher was that Bev had sent mum something and was glad that she hadhidden it well, but wanted to know what she thought of it.This had me curious and I went in search inside mum’s mail folders for otheremails from this Bev character. But I couldn’t find any and eventually lostinterest. Instead I went in search of any downloaded stuff that mum mayhave had from the sites. I basically ravaged her computer and it wasn’tuntil the end of a .doc and .zip search within explorer, that I found thejackpot.Way down in a false trail of folders, was a directory that contained about300 images and one word file. I started at the top of the images andcouldn’t believe what I saw. They were all lesbian images. There were onlya few tame ones, but most of them were of mid teens/adults. They were inall sorts of scenarios and positions, but all were lesbian images. Towardsthe end there were a group of images that were just ZZ01.jpg etc etc. Theseones really opened my eyes, because these images were of girls my own age inlesbian acts with women of mum’s age. I decided to burn the whole directoryto CD and copying mum’s login and internet passwords and the location of thehidden directory, I closed mum’s computer and left her office.I went straight to my bedroom and started my computer, loading the CDimmediately. I had another slower look through the images and some were ofthings that I hadn’t even thought of before – like all different sizes andshapes of dildos, threesomes and even a few fisting shots. I was as hornyas hell and couldn’t stop playing with myself. My favourites were the onesof girls of my own age, with women of mum’s age. It was about ten o’clockby the time I was finally able to look away from the images. That’s when Ifirst looked at the single word file – the file that would change my lifeforever.No wonder there were no more emails from Bev in mum’s machine, she hadobviously cut and paste all of them into this word document – which wasalmost one meg in size – to hide the content from a snooping me. It startedwith a few emails from some other women, and I only recognised one name fromthe four or five that appeared. It looked to me as though mum had beenreferred down a chain – until finally Bev’s name appeared. These weren’tordinary emails, they were exploring a subject that I hadn’t even considered- lesbian i****t. When I first saw it in about the second of third email, Iwas completely shocked, and the issue wasn’t discussed in any great detail -instead the emails just skirted around the subject and asked what, at firstglance appeared to be lame questions. But this changed as the emails wentalong and by the fifteenth or so, when Bev’s name first appeared, it was theonly topic discussed.What had happened in those emails, was that somehow mum had found a networkof women who were having sexual relationships with their daughters ormothers. That’s when it hit me – Does mum want to take me as a sexualpartner? For some reason, the idea didn’t repulse me at all, in fact I wasflattered, especially given some of the things that mum had written in heremails about me – how pretty I was, describing me and my body and how muchshe loved me as a mother, but that she felt that she wanted more – WOW!That’s about the point where Bev’s emails started, which by the dates hadbeen about four months ago. I read on.The first ten or so of Bev’s emails were asking mum a whole lot ofquestions, even things like bank account details and about various forms ofID. Bev explained that this was both a test and a way to ensure that thegroup that mum was potentially about to enter, would not be compromised.Mum had apparently been quite forthcoming and complied with all requests,providing any and all information required and answering any questions thatshe was asked. Overall the stuff in there really opened my eyes to howserious mum was about this.Towards the end of the document, which took me about two hours to read anddigest (as much as I could at that time of night) Bev asked mum to explainin detail, why she thought that mum and I would make an ideal partnership.Mum’s response was a bombshell and it cemented all of the ideas that hadbeen forming in my head. She described that she had had several lesbianexperiences, as recently as a couple of weeks ago (whilst she was on one oftrips), but that all of her fantasies were of her and I. She then went onto list all of the reasons she had for us to become lovers. The way shedescribed why she wanted me, how much she wanted us to be together as loversand why she was in love with me (more than just as a mother), brought tearsto my eyes. My heart almost burst with the love I felt for mum afterreading that – I couldn’t believe that my own mother wanted me to become herlover.What Bev wrote next really got me excited. She said that she was preparedto guide mum to the point of seducing me, if that’s what she wanted – butthat she would have to be the one that made the move. She also asked mumwhy she thought that I was inclined towards girls. Mum wrote about what Ihad told her of Melanie and how I said that I thought that I was a lesbian.She said that she had cuddled me too her that night and wanted to do nothingbut take the pain away and that she wanted to replace it with the love shefelt for me and to make love to me to make me forget the pain. Bevcautioned Mum about moving too fast and said that this had to be doneslowly.The second last group of emails in the file between Bev and mum were just 4days before she left. In it Bev said that she felt confident that Mum coulddo it and cautioned again that it could not be rushed. Bev suggested thatthe Escort first thing that Mum should do was to increase the level of sexuality inthe house. She suggested that Mum appear in front of me in progressivelyless clothing, in more sexual clothing and really use her feminine charms tomove and position herself in a more sexual manner. Bev suggested that Mumstart with things like walking from the shower to her room semi naked,allowing her dressing robes to reveal more and more and that she wear tightand sexy clothing whenever possible. She said that Mum should start slowlyand increase the level of sexuality over about a month or so.She said that Mum should observe how I reacted and talk to her about it andshe would attempt to help. She said that she would be able to offersuggestions that had worked for others, but that Mum may have to adapt themto how she seduced me. This was too much. I couldn’t help myself, Istarted to play with myself and thought of doing all of the things that Icould with another woman – with my mother. It only took me about twominutes to cum and it was the best orgasm I had ever had up to that point.With that thought I fell asleep and dreamt. I dreamt of mum and I, of mumand I in an embrace and of us making love. The dreams were soft and lovingand supportive and sweet and gentle.When I woke up the next morning, it was to the phone beside my bed. Ilooked at my clock and it was ten thirty. It was a friend asking if Iwanted to go to the pool or to the movies. Lying, I said that I didn’t feelwell and that I’d just stay home and sleep some more.I lay on the bed for a minute thinking about everything that I haddiscovered and read and thought about yesterday. It was one of thosemoments that you feel that you are going to be overwhelmed with the volumeof information. I thought about all the images that Mum had downloaded andhow they affected me, getting me really hot just thinking about them. Ithought of the word file with all of the cut and paste emails in it andparticularly of the lovely kind and gentle words that my own mother hadwritten to a complete stranger about me and the fact that my own motherwanted a relationship with me. This started to get me horny, just thinkingabout Mum.I tried to remember the times I had seen her naked, or in a position thatcould be taken sexually, like bent over in tight shorts or something. Istarted to touch myself. I took both nipples between my fingers and startedto massage them. I thought about the shower with Melanie, only this timewith mum’s face. I was getting really hot and I moved my right hand down tomy pussy, gently rubbing my middle finger the entire length of my slit. Icould feel my pussy juices starting to flow and, as they spread to myfinger, I felt my labia swell. Then my finger came into contact with myclit and it sent a shiver down my spine to my toes.I was thinking about mum taking my nipples in her mouth, when I had my firstshattering orgasm. Wave after wave of complete pleasure washed over me andI was moaning so loudly that I was almost screaming. I was thinking aboutmum licking my pussy, when I first inserted a finger into my pussy. I gotas far as mum inserting one of her fingers as I inserted a second of mine,before my second orgasm. And a few minutes later, at the point of my thirdorgasm, I was thinking about me licking mum’s pussy.At that point I collapsed and must have lain there for at least 20 minutesbefore I could move again. When I could, I noticed that my computer wasstill on and that the word file was still open. WOW, I must have fallenasleep as soon as I had had the orgasm last night. I got up and went andsat down, naked, at my desk and continued to read the last couple of emailsthat had been in the file to date.The first one was from Mum to Bev, asking how she got through the lonelynights before Bev had seduced her daughter. Bev’s reply was to send acouple of magazines and a advise that mum also buy a dildo. Bev wrote thatmum should hide them really well, because they were very descriptive and ifI found them, it could well ruin everything. The last email was a reply toBev from Mum to say that she had received the magazines, hiding them safelyunder the bottom draw of her dressing table, in the enclosed space betweenthe bottom draw and the floor, and that she had purchased another dildo andhidden both of them there as well. I couldn’t believe my luck and seeingthat the date was the day that Mum left, I almost knew that Mum wouldn’thave had the time, nor the need, to hide them anywhere better. I had tocheck these out.I found everything in a plastic bag, just where Mum said it would be. Itfelt funny doing this, and I guess that, at thirteen, I felt like it wasspying or stealing. But that only served to heighten my level ofexcitement. So I tool the bag and its contents back to my room. My heartwas going about a hundred miles and hour until I remembered that Mumwouldn’t be home until tomorrow. But I still couldn’t relax as I opened thebag looking in to see what was in there. I saw the spines of threemagazines a box and what had to be a dildo. I removed the box and thedildo.It was the box that I examined first. The dildo was still in its there andthe box still had the tape to seal it. Looking at it, it had one long penisshaped plastic shaft and one short one with a curl at the end. Turning thebox over I read that the 7 inch vibrating dildo was life like, that thelittle one was for rubbing against the clit and that it came with batteries.I couldn’t believe it and I turned it back over and stared at it indisbelief.The dildo that was out of its box and was a little smaller. It was a littleless life like than the new one and was about 6 inches long. At the base ithad a large bulbous shape. It felt funny and I sensed a funny smell – onethat I would latter recognise as latex. I took it in one hand and squeezedit. It was soft on the outside, but had a hard core. I lifted it up to myface and smelled it. The funny smell was stronger, but there was alsoanother smell, not unlike that of my pussy when I had been sweating or whenI was masturbating. I wondered whether this could be the faint smell ofMum’s pussy, left over on the dildo and it started to get me horny.Remembering the photos that Mum had downloaded, I opened a few on mycomputer, to refamiliarise myself with what these things were used for. Inone of the first ones, there was a young teenager with it in her mouth. Itried it, and although I couldn’t get much more than 4 inches into my mouth,I though that this is what it must be like to take a guy’s penis in mymouth. I didn’t really enjoy that feeling, so I removed it and kept lookingthrough the photos on the CD I’d burnt.The next one that I stopped at had one teenager inserting a dildo intoanother teenager’s pussy. This was something that I got excited about andas I flicked through a series of about 20 photos of the same two, the dildowas photographed further and further into each girls pussy. I felt myselfget more and more wet and moved the dildo down to my own pussy. I rubbed itup and down my slit, turning it around and around, until the tip and abouthalf the shaft was wet with my juices. It was then that I wondered what itwould taste like and bringing the dildo up to my lips, licked it. It tastednothing like anything else I had ever tasted before – but it was strangelyvery good. I rubbed the dildo around my pussy some more and did it again,liking it even more. Then I took it into my mouth, licking all of the juiceoff – now this I could do to a dildo with someone else’s juice on it.Lowering the dildo again I placed the tip at the entrance to my pussy andgently started to push. At first I thought that I was never going to get itin. I was really nervous, until I looked at my computer again and saw thelooks of ecstasy on the faces of the girls in the photos. I was then ableto relax and was thinking about this being done to me, when I felt my pussyrelax enough to let the head slide in. PING, BANG, BONG – WOW was this everincredible! I couldn’t believe how good it felt and as I gently pushed itin and out, I thought of Mum, doing the same thing to herself.I had gotten about three to four inches of the dildo into me, when I struckmy hymen. At first I was shocked into thinking that I’d hurt myself and Ipanicked a bit. Then I realised what I’d done and just enjoyed the feelingof this huge (or so I thought) dildo filling me to the brim and bouncing offmy hymen. My fingers started to get a little slippery with my own juicesand as I attempted to get a better grip, my hand slipped. I panicked andgrabbed the dildo right at the end, just as it started to slip out. WhilstI was enjoying it, I remembered the magazines that I had emptied onto thebed and I moved over to sit on the bed, licking my juice from the dildo likemelting ice cream from a cone.I sat down on the bed and picked up the first magazine. It had a plaincover on it, and the only thing that gave away the contents was the fairlyobscure title – “Mothers and Their Daughters”. No pictures or anything onthe cover, so I opened the cover. Inside was very different and there was anote from the Editor, “To all the loving mothers and daughters out there,this, our 25th issue, is the best yet. There have been many success storiesin the last months since issue 24 and for those new to the distribution,inside are a number of pictorials of those and other success stories. Inthe months to come we have a number of mothers and daughters attempting whatcan be a difficult, but incredibly satisfying and pleasurable, transition toa relationship between mother and daughter, like no other. To all of thosewomen, we wish you well and we wish success and eternal happiness.”Nice message, I thought. Then I looked at the name at the bottom of theEditor’s note and saw that it was Bev. This was obviously the same Bev asMum had been corresponding with. It was then that I first started torealise that perhaps I had these feelings for mum. But perhaps the feelingsI was having were just the excitement of the moment and of the writings,stories and pictures that I had emersed myself in. I remember thinking thatI needed to take my time with the sheer volume of information and emotionsthat were bouncing around in my head.I turned over through the pages of that and issues 23 and 24 and couldn’tbelieve that there could be so many mother/daughter relationships. Thepictorials, of which there were about seven or eight in each magazine,contained a series of photos of the mother and daughter, both normal shotsand ones of them in all manner of sexual positions and scenarios.Accompanying the pictorials, was about four to five pages of text. Some ofthe stories told the reader how good it was and how the mother and daughterhad now been together for ten to fifteen years, some briefly told of howtheir sexual relationship started and some told of the things that they liketo do to and with each other.I was amazed. What was obvious was that all of these mothers and daughterswere honest and were very much in love. But the pictorial that caught myeye the most, was of a ten year old and her mother. They had now beenliving as lovers, inside their house, for about two years and some of thephotos were extraordinary. This pictorial was the one that I read andreread six or seven times as I lay there playing with myself.The daughter was a small girl and her mother was about the same height andbuild as my mom, but what they got up to was amazing. The daughter had onlythe beginnings of breasts and absolutely no pussy hair. But her mother hadalso shaved herself and they almost looked the same. There were photos ofthem engaged in a sixty-nine and the daughter had her mouth open over hermother’s pussy and her mother likewise. This series extended into one thathad each of them inserting dildos, numerous fingers and in the end theyfisted each other.Until the point where the dildos started to fly in this series of shots, Ihad largely forgotten mum’s dildo. When I saw the first couple of shots, Ireached out for the dildo, rubbing it up and down between my pussy lipsagain. This got me really horny and I gently inserted it again, this timewith a little more ease (having learnt how to relax enough the first time),and started to ease it in and out of my pussy. Even though it was small, itreally filled my 13-year-old pussy to the brim and I loved the feeling.What went perfectly with that feeling were the photos of that ten-year-oldand her shaven mother and the thought of my mother, wanting to do this tome.As I read the text and looked at the images, I found out the at the ten yearold had taken her own virginity as a nine year old with a dildo she hadfound of her mothers. She described that she has been bumping up against hehymen with the dildo and had simply forced it through the hymen. She thenwent on to say that it had made it much more pleasurable for her and moreexciting when her mother had seduced her. As soon as I read this I knew inmy heart that this was what I was going to do.So I walked with the dildo still in me, one of the strangest feelings I haveever felt, into the bathroom and got into the shower. Our shower had afold-down seat in it and I started the water and pointing the rose at thewall, sat down. I was thinking about mum being in the shower with me, as Istarted to move the dildo in and out again. I gradually started to move itin and out further and further. The dildo was bouncing off my hymen andfully relaxed and quite the horny thirteen year old, I pretended that it wasmum pumping the dildo in and out. At some point (I don’t even know how longI’d been in there), I drew the dildo almost all the way out and then,putting the palm of my hand across the base of the dildo, jammed it insideme.The dildo tore through my hymen and, with me screaming and thinking that Iwas going to die (oh so briefly), I forced the dildo into me as far as itwould go. I felt the dildo hit the neck of my cervix and go past it intothe small space left behind it. I was in pain, so I just kept still andheld the dildo in the same position. After a couple of minutes, the painhad died down and I opened my eyes. I looked down to where my pussy andrealised that I had all but the bulbous end of the dildo in me. It feltreally strange having something that far inside me and as I gently startedto pull it out, I could feel most of the remains of my hymen come out withit.It still hurt a little and as I pulled it out, I saw a small amount of bloodon the dildo. I completely withdrew it and washed it under the shower.Next I inserted one then two fingers into my pussy to try and get the restout. But all that that served to do was rekindle my interest in having thedildo in me again. So that’s just what I did. This time I inserted it withmy left hand and it went in all the way pretty easily –after a couple ofrelubrication strokes. As I moved it in and out I started to rub my clit.Again I started to think of Mum being the one doing this to me, and beforelong I came again and again. I was completely exhausted again.I showered, for about another twenty minutes, sitting under the water,gently playing with my labia and occasionally rubbing my clit as well.After all of the orgasms and a cleansing shower, I made sure that I washedthe dildo well. The last thing I wanted was to have mum find out that I hadbeen using her dildo and reading her magazines. I dried myself and, knowingthat I should, inserted a tampon, before dressing, packing all of themagazines and dildos back in the bag and replacing it in mum’s hiding place.I went back into my bedroom and turning off my computer, also hid the CDin a place that I knew mum didn’t know about – under the one uncoveredcorner piece of carpet in my room, behind my mirror, that was loose. I mademy bed and only then did I look at my clock – two o’clock in the afternoon -where had the day gone? And it’s no wonder I am so hungry.I went down to make some late lunch and ate like I don’t think I ever hadbefore. As I was eating, the enormity of what I had uncovered – my mother’sdesire to make her own daughter, me, her lover. How could I cope with this.The waves of complexity started to crash down upon me and I very quicklybecame swamped by them. I realised that I had to sort out my feelings andbring some sense of order to the confusion that threatened to engulf me. SoI did the only thing that I knew would make the sense out of it that Ineeded – I wrote. I wrote and wrote and wrote. I wrote every tiny littlethought and thread and feeling. I think that it was the first time that Iactually got up, when the phone rang. I glanced over at the clock and sawthat it was eight o’clock – it would be mum, with her usual check-in andmake sure that everything was OK call.We chatted for a minute or two and I said, lying again, that I had just donesome homework and lay about the house all day. Before I knew it I wasyawning and I realised that I had had both a physical and mentallychallenging day. I was still fairly sore, from taking my own virginity andwith all of the feelings bouncing around in my head and my attempt (which onreviewing it today seems so much like a young girl of my age then) to ordermy thoughts, I was exhausted. Mum picked it up right away and said that shewould go and reminded me that she would be home at dinner time the next day.Mum said good bye and as I hung up I remember thinking, that the way shesaid it was particularly soft and loving. What I couldn’t reconcile was,was it a motherly good bye, or was it, as I suspected, a lovers good bye.Too tired to think about it any further, I closed down my computer, went tothe toilet, stripped off all of my clothes and climbed into bed.It has rarely happened to me since, but as I lay there and started to goover everything in my head again, I started once again to get excited. Istarted to touch myself, but I was so exhausted that I fell asleep – in themiddle of masturbating! I don’t know if it has ever happened to you, but Idid it that night.I slept soundly, but had some really sexy dreams. Not surprisingly all ofthem involved mum and I. When I woke the next morning, I felt refreshed andsurprisingly clear-headed. I was famished though, after missing dinner andmade a bee-line to the kitchen, still naked, feeling rather sexy and full oflife. After eating, what had to be the biggest breakfast of my life, Iheaded to the shower. Whilst in the shower I realised that my pussy didn’tfeel sore and I reached inside myself with one finger and feeling only avery small amount of discomfort, reasoned that I mustn’t have pushed thingstoo far the previous day.The rest of the day I tidied up the house and prepared a lovely meal formum’s return. In the afternoon I restarted my computer and reviewed all ofthe stuff that I had written the previous day. I added some and changedsome of my thoughts, but in essence it came down to a couple of things.Firstly, I was pretty much convinced (as close as fuck is to swearing) thatI was a lesbian. My experiences with boys had not excited me and it had notleft me any lingering thoughts or longings that my experience with Melaniehad. Since that day, I had only thought about girls and women.Secondly, I wasn’t turned off by the idea of mum and I having sex – but Icouldn’t explain it. It didn’t seem dirty or wrong. Besides mum was a verygood looking woman, who oozed sex. She was still in terrific shape and fromwhat I could remember seeing, age had not started playing its dirty littletricks on her yet. She still had a lovely figure, with firm breasts and anass that was still tight and firm. Whenever I had seen mum walk in a skirtor from the shower with a towel wrapped around her, there was no tell-talewiggle, just the firm cheeks on an ass that you would expect to see on awoman half her age.Thirdly, Mum was, without a shadow of a doubt, my best friend. I could andhad told her everything, especially after my thing with Melanie. Sheobviously wasn’t telling me everything, but under the circumstances that wasquite understandable.As I sat back in my chair and turned my computer off, I pondered everythingand reasoned that I could see myself in a sexual relationship with mum, thatI found her very attractive as a woman, but would need more time to decideon whether my feeling would extend that far.By the time I had come to that point, it was five o’clock and it was time toget ready for mum’s return home and to finish the meal that I was preparing.As I started to change out of my shorts and shirt, I found myself staringat the clothes hanging up in my cupboard wondering, what would mum like tosee me in. I checked myself at that one and realised that I wanted to showmum that I had missed her and that I was pretty. I picked a summerlight-weight dress that was probably getting a little on the small side. Ithad a floral pattern and hugged my quickly developing body, in such a way asto appear a little sexy. I decided not to wear a bra and to wear some of mythong underwear, to ensure that the lines of the dress weren’t interruptedby those of a bra and normal panties. I brushed my hair and made sure thatit was not too good looking – wow, it was like I was dressing for a date.Mum arrived home at the appointed hour and when I opened the door to greather, she was visibly shocked. “Wow,” she said “Have I come to the righthouse, because when I left, I left behind a young lady and now I’m standingbefore a beautiful woman.” Wanting to impress a little and very muchenjoying the compliments – both visual and verbal – I spun around and said,smiling, “So you like this old thing?”Mum put her bags down and said, “Oh honey I more than like it, it lookswonderful on you and it makes you look like a real woman.” She openlyinspected me and as she did, I felt my nipples become a little erect, whichreally showed up in that dress. I know that mum noticed because her eyesstayed on them for a couple of seconds before they moved further down. Shelooked up smiling and opening her arms, said “Come here and give me a bighug. I missed you terribly and I need to make sure that I am really home,because I’m really tired and hungry.” Moving her head back, but not lettinggo, mum asked, “What’s say we head out for some dinner?””Actually”, I said, “I’ve cooked dinner and it’s ready right now.” Mumsmiled at this and said, “How wonderful are you?” I replied “About aswonderful as they come!”We both laughed and mum let me go saying that she would take her bags up toher room and then wash up for dinner. I served it whilst she was gone, andwas putting it on the table the table when mum walked back into the room.The smile she gave me made my heart skip a beat. She looked at the tableand saw that I had done a wonderful job. She came up to me and moving rightup to me, she hooked her arm around my waist and pulled me close to herside. We looked at the dinner together and mum turned to me and said, “Ican’t tell you how much I missed you and how happy and proud you make me.”Mum leaned over to me and kissed me on the lips saying thank you. The kisswasn’t too long but longer than could be said normal and it was a reallysoft one. My heart skipped another couple of beats.We sat down and ate and talked for the next hour and a half. I asked mumall about her trip and the weirdo’s that she’d gone to interview. Welaughed and giggled about lots of things and almost had the type ofconversation that lovers do after the one who works comes home from a tripaway. During the conversation, I found myself hanging on her every word anda couple of times I was so lost in lustful feelings (looking at her breastsand mouth and neck) that it took a gently touch of mum’s hand to bring meback to reality. During our discussion I also caught mum looking at me withsuch intensity, and not just at my eyes, that I had to do the same thing.We were both a little embarrassed when we were caught and quickly avertedour eyes or made stumbling apologies.Was it just me, or was I starting to fall in love with Mum? Not just theideas that she had for us and the emotions that came with discovering andrationalising that, but really falling in love. I starting to think thatthe answer was . . . . yes!We finally got up and did the dishes together and wiped up and then mum saidthat she had a bit of work to finish and needed to unpack. I offered tohelp her unpack whilst she did her work and her no thanks reply was a littlenervous. She was obviously hiding something, but it didn’t worry me – I’deventually find out. So I bid her good night and went off to bed. Imasturbated twice that night and drifted off to another slumber filled withtwo lovers – mum and I.The routine of the next few days was pretty much normal, but theconversations like the one that we had had at dinner, became longer and morein-depth. I felt more and more relaxed and at home with mum than I ever hadto that point in my life. I found that I had started to look at mum, everychance I got, trying to imagine what she would look like naked in thatposition. My fantasies became more vivid and I finally came to therealisation that I was indeed in love with her. I felt much more that lustand much much more for mum than I ever had before.It was all going so smoothly until the Friday that as I walked into mum’soffice from school. As I walked in she looked up and panicked a little.She quickly turned her screen off and made an excuse for both of us to leavethe room. Mum must have been surfing again, or she had received anotheremail message from Bev. Either way I was going to find out. Mum went backshortly after and logged off her computer. Then she made an excuse abouthaving to go and do some shopping for a while.As soon as she left the driveway, I went to mum’s computer and accessing itwith the passwords that I had since committed to memory, downloaded thelatest parts of mum’s word file and emails to a disk. I closed it down andtook the disk up to my room and starting my computer, saved them to my copyof the file (I had saved it to my C drive) and read them.There was mum’s reply and another email from Bev and again the content sentshivers down my spine. Mum had relayed her home coming, painting thepicture that I had tried to portray – me looking beautiful and sexy. Shetold Bev about my nipples becoming erect and how it excited her. She toldher about the hug and feeling my breasts press against hers and also aboutthe kiss as we examined the dinner I had cooked that night. But what reallytook my breath away was what she wrote next.Mum said that we had talked like a couple at dinner and she relayed Escort Bayan herfeelings of love and closeness and of a very real sense of a developingrelationship to Bev. She said that she had wanted to make love to me somuch right then and there, that it took all of her self control not too.She spoke of a real sense of a strengthening of our bond this week, and thatshe felt as though she needed to make the next step. She asked for Bev’sadvice on how to proceed and that advice contained in Bev’s email.Bev cautioned mum about moving too fast. She said that this would be themost delicate point of mum’s seduction of me. Little did either of themknow that I was about seventy percent there anyway. Bev told mum that heradvice was to gradually start to appear more sexy around me. She said thatmum should begin to dress more provocatively, to move from the shower inless and less clothing, to position herself in more sexy poses when she wasaround me and whenever she got the opportunity, do little things like touchme, kiss me more and in a more sexy way and to wear more perfume.Bev said that mum shouldn’t manufacture any of this and that she should justuse her feminine charms. She told mum that she should judge how quickly sheprogressed the flirting, by my reaction. She said that if I responded, thatshe should try adding to what she was doing. She also said that it may takesome time and that progress may be quicker at time and may be slower atothers, not to be discouraged and especially to continue the progress we hadmade this week. Bev said that mum should let her know how it was going andthat when mum and I were ready to go even further, that she would be therefor us.The subtle change in the mum and I – to us – tone of the email really struckme, because it was almost like Bev was considering us a couple now. Andthis really made me think about things.Mum returned home shortly after I had finished updating my diary and thefile with hers and Bev’s emails. We had pizza and sat on the couch. We hadbeen talking for about two hours, when the conversation turned to sex. Mumwanted to know more about my encounter with Melanie, especially the intimatedetails of exactly what we did and how I felt. I was completely honest withher and told her how I had been leading up to that point, how she had caughtme, we had gone to the showers and how Melanie had come into my showerstall. I told her how excited I was and went into intricate detail aboutwhat little we did.Mum asked me if I had had any other encounters since and if I still felt thesame way about other women. I told her that I had thought long and hardabout that and that I was almost convinced that I was a lesbian. However Itold her that I hadn’t found anyone my age that really excited me and that Iwas just as happy to not rush anything. It was at this point that I turnedthe conversation back onto mum – not that I could say much of anything else.I asked mum, if she had ever had any experiences like that when she was atschool. She said that she had only had one and I acted so shocked and askedher all about it for the next hour or so. She told me that she had had onefull-on lesbian experience when she was at school, but just that she was alittle older than me when she had hers – she was sixteen. I wanted all ofthe details and she spoke honestly about it – to a point. When I asked mumif she had gone down on this girl and if the other girl had gone down onher, mum just said yes and that it was very pleasurable. But she wouldn’ttell me any more.I also asked her about whether she had had any experiences since, to whichmum replied no. I asked her what relationships she had had since Dad hadleft and she said none, and if there was anyone special in her life now.Mum said that she had been thinking about asking someone out lately, butagain wouldn’t give any details about who it was. I couldn’t blame her andour conversation wound up naturally about twenty minutes later, and withthat mum packed me off to bed. Well didn’t I have a good time in bed thatnight, thinking about mum and this other girl and replacing the girl withme. I was about ninety percent convinced by now and was eager to see howthings progressed.I woke the next morning to the sound of mum in the shower and couldn’t waitto see what mum’s first move would be. I heard the shower being turned offand remaining in my nighty, I went and stood at the door to the bathroom.Putting my ear to the door, I heard mum finishing and gently knocked askingif she was in there. A little pause and I heard mum say that she was almostfinished and would be out in a minute.I leaned on the wall across from the door and when it opened and out camemum. She had her hair tied up in a towel and had on a practically seethrough dressing gown. She stopped in front of me and said good morning,but I couldn’t help myself. My eyes quickly scanned mum up and down and asthey came back up they stopped at the two dark shaded areas and the nipplesized tents that mum had at the from of the gown. I mumbled something andmum turned and walked towards her bedroom.In the five or six steps that it took her to get there, there was a definitesway in her hips – one that I couldn’t help but notice and couldn’t keep myeyes off. As she reached the door, mum looked over her shoulder at me and,noticing that I hadn’t moved a muscle, gave me a big smile as shedisappeared into her room.I was astounded at how far mum had gone straight away. But more than that.I was becoming more convinced that this is what I wanted as well, with eachpassing minute. I had intended to respond and so I walked down to mum’sroom. I didn’t bother knocking and there was no real need either, becausethe door was wide open. As I entered the room I said, “Mum?” “Yes?” Mumsaid. It was at this point that I lost the power of speech. Mum was fullynaked facing at right angles to me. She was bent over pulling on someunderwear and I could see all of her right breast.Mum looked over at me and said, “What’s wrong honey?” I mumbled somethingand left, going to the shower. As I was under the shower, I realised thatit had come to the point that I needed to make a final decision about howfar I was going to let mum take our relationship. I couldn’t get the imageof mum’s breast out of my mind and at that point, I realised that I reallydidn’t need to make a decision, because I’d already made it. I don’t knowwhen I had subconsciously made the decision, but it was all too clear to meknow. I could use the same advice that Bev’s had given to mum and go withthe flow.So, when mum came into the bathroom to blow dry her hair, I turned off theshower and stepped out straight away. Mum was in a pair of casual pantsthat really showed off her bottom and had on a stretch T-shirt thataccentuated her breasts. She had just started the dryer and had a perfectview of my naked body in the mirror. I stood still for a second lookingstraight at mum. I saw her eyes start looking at my body instantly. Thetowel rack was on the other side of mum to me, so I saw this as anadditional opportunity. I walked up behind mum, and reached around her,using her shoulder for balance and gently reached past to take my towel.I moved back to a position where I knew mum could see all of my body andstarted to dry myself. As I was doing this we started to talk. I told mumhow I loved her clothes and how they showed off her figure. She thanked meand said that she could never hope to compete with someone a beautiful asme. I blushed and as we continued to talk (it only lasted about fiveminutes) we became more and more comfortable with each other in yet anotherenvironment.Things progressed reasonably quickly after that. Mum started to dress inshort shorts and cut-off tops around the house and started to wear sexyunderwear under her almost see through night gown. She also posed (verynaturally I might add) provocatively and found every excuse to touch me.For my part, I started to wear the same sort of clothes as well, would posewhen I knew that mum was looking and would cling in an intimate sort of wayany chance I got. In that time mum’s communications with Bev became morefrequent and more and more positive. Bev congratulated mum at every turn,neither of them knowing that I was a silent partner in their conspiracy tohave mom seduce me and become my sexual partner. In fact, it was probablyonly a couple of weeks later and a couple of days before the end of theschool year, that the real turning point came.It was a Saturday morning and we were lounging about the house, when mumsuggested that we go shopping and after that she had a surprise for me forthe school holidays. I hadn’t thought to check mum’s email for the lastcouple of days, and so this came as a surprise. I think I’d been too caughtup in flirting and being flirted with. Mom and I had progressed furtherwith flirting, touching and tempting each other. At the same time, I hadturned to masturbation to get me through the time it was going to take priorto Mom actually making the first move – something that I had resigned myselfto quite early on since finding the document with mum’s emails containedwithin.We went to the local mall and we were just window shopping, when, as wepassed by an lingerie shop, mum suggested that we go in and have a look. Isaid that I wasn’t really interested in waiting until mum decided on a setof lingerie. Mum surprised me and said that it wasn’t for her. She saidthat I was a woman now, a beautiful one at that and that I deserved to lookespecially good in my first set of lingerie. I was very excited – in moreways than one.We entered the store and mum immediately ushered the assistant away, sayingthat she would look after me. Mum said that I should go into one of thebooths and take my clothes off and get ready to try on some of what wasdisplayed. As I stripped off in the booth, I became aware that I was alittle wet with the excitement of the opportunity that both of us would have- me to show off my body in lingerie and mum to see me naked. I intended toburn the memory of this event into mum’s mind.Just then mum, put the first two sets of lingerie over the door. She saidthat I should get into one and then let her know when I was dressed. I wasin them in a flash and told mum I was done. Instead of just opening thedoor and peaking inside, mum opened the door and stepped right in. Istepped back and started to show off the set I had on.Mum said that I looked good. She turned me around to face the mirror. Shechecked the size of the fill lacy bra and then as her eyes went lower tocheck that the panties were a good size, I bent a bit at the hips. Mum’seyes flashed up to look at me, before they went down again. In that time Igave her my best wicked smile. I was looking at mum’s face in the mirrorwhen she lightly smacked my on the bum. She looked up at me and said that Iwas cheeky. I just smiled and said, “Yes I am.”Mum said that they would both be fine, but to wait because she wanted to tryanother type. She left the booth and, not knowing how long I had, I flashedout of the ones that I had on and waited for mum to return. When she cameback, she asked if I was out of the others yet. I could see her feet underthe door and so I opened it all the way up and stood in front of mum. Shedidn’t say anything, she just stepped into the booth and closed the door.Mum handed me the other lingerie that she had brought back to the booth.All the while she couldn’t take her eyes off me and I put the panties downon the bench and slipped on the bra. This one left most of my breastsuncovered and only just covered my nipples – which were very erect by now.Rubbing my hand underneath the bra, I asked mum if she thought that it fitproperly. She reached out and for the first time, my mother touched mybreast. She ran her finger on the inside of one cup of the bra, careful tonot touch my nipples and looking up into my eyes said that she though thatit was a perfect fit.Mum then said that I should try on the panties. I turned around to face themirror again and lifting one leg onto the bench and bending over at the hip,I put one leg into the panties. I bent even further down and put the otherleg in them. It wasn’t until that point that I realised that mum hadselected a really sexy set, because the panties were thongs. I had nevereven tried any of these on. I looked up at mum, who was very squarelylooking at my ass and, turning around and straightening up at the same timeI pulled them all the way up.They felt funny, stuck in the crack of my ass and rubbing, very intimately,along my pussy. I looked up at mum and asked her what the cheeky one lookedlike now. The look on mum’s face was incredible. I was like she was in atrance and a lustful one at that. I turned around and bending over a littleasked what mum thought of them. She looked down at my ass and the up at meand said that she didn’t think that it would be possible for me to look anybetter than in those. At that point an assistant cam along and asked if wewere OK.It shocked us both back to reality and into action. Mum left the booth, Igot out of the lingerie and redressed and mum paid for all of it. We wereout the door giggling all the way, like a couple of school girls. When westopped for a bite to eat and a drink, mum sprung her surprise on me.Mom had taken up an offer to stay in a cabin located up in the mountains -miles from anywhere, and she said that she wanted us to go up for a coupleof weeks of the school holidays. When mom told me about it I was over themoon inside, but couldn’t show too much of what I felt. I said that Ithought that it would be a great idea and that it would give us some time tobe together, alone, and away from everyone else – including school and work.The tension for the next day and a half was almost unbearable. The problemwas that one of mum’s friends arrived that afternoon, unannounced, and itended up that she would house sit for us whist we were away. So it was backto being a conservative mother and daughter – not the hopelessly randylesbian couple that I wanted it to become.The day finally arrived. We drove all day, arriving at the cabin at about5pm. All through the drive we were chatting and laughing and singing tosome tapes that mum had in the car. We both found as many excuses to toucheach other along the way and to look at each other as often as we could. Atabout two o’clock, I fell asleep for about an hour and when I woke up, mumwas staring at me. I asked her what was wrong and she smiled a very lovingsmile and said, “Nothing. I just can’t get over how beautiful you look whenyou’re asleep and especially when you wake up.” I leaned over andwhispering in her ear said, “Thanks, but I think you’re more beautiful,” andgave her a big kiss on the cheek. I cuddled into mum’s arm for a good halfhour and I’m sure that we both felt extremely comfortable.Although not much to look at from outside, the cabin was surprisingly wellequipped on the inside. It was a two story place that really neededpainting on the outside but had power and normal water, two bedrooms, onewith a double bed and one with two single beds. Much to my surprise, italso had a TV and video, with a great selection of movies to select from.The cabin was about 25km from the next nearest house. After setting mythings into my bedroom, I thought, this will be the perfect place for us tofinally become lovers. But something was bothering mum and I could see thatshe had some self doubts about it, now that it was so close. I didn’t sharethose doubts, but knew that I’d have to tread reasonably carefully and Bev’sadvice to mum came back to me.After we had settled into the house, Mom and I went for a walk to look forthe natural spring that mom’s friend had told her about. It was about 300mdown a track from the house, in a small depression in the ground.Surrounded by trees and scrub, the spring was about 15m across and up to sixfeet in depth in a couple of spots. I took off one of my shoes and dippedit in the water. I was surprised to find it warm. Mom said that we shouldcome down tomorrow and go for a swim and I readily agreed.The sun was starting to go down so we made our way back to the cabin andmade dinner. After dinner I said that I was tired from the travel and wentoff to bed. Once in bed I fell straight asleep.I don’t know what it was that woke me up but I got up and as I approached myclosed bedroom door I heard two women moaning. I opened the door as quietlyas I could and crept down the hallway towards the landing above the loungeroom. The TV came into view first as I approached. The TV was one of thesources of the moaning. Mom had a video on and the face of the woman thatwas currently on the screen was about mom’s age. As the cameras panneddown, I saw her breasts, which she had in both hands. She grasped bothnipples between thumbs and forefingers and was gently pulling and twisting.I couldn’t believe it, Mom was watching a porno movie – and I couldn’t takemy eyes off it. As the cameras panned down further I couldn’t believe myeyes, there was another woman going down on her.The movie shifted to another camera angle. This time a face shot of thewoman between the ladies legs, I quickly realised that the second woman wasa lot younger that the first, in fact she looked to be not much older thanme. The younger woman looked up and said “Oh Mom you have the sweetesttasting pussy in the world”. The picture changed to a side view and theolder woman said “And Cindy you are the best pussy eater that a mother couldhope for”. I was amazed, where did mum get a copy of this video. Couldthis mean that Mom isn’t having any more doubts? Na, I said to myself thatthis was just a movie, and that Mom would never think like that. With thatI heard my mom moan. I hadn’t noticed mom until then because the movie hadgrabbed my attention. I got down on my hands and knees and crawled forward.As I looked down and to the right I saw my own mother reclining on thelounge with nothing on. Mom’s 34Ds, that only had a hint of sag were beingmassaged by both her hands. I had joked with mom lots of times that I hopedto look as good as she did at her age. I wasn’t shocked, but got veryexcited to finally see mum masturbating. She had one of her nipples in onehand now and she inserted two fingers of the other hand inside her pussy.At the same time she was rubbing her clit with her thumb. Mom’s pussy wasglistening and most of her well-trimmed bush of hair was laid flat on theouter lips of Mom’s pussy. Mom was moaning now and I had masturbated enoughto realise that she was almost ready to come. She was keeping pace with themovie and the moans from both the movie and my mother got louder until momstarted shuddering, throwing her head back, her body convulsed as sheorgasmed.Mum obviously found this particular scene more stimulating than the other,because she stopped and rewound the movie to the start of the scene betweenthe mother and the daughter and started to play it again. I stopped lookingat mom and as I watched the mother daughter scene develop on the TV. Istarted to get hot as well. I glanced down a mom and she was starting tomasturbate again. The women on the screen were undressing each other andthey started to fondle each other’s breasts. My nipples were hard now andas I reached into my panties, under my nightie, I found that my pussy wasalso started to get wet. I gently pulled my pussy lips apart and started torub the full length of my pussy with one finger. I have always loved doingthis, ever since I started masturbating. I started to play with my clit andreally get into the video scene. I was watching mom and the scene on the TVand masturbating. The sight of my mother masturbating naked on the loungeand the idea of a mother and daughter scene on TV was really getting me hot.What was getting me hotter however was the thought that, if all went well,I would soon be making love to my own mother.As I was playing with my clit I inserted a finger into my pussy and onlyjust stopped myself from moaning. I quickly looked at mom on the lounge andrealised that she hadn’t heard me. Afraid that I would get caught, I creptback to my room. But I couldn’t get the picture of mom masturbating and themother and daughter scene on the TV out of my mind. When I came I had toturn my head into the pillow for fear of being heard.The first thought into my head when I woke up at 6am was that of a desperatesexual wanting for my own mother. I didn’t think about whether it was rightor wrong for society, I only knew that it was right for me – I just knewthat I wanted her. I went down to get some breakfast. Mom was still asleepas I peeped in through the door of her bedroom. As I looked at her thefeeling of sexual wanting just got stronger. I went downstairs and while Iwas eating my breakfast I decided that I would make it easy for mom tocomplete the final transition (as Bev had put it) to a sexual relationship.It didn’t think that it was going to be hard, but mum was obviously havingsome last minute doubts. I knew that I wanted her and I also knew that Ihad two weeks to make it happen – plenty of time. I also knew that mum hadgone to extraordinary lengths in making contact with Bev and the group andthat she had also gone almost all the way down the path and she was almostthere – she just needed me to drive the situation home.I was happy that mom’s genes had passed on to me especially my small tightbutt. My straight brunette shoulder length hair accentuated my blue eyes.I had much less pussy hair and it was less bushy than mom’s was, but stillthe same color. I would have to see if I could make this work.I took off my nightie and plain panties and put one of the lacy bra andpanties set mum and I had selected at the lingerie shop and went back downto finish my breakfast. Mom got up at about 7 and as she came down to thekitchen I was putting the finishing touches to her breakfast. Mom was in ashort nightie that ended mid way up her thighs. As we said hello to oneanother I noticed her looking at me. I served her breakfast and gave her agood morning hug. I hung on for a little bit longer that usual giving her abig squeeze. As I walked back to the bench in the kitchen I looked back atmom and saw that she was looking me up and down. When she saw me lookingback, she quickly turned her head and started eating her breakfast. She wasstill being a bit shy.I poured a cup of coffee for mom and a cup of tea for me. I went and satback down at the table with her and watched as she ate. I looked at mom andsaid “Seeing as how we are so far away from anyone else, do you think itwould be alright if I walked around in my bra and nickers outside and justnickers inside while we are here?” Mom looked me up and down and said “Idon’t think that will be a problem dear. If you don’t mind I might do thesame thing?””That would be great” I said excitedly.With that mom smiled and took off her nightie. That exposed her 34D sizebreasts. I took off my lacy bra and taking both breasts in my hands Irubbed underneath saying “I hate wearing bra’s sometimes, they rubunderneath – especially new ones”. Mom just stared at my hands rubbing mybreasts and as she realised she had been staring, looked quickly down at hercoffee saying “Yes..Er Yeh, I know what you mean Trish”. Mom tried not tolook at me and I at her but I couldn’t stop thinking about how beautiful herbreasts were and how much I wanted to touch them.After breakfast we did some cleaning around the house and organised theplace the way we wanted it. At about 10am, after another cup of tea andcoffee, mom suggested that we go for a swim down at the spring. I said”that sounds like a great idea”. I went to get the towels and as we startedto walk out the door I said “what about our bra’s?”. Mom playfully said “Idon’t think that we are going to be seen, so why don’t we forget about thebra’s”. I said that it was a good idea and with that we started of towardsthe spring.As we started down the path I walked up along side mom and, putting my armaround her lower back, said “You know what mom? I love you. I really loveyou”. My left breast was rubbing against mom’s arm as I said it and mynipple became erect straight away. I couldn’t believe it when mom put herarm around my shoulder. Our breasts were touching each other’s and we bothlooked down at the same time and then at each other. Mom said “I love youtoo sweetie”. As she said it she drew me closer, causing our breasts totouch more, and kissed me on the cheek. The kiss wasn’t that of a lover,but it was getting much closer. We walked the rest of the way in silencewith our breasts and hips touching. I was starting to think that this maynot be as hard as I thought. But I would still need to be careful.When we got to the spring we dropped our towels and I said to mum, “Wouldyou mind if I had a skinny dip?” Mum said, “No, not at all. Do you mind ifI join in as well?” I said that I didn’t and with a little sly grin, Ipurposely turned away from mom to take off my lacy panties. I moved my feeta foot or so apart and as I bent over sliding the panties off my hips anddown my legs I kept my legs straight. This meant that my pussy as ass wereon display to my mother. I pretended to rub my calf to delay standing up alittle longer. As I shifted my eyes to look at mom, I saw that she wasstaring straight at my pussy. I half bent upright and rubbed the inside ofmy thigh, allowing mom a longer look. I turned around and our eyes met forjust a second then she quickly looked away.We both dived into the spring and started to swim around enjoying the warmwater. I playfully splashed mom and she splashed me back. It quicklyturned into a wrestling match whilst treading water. Mom forced me underand I escaped through her legs. As I swam through I got a good look at herpussy, with her pussy hair floating around in the water. I was the firsttime that I had been so close to her and I could feel my nipples hardenagain. As I came up on the other side of her we both laughed and joked thatshe was still a lot stronger that I was.A couple of minutes later after we had settled down I playfully said to mom”open your legs mom I want to swim through them again”. Mom moved to a spotwhere she could stand on the bottom and I swam through her legs. I wentunder the water and turned over so that I was facing up and swimmingbackwards. As I swam through her legs I slowed down and got a good look ather pussy. I put my hands on the back of her thighs just above the knee andgently pushed myself through. When I surfaced mom said that she wanted toswim through my legs as well. So I stood on the Bayan Escort bottom and spread my legswide. Mom swam under and turned over as I had. As I looked down at herthrough the water, she paused looking up at my pussy and doing as I had doneput her hands on the back of my thighs to push herself through.When she came up I said that I wanted to do it again. I swam towards herupside down and, as I looked up, mom had put her face in the water and waslooking into my eyes. I shifted my gaze to mom’s thighs and pussy and,reaching out I put my hands on the back of her thighs again. Only this timeI put them higher up towards her pussy squeezing her legs before pushingthrough. It was mom’s turn again and putting my face in the water I lookedinto her eyes. She smiled and then looking directly at my pussy she put herhands out to put them through my legs. Mom brushed the inside of my thighsand then put her hands even higher up the back of my thighs, just below thestart of my butt. I almost lost it at the knees and when she came up momhad a smile on her face. A smile of pleasure not a friendly or motherlysmile. I said that I wanted to have one more go and as I approached thistime mom was again looking at me. We both smiled and as I brought my handsforward mom lowered herself a little in the water. This caused my hands tojust brush up against mom’s pussy hair and I put my hands half on and halfoff her ass cheeks and pushed myself through.Mom wanted one more go and as I stood there I watched and also lowered myself down, but this time before mom had even gotten close. Mom saw this andsmiling up at me she put her arms out. Only this time she didn’t touch mythighs, because this time she moved into a position where one of her breastscame up between my thighs and rubbed against my pussy. I was immediatelywet, not that you could notice, and my nipples went completely hard. Momstopped and she moved her hands to my butt. She took my two butt checks inher hands and put her thumbs on the inside of my thighs.All of a sudden she stopped, let me go and swam away from me. When she cameup mom didn’t look at me and got out of the water straight away. She wentup to where her towel was and put her panties on. Fearing that mom wasretreating from what we both obviously felt, I also got out of the water andasked if she wanted to lie down and sun bath for a while. Mom had settleddown a bit and agreed. I put my panties on and we both lay down on ourtowels about a foot apart. We started talking and I purposely didn’t talkabout what had happened.A little while later we went back up to the house. Mom said that she wastired and was going to go up for a short nap. I said that I would stay upand probably put a movie on. After selecting a popular movie that I hadseen before I put it on and turned it up pretty loud. I crept up the stepsand up to the door of my mother’s room. It was closed and as I put my earto the door I could hear mom moaning and as I listened she called out myname “Oh Trish yes..”.I knew now that she wanted me and I knew that I wanted her. As I listened Istarted to massage my breasts with both hands. I took the nipples betweenmy fingers and squeezed and started to rub my pussy through my panties. Iwent down the hall to my room so I could masturbate in silence. I hadanother earth shattering climax as I thought about all that had happened sofar today. I knew that I was close to enticing mom and I desperately wantedit to happen quickly. But at the same time I couldn’t afford to chargethrough that last gate – in fear of frightening her away again.I got up from the bed and put on the pair of thong panties mum had bought meat the lingerie store. Lately I had begun to really enjoy wearing these ofthe sexy feeling that I got with the material right up the crack of my arseand the way that they slightly dug themselves into my pussy. They feltreally great and looking at myself in the mirror the panties I was reallyhappy that I looked as sexy as I could and that the thong panties reallyaccentuated my ass cheeks. This was going to be my next big move and wouldhopefully break down mum’s last doubts.I went back downstairs and got out a box of cake mix. I started to make thecake but stopped at the point where I was going to have to mix ingredientsin by hand. About 6pm, just as the sun was starting to get low in the sky Iheard the toilet flush and realising that mom would be down soon, I rushedinto the kitchen made a cup of tea and coffee and started mixing theremaining ingredients by hand. Mom came down a couple of minutes later andwalking up beside me to see what I was doing. When she asked me why I wasbaking the cake I said “Because, I love you and I want to make you as happyas you can possibly be” Mom said “Thank you Trish. Come here and give me ahug”.I turned towards mom with my hands up because of the cake mixture on myhands and we both realised at the same time that, only having nickers on,our breasts would touch if we hugged. We both hesitated. I looked at momand she at me, and we both shrugged and moved towards each other. With armsout stretched I hugged mom. Our breasts touched and as I put my head onmom’s shoulder I felt my nipples go hard and I felt mom’s harden againstmine from the breast to breast contact. Mom put here arms around me andheld me tight. We stood there for about 20 seconds and then mom pulled awayand she said “That was a very sweet thing to say. I want you to know that Iwill always love you Trish”. “I love you too mom”. Mom bent forward andgave me a light kiss on the lips. It lasted about as long as a normal kiss,but there was a softness to it that told me that Mom wasn’t far from actingon the desire she had voiced earlier that afternoon in her bedroom.I told mom to sit down and drink her coffee and went back to mixing theingredients by hand in the big cake bowl. I could see where mom sat at thetable in the reflection in the kitchen window. She sat in the chair thatwas not more than 3 feet away facing directly at me. Neither of us saidanything for about 5 minutes as I mixed. I glanced over my shoulder andcaught mom looking at my ass. I said “How are you doing” and mom said “OhI’m just fine. Just enjoying the coffee and the rest”. It was time to makemy move.I picked up a spoon making a move to start filling the baking dish and”accidentally” dropped it. I moved away from the bench a little closer tomom and then squatted down and picked up the spoon. My thong panties duginto me all the more. They rode straight up the crack of my ass and betweenthe lips of my pussy. I stood up and acting uncomfortable, wriggling andsquirming, I acted as if I was trying to get the panties out of the crack inmy ass. Shrugging my shoulders I went back to filling the baking dish. Ifinished that and I put the dish in the oven. As I did that, I bent at thehips, keeping my legs straight and facing my ass straight at mom.Mom’s eyes had been fixed on my ass the whole time and I now stood and facedher. I walked right up to her and turned around. Mom was now looking at myass, which was not more than one foot away and looked as though I had thongunderwear on. She couldn’t take her eyes off my ass and I can rememberthinking “just about there”. I looked over my shoulder and bending slightlyat the hips, to give mom a better view as I had done at the spring, said”Mom do you think that these thong panties, are too small”. Mom didn’t sayanything – she just stared at my little butt. I wiggled my ass pretendingto be uncomfortable. “Mom” I said louder now “do you think that they’re toosmall? Could you check them out please.” I bent over just a little bit moreand this time I got mom’s attention.”Er..Uh…No trish…Um…Yes and No” was mom’s reply as, with eyes thatwere as big as golf balls, she reached out and started to lift the thongfrom between my ass cheeks. As she hooked two fingers inside my pantiesnear the top and started to move them down to get them out of my crack, Islowly clenched my ass cheeks. Mom was mesmerized. She now had to dig herfingers in a little deeper and harder to get through the resistance myclenched ass cheeks were causing. Just as she was nearing my rear hole Isuddenly released clenching them. This caused mom’s two fingers to touch myhole and come very close to my pussy before she could lessen the pressure.This caused an involuntary moan from me as my juices started to flow and mynipples harden even more.Mom jumped when she realised that she had touched my rear passage. Mom said”Oh dear, Oh my, I haven’t hurt you have I Trish. I’m really sorry.” Asmom pulled the panties back and released them, ensuring that they didn’t digin too much. I answered saying “Oh No mom. That didn’t hurt at all. Infact that was quite nice. It was a bit like when I play with myself and italso reminded me of Melanie.” Mom was now tinkering with the material of mypanties, making small adjustments here and there, and brushing each cheek ofmy ass repeatedly with the palm of her hand. “Mmmm, that feels good to mom”I said, leaning back a little and putting a little bit of pressure againstmom’s hands.Mom stopped what she was doing and before she had a chance to do anything Istool upright and turned around to face her. With my pussy not more than afoot from her face now, and with the panties purposely between the lips ofmy pussy at the front, I said “could you do the front now mom, it’s reallyquite rough against me, inside there. I’m sorry I have to ask you this butI can’t do it with my hands covered in cake mix. Mom was a little moreconfidant this time, and I knew it was only a matter of time before I wouldbe making love to my mother.Mom again put a finger inside either side of my panties and gently pulledthem towards my pussy. This time though, mom moved her fingers furtherinside my panties as she slowly approached my pussy. Mom’s fingers movedthrough my pubic hair and I couldn’t help but close my eyes and let out alow slow moan. Mom’s fingers moved to the uppermost part of the folds of mypussy and as she moved her fingers lower she gently rubbed against the outerlips of my pussy. Mom withdrew her fingers from my panties.I opened my eyes and looked down at her and she looked at me and smiled. Itwas the same sensual smile as the one she gave me at the spring. Mom toldme to go and wash my hands and take the cake out of the oven. I did whatshe told me to, feeling sure that it was going to happen. When I got to theoven the cake was just about done. I couldn’t believe that 20 minutes hadgone already. After pulling the cake out of the oven, mom said, “Now comeover here so I can have a look at those panties of yours”. I walked overand mom turned me around feeling the cheeks of my scantly covered ass. Thenshe turned me around and, shaking her head, ran her hand between my thighsand up to the bottom of my pussy. Rubbing it she said, “No, perhaps thesepanties are too small. Why don’t you turn around and take them off. Idon’t think that either of us need to wear panties from now on”I turned around and without moving any further away from mom I moved my feetapart and started to pull my panties down slowly as I had done at the springearlier that day. I bent at the hips keeping my legs straight. Turning tolook at mom, she was openly looking at my ass and pussy now and when shelooked me in the eyes I saw love and lust. Mom did not look away shyly butinstead returned her gaze to view what was just in front of her. I had thepanties down to my knees as mom reached out and gently stroked my ass withboth hands. She said, “You have beautiful skin Trish and we have the sameshape rear end”. I stopped pulling my panties down and whilst still lookingat mom straightened up and turned slowly around.This gave mom a close-up view of my pussy and mom openly stared at it.Looking further up my body mom stopped at my breasts and said “And you havea wonderful pair of breasts, with lovely nipples.” Mom looked into my eyes,and I could start to smell my own scent, as I felt my pussy became soppingwet. I looked down at mom and said “Mom, can you help me take these pantiesoff please, I am having a little trouble.” Mom said that she would. Momplaced her hands on my hips and running them around to my ass began toslowly move them down to where my panties were. When she got to my pantiesshe slowly moved them down to my ankles and then, moving her hand to behindeach of my knees removed one foot at a time. I was so wet and now I startedto smell mom’s scent as well.Mom stood up and standing within a couple of inches from me said, “Well Iguess that I will not be needing these any longer.” Next she bent down, herhair brushing my right nipple causing it to become painfully erect, andremoved her panties. She stood upright and reaching out with one hand tookmy cheek in it. I thought that she was going to kiss me then but insteadshe said “why don’t you get us each a glass of wine and bring it over nextto the heater. I’ll turn the heater on and get something for us to lie downon.” Aaarrgh, I thought I was going to explode. The suspense was killingme.I quickly poured the wine and when I brought it out to the open areadownstairs, Mom was lying on her double dooner. I lay down next to her,offering her a glass of wine, which she took. We both had a sip. Momlooked me straight in the eye and asked me how long I had felt like thisabout her. In reply I said, “I have been thinking and fantasizing aboutwomen for the last few months. I have always thought of you as being a verybeautiful woman but didn’t think about you sexually until I sneaked outwhile you had that video on last night.” I couldn’t tell her the truth justyet, so I had fabricated that on the spot. Mom didn’t say anything, andwaited until I went on. “When I saw the video scene where the mother anddaughter were making love it got me really excited and when I saw youmasturbating on the lounge, I almost came on the spot. I had to sneak backinto my room and play with myself. I also crept up to your room today afterwe came back from the spring and heard you calling out my name. I had tomasturbate after that too and all I could think of was what it would be liketo kiss you, and to make love to you. Ever since then I haven’t been ableto get that picture out of my mind.”Mom looked at me and with a voice the was filled with lust and longing andsaid, “And do you still feel the same way now? Do you want to make love tome? Because I have been thinking about making love to you for over a yearnow.” I looked mom straight in the eye and with a voice that hid mynervousness said, “Yes mom. Yes I do.” Mom smiled at me and said, “This isgoing to be so good Trish.” With that mom took my wine glass and puttingboth of them aside reached out and stroked my face. I was so nervous that Iwas shaking. Mom moved closer to me and gently laid me down on a pillow ontop of the dooner. Mom moved down to kiss me and just before our lips met Iclosed my eyes.The first kiss was soft and gentle and didn’t last long. Mom’s next kisswas more passionate and our lips met more fully. I moved my arms to aroundmom’s neck and she shifted to come into contact with me almost the fulllength of our bodies. Mom’s skin was so warm and soft against my body and Icould feel her breasts mesh against mine and her pussy brush against my hip.That kiss ended and mom moved her face a few inches away from mine. Iopened my eyes and said, “Kiss me again mom. Make love to me.” Mom movedher head down and we kissed again. This time we both opened our mouths atthe same time and when our tongues met I knew that this was where I wantedto be for the rest of my life. It felt totally natural and as we opened ourmouths wider and our tongues started to move against each other’s, I let outan involuntary moan.Mom moved her right hand from my face and slid it down my neck towards mybreasts. I raised my chest to meet her hand and she slid it between mybreasts and cupped my left breast. Mom started to gently massage my breast,carefully staying away from my hardened nipple. Then, as though she couldread my thoughts, she took my nipple between her thumb and fore finger. Shegently rolled it and I moaned again, moving my body harder against her handand against her body. She detached her lips from mine and started to kissand lick my neck. Shifting her body weight to move on top of me, I openedmy legs and she settled between them. It was as if we were made for eachother. I lifted my thighs either side of mom’s hips and my legs came aroundher back. I moved my hands to mom’s side and started towards her breasts.I desperately wanted to feel them. But mom wasn’t having any of that. Shestopped my arms saying, “No darling, I want to give you pleasure first. Iwant you to come like you never have before.”I relaxed and mom started kissing the top of my chest moving towards my titsand aching nipples. Mom cupped both hands over my breasts and she startedto kiss and lick the soft flesh around them. I was getting really worked upnow and was starting to moan more often saying, “Oh god mom, that feels sogood. Your tongue is so hot. Please keep going.” Mom wasn’t about to stopand she took one of my nipples into her mouth, suckling and gently bitingit. I thought I was going to come right there and I could feel my juicesstart to leak out of my pussy and start to dribble towards my ass. Iwrapped my open legs around mom’s hips tighter, pulling her against me. Icould feel mom’s pussy hairs blend with mine and I raised my hips to meether. Mom was all over my tits now and she was starting to moan.I felt Mom’s weight change and, looking down at mom, saw that she waslooking back at me. A smile came across her face as she started to movedown my body, kissing and licking every square inch as she went. Momstopped at my navel and while she was licking the inside I felt her handsmove down the inside of my legs to my knees. She stopped at the knees andgently pushed them further apart as she started to move further down towardsmy pussy. Mom moved her body back and missing the area of my crouch alltogether started to lick, kiss and gently bite the inside of my legs. Momkept this up moving towards my pussy, switching from one leg to the other.This was driving me nuts. I tried to move my pussy closer to mom’s mouth,but she kept avoiding my moves. Mom started to lick and nibble at thetendon on both sides of my pussy (the one that strains tight when you openyour legs).Mom looked at my pussy and said, “My you are wet aren’t you darling.” Shereached out with one hand and gently skimmed it over my mound. I was reallywound up and moaning and writhing around. I said “Oh please mom, please,lick my pussy. Kiss it. Put you fingers in me. Fuck me with your tongue!”Mom put the thumbs of both hands on the outer lips of my pussy and gentlypulled them apart. She ran one of her fingers up and down the inside of mypussy lips, just the way I like to do it, and moaning she said, “Oh Trish,you are really wet.” I looked up at her as she took her finger away and sheput it in her mouth, moaning and said, “You taste good. Almost good enoughto eat.” “Almost!” I said.Just as I was about to plead for mom to go down on me, mom dived straightdown to my pussy and opening my pussy lips, licked my pussy from my openingto my clit. I let out a loud moan as she did this and a yelp when hertongue passed over my clit. Mom didn’t stop this time, she started to lickaround my opening and around my clit. Then she started to lick my clitdirectly. After about three strokes of mom’s tongue I came. I came like Ihad never before. It hit me so hard and so fast that I thought I was goingto black out. My body convulsed and I forced my pussy further into mom’sface.Mom just kept licking my clit. I took my breasts in my hands and pinchingthe nipples could feel another orgasm approaching. Mom seemed to know justwhat to do because next she inserted a finger into my pussy. She started tomove it in and out and then inserted a second finger. I felt the nextorgasm starting and telling her so, she sucked my clit into her mouth andstarted pumping the fingers she had in me faster and faster. My secondorgasm started and I screamed, calling out to mom “Oh, Oh, Mom that’s it.I’m coming. I’m coming.” My body convulsed over and over as my orgasmcrashed down upon me. Mom took her mouth from my clit and the fingers frommy pussy and started to drink my juices. She made loud slurping noises andas the orgasm started to subside, stuck her tongue inside me to lick theremaining juices from inside my pussy. Mom pushed her face hard against mypussy and reaching in as far as she could go with her tongue started to moveit around and in and out of me.This triggered yet another orgasm, stronger than the other two. I washopelessly lost in orgasmic bliss. I put my hands down and pushed mom’shead harder towards my pussy. She kept her tongue inside me and I keptcoming.It was the most fulfilling moment I had ever had and I wanted it to lastforever.Mom stayed where she was until my third orgasm has subsided and I had let goof her head. I looked down as she raised her head to see her face coveredwith my juices. I put my hands on mom’s shoulders and pulled her back up mybody. I wanted to kiss her. I wanted to taste the juices my pussy had lefton her face. We kissed passionately open mouthed, tongues entwined. Ilicked the juices off mom’s face and we kissed again, all the time with mylegs around mom, never wanting to let go. I took mom’s face in my hands andlooking deep into her eyes said, “Oh mom, that was the most wonderful thinganyone has ever done to me. I love you.” And I kissed her again. Westayed right there for about five minutes, arms around each other, with momalso embraced by my legs.Mom broke the embrace and reaching for our wine glasses, handed me mine. Itook a sip and then put my glass back where it was. I reached out and tookmom’s glass and putting it aside also said, “Now I want to pleasure you mom.I want to give you what you gave me.” I lay mom back and moving straighton top of her moved between her legs.This time mom raised her knees up under my arms as we started to kiss. Ifelt our pussy’s come into contact and spread my legs a little either sideof mom’s hips to get better contact. I felt mom’s pussy lips with mine,felt them open as mine did and felt her clit as it rubbed against mine. Weboth let out a low moan into each other’s mouths. I forced my tongue as farinto mom’s mouth as I could and she greedily sucked on it. I moaned intomom’s mouth and detaching myself from her mouth I started to kiss her neckand suck on her ears. I moved straight to mom’s chest, wanting to get myhands on those beautiful tits and large hard nipples I could feel againstmine. Mom’s tits were bigger than mine and sagged a little towards eitherside of her chest, but they were still exquisite – as far as I wasconcerned. I raised my head to look at them.Taking both breasts in my hands, the first breasts of another woman I hadever touched with my hands. I was amazed that they felt so soft andmassaging them, I took the nipples in each hand and started to play withthem. Mom moaned and said, “Oh that’s it Trish. Squeeze them harderdarling. Lick them and bite them a little.” I did just that. I took oneof mom’s nipples in my mouth and started to suck and lick the nipple. ThenI took the other on in my mouth and did the same. Moving back to the firstnipple I gently sucked on it then gently bit it. This extracted a moan frommom and as I bit a little harder and moved my jaw sideways back and forth,rolling mom’s nipple between my teeth, mom moaned again. I repeated thiswith the second nipple and got the same response. Then I felt mom’s handson my shoulders, gently moving me down.I had been waiting for this moment and I was going to enjoy it. I kissedand licked every part of mom’s body as I moved lower towards her pussy.When I arrived at her trimmed mound a feeling of utter desperation overcameme. I felt that if I didn’t taste mom’s juices that very instant I wouldcollapse and die. I moved straight to her pussy and starting at the bottom,closest to her puckered rear hole, licked upwards, parting her pussy lipsand tasting her for the first time. Mom tasted lovely. I moved my hands topart her pussy lips and lifted my head to look at Mom’s pussy. Her outerlips were all red and puffy and Mom’s clit was fully exposed. Her clit waslarger than mine was and I reached out with the tip of my tongue to touchit. As the tip of my tongue started to circle Mom’s clit she moaned.Mom lifted her knees, keeping her legs spread. This gave me much betteraccess to all of her pussy. I started licking in earnest then, changing theshape of my tongue to a wide flat surface to lick all of Mom’s pussy and apointy tip to concentrate on her clit. I was totally absorbed in Mom’spussy. I was breathing it in and it was all I could see and taste – I lovedgoing down on Mom.I poked my tongue into Mom’s hole and pushed my face as hard against it as Icould. My nose rubbed Mom’s clit and both of my hands gripped her slim hipspulling my face into her. That’s when I felt Mom’s first orgasm arrive.Mom’s canal spasmodically clamped down on my tongue as I moved it in andout, fucking her with it. She yelled out so loudly, I was lucky that wewere so far away from anyone. I just kept licking and sucking her. Momcame a second and a third time.I let instinct take over and I lifted my face of Mom’s pussy and removed myhands from her thighs. I immediately put one finger inside Mom and quicklyfollowed it with a second and then a third – all the while pumping slowly.Mom was saying, “Ooohhh…that feels sooo good. Now pump it harderTrish….Fuck Mom with your hand.” I moved my left hand to Mom’s clit andrubbed it with my thumb. I started to really pump my fingers into Mom’spussy watching as they disappeared and reappeared. Mom almost yelled, “Oohhyes..yes..yes…Oh fuck…Oh Fuck, I’m going to come!”. I looked up at herface past her very erect nipples and swollen breasts. Mom had a look ofutter satisfaction on her face and then she came.Mom’s pussy clamped down on my fingers squeezing them together, flutteringand clamping. Mom threw her head back and her arms flailed about in theair. After about fifteen to twenty seconds Mom’s body went completelyslack, her face became totally relaxed and she just laid there breathingdeeply for about a minute before her eyes slowly opened. Mom had blackedout.I slowly withdrew my fingers from Mom’s pussy, and she moaned as I did so.”Was that OK Mom?” I said, wanting and I moved up to embrace her againlying on the doona next to her. “Oh Trish, my wonderful little daughter, Ithink that that was the best sex I have ever had,” Mom said with wateryeyes. We embraced and it was then that I had a wonderful revelation – thisis just day 2 of a two week holiday and we also had the rest of our lives.

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