Mr. Joe’s Lipstick Fetish


This tells the story of how I got my red lipstick fetish. A fetish is defined as an obsession or something that is necessary for sexual gratification. I think to most people it’s something that may involve fantasy and is probably something remembered from the past that gave them a great deal of pleasure and still affects them today. That’s the case with me. I’m not obsessed, but to this day when I see a hot woman wearing bright red lipstick I just want to shove my raging hard-on in her mouth and have her suck me off. Let me tell you how I got this way.

It all started when I was 18 years old. I lived in a small community where if you didn’t know someone, you knew someone who did. We had a neighbor Mrs. Harmon who lived around the corner. She was a young stunning woman who lost her husband in a car accident two years earlier. He left her a widow without children. Before the accident she was a happy outgoing person and she used to baby sit me when I was 10 or 11. After the accident she was withdrawn and the rumor was she was hitting the sauce pretty hard. Most rumors were true in a small town like mine. As I got older she had me cut her grass and do odd jobs for her. She was always around as I grew up and I thought of her as my second mom and her house as my second home. She let me smoke cigarettes and have a beer now and then without telling my parents. I seemed to be the only person she allowed to get close to her. Sometimes odd relationships form under difficult circumstances.

One day I was doing yard work for her as usual and she liked to help by doing the raking and weeding. We took breaks when we got hot. She was drinking lemonade and from the way she was acting I was sure she was getting smashed. We went in the house to cool off and she poured herself another tall uşak escort glass of lemonade from a pitcher before she went to the bathroom. One beer was enough for me at that age and I poured myself some lemonade too. I was gulping it down when she returned.

Joey, my God!


You shouldn’t drink that!

Why not? It’s good.

It has Vodka in it!

Too late now I guess.

Right, your mother will kill me!

I guess this is something else we won’t be telling her.

It sure is. Crap, Crap, Crap!

Its okay Cathy, I feel fine. I just need to take a leak. Be right back.

I was holding my dick and pissing away when the bathroom door opened and she stuck her head in.

Joey, are you alright?

I’m a little light headed but I’m okay.

She watched me holding my dick as I pissed for what seemed like forever. I didn’t seem to care that I was getting excited by her looking at my growing cock.

I’m glad you’re okay and you know this isn’t the first time I’ve seen you so I hope you’re not embarrassed.

Cathy I’m not embarrassed, but you know I was 10 then and I’m not now.

You’re quite a young man Joey. Do you have a girlfriend?

Cut it out, you’re drunk.

Well I think you’re a little drunk too.

She was right. I put my thick half hard cock back in my pants and walked her to the kitchen and sat her down in a chair at the table. I could see her glass was empty so she was still drinking when I was in the bathroom. I never saw anyone this drunk before. I stood in front of her holding on to her shoulders so she wouldn’t fall out of the chair. She put her arms around my waist and her head was in my crotch.

Cathy are you okay?

Joey I’m sorry I got you drunk and I’m really van escort sorry I was staring at you in the bathroom. I’m fucking everything up. I’m so fucked up. Shit.

I tried to comfort her stroking her long brown hair and telling her everything was alright. I felt her hot breath through my tight jeans on my erection and I had a full hard-on in an instant. She knew it too and her hand began rubbing and squeezing my thick 8″ prick through my jeans. I didn’t know what to do or if I should do anything at all. I just kept telling her it would be okay.

It’ll be okay Cathy, you’ll see.

Is it okay? Really, is it?

Sure it is.

I can’t say exactly how it happened, maybe she took what I was saying as encouragement but before I knew it she opened the top of my jeans, unzipped them, pushed them down and pulled out my swollen cock.

Joey, what a big strong hard cock you have.

She started kissing it from my engorged mushroom head down the shaft to the base stroking it slowly the whole time. Jacking me faster she licked my swinging full sack. She always wore bright red lipstick and she left traces of it on my shaft as she kissed it. I couldn’t believe what was happening but I sure didn’t want it to stop.

Does that feel good Joey?

Oh god yes!

She parted her red lips and slid her warm mouth over my throbbing swollen knob and was moving her head up and down on it. When she took it out to run her tongue around the head I could see a ring of her bright red lipstick around my cock where it had been in her mouth. I didn’t know anything could be like this. She went down on it again and my cock disappeared deep inside her mouth. I started fucking her mouth and bright red lips as she clamped down on my organ. She opened her blouse yalova escort and was pulling and twisting her hard nipples as I fucked her mouth and she sucked my cock. I watched her as she seemed to be lost in what we were doing. I held her head in both my hands and fucked her as I pleased pulling out of her enough so she would have to concentrate on my giant cockhead, then plunging it past her full bright red lips over and over again.

When you’re ready cum on my breasts baby, she said as she looked up at me. I put my hard meat back in her mouth and she sucked me as I played with her creamy white tits. I was going to cum and when I yelled Oh Fuck she knew it too. I lost what little control I thought I had and shot my first stream of creamy hot sperm on her bright red lips as she pulled her head off my spewing meat. She continued jacking me as my cock sprayed gushes of my thick burning sex juice all over her titties. Massaging my hot cum on her breasts and nipples she kissed my twitching prick and licked her red lips as she tasted my cum on them.

The next day she left a message at my house to come over. She said I forgot to do some of the yard work. I knocked on her door and she asked me to sit down with her in the den on the couch. She went on about how sorry she was about what happened the day before and it shouldn’t have happened but it had been so long since she felt like a woman. The more she talked the less I heard and all I could do was stare at her bright red lips and I wanted my hard prick in her mouth again. She was going on and on and I didn’t hear anything she said but I was hard and mesmerized by her bright red lips and mouth until I heard her say, “Do you understand?”

I stood up, unzipped my jeans and pulled out my hard sex and shoved it in her mouth. Suck me off again I demanded. She wanted it as much as I did. She was giving me another incredible red lipstick blow-job when I said, “You know this is something else we won’t be telling my mother about!” She never called me Joey again.

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