Muslim Men Love Shemales Too


My name is Ibrahim Al-Mahdi. I am a six-foot-tall, lean and athletic guy with light bronze skin, curly Black hair and dark eyes. I was born in the City of Khitan in Kuwait, one of the wealthiest Arab countries out there. My family has been living in the region of Ontario, Canada, since the 1980s. I consider the City of Ottawa my home. Even though I was raised Muslim, I lead a mostly secular lifestyle. I even own a German shepherd dog, I call him Little Marquis. It’s something many Muslims frown upon. They foolishly think dogs are unclean. I think dogs are among God’s best creations. My parents think that being raised in North America has corrupted me. I certainly don’t think so. A lot of Muslims give my religion a bad name with the stupid shit they do. We’re not all crazy people who hate other religions and want to bring down western society. I like living in the Confederation of Canada and wouldn’t go back to godforsaken Kuwait if you paid me.

Does that seem hard to believe? I am a proud Canadian. I respect women’s rights. I support same-sex marriage. I still believe in Allah but don’t attend a mosque because the imam quite often preaches intolerance for those who are different and I don’t buy into that shit. That’s just not who I am. Imams often preach hatred for other religions, especially Christians and Jews. Most of my friends from school are Christians and I respect and cherish them. I would never wish them harm just because a loudmouth old Arab dude in a mosque hates them for being who they are. I don’t believe in hate. And although I struggle with being who I am in the conservative Muslim community in which I grew up, I still believe in God. I believe that God made all of us. The Christians and the Jews, the Muslims and the Atheists, the Pagans and the Agnostics. The gays, the straight people and the bisexuals. God made all of us and God doesn’t make mistakes. This world is ours to share as human beings.

Yeah, I talk a good game but I can’t always back it up. Why? I am only human and I have my frailties just like everyone else. Recently, I made a grave mistake. I bowed into parental pressure and agreed to an arranged marriage. I really don’t want to get married. Why? Simply because I am a gay Arab man. I am a member of the Ottawa GLBT social organization known as The Back Alley. We have thousands of gays and lesbians among us and organize parties, corporate events and of course rallies and marches. It’s a civic organization for anyone who isn’t heterosexual. Straight people are welcome as our allies and supporters, but ninety eight percent of our membership is queer.

The Back Alley taught me to take pride in who I am. They taught me to be unafraid and unashamed. I am a gay Arab man. I have known who and what I was ever since I met this handsome young Black man named Stephen Saint-Germain at Carleton University in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. Stephen Saint-Germain hailed from the town of Cap-Haitien in the island of Haiti. He moved to Canada to study civil engineering at Carleton University on an international scholarship. You should have seen him, seriously. He was over six feet tall, broad-shouldered and muscular, with dark brown skin and curly hair. He looked like the Hollywood Pendik Anal Escort actor Idris Elba, only hotter and younger. We met over some strange circumstances. Stephen was dating this tall, beautiful Lebanese woman named Samirah, a sociology major at Carleton University. They made quite the cute couple. Like most Black guys, Stephen likes a cute woman with a big ass and Samirah definitely had that going on. It so happens that Samirah was a friend of mine.

Now, here’s what a lot of westerners don’t know about us Arabs. You will see lots of Arab men dating blonde-haired White chicks from the Christian and Jewish faiths, and assume they’re okay with them. A lot of Arab guys who date or even marry western women still don’t respect women’s rights, and they hate western society’s values of liberalism, feminism and religious freedom. It’s a hard truth but hey, I hate to lie to you. A lot of the Arab guys at Carleton University date Black women and White women. They find Arab women boring. Now, those same Arab guys absolutely HATE to see an Arab woman with a man who isn’t Arab.

Now, Stephen came from the Caribbean and didn’t know much about Arab culture. When those Arab guys approached them, he should have known something was up but he didn’t. His girlfriend Samirah was a Maronite Christian from Lebanon and while Lebanese Christians are more liberal than most Arabs, racism still prevails in all Arab societies. Samirah and Stephen got attacked by three angry Arab guys one night on campus. They would have gotten themselves killed if it weren’t for my timely intervention. When you’re an openly gay Arab guy living in the deeply intolerant world of the Muslim community, you have to know how to fight. I waded into the attackers, and fought them off. Oh, yeah. The queer guy saved the straight couple from the bigots that day. How’s that for an ironic turn of events?

Yeah, I saved the day. Samirah called the cops and the Ottawa Police Department came. Two White guys in police uniforms. You know they’re not going to fuss over three Arab men attacking a burly Black male for dating an Arab lady. Ottawa cops are racist, man. Anyhow, after that incident, Stephen and I became fast friends. We bonded. That’s how I discovered he was bisexual. He was the first guy I had sex with. The handsome Black stud nearly wrecked my ass during our first sexual experiment, one night while Samirah was working overnight. We fucked and sucked like there was no tomorrow. Stephen had one of those huge, thick and uncircumcised Black dicks and he knew how to use it. He pounded me really hard, and I loved every minute of it. We began hooking up regularly. I felt bad about what Stephen and I were doing behind Samirah’s back but hey, he owed me, right? Besides, the sex was too good to pass up.

The following semester, Stephen and Samirah got engaged and moved in together. Stephen and I stopped fooling around. I missed him. And my lifelong fascination with Black guys had just begun. I dated several gay and bisexual Black men from places like Nigeria, Somalia and Ethiopia. They had big dicks and liked to fuck Arab men. I had a nice ass and they liked me. It was a win-win situation. Don’t worry, we always used condoms. Pendik Yaşlı Escort And lots of lube. Why did I have to fuck it up by agreeing to an arranged marriage? My parents, Mohammed and Aamina Al-Mahdi went to Kuwait and arranged for me to marry this young lady named Mona Wahid.

I didn’t know Jack about her, other than the fact that she was mixed. Yeah, us Arabs are obsessed with race. Even more so than westerners. We just hide it better. Hmm. I was told a few things about my future bride. Her father Dawit was Kuwaiti and her mother Aisha was a Muslim lady from northern Nigeria. Hmmm. Norther Nigeria, the place where those radical Muslims from the Boko Haram group are attacking Christian churches every Sunday. I can’t stand Muslims who do things like that. They give my religion a bad name. Christianity is a beautiful religion. I sincerely wish Christians everywhere will start banding together to defend themselves from radicals. Moderate Muslims like myself support Christians who are besieged by radicals, even if the majority of those who practice Islam don’t agree with us.

Anyhow, the day of the wedding came and Mona and I got married in a big mosque. My first time in a mosque since September 11, 2001. That’s the day when I basically walked away from being a practicing Muslim and my faith became more personal. I still loved Allah, but I hated organized religion in general. Organized religion is susceptible to being hijacked by radicals, especially in Islam. I was surrounded by family and friends. I was now married to a tall, beautiful young woman with light brown skin, almond-shaped amber eyes and a truly lovely, curvy figure. The kind any man would love to have. As long as he’s not a homosexual like me. I kissed my bride and the entire mosque cheered. Men and women alike. I think my usually stalwart dad shed a tear. I cried too. My freedom was gone. My life as a gay man was gone. Like many gay and bisexual Muslim men, I was trapped in an arranged marriage with a woman who did not know my true self. I was trapped. Forever.

The wedding night came, and Mona and I retired to a plush suite in a hotel in Toronto. All paid for by my family. I told myself I could do it. I would just will my dick to get hard, and stick it into Mona’s pussy. I would claim her as my bride like any groom should. And that would be that. Gay men could and did have sex with women on occasion, for a variety of reasons. One gay male Hispanic porn star I knew back in the day told me he had sex with a woman during a bisexual porn film shoot. When I asked him how he did it, he told me he thought about a sexy Black man to get his dick hard. As Mona and I lay on the bed, and began undressing, I thought about Stephen, and willed my cock to get hard. Amazingly, it did. Mona smiled and bared her breasts for me. She still wore her panties. I kissed her and fondled her breasts. When I went for her underwear, she batted my hand away. Instead she leaned over and took my cock into her mouth.

Mona sucked my cock real good and I got hard. I thought about Stephen’s sexy naked Black body and hard uncircumcised dick, and my cock stayed hard. Finally, I came, and when I did, Mona gulped down my seed. I was Pendik Zenci Escort thrilled, and definitely felt ready to fuck her pussy. Gay or not, I was hard and my throbbing erection needed a place to go. In the past, I was always a bottom with men. With a woman, I’d finally get to stick my cock somewhere. Mona laughed, and told me that she had a surprise for me. I smiled. A pussy is a pussy, I thought. Let’s get to the fucking, then I can go to sleep, with our marriage consummated. Mona finally removed her panties, and I almost passed out. Instead of the hot piece of Black pussy I was expecting, I found a hard, throbbing cock. I gasped. Mona winked at me, and told me that she wasn’t a woman. She was a transsexual. Hot damn.

I almost shrank from her. How was this possible? Mona smiled, and told me that she was born a guy but felt like she was a female her entire life. Her parents, conservative Muslims that they were, nevertheless loved her enough to pay for her to have surgery and become her true self. Thus, Mona, who was born Mokhtar, became the First Daughter of the Wahid Clan of Khitan City, Kuwait. I couldn’t believe this. A Muslim transsexual lady born to an Arab father and African mother and raised in Kuwait? Wow. Mona smiled and told me that her family wondered how they would ever marry ‘her’, until they were approached by my parents. I grinned. My parents knew I was gay, and I loved Black dick more than life itself. They went to Kuwait and got me a bride who was perfect for me! The Black Muslim transsexual bride of a gay Arab man. Ha!

Mona stroked her big Black dick. I admired her. This gal was so beautiful. She had a face as pretty as that of Alicia Keys, a body as supple as that of the African-American singer Ashanti, and an ass as big and firm as that of world-famous tennis champion Serena Williams. All that, and she had a dick bigger than that of world-famous Black Porn king Lexington Steele. Wow. Mona smiled, and asked me if I was ready to consummate our marriage. I silently thanked Allah as my sexy Black Muslim transsexual bride put me on all fours and spread my ass cheeks before lubricating me and shoving her big cock deep inside of me. With pure joy in my heart, I welcomed my sexy bride’s thick cock in my anus. She fucked me real good, tearing my ass up. And she came inside of me. I absolutely loved it.

Afterwards, Mona and I lay on the bed, gathered in each other’s arms. I can’t thank Allah the Creator enough for His blessings. I always thought my parents were conservative and uptight just like all Muslim parents but they went out of their way to ensure that I shall be happy. I am falling for Mona already. Or maybe it’s the afterglow of the ass pounding my sexy Black transsexual wife gave me. In the eyes of the world, we’re a happily married Muslim couple. An Arab man with a gorgeous biracial wife of Afro-Persian descent. Nice. I can’t wait to introduce my friends Samirah and Stephen to my wonderful bride. Of course, I won’t tell anyone her little secret. For the rest of my life, I’ll be with a gorgeous Black woman with a gorgeous face, curvy body, awesome booty and magnificently thick Black cock. The perfect woman. I praise God and thank the Creator for His blessings. And I thank my parents for their wisdom. Mona and I are going to be just fine together. We’re already talking about adopting. Muslims frown on adoption but fuck the conservatives, Mona and I are modern in our thinking. We are a unique couple, and I thank heaven for her. Peace be unto you.

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