My Birthday Present


I was already running late for my first-time ever massage appointment, making me even a little more nervous. My hands on the steering wheel are starting to get sweaty and my heart begins to race.

I pull up to this quaint little house where my friend Chloee has set up her massage therapy business. We have talked about this a lot and she understands my fear … and being the good friend that she is, she has given me a gift certificate for a massage as a birthday present.

Hearing the car pull up, she comes to the door – looking all professional – and greets me with a big hug. She notices how my hands are trembling and tells me its going to be okay. She directs me into the kitchen first, where we talk about our day over a cup of flavored tea. Sensing that I am starting to relax, we move into the room she has set up.

As I walk in, the atmosphere is astonishing, yet serene. I am instantly at ease. Even though it is still daylight, there are scented candles burning all around the room – their scent and the scent of the opened bottles of oils permeating the room. There is a cute little waterfall set up in eye’s view when lying on the table. The scenery outside takes my breath away. I walk over to the sliding glass doors admiring the view of the pond and trees beyond.

Chloee asks me to remove my clothes and I nervously do so right where I am standing. I wrap the soft, fluffy, thick towel around me. Now it is time … I can feel myself tense as I get on the table … but I am quickly relieved as I feel Chloee’s soft hands first stroke one arm, then the other, before removing the towel. She lays it across my butt and gently pushes my head down on the table. She warms the oil in her hands before kneading my tense shoulders … moving from side to side … removing the knots with such ease. She continues the massage turning my body into a limp noodle. No area has been left untouched. All the stress and tension slowly being removed. The sound of the waterfall almost putting me to sleep. She asks me to roll over on my back and I am so out of it, I don’t even know what is happening.

She continues the deep kneading from my head to my toes. My body succumbing to her hands. My mind Starzbet has gone blank as I am enjoying this new sensation. The scented oils being worked into my skin. I can feel my nipples getting hard as she glides her hands over my titties. My belly quivers as the oil fills my belly button and is worked in around my belly and hips. Down along my groin to my thighs, down my legs to my feet – ooooh heat is spreading up those limbs throughout my whole body. It seems like hours have passed, but I am in no hurry to get up.

Chloee tells me to roll over on my tummy once again. She slips out of the room for a minute. While she is gone, I wonder if she knows how her touch inflamed me at times. It took all I could do to erase those thoughts … thinking to myself… “this is a professional – a friend”.

I hear her come back in the room and start to get up. Chloee tells me she needs to put the finishing touches on me before I am done. Lying back down, I feel her fingers working my back, arms, legs. It is quite a different touch this time – more invigorating – yet strange somehow. Her hands massage the insides of my thighs and this time, my body betrays me … I can feel the wetness between my legs. I’m both embarrassed and inflamed.

Chloee continues up to my ass, spreading the cheeks a little as she vigorously kneads my buttocks. A finger slides up and down the crack of my ass … a soft moan escapes my lips. My mind is racing … I wonder if she heard that. Her fingers continue their journey down the crack of my ass, between my legs … my hips naturally raising giving her further access and my legs spreading open slightly.

Her fingers are now sliding slowly back and forth from my ass to my pussy … not yet touching either my lips or my clit. I feel her hot breath on my hips, her lips brushing light kisses just above my butt. Her fingers go farther each time. I am now fully aroused. When they brush over my hole and reach my clit, I gasp. Her fingers work at my clit, teasing the swollen nub, diving into my hole. Back and forth, in and out – going from my ass to my clit. Just when I think I am ready to explode, I feel the cheeks of my ass being parted and a tongue taking the Starzbet Giriş place of her fingers.

My body is fully inflamed … her tongue traveling between my thighs, to my swollen clit. My pussy is trembling, anxiously awaiting release. Her tongue thrusts into my wet hole exploring the walls of my womb. I try to turn over, but she pushes me down – not yet. Her tongue now sucking and licking my clit, driving into my hole deeper … I start to tense … knowing what is next … she whispers … “Let it go” … I explode with such an orgasm like never before … body is writhing and trembling.

She laps up my cum … keeping a finger on my clit … she rolls me over on my back … I am spent – totally spent. I lay there a second only to feel her fingers back in my now soaked pussy. Thrusting in and out, squishing. She pulls me down to the end of the table until my ass is near the edge.

This is when I notice she is naked too. Chloee puts my legs on her shoulders, lifts my ass, and thrusts her tongue into my sopping, quivering pussy. Her tongue once again explores the walls of my womb, licking and sucking – pussy – clit – my body trembling – my fingers caress my titties – my nipples – hard as rocks. They find their way down to my pussy, opening my pussy lips wider for that sweet tongue. She alternates sucking my clit, sucking a finger, driving me wild. Her tongue dives in deeper … searching … finding my gspot … making me scream. My pussy grips and squeezes her tongue as it is working frantically at that sensitive spot, I start to explode … she says to me … “look”… I look down with glazed-over eyes to see my cum shooting out of my hole … squirting her tongue and her face.

Somehow we have gone from the table to the floor. Her body slides up my oil-slicked, drenched body. I can feel the heat of her pussy against mine. We brush lips; she slips her tongue in my mouth, my juices still fresh in her mouth. She understands the look I give her and lays on her back.

My hands and lips work their way down her body. Caressing and kissing her nipples … down to her belly … I can feel it quivering. Down to her groin … along the insides of her thighs. Kissing … licking. I part Starzbet Güncel Giriş her pussy lips and begin to stroke her clit. Slowly my fingers move back and forth between her hole and her clit, circling the clitty, my hot breath on her lips. Watching the tender nub grow hard, I flick my tongue over it … back and forth, circling around it, sucking it gently. I can hear Chloee moaning softly.

My fingers enter her wet hole and I feel her muscles grip them. Sliding them in and out, my tongue sucking and licking her clit. I replace my fingers in her hole with my tongue … she gasps. She tastes so sweet. My tongue drives deeper … thrusting faster … my tongue turning into a little penis .. fucking her sweet hole. Licking the insides of her womb … searching for her magic spot. I know the second I find it … my tongue grazing it; she tenses and explodes instantly – cumming on my tongue intensely. Her juices are so sweet … I keep licking and lapping up her sweet cum. Her pussy is contracting, spilling more and more juices into my mouth. She yells out my name. As she starts to relax, I go back up to her and kiss her lips gently. I can tell by her eyes that this is not over yet.

This time, I turn around so my sopping wet pussy is above her face and my face in her hole. She spreads my lips wide and thrusts her tongue deep. A loud gasp escapes my lips. I grind my pussy into her face at the same time thrusting my tongue deep into her hole. We suck and lick each other’s clits in unison until we can take no more. Our tongues explore each other’s wombs. Our bodies totally inflamed. Waves of passion flowing through our veins. Tongues are thrusting deep, bodies are trembling, faces buried deep in each other’s pussys, driving each other wild. I feel my body tense as her tongue grazes my gspot, not wanting to cum yet, I try holding back.

Her pussy is gripping and squeezing my tongue as it thrusts deeper into her womb. My finger caresses her clit … I can’t hold back any longer. My cum exploding on her tongue, her tongue sucking my juices. Her pussy is starting to contract – she cums in my mouth so intensely. I suck her juices, savoring her sweet taste. We are both totally spent – totally fulfilled.

The afternoon has faded away and we sit on the patio overlooking the pond as the sun starts to set. It is time for me to leave. I tell Chloee this was the best birthday present ever, kiss her lips lightly, and I am gone knowing I will be back.

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