My Cousin and Second Cousin


My Cousin and Second CousinSheila and her daughter were so hot that I had to have them both!My cousin, Sheila, and I had played together as k**s. Back then her family lived in town, so we were together a lot. We’d go to the Saturday afternoon double features at the Strand Theater, then play and re-enact the movies as we walked home. She was a tomboy to me…not a girl. We were the same age and ‘sex’ was a word that did not exist in our vocabulary.But as you might imagine, we grew up and in our teenage years, we began to look at each other differently. We were both eighteen when we kissed for the first time. It was a Saturday night at the local drive-in and Sheila had her head on my shoulder, something she’d done often over the years. But that night it was different. Her head on my shoulder and the feel of her soft black hair on my cheek made my cock start to rise…and I liked it. For the first time, I thought of Sheila and what it might be like to have sex with her; what it might be like to put my cock in her mouth and have her suck it. Would she even do that? Did she even know how to do that? What would it feel like to fuck Sheila? I wanted to find out. For the first time ever, I thought of her as a girl; a ‘piece of ass’ as guys would say.I turned and kissed the top of her head and got a shock through my cock when I felt her soft hair on my lips; a shock that I liked; a shock that I wanted to feel again.Sheila moaned, raised her head, and kissed me lightly on the lips. It was my first kiss and was probably her first kiss as well.We looked at each other for a long time wondering what just happened and should it happen again. I guess we both decided that we wanted to kiss again, so I slid my hand behind her neck and pulled her lips to mine. Our tongues met and that started a kiss that evolved into groping each other. Sheila was moaning and sucking my tongue and I didn’t quite know how to respond. I was an inexperienced teenage boy and Sheila apparently had more experience. I had thought she was like me…innocent.But then she put her hand on my leg and started to slide it up toward my hard cock. I almost panicked and didn’t want her to know it, so I grabbed one of her boobs and squeezed it. She moaned her approval and slid her hand up my leg until it reached my cock. She squeezed it hard and moaned again.I asked myself, “What does that moan mean? Does she like the feel of my cock or does she like the feel of my hand on her boob…or both?”I decided to take the next step and slid my hand into her blouse and under her bra to feel her soft breast for the first time. It was a first for me to actually hold a boob in my hand! That alone almost made me shoot off.Then Sheila said, “Do you want to have sex? I want to try it.”“Oh my GOD! She just asked me if I wanted to have sex. What am I going to do? I know what to do, but will she like it? Will I shoot off too quickly?”Sheila was not waiting for my answer. She was pushing off her slacks and panties while maintaining lip contact with me. So, I followed her lead and worked my pants down to my feet where they would stay until I could remove my shoes.She said, “You want to, don’t you?”“Of course, I do, Sheila. It’s just that we’ve grown up together and this has never happened before.”“I know, so it’s about time. Let’s get in the back seat.”We took turns crawling into the back seat and I got between her legs when she spread them. We kissed again as my hard cock pressed provocatively against her wet pussy. I assumed that I was supposed to put it in, so I reached down and tried to find a hole to put my cock into. Having no knowledge of female anatomy, I failed to find her vagina, so Sheila reached down and put it in her, then left the rest up to me.By that point I was so aroused and so ready to fuck her that I just thrust into her, sinking my cock all the way in and popping her cherry in the process.“Oh jeez! Slow down. It hurts.”“Sorry. I’m just so turned on.”“Me too,” she replied as she raised her legs and started to thrust on my cock.It felt better than anything I had ever felt before! I was fucking Sheila, my c***dhood friend, and she was moaning, apparently loving the feel of my cock inside her.She whispered, “Does it feel good?”“Yes, it feels amazing!” I whispered in return.As we slowly thrust our hips, Sheila whispered, “Fuck me, Billy. Fuck me good.”Whoa! I’d never heard Sheila use that word before, but it turned me on to hear her say it.So, I whispered back, “I love fucking you, Sheila.”She moaned and started to thrust harder and put her legs around my waist so she could pull with her feet. I asked myself, “Where did she learn to fuck like this?”Suddenly Sheila started to moan loudly and her body went stiff. Was she cumming?“Oh god, Billy, I’m cumming! Fuck me harder!”So, I rammed into her as hard as I could as she continued to moan loudly. That was all it took for me to shoot off as well. I was cumming inside Sheila’s pussy and didn’t care one bit that she might get pregnant. The thought never occurred to me.She held me tight and continued to thrust her hips as I shot my load into her. Cumming inside Sheila felt so much better than beating off that I thought I would never beat off again. Sheila and I were fucking and would continue to fuck for years. At least that’s what I thought at the time.After it was over, we laid there just breathing and thinking about what had just happened. I had just fucked Sheila, my c***dhood friend and it was great! I wanted to fuck her again as soon as possible; every night if possible.Sheila spoiled the mood when she said, “Billy, what if I get pregnant?”“Oh shit!” I thought. “I didn’t think about that!”“I don’t know. Aren’t you on the pill?” I knew she probably wasn’t, but I was hoping she was and it made me look like I had assumed that she was.“No! This was my first time and it wasn’t planned.”“Well, don’t they have a pill for that?”“Yeah, I guess. I’ll get one tomorrow.”She sounded disappointed and scared. On the other hand, I wanted to have sex again with her the next night. “Maybe I should buy some condoms,” I said.“It’s too late for a condom now, Billy.”“No, I mean for the next time. Don’t you want to do it again?”“Of course, I do, but I don’t want to get pregnant either.”“If I use a condom it should be okay.”Sheila looked at me, then reached up and pulled my face to hers and we kissed hungrily. “Fuck me again,” she whispered.Just her saying that made my cock grow quickly. So, I reached down and this time I knew where her hole was and pushed it in. She was lubricated with my cum, so it slipped right in.“Mmm, you feel good inside me. Fuck me slowly so I can feel everything,” she whispered as she started to slowly thrust her hips.We continued to fuck slowly until she had another orgasm, making her groan loudly and making me wonder if the people in the car next to us could hear her.Feeling Sheila’s little body thrusting under me was a new, exciting experience and I loved it. I could easily see myself fucking her every night for a long, long time. We had been close friends for so long that it seemed like fucking her was a natural thing to do.Then she whispered, “Cum inside me again. I want to feel you shoot off.”Hearing Sheila talk dirty like that sent me over the edge. My cock exploded as I pushed deep into her and let it spurt.“Mmm! I can feel it!”We kissed passionately as my climax finish. She’d had her legs around my waist and had been pulling with her feet. But it was over so we both collapsed to catch our breath.Sheila said, “I really love this.”“I do, too. I could fuck you every night if you’d let me.”“I think our parents would be suspicious if we went out every night.”“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”- – – – -The following Saturday night Sheila and I were back at the drive-in. We got there before dark and immediately started to make out. She was moaning and rubbing my cock through my pants to the point that I was about to shoot off.I had masturbated every night, dreaming of Sheila and our first sexual encounter. But that hadn’t taken the edge off of my desire for her. I’d been thinking about what a blowjob would feel like, especially what it would feel like to shoot off in Sheila’s mouth.“Sheila, I want you to give me a blowjob,” I whispered as I kissed her on the neck.“I was wondering when you’d ask for that. I don’t think I’m ready yet.”“Why not? All married couples do it,” I said with authority like I knew exactly what all married couples do.“Well, I don’t know,” she said hesitantly.“Please just try it. I’ve not been able to think about anything else.”“Well…okay I’ll try it, but it seems nasty to me to put a guy’s penis in my mouth.”“Come on, Sheila. It’s not nasty. I’m clean. I showered tonight.”“Okay.”My cock had grown hard with anticipation as I pushed my pants to the floor. Sheila took it in her hand and stroked it as she looked around. I had parked on the front row where almost no one ever parks, so we were quite alone.Then Sheila bent down and kissed the head of my cock, then kissed the shaft in several places. She was still afraid to actually put it in her mouth, so I put my hand on the back of her head, ready to push down when she opened her mouth.Then she licked the head round and round tentatively, trying to decide if she really wanted to put it in her mouth or not. Then when she sucked just the head between her lips, I pushed down on her head and about four inches of my cock went into her mouth.She rose up and said almost angrily, “Don’t push on my head! Let me to it.”“Sorry, but it feels so good!”“It does?”“Yes…and I bet you’ll like it once you try it all the way.”“Just let me do it, okay?”“Okay.”Sheila went back down on me and put about three inches of my cock in her mouth and sucked it as she stroked it with her hand. Someone must have told her how to do that.Without realizing it, I started to arch my hips to make my cock more available. I was also pushing down slightly on her head. She didn’t seem to mind as she took more and more of my cock into her mouth. Then she moved her hand and pushed her head down so that my cock slipped in all the way.“Oh, Sheila! That feels so amazing!”That must have encouraged her because she started to bob her head on my whole seven inches, slithering her tongue under it in the process. Once she started that it took me only a few seconds to shoot off. Cum flooded into Sheila’s mouth and it surprised her.“Mmm!” she moaned and tried to pull away, but I held her head down.I guess she realized that she was supposed to take my cum and just relaxed and let it happen. But once I was done, she let my cum run out of her mouth and down over her hand and to my balls. At that point, I didn’t care. It just felt so good to shoot off in her mouth that I didn’t care what she did with it after that.When she sat up, she said, “I guess I was supposed to swallow it wasn’t I?”“Yeah, but that’s okay.”“No, I wanted it to be good for you.”“Oh, it was really good for me, Sheila. Trust me.”“But there’s a big mess now.”“I can wipe that up with a towel.”But before I could retrieve a towel from under the seat, Sheila started to lick my cum from her bahis siteleri fingers and swallow it. Then she went down on my cock and cleaned it up, even licking my balls to get the cum that had run down there.As she licked and sucked her fingers, I watched and re-lived her first blowjob…and mine. I knew that I wanted her to suck me off again and to swallow everything rather than let it run out of her mouth. And from what she was doing at that moment, I felt that she would swallow it next time.“Your cum doesn’t taste bad at all. My friends said that it didn’t, so I was afraid to swallow it.”“So, you will next time?”“Yes, I want to,” she said as she kissed me.- – – – -But that was the last time we were together except to say goodbye. Her family moved to California and we didn’t see each other for many years. They would sometimes come back for Christmas or Thanksgiving, but by then Sheila had a steady boyfriend and wouldn’t let me touch her. I guess I couldn’t blame her. We were cousins after all.That was twenty years ago and Sheila is now married and has an eighteen-year-old daughter, Tracy. I’d only seen pictures of Tracy, but she was as gorgeous at eighteen as her mother had been. She had long black hair and the most beautiful blue eyes I’d ever seen. They were coming for a visit and I couldn’t wait to see them…especially Tracy.When Sheila and Tracy walked off the jetway at the airport, I recognized them immediately. They both looked so gorgeous and hot that my cock jerked. I wanted, no needed to get a blowjob from them both. To look at Tracy was to look at Sheila twenty years earlier. She was the spittin’ image of her mother at that age and I could see myself fucking her just like I had fucked her mother.As Sheila came up to me, I said, “Hey gorgeous!” and we hugged.“Hi, Billy. It’s been a long time.”“Ouch! I go by Bill now.”“Oh, I’m sorry…Bill. This is my daughter, Tracy.”I turned to her and said, “I know. She looks just like you did at eighteen.”Tracy let me hug her as I tried to imagine fucking her the way I did her mother twenty years earlier. I wanted to run my hand down to her ass and hump her a few times, but of course, I didn’t.Sheila, at thirty-six, was still a knockout. Her hair was still long and silky and her blue eyes were still stunning. My heart still skipped a beat when I looked at her.I took their carry-on bags and we made small talk as we walked to the luggage carousel. But the small talk didn’t stop me from fantasizing about them. I could see myself fucking Sheila, then Tracy. They would be sleeping in separate bedrooms, so it would be easy to fuck one, then the other. I also imagined that Tracy’s mouth would be warm and deep as she sucked me off with my hand on the back of her head.Sheila and I were single once again as we had both divorced a few years earlier. I thought that maybe Sheila would be willing to put out since she was now single and might be horny.I had to be realistic, however. Tracy was to be off-limits. No mother is going to let her eighteen-year-old daughter hook up with me. So, I had to set my sights on Sheila and forget about Tracy. She would be relegated to my fantasies only.I took them out to dinner and then to my new place. My ex had gotten our house, so I had purchased a 3-bedroom house across town. It had a nice pool and spa and I couldn’t wait to see both of them in bikinis.It was the middle of August in Florida, so the pool water was warm and the spa temperature I kept at a very comfortable 103 degrees. My strategy was to suggest a late-night swim. I just had to see them in bikinis and I wanted to try and get something going with Sheila after twenty years.We got to the house around nine and I showed them to their rooms. They liked the house and were impressed that they would have separate bedrooms. Of course, I had planned it that way.“When you get settled in, I’ll see you in the pool.”“Okay,” they both echoed.The pool was heated to 85 degrees; the waterfall set the mood perfectly, and the pool lighting was set to blue. Everything was ready, including my cock. It was anticipating a good time if I could somehow get Sheila alone.The girls finally showed up in their bikinis and my mouth probably dropped open. Sheila’s and Tracy’s bodies were identical. If I hadn’t known better, I would have guessed that they were sisters. They both had long black hair…Sheila’s was cascading down over her white bikini and Tracy’s was cascading down over her light blue bikini.After they dove into the warm water, they came up with their heads back so the water would stream their hair down their backs. I’d always thought that was hot, so my cock jerked and I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. I tried to concentrate my attention on Sheila, but Tracy was always there pulling at my eyes.I swam over to Sheila and slid my arm around her waist and said, “It’s so good to see you again.”She pulled my hand away and said, “Not now, Bill.”“You haven’t told Tracy about us?”“I only said that we grew up together and used to be very close, which is true.”“You know I still want you, don’t you?”She looked at me as though she was conflicted, then said, “I still want you, too, but we shouldn’t do anything. If Tracy were to catch us there would be hell to pay.”“Why? We’re both adults.”“Because her hormones are raging and I’m afraid of what she’d do.”“What does that mean?”“It means that I know her and that she’d try to seduce you in a New York minute if she had a chance.”“Really? You really think she’d do that?”“Trust me. Tracy is horny all the time and as far as I know, she’s still a virgin and not wanting to be.”“Wow!” is all I could say. But I was thinking that Tracy was now in my sights. It would be heaven to take her virginity the way I’d taken her mother’s. Damn! My cock was ready for action and didn’t know which female it wanted the most.While Tracy wasn’t looking, I took Sheila’s hand and pulled it to my cock, which I had pulled out of my trunks.“Bill, don’t!” she said and tried to pull her hand away, but I held it tight.“She’s not looking. Just stroke me for a while. I’ve really missed you.”Sheila gave in and stroked my cock as I pushed my hand down the front of her bikini and rubbed her clit.“Mmm, god, Bill. We can’t do this,” she whispered but kept stroking me.“I want to fuck you right now.”“And I would let you if Tracy wasn’t here.”“Then come to my bed tonight. Sleep with me. We can make love quietly then go to sleep.”“I don’t know. That would be too dangerous.”Sheila was starting to breathe heavily and her pussy was getting very slippery. She was aroused.Then Tracy swam over and said, “I’m going to get out and go to bed. That flight from L.A. seemed to take forever!”Sheila said, “Okay sweetie. See you in the morning. You should sleep late if you want to.”“I’ll probably do that,” she said and swam over to the steps and got out.Sheila immediately grabbed my cock again and started to stroke it. I moved behind her and ran my hand down into her bikini again. I knew she was close to having an orgasm and I wanted to give it to her.I pushed my cock between her legs and worked on her clit until she moaned softly and her body went stiff.“Mmm, Bill, I’ve missed the way you so easily get me off.”I turned her around and we kissed hungrily as she stroked my cock again.“We should get in the Jacuzzi. It’s hidden from prying eyes in the house.”“Oh, good idea.”As we slipped into the warm water, I pushed my trunks off and let Sheila see me place them on the side.“Bill! You are still so naughty!”“I know. That’s why you love me.”It surprised both of us to hear me say that. I immediately realized that I’d been in love with Sheila for twenty years.She put her arms around my neck and we kissed. “I guess I am in love with you, Bill. And always have been. Is that a bad thing?”“No. We don’t choose who we fall in love with.”We kissed again as she stroked my cock slowly. I was reminiscing about the first time Sheila and I had sex; that wonderful night when she gave me her virginity; and the next weekend when she gave me her first blowjob.I was about to shoot off when she said, “Let me give you a blowjob.”She got no argument from me, so I sat on the side of the Jacuzzi to give her full access.“Mmm! You’re bigger than I remember.”“I think I’ve grown about an inch. Can you take it all?”“Just watch,” she said as she pushed her head forward and let my cock slide all the way down her throat.“Mmm. You can!” I said as I put my hand on her head and pressed it down.She gagged slightly but didn’t resist my hand. She let me hold her head down on my cock as long as I wanted. Sheila had obviously learned to deep throat in the last twenty years and that, for some reason, made me jealous.I released the pressure on her head and she started to bob her head with my cock deep in her throat. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the wonderful feeling. Within minutes I groaned, pushed her head down, and shot my cum down her throat. She gagged softly a couple of times, but let me finish before sucking me hard as she pulled up.“I wish I could have done that for you twenty years ago.”“No, sweetheart, I wouldn’t change a thing. It was perfect then and is perfect now.”We kissed as I pushed her bikini off of her hips. She stepped out of it and let it float away.“Now it’s my turn to get you off.”“You don’t have to do that, Bill. Wait until later.”“No, I insist. Stand up and come over here.”I slipped down in the water so that my face was at Sheila’s crotch level. Her pussy was nicely shaved clean. As she approached, I took her by the hips and pulled her pussy to my lips. I started to lick her lips, then pushed my tongue into them. She moaned and took my head in her hands.“Oh, Bill. You do that so well,” she whispered, her eyes closed tight in a dreamy state.I moved to her prominent clit and raked my tongue across it. Shivers moved down Sheila’s body as she moaned and started to thrust her hips against my tongue.“Mmm god. I’m so close.”I sucked her clit into my lips and flipped it with my tongue. That made her cry out and dig her fingernails into my scalp. She had a wonderful, intense orgasm as I continued to suck on her clit. It seemed to last a full minute, then went slowly away. Sheila was gasping to breathe as I pulled her down into the water and held her.“Bill, you are so amazing! We’ve wasted twenty years.”“I was just thinking the same thing.”We held each other for a long time, then dried off and went to bed. We were not going to hide our feelings from Tracy. We were going to sleep together every night and she would just have to live with it. We cuddled and went to sleep almost immediately.“Mom! What are you doing in here?” Tracy yelled.It was about two AM and Tracy was standing over the bed. She was completely naked and obviously had had plans for me when she discovered her mother in my arms.- – – – -Sheila told her daughter everything. She told her about our growing up together and about our having sex that night in the car. Tracy asked a lot of questions but was not upset. In fact, she started to eye me with what seemed like envy.“What will everyone say when I tell them that you canlı bahis siteleri fucked your cousin when you were eighteen years old? What about that?” Tracy said defiantly.“Why would you tell anyone, Tracy? It would only hurt me and Bill.”“Because this is scandalous news! I won’t sit on this.”“What?”“But I can be silent for a price.”“What do you mean…a price?”I want Bill. I want him to fuck me the way he fucked you when you were eighteen. I want to spread my legs and let him take my virginity the same way he took yours.”Sheila’s eyes were flashing sparks when she said, “Are you CRAZY? I’ll never agree to that and neither will Bill.”Tracy looked at me and said, “Is that true, Bill? Tell me you wouldn’t like to fuck me right now. Tell me that you wouldn’t like to push your cock into me and pop my cherry.”For the first time in my life, I didn’t know what to say. Tracy was as gorgeous as her mother and I had to admit that popping her cherry would be thrilling. But I couldn’t say that. I had to say what Sheila expected me to say.“Well?” Tracy asked; waiting for my answer.“I’ll not agree to that either, Tracy.”Sheila said, “See? That threat won’t work.”“Oh, it’s not a threat mommy dearest…it’s a promise.” Then she stormed out.By then it was three AM and neither of us could go to sleep. We lay there in silence, reviewing what Tracy had said.Then Sheila whispered, “Bill, maybe you should do it. I know Tracy. She’ll tell everyone what we did. It will ruin my reputation and embarrass everyone in our families.”My cock started to respond with the thought of actually fucking eighteen-year-old Tracy, the daughter of the girl I’d fucked twenty years ago. Tracy was gorgeous and hot and I started to imagine how she would respond as I pushed my cock into her and popped her cherry. Would she moan and flinch? Would she cry out in pain? How tight would she be? Would she let me fuck her slowly or would she want it hard? I wanted to find out.“You actually want me to sleep with your daughter?”“Well, she is gorgeous, Bill. I know you think that. I think you secretly want to. You’re a normal guy.”She had me there. I did want to fuck Tracy and would enjoy doing it.I said, “I don’t know, Sheila. I would feel really funny having sex with your daughter while you sit in another room waiting for it to be over.”“I would be okay with it. Really. I’d rather you take her virginity in a loving way than for some pimple-faced k** to it in the back seat of his car.”That made me laugh. “You mean like I did to you twenty years ago?”That made her laugh, too. “You know what I mean. I’d rather you do it right. I don’t want Tracy to be just another notch on some teenager’s belt.”“I see your point.”My cock was enormous by that point. I wanted to fuck Tracy right then. I wanted to hold her down and fuck her good. She needed to be fucked hard for blackmailing us.“Then you’ll do it? Should I go tell her that you’ll do it?”We kissed and I said, “I guess so, but only if you’re sure that it’s okay.”“It’s okay. Really, Bill. It’s okay.”“Okay.”Sheila returned ten minutes later and said, “She wants you now. She wants you to do it now.”My cock said, “YES!” and I tried not to show my excitement.“Now? It’s three-thirty in the morning!”“That’s what she wants. Besides, it’s only twelve-thirty by California time.”I sighed and kissed Sheila and went to Tracy’s room. As I closed and locked the door, Tracy turned on the small light on the nightstand and threw the covers back. She was lying there completely nude, shaved pussy, nice firm breasts, flat tummy, her gorgeous black hair spread out on the pillow, and her eyes never looked so blue as they did in that light. A more sensuous and sexy sight I’d never seen. This was going to be much better than the back seat of my ‘85 Ford.“Hi there. I’m glad you changed your mind,” Tracy said seductively as she twirled a lock of hair around her finger.I couldn’t believe this was happening. There I was in the bedroom with Tracy, the gorgeous teenage daughter of my cousin, and she was inviting me to take her virginity. My cock was making a huge tent in my rob, so I dropped it to the floor. I was then standing at the edge of the bed with my cock sticking straight out, hard as a rock, eight inches of hard pulsing cock ready to go to work.Tracy cooed, “Ooo! Is that for me?”“If you know what to do with it,” I replied.She smiled seductively again as she crawled over to me, glanced briefly up at me, then let my cock slip into her mouth all the way.I looked down at the gorgeous shiny black hair, her nose almost touching my stomach, and took charge. I took her head in my hands as I slid my fingers into her hair and started to thrust into her mouth. She offered no resistance as I pushed deeper and deeper, eventually reaching the back of her throat with her nose pressing against my stomach.My cock was so hard and full and the sight of Tracy’s head in my hands and my cock in her throat sent me over the edge. I groaned loudly, pulled her head hard to force every last inch of my cock down her throat, and blew my load. Hard, massive spurts of cum shot down her throat as I held her head tightly.Tracy was giving me an unbelievable blowjob and my cum load would have filled her tummy. Her tongue and lips were holding my cock tightly as I slowly thrust and shot my load. She had obviously given head before because she didn’t gag in the slightest and let me finish completely before slow extracting my cock from her mouth and swallowing any remaining cum.Then she rose up on her knees and put her arms around my neck and whispered, “Was that better than my mom?”I put my arms around her waist and we fell together on the bed. I ended up between her legs with my still erect cock almost perfectly aligned to her vagina.“Oh, my goodness! Are you going to take me now?”“I am…and that was the best blowjob I’ve ever had,” I said as eased my cock into her wet pussy.“Take me, Bill. Fuck me the way you fucked my mom.”We kissed as our tongues fought for dominance. My cock had stopped at her hymen and it took all the willpower I could muster to keep from ramming into her and fucking her hard as she struggled to stop me. Maybe she wanted me to be forceful.“How bad do you want me to fuck you, Tracy?”She was slowly thrusting her hips, trying to get my cock further into her. “Please, Bill, I want you so much. Fuck me like I’ve been teasing you for years and now you have me. Take me! Fuck me!”To me that sounded like she wanted me to fuck her hard and not stop; to pop her cherry and keep thrusting until we both collapsed from exhaustion. And that’s what I did.As we kissed, I grabbed her hair and head in my hands and thrust hard into her pussy, popping her cherry and pushing all eight inches of my cock into her body.“Oh my GOD!” Tracy groaned when I penetrated her so forcefully.But I kept ramming into her as hard as I could, hitting her cervix every time. She was moaning and trying to make me slow down.“Wait. Wait.” She cried and tried to push me away.I was kissing her neck and fucking her hard as I whispered, “You wanted me to take you this way, Tracy.”“I know, but not so fast!”So, I stopped and let her rest. She felt so tight and good that I could hardly hold back. I wanted to keep hammering her.“Mmm. That’s better,” she said as she raised her legs and wrapped them around me.“Do you like my cock inside you, Tracy?”“Mmm, yes!” she whispered. “It feels so good. Just fuck me slowly so I can feel you going in and out.”So, I began to thrust into her slowly, trying to keep my pace slow. Tracy was so gorgeous and her silky hair felt so sensuous between my fingers; it made me want to cum deep inside her. And I wanted to cum in her beautiful mouth as well.“Yes, just like that. Nice and slow so I can feel you. Mmm, you’re so big and hard!”I was nibbling her ear and sucking on her neck, trying to keep my pace slow; trying to think of anything but how good Tracy’s tight virgin pussy felt.I managed to fuck Tracy slowly for at least thirty minutes. I guess because her blowjob had drained me, I was able to keep going that long. But Tracy had no such restriction. Once she had her first orgasm, they kept coming one after the other. She was thrusting and moaning and biting my shoulder, trying to live through each one.Sheila must have heard us and wondered what I was doing to her daughter. I hoped she hadn’t changed her mind about me doing this.Finally, Tracy had had enough. “Stop, Bill. I’m exhausted. I didn’t know I could have so many orgasms!”I pulled out of her and rolled over. She cuddled up to me and said, “Did you cum inside me?”“No, I haven’t cum yet.”“Then cum in my mouth. I want to taste you again.”I looked at Tracy and ran my fingers through her hair as she set her chin on my chest. At that moment she was the most gorgeous girl in the universe…and she was offering me her mouth! “I want to cum inside you. Why don’t you roll over on your stomach?”“Mmm! Is this going to be doggie?”“Yes. I think you’ll love it, even though you’re exhausted.”Tracy threw her hair to one side and laid her head down, ready for me to take her from behind. Apparently, she was ready for anything.Her pussy was still glistening with moisture as I eased my cock into her. Doggie was my favorite position, so I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to shoot off. Tracy’s legs were together as I pushed deep into her and leaned forward over her.She moaned and grabbed the sheets in her fists. “Oh, this feels so amazing. You should have taken me like this.”“I was too aroused to even think about this option.”As I increased my pace, Tracy was crying out with each thrust. She loved the feel of me pounding her from behind and was very vocal about it. Sheila must have been getting an earful.Within minutes I started to cum. I pushed deep into Tracy’s body and held still as my cock spit and jerked inside her. I had built up a surprisingly large load of sperm again and it was filling her little body.“Oh, I can feel you cumming! It feels so sexy!”After my balls had once again emptied, I rolled over off of Tracy and lay down beside her. She laid there as though she was about to have an orgasm. She was gripping the sheets and her legs started to spasm.“Oh fuck! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”I rolled on top of her back and kissed her neck, shoulder, and ear until it was over. She’d had an orgasm after I’d pulled out of her. I guess that position was so stimulating that she just climaxed all by herself.“Oh wow! That was so amazing! You can take me like that every night if you want.”I chuckled and said, “Every night was not part of the deal.”“Oh, I know. I was just wishing you could. Would you like to?”“Tracy, you are so gorgeous that, yes, I would love to take you like that every night.”“Really?” she asked as she cuddled up to me and kissed me. “Maybe mom would share you with me! Wouldn’t that be exciting?”I had to admit that fucking Sheila one night and Tracy the next would indeed be exciting. But did I have to stamina to have sex with two of the most gorgeous girls on the planet?“Yes, it would be, but the two of you would wear me out.”Tracy laughed and said, “Yeah, but canlı bahis wouldn’t it be fun to get worn out fucking us?”I pulled her close and we went to sleep. By that time, it must have been five AM.- – – – -There was a light knock on the bedroom door around nine. It was Sheila.“Hey! Are you two going to sleep all day?”“No. I’m getting up,” I responded as I gently pushed Tracy off of my chest.She woke up and said, “Where are you going?”“Sweetie, it’s nine o’clock. I need to go.”“Oh, all right,” she said sleepily and rolled over to go back to sleep.In the hallway, I wrapped my arms around Sheila and said, “I love you so much. Let’s shower. I want to shampoo your hair.”“Tell me what happened with Tracy!”“What do you think happened? Couldn’t you hear her?”“Oh, I heard her alright. I couldn’t go to sleep with all the moaning and groaning. You must have been good.”“Don’t make me feel guilty, Sheila. It was your idea for me to do that.”“I know, honey. I was just teasing you.”She had her head under the shower, so her long black hair was streaming down her back. I really love that and so does my cock because it came to attention as I watched.Then Sheila turned around for her shampoo and saw my boner. “Wow! Is that for me?”“You know it is. I can’t resist your long hair.”She put her arms around my neck and kissed me as my cock poked her in the stomach. Then she knelt down to give me a blowjob while I shampooed her hair. It would become our morning ritual.As I worked up a good lather in Sheila’s hair, she took my cock into her throat and had me shooting off within two or three minutes. But as good as her blowjob was, I couldn’t help but wonder what Tracy’s blowjob would feel like as I shampooed her gorgeous hair. I vowed to find out.Things were a little awkward between Sheila and Tracy over breakfast. I guess Sheila was wondering if I preferred Tracy. And I knew that Tracy was looking forward to another night with me.“Mom, are you mad at me?” Tracy finally broke the ice.“No sweetie, I’m not mad. But I am shocked that you would blackmail us the way you did.”“Surely you know that I wouldn’t have done anything. I was just seeing if I could get my way.”“And you did.”Tracy looked at me and said, “Yeah. I did.”I just winked at her and smiled. She knew that I’d enjoyed taking her virginity as much as she did.“Mom, will you share Bill while we’re here? We have just a few days left.”I saw Sheila make a visible gulp, knowing that Tracy was going to ask that question.“Tracy, I think I’ve given you enough.”“Okay. Okay. Just asking.” She stuck out her lower lip and looked at me. She was really disappointed. I was, too.That ended the matter for a few days, then one night in bed Sheila said, “Would you like to have Tracy one more time before we leave?”My cock responded immediately. It knew what I really wanted.“I don’t know, baby. Is she giving you a hard time about it?”“No, but I can tell that she wants you again. Guess I can’t blame her. You are really good in bed.”“How would you feel about it if I did?”“Like I did before. I’d rather her fuck you than some high school stud.”I held her close and she cuddled up to me. She reached down and found my rock-hard cock.“Bill! Is that for me or Tracy?”“I have to be honest. It’s for Tracy. She’s just like you were twenty years ago. Making love to her is like making love to you again.”“Really? That’s a compliment…I think.”“It is.”“You can if you want to. Go to her now. I’ll be okay.”“Seriously?”“Yes. I’m okay. Enjoy her and maybe she’ll get you out of her system.”- – – – -When I closed and locked the door, Tracy sat straight up in bed.“Oh my gosh! I can’t believe it!”I dropped my robe to the floor to reveal my raging hard-on once again. “Your mom said that one more night would be okay…that is if you want me.”“Are you k**ding?” she said as she threw the covers back and pulled her t-shirt up above her breasts. she had the most gorgeous body in the universe at that moment and I was about to fuck it to exhaustion.“Come take me,” she said as she threw her hair above her head on the pillow.I crawled onto the bed, grabbed her wrists, and pinned them to the bed as I straddled her chest.She looked at my cock with anticipation and opened her mouth. I leaned over her face and pushed it down her throat as she moaned and swallow it up. Tracy’s throat seemed to be bottomless. It made me wish that my cock was a foot long because I was sure she could have taken it.I started to slowly pump her throat as the saliva sounds started. I wanted to keep her pinned down and shoot off in her throat, but I knew how much she loved the doggie position we’d shared that first night. Maybe I could have both. I could shoot off in her throat, take a nap, then fuck her from behind. That was my plan.So, I continued to pump in Tracy’s throat until I felt my balls grip. It was coming and I couldn’t stop it, so I pushed as deep into her throat as I could and let it go. My sphincter gripped hard and then suddenly let it go. The first spurt made Tracy flinch. It was so hard that it surprised her. She coughed just once and let the remaining spurts of cum slide down into her stomach. She was really good at taking a cock. Eighteen years old and already good at it.I release her wrists and took her head in my hands to finish cumming. She moaned as the last spurt slipped down her gullet.“You really like to force me, don’t you?”“Sometimes I do. Tonight, I did.”“Well, I love to be forced to give head.”“Who forced you the first time?”“My boyfriend. He made me suck him and his friend. That’s when I found out how much I love giving head. It’s just so arousing!”I kissed my way down her body and arrived at her clit just as an orgasm swept through her body. She grabbed my head and sunk her nails into my scalp, let out a loud moan, and pulled my tongue to her clit until it was over.“Mmm, that was so good.”“I could tell.”I crawled up and took her in my arms and we went right to sleep. It was about two hours later when I felt her playing with my cock, trying to wake me up.I grabbed her by the hair and kissed her and said, “Do you want something?”“Yes. I want you to fuck me from behind again. I love it that way.”We kissed again as my cock grew in her hand. She stroked it gently until it was hard, then said, “Take me now. Take me like you surprised me and I don’t know who you are.”She rolled over on her stomach and I got behind her and pulled her hands behind her back. She moaned and struggled as I pushed my cock deep into her.“Mmm! Fuck me!”I held her hands behind her back with one hand and grabbed a handful of hair with the other and pulled her head back.“Ahh!” she groaned loudly.I pumped into her for only a few minutes before she had an intense orgasm followed by another one. I grabbed her shoulders and kept pounding into her until a third orgasm swept through her little body.Just as that last orgasm faded away, I shot my load. I humped her hard until I had emptied my balls again. Then I collapsed beside her.“Wow, Bill. You are amazing! I love multiple orgasms. My body is still shivering. It was really good.”I turned over and kissed her gorgeous lips and ran my fingers through her hair. “I’m glad to hear that you like it as much as I did. Come here let me hold you.”Tracy cuddled into my arms, laid her head on my chest, and went right to sleep as I stroked her hair. At some point, I went to sleep as well.- – – – -The next morning Tracy was still asleep as I got up and quietly sneaked out and went to get in bed with Sheila. She was sound asleep and just moaned when I pulled her into my arms.After a few minutes, she said, “Is Tracy okay?”“Yes. I was just missing you.”“Mmm. That’s nice. I was missing you, too.”We slept for about an hour, then hopped in the shower for our morning ritual. Sheila was on her knees sucking me off when there was a tap on the shower door.“Hey, mom! I want to do that, too. Can I be next?”Sheila stopped and looked up at me, my cock still in her mouth. She stood up and yelled, “Okay. Let me rinse my hair.”My cock was aching and hard as a rock as Sheila rinsed her long black hair under the shower. I couldn’t believe that Tracy had the chutzpah to even ask! Or that her mother agreed so readily.But as far as I was concerned, I was about to shampoo Tracy’s hair and get a terrific blowjob at the same time. What more could I ask for?Sheila gave me a big French kiss, then got out of the shower. Tracy was waiting patiently and slipped right in and got under the shower. As the water ran down through her long hair and down her back, I slipped my arms around her waist and pulled her to me. She pushed her ass against my cock and turned her head to kiss me.“I want to do what mom was doing. That looked so sexy!”“It is,” I said as I turned her around.She immediately knelt down and took my cock into her mouth while I lathered up her gorgeous hair. I took her head in my hands and pumped her mouth as I ran my fingers through her soapy hair. I had to admit that Tracy’s blowjobs were better than her mom’s. I could pull her face against my stomach, forcing my cock down her throat, and she never did gag.It took me less than a minute to shoot off, which was a disappointment for me and for Tracy. I kept my cock in her throat until it finished spurting, then slowly pulled it out as she sucked it dry.“Mmm. I could get used to a morning shampoo like this.”She stood up and rinsed her hair as I watched. The soap ran down her back, down her legs, and down the drain. As she finished, I ran my arms around her waist and pulled her to me.“I owe you something.”“What’s that?”Without answering, I pushed her against the wall and pushed two fingers up into her pussy. She moaned in surprise and in pleasure. She’d never been finger-fucked before and was obviously surprised at how good it felt.“Oh god, that feels so amazing!”It took me only a couple of minutes to get her off. She groaned loudly and almost fell down as her legs went into spasms.I realized that I could get used to having Sheila and Tracy as my fuck buddies. Mother and daughter; both gorgeous; both hot; both great in bed; both loved to give head. I definitely wanted them both.- – – – -Two days later it was time to leave for the airport. I had spent one more night with Sheila and gotten a shampoo-blowjob from Tracy. As much as I hated to do it, we piled into the car and left for the airport.As we were saying goodbye, I said to Sheila, “You should think about moving down here. I could help you get a job at the space center.”“I’m way ahead of you, Bill. UCF is the largest college in the country and one of the best. That would be perfect for Tracy.”“Really? You’d really consider moving?”I picked her up and swung her around. She squealed and kissed me.“Move down here and marry me, Sheila.”“Seriously?”“Yes. I don’t care what our families say. We’re in love and have our own lives to live. They’ll just have to get used to it.”“Okay. I’ll do it. I’ll marry you!”She gave me a big hug as Tracy looked on. She gave me that seductive smile which seemed to say, “This means that I’ll have you in my bed whenever I want.”I smiled and winked at her. Holding Sheila’s nice body in my arms while looking at her gorgeous daughter, made my cock swell.“Bill, are you getting aroused?” Sheila whispered in my ear.“You should know me by now.”“You horny bastard. That’s why I love you so much.”

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