My Diary continued, Uncles home.


My Diary continued, Uncles home.I slipped the DVD into the player, dimmed the light, and lay back in bed and watched the men undress the girl until she was completely nude.She was held in bondage, immobilizing her and removing all vestiges of resistance, and as she lay there naked and exposed in a crude manner, the three men prepared for an evening of brutal and uninhibited sex.The girl like myself, was portrayed in he mid-teens, though I suspected she was nearer to her twenties, she did look younger, which suited my fantasy, as I imagined myself to be her and the men were going to have fun with me.I had received the DVD from my girlfriend Hazel, she had been going on about it and its eroticism, I had it for one night only, tonight, and tomorrow I had to pass it onto the next girl, and so on.I was nude of course, under the covers and was getting into my stride when my room door opened.I froze, hands still between my legs, Escort and with the volume turned to its audible lowest, and my body illuminated by the flickering screen, the look on his face went from a warm smile to one of serious intent.He stared at my prostate body, now lying in a mid masturbatory position, and although I was covered by my top spread, I was convinced he knew what I was doing.He was always good to us as we were growing-up, and the last time we saw him was four years ago, and a lot of growing-up had happened to me since then, and he had noticed that, with my breasts and rounded bottom.’Just popped-in to say goodnight’, he smiled again, and stepped into the room, ‘What are you watching? as if the sounds were not sufficient enough to tell him.I panicked and pulled my hand out from under the covers, raising my hand, like a traffic cop, halting oncoming traffic, ‘Don’t come in’, I blurted out, as Escort Bayan he stopped and looked at me with a quizzled look half confused, and half delighted, his little niece was more adult than he had ever seen, more authoritative in demand, and more grown-up, as he started at my naked breasts, now exposed as the sheet slipped off as I raised my arm.He stepped into view as three men were busy relieving themselves into and onto her tied body, ‘Mariel, what the fucking hell are you watching?’I shushed him, to keep his voice down, and suddenly realizing I was exposed, pulled the sheet over my breasts.’It’s OK’ he said soothingly, ‘I like a good wank too you know’, so he did know what I was doing, and instead of answering him, I did the girlish thing and turned away from him and put my head under the cover, pulling the top cover over my head, like an ostrich, burying its head in the sand, and exposing my Bayan Escort bare bottom as the cover pulled away.I felt the mattress sink as he sat down on the bed, and his hand touch my bared shoulder, ‘Come on love, there is no shame, it will be our secret’, and as he massaged my shoulder, I became aware that my bottom as exposed to him, in fact I was almost naked from my shoulder down to my calves, and suddenly it thrilled me to be like that in front of him.He stroked my back, it felt electric and soothing, then my bottom and down the backs of my thighs.Like the DVD I was subservient, perhaps I wanted it, it complimented it and I involuntarily opened my legs more, surely he could see my buttocks clench and unclench, a man with his experience must know I was simulating sexual intercourse, so it was no surprise as his hand drifted across my bum, I rose up and his hand slipped down between them, he must have marveled at his sixteen year old niece, humping his fingers, if he didn’t, then my, ‘Fuck me’ mouthings, left him in no doubt, as I turned onto my back and opened my long legs and smiled my willingness and open invitation for him to fuck me to orgasm.

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