My eyes have been opened,,,

Big Tits

My eyes have been opened,,,After the divorce of my wife and having a small taste of that dogging night i decided to live my life in a new direction.After that night i realised how wet behind the ears i was so knew i could push things a little harder,i work as an electrician and visit many house over the week.A few months in and i got a call to go and install some new sockets for a customer,as i pulled up at the house i was amazed,it was huge,6 bedrooms and a front garden as big as my house alone,two big BMW`s on the drive.I rang the bell anda guy answered in his suit,he greeted me and seemed very friendly,he showed me around the house and told me the ideas he had,there was loads of work for me to do.As we walked along the hall a lady appeared from the kitchen,she was in her dressing gown,hair wet from her shower she smiled and Dave introduced me to his wife Patricia,Patricia had a cracking figure,curves in all the right places short brown hair and a lovely smile.Dave told me he had to go to work and aksed me to look at the wiring in his attic as he wanted it rewiring,he left and Pat told me shewas going getting ready and told mejust to shout if i needed anything,i went up into the dark musty attic with just my head torch for light,walking Escort round on the odd floorboard.As i did i got to a part where i could hear the sound of a hairdryer and i could see small beams of light coming from the floor,i crept over and peered down through a small hole that once housed a downlight,it was in Pat`s bedroom,i turned off my headlight and watched as Pat was drying her hair,she was looking in a large mirror and her gown was part open revealing one very pert breast,my cock tingled as it grew,she stood up and dropped her gown to the floor giving me a full view of her curves,she lifted one leg onto the chair she had just been sat on and pulled on one leg of her tight`s,then the other,and she walked out of sight,i was just about to get up and carry on working when she came back walked over to her bedroom door and opened it slightly and went over to her bed sitting on the edge,she reached under the duvet and pulled out a small silver vibrator and turned it on running it over her nipples making them hard,her hands following grasping her breats,she dropped it down and ran it over the outside of her tights over her pussy lips opening her legs inch by inch,all the while she had one eye on the door.Pat lay back Escort Bayan and was starting to really rub the little silver cock against her pussy as her breathing became heavy one hand reached down and she pulled the crotch on her tights ripping a small hole in them and thrust the vobrator inside herself,she was going for it,i was trying not to breath heavy myself as im positive she would have heard me but i couldn`t help it as i looked up at her face and im sure she was looking right at me,i dived back,away from the hole and clambered to my feet,carrying on my work,my cock was bulging and i quickly rattled the ladders and coughed as i went down them to the landing thinking she would sort herself out and get ready,Pat shouted `is everything ok?`,i repied it was and was just dusting myself down,she shouted back `just come and look at this socket for me,i think its broken`,i walked over to the door,knocked and walked in.Pat was still laying on her bed exactly as i had been perving on her,i looked down, she said “dont be shy,you wasn`t shy watching me form the attic”,i looked up and she told me her husband and her had an open relationship and she found me attractive,she explained all she wanted me to do was give Bayan Escort her oral sex that`s all,after my past i didnt need asking twice and took off my shirt and dived on the bed between her legs,she wrapped her legs around my shoulders as i kissed her clit and started licking,flicking away on her lips while using my nose to rub her big pink clit,her moans became louder as sucked away on her lips flaps,i so wanted to fuck her,within seconds her juices filled my mouth as she squirmed on her bed,i jumped up,kneeling between her legs as she leant forward taking my cock in her mouth,she sucked me so softly but her tongue was nearlly pushing down my bell end,it was amazing,slightly painfull but nice in an odd way,i looked down,she was filling her hole with 3 fingers and trying for a forth,she quickly turned me over onto my back and just placed her hand on my chest holding me down as she mouth fucked my rock hard meat,i was in heaven,within 5 mins i could feel my balls tighten she looked at me as i whispered her name,”im going to cum” i told her,”i know she replied” as she took my full 9 inches deep in her throat,i gripped her hair as i squirted my hot spunk in her as she just swallowed it in one,it didnt touch the sides.As i lay gasping for breath she stood up giggling,asking meif i liked my girls in nice underwear or naked,”i love sexy lace underwear” i replied,to which she walked over to a wardrobe and opened it to reveal racks full of outfits,boxes of high heels and thigh boots.

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