My First Girl On Girl


My First Girl On GirlThis is a story about the first time i had sex with a girl .when i was 19 years old my parents usted to travel alot they always left me with ,Nicole was 20 years old she was a brunette with a smoking hot body and a big ass ,i was always into girls by the time i was 11 years old when i was in primary school i kissed my bestfriend…anyway the day that my parents left the country it was only me and nicole she said she would make Escort us dinner i told her that i was going to my room call me when dinner is ready ,i whent up to my room and i started playing with myself and just dreaming about Nicole’s body , suddenly nicole walked right in my room and saw me playing with myself , i lay there in shock,she walked in and close the door she came on the bed and started playing with my pussy i was still in Escort Bayan shock at that time she put her tongue right on my pussy and started licking it up and down and in circles i started to moan she put her two fingers right up my pussy and that felt so great i pushed her away and start taking off her clothes she and such beautiful breast i started sucking them they was so tasty,she tooked her skirt off and her pussy was so Bayan Escort pretty it was just perfect ,she laid down with her legs fully open i could of see every thing i started licking her pussy it was so tasty she grabbed my hair and pushed my face deep down and said “oh god i love your tongue” i fingered Nicole sweet pussy until she cummed and her cum was so good i told her to go in doggie style position and i started to lick her again until she cummed .Then Me and Nicole open are legs i came on top of her and are pussy was rubbing togethere and we both cummed we lay there for hours on the bed and fell a sleep until the next morning i got up and do it again, we did it very Often.

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